New Earth Consciousness ~ Circle of Light ~ We visited the City of Telos with Lord Adama, Lord Saint Germain, and the Ray Chohans to receive a blessing of love and light from the 5th dimension after the US Presidential Election results. Included within the transmission is a beautiful journey within Telos, with amazing masters giving us hope and faith during GAIA’s current transition into the New Earth. We visited the JADE TEMPLE OF THE EMERALD ESSENCE.

Aluna!  Aluna!  Aluna!

It is my pleasure to have you here in our beautiful City in this moment.

Take some more brief moments to smell the fragrances, to feel the 5thdimensional energies that are within this beautiful City that we Love so much.  We thank you for being with us.  As my Lady and I now take our own seats in front of you.  Let us gather together in a circle as we connect with each other’s Hearts and our Souls of Light.

I’m going to ask the beautiful elementals within the City right now to assist each of you to come into a deeper space of contentment allowing all insecurities and all thought processes that are going on presently to relax you.  Let go of the worries and the concerns you have had on this day.

We thought for the visit this evening we would bring everyone to Telos to assist each of you to experience that beauty that we have here and to have some explanations and understandings of what is happening on the Upper Earth with the Presidential Election and the results that came forward.

As I spoke to Meleriessee and Ara earlier today I saw within them that there was an intense energetic exchange that was going in their systems because of what has occurred.  I’m sure each of you have gone through the same process.

First of all, our Hearts are all with each of you through this process. 

We are not surprised by the results of Mr. Trump winning the election, but I want you to know that there are a lot of factors that are going on presently.  It is truly not the desired candidate to have in the White House for the next four years.  There are many factors involved within that, with what is happening upon the Earth with the control mechanisms that have occurred in the political gain.  He is disliked by many, but there has been a change that has occurred upon the Earth.

Remember how hard we have all been working to bring more Light infractions into the Earth, since 2011 actually and 2012.  Well, these Light infractions are bringing forth a new change in existence within the Earth.  We always know that before change can occur, there has to be an event that erupts.  This is the event that each of you are experiencing.

We all must understand as Initiates, as Masters upon the Pathway, that there can always be danger that we are faced with.  But we must also understand that we have the capability through God’s Light, of the Rays of God, that each of you incorporate onto yourself that you can experience elements in a different manner than we thought previously.  The tools that we have been giving are not just tools that exercise great change.  They are tools of God’s Light, of Divine Mother and Father God of the Creative Source of Oneness.  They’ve always been in place.  And until an individual awakens to these tools as the Rays of God and how to bring forth those Spectrums of Light into your physicality that you are unaware of what they can do for you, or you have no idea that it is available for you to utilize.

What has happened through this election and the results that has occurred is the 4th Dimension has opened up. 

The duality is being manifested physically.  It is no longer a thought process that duality exists upon the Earth, but in truth, it is now being felt by what has happened.

The dark side and the Light side are facing each other through this process.  This gentleman known as Mr. Trump who has won the votes through the process of the election does not command these Rays within his consciousness.  He represents many that are still upon the Earth.  So the separation that has occurred through the election has brought all of these elements to the surface.  It is a time of understanding what the reality is upon the Earth.  There can no longer be magical thinking that the Earth is in a 5th dimensional level as many have said from many, many channels of Light.

The intent is there, in the consciousness it is there, but physically it has not been acquired except in certain levels upon the Earth that have the higher dimensional frequencies like Mount Shasta and other areas around the world that represent those highest peaks of Light that bring forth those Essences.  All the work that we have been doing through the New Earth Consciousness Cities is bringing those essences of those capital cities onto the Earth to be felt so it becomes a consciousness.  Each of you that are awakened, each of you that are an Initiate upon this Pathway feel this and know this and experience it in your meditations and in your higher consciousness.  But yet now, the reality of what has occurred brings forth those lower aspects, brings forth the elements, the fear, the worry and what is to be.

Our role as Initiates and Masters is to uphold the Light through this darkness. 

It is very, very important.  The Spiritual Hierarchy has known that this possibility could occur.  It was very probable because of the majority of souls upon this earth.  You have the individuals that are aware of an understanding that there is a higher level of energy or there is an intellect of a learning process that they have been able to acquire in their life path.  Then there are the souls that have not had that ability.  They are the souls that may be a farmer in the Midwest, may be someone has worked very hard and diligent.  But these souls are at a lower evolutionary level.  They haven’t had as many lifetimes as each of you have had and others have had.  There are individuals in Commerce, in Business, that have studied so they have that higher knowledge and wisdom through their intellect.

This is where the division has occurred.  The reality is that this Earth is in duality.

I want to urge each of you to understand to see how special you are by allowing these energies to be fully in your consciousness to understand what you realize can be and to move out of those walks of life that you have experienced.  Believe me, each of you have been like the farmer.  You have been like a pioneer and not had that awareness because that was your soul level.

What we need to do is give compassion to these individuals that have elected a man that has no concept of God’s Love or Wisdom within his capability.  He has the capacity to do so but chooses not to be because of his evolutionary process.

What is important for each of you is to stand up to this energy and to not allow the fear to take you over with the lower thoughts or what is going to happen and what will be.  Believe me, there are elements that are being put in place by many individuals that understand this process.  They are not like you and I being so aware, but they have a sense of that this is not the right way to go for this Country because it affects the whole world.

I want to give this understanding to help you to see that there are many possibilities that will occur.  We have been trying to bring forth the higher consciousness of the New Earth unto this Earth.  Having Mr. Trump as the President of the United States will not allow that to happen.  So the Spiritual Hierarchy and all the Beings of Light are working with all the others that feel the same way.  There is change that is going to occur.  It’s going to happen within the parties of the Republicans and the Democrats.  It’s going to happen in how Government is created.  It’s going to happen in the Hearts of all the men and women that are part of these energies.

What I urge you to do is to have the realization that you are protected; to have that faith of the pathway that you are on that the Masters will not turn away from you as long as you stay out of the trenches of the darkness.

This takes a great responsibility and each of you are being asked to uphold this responsibility for yourself as it is going to assist the planet greatly.  There are other plans that can be put in place if things do not go the way that we think that they will.  There is always a higher level of understanding within any situation.

The higher level of this situation is that the Earth is changing, it is erupting.  But it cannot go on the way that it has, so something had to occur.  This is the event that is the catalyst for the entire world to see because North America is the Ascension capital.  It is represented by each of the Seven Flames of all those Cities.

Now let us just say per se that it doesn’t work the way that we would like it to work.  The last option will be that Terra Christa will become a whole new planet and each of you and many others will be open to go to that planet.  This planet would exist in the way that it is desecrating itself with those souls that are not able to see that they are God’s Light, but that is the end result.  That is exactly how Sirius went through her transition.  We are working very hard with all the Beings of Light for that not to occur.

I feel it’s important to explain all these energies to you so that you can see within yourself that there is a choice.  I don’t want you to be in fear.  I don’t want you to have to go to that place because many people could be affected by all that has happening.  There are so many other factors that are working right now, in meetings, and talking, and trying to figure out a way to create change which does not have to be in this manner.  We have all worked too hard for it to dissipate in these moments.

The darkness will not prevail, the Light will. 

This is what we all must accept within ourselves.  Each of us of the Agartha Network are working diligently on our part.  

Believe me, if this Earth with the climate change and the ice caps changing, the Hollow Earth will be affected also.  So were all going to go with you also to Terra Christa.  This is the process that we are learning together.  So we have a couple of plans in place.  We have options that are available.

I want each of you to fully incorporate within yourself that you are safe, that you will accelerate through these energies, that calling upon each of Rays such as the Seven Flames is what is going to assist you to get through this process.  I believe that each of you will find your strength even stronger.  You have all been warriors previously.  Now you are those Warriors of Light to uphold that Light.  That is your responsibility.

Please do not get into arguments.  Please don’t let the posts that you are reading from so many individuals of their angers, or their happiness of this election to affect you.  Only be strong within yourself.  This is the lesson that each of you are learning within this Ascension Mastery Pathway.

Be strong to the Light because you are that Light and you are allowing those elements of the Spectrums of the Rays to come within you, to command that energy fully in your consciousness for you to be aware that you have the ability to walk through the doorways.

This is not a time of catastrophe.  It is a time of awakening.  The planet is awakening and the ones that cannot awaken will suffer even more, because we are all working most diligently to continue our journeys.

This is one of the reasons that Meleriessee and Ara travelled across the country, to spread the Light from Mount Shasta.  It was to help in this process.  They thought maybe it would change the election process.  To their dismay, it didn’t come out as they had hoped.  But yet, there is hope because there are more Light infractions that are occurring within this Earth than there were previously.  It must come through a physical person.

That is where each of you come in.  I don’t expect any of you at the level that you are to be able to do what they did, but what I do desire within each of you is to uphold it within yourself.  When you allow those Light infractions to be part of your existence from all of your chakras within your four-body system so that it changes it to a higher level of acceleration, it will immediately seep out of you.  It will go out of your auric field into the areas that are needed.  Each of you are not ready to command that on your own.  You must be at a higher initiation in order to do so.  You are still going through the process of regenerating your timelines, your karmic ties and changing those dark timelines while accelerating the Light timelines to allow them to be into Oneness and into Wholeness within your full-body system.

It is a powerful time. 

Until the end of the year, these energies are going to be very intense.  I ask each of you to be strong, to be responsible for what you are bringing into yourself and to allow the changes to come within you.  This is going to help the planet immensely.  Let the rest of the Masters, the Archangels, the Higher Beings of Light, and the Christed Intergalactics do all the other work.  By calling upon them to assist you, they can then assist the rest of the world.

The change is coming.  We are in the midst of it now.  Let’s look to the horizon of the Light and to see that it is now upon us.  We have hit that point where the dark and the Light are facing each other physically upon this Earth to allow the Light to take over.  We still have many moments to go through.  But if each of you do your part every day and every night it is going to assist tremendously.

Commanding that Light energy within you and grounding it deeply into the core of GAIA will assist tremendously with every other soul upon this Earth.

We must realize that some souls are not ready to do this due to their evolutionary level of the soul existence, but each of you are.  Many more will become more aware of it.  I promise you this.  It is going to bring about a great movement in the healing processes and the self-development areas to move not just through self-development of the physical consciousness, but self-development of the soul consciousness.  It will grow exponentially in so many ways.

Let us take a moment and reflect on the beauty that is here within our garden.  I want you to stand up.  We are going to walk towards the back of the garden to enjoy the beautiful essence of the Lemurian waters. The waterfall is about 300-400 feet high.  It brings for the flow of the water that comes into Telos.  It is several yards long.

As you step into the water, feel the crisp and the coolness of the water.  Take your fingers and the palms of your hands and put it to any part of your body.  Allow the refreshing energies to take away any elements that you have been dealing with.  Allow the energies to flow through you and around you.  Breathing deeply take some moments to feel the energies.  Then walk to the waterfall.  As you stand, the water is very shallow.  It is about 3 feet deep.  Then you walk through the waterfall and you feel the water coming down across your Crown onto your whole body.  Feel the elements of despair, and any other thought processes or healing energies that you are going through personally to be purged through you.

I am going to ask Lady Galactia to assist in this process.


Lady Galactia

{{{Divine Light Language Encodement}}}

♫ Holy God, Holy Light,

We embrace your Love,

Feel the Love,

Feel it beaming through you.

Your heart is expanding,

With the Essence of Divine Mother God’s Love;

She extends Her Light,

She extends Her Breath;

As you breathe in,

Feel now the Will of God of the Masculine Divine,

As the Wisdom and the Knowledge of what you are experiencing is felt through your beam of Light,

Feel His Essence the Masculine Self become more in Love in the Heart as you become One within ♫

Blessings of Love – Lady Galactcia.


It is I, Lord Adama.

As we walk now through the waterfall we step onto the grass.  There are some beautiful children there.  They have a robe for you to put on.  Feel the colors of the robe.  The children are laughing and giggling and dancing around each of you.  Feel the beautiful existence of these energies.

Follow me as we walk down this cobblestone pathway.  We continue along the road.  We see a few feet ahead of us is this beautiful Temple of Jade.  We walk across a drawbridge, and we go in to the Temple.  This is one of our special Temples in Telos.  We have many of them.  This Temple represents the ability to have growth, to bring forth that essence of change and to feel the exuberance of the Heart Center deeply.  As we step into the Temple room at the entryway, there are beautiful sparkles of Light of all the Rays of God.

The altar in the middle represents the Heart Essence of the Green.  But it also reflects all the other Rays.  Walk around the altar and allow the feeling of this altar to come into your Heart to allow you to feel balanced, to feel the growth that you are going through.  It is okay.  It is okay to feel all these things, but bring this Essence and put an intention into the altar.

{{{Divine Light Language Encodement}}}

The Archangels are dancing around you.  Feeling their beautiful Essences as they bring forth each of the 7 Flames.  We continue to the left of the altar down a beautiful hallway.  The hallway has mirrors all around.  See your reflection of Whom You Are.  It takes us into a beautiful small meeting area.  It’s a blessing room where we bring forth the blessings of the Seven Flames.

As you walk into the room, you can feel each of the Seveb Flames around the outside of the room.  This is a circular room and all of the chairs represent a circular movement, a semi-circle.  Find a place in one of the chairs as I join you and Lord Saint Germain is now going to speak.

To Continue reading:  Part 2 – The 4th Dimensional Healing Phase Is Now In Place with Lord Saint Germain, please use the link.

The New Earth Consciousness-Circle of Light is a weekly class in which we journey to one of the 22 Etheric Cities.  Included is a teaching from Lord Adama and a special Ascended Being that represents the city. Walking Terra Christa provides many options to participate in their weekly teachings with an affordable rate for all individuals.  You can participate in our Partner/Membership Program while experiencing the teachings on your own time via the recordings. You can also purchase the MP3 download on any of the classes.

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Decree ~Journey into the Land of Silence – The Golden Etheric City of Shalanchiee


Walking Terra Christa conducted their weekly class of the New Earth Consciousness ~ visiting the Golden Etheric Cities with a visit into the Golden City of Shalanchiee (which resides over Missoula, Montanta) on October 19, 2016.

We are now working within the Universal Law of Polarity. This city represents those energies of finding peace, serenity, self love, and acceptance as it represents the 6th Ray of Inner Devotion.

Lady Nada was the guest hostess of the city as she guided us to many beautiful places to ignite the powerful essence of her divine consciousness along with her colleagues of the Elohim of Peace and Aloha, and the Archangels Uriel & Aurora. The Elders, Lord Astia & Lady Fratia, who ignite the flame energy also showed their presence in the meditation.

Our focus was to concentrate on the sub-laws of Compassion, Forgiveness, Patience, Praise, Self Love and Thankfulness.

Background information for the Ray of Inner Devotion:

Ray No. 6 ~ Learning the Pathway of Peace is Forgiveness of the Self

Definition ~ Inner Devotion, Spiritual Idealism

Color:  Ruby Red mixed with Gold

Chakra:  Solar Plexus

Elders from the Throne of Grace:  Lord Astia & Lady Fratia

Chohan:  Lady Nada

Elohim Masters:  Peace & Aloha

Archangels:  Uriel & Aurora

Toning Sound:  “YA”

Key Elements:  Truth, tolerance, finding serenity, balance, and common sense.  It also includes the pathway of great sacrifice of the self. It helps to remove negative elements within the Solar Plexus that can block empowerment. Represents Forgiving Love and Grace. Having great empathy within the self and in others for their challenges, selfless devotion and adoration for the greater whole, strong spiritually-based ideals, overcoming the emotional imbalance, and acquiring tenderness through the process.

Journey into the Land of Silence

As I travel to the Golden Etheric City of Shalanchiee,

It is within the 5th dimensional earth over Missoula, Montana.

The landscape is beautiful with many mountains,

Rolling hills with beautiful meadows.

This is where I want to be in this moment,

Amongst the beauty so that I can embrace what I see.

I am working with the Universal Law of Polarity,

It is helping me to see that there is always a higher potential,

Within every experience that I have within my life.

As I arrive within the magnificent city,

Immediately I feel the flowing energies of the Ruby Red and Gold Rays,

It comes into my Solar Plexus as I start to feel calmer than before.

I am met by the beautiful Lady Nada,

Who urges me to walk with her;

She wants to know how I am feeling,

What parts of myself am I not acknowledging within me.

I then see that the Elohim Masters Peace and Aloha,

Are waiting for us,

With them are the Archangels Uriel and Aurora

I start to feel a sense of deep peace coming within me.

They all share with me that we are about to embark upon a beautiful journey,

Into the Land of Silence,

To my right I see the Temple of the Divinity of Peace,

With the flowing waters of the Ruby Red and Gold,

Mixed with the Pink Orange along with Magenta.

As I feel those essences,

I start to feel a change within me,

My solar plexus is expanding in great anticipation,

Of my future moments with each of these beautiful Beings of Light.

We continue our walk,

As my journey is just beginning,

I am learning to accept their assistance,

I now step into the Land of the Silence.

I am more at peace than ever before,

I feel the beauty I Am, and more is occurring,

I am one with the Beings of the Ray of Devotion,

As I learn to devote to myself,

All I deserve.

I am ready, I accept, I embrace.

I am one with each of them.

I AM that I AM that I AM

In order to assist individuals to know more about the process of being within the Higher Self instead of the lower self, Walking Terrra Christa hosted their monthly class with Lord Sananda and Master Thoth in a channeled teaching and attunement meditation seminar on the Law of Polarity. It is available as an MP3 recording. Read the teaching information here.

The New Earth Consciousness-Circle of Light is a weekly class in which we journey to one of the 22 Etheric Cities.  Included is a teaching from Lord Adama and a special Ascended Being that represents the city. Walking Terra Christa provides many options to participate in their weekly teachings with an affordable rate for all individuals.  You can participate in our Partner/Membership Program while experiencing the teachings on your own time via the recordings. You can also purchase the MP3 download on any of the classes.

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Decree ~ Learning to Persevere As My Inner Truth is Revealed to Me – Golden Etheric City of Valankanah


Walking Terra Christa is now working through the Law of Polarity. Our first visit to the Golden Etheric Cities was within Valankanah which resides over Central Alaska.

It represents the Fifth Ray of the Science of God within the Flame of Green/Gold/White. Master Hilarion with the Elohim Cyclopea & Virginia and the Archangels Raphael and Mother Mary led us through a magnificent meadow, then a forest, that took us to the Temple Within the Emerald Forest that represents the energies of this ray.

Each of the Beings shared their essence to help each individual to acknowledge the truth that needs to be revealed to them by calling upon the sub-laws of Honesty and Faith to acknowledge Courage Within.

Ray No. 5 ~Allowing Harmony Within to Guide the Knowledge of My Higher Mind

Definition ~ Scientific Knowledge & Research

Color:  Green, Gold & White Blended As One Essence

Chakra:  Third Eye

Elders from the Throne of Grace:  Lord Zatheeah and Lady Zatheeia

Chohan:  Master Hilarion

Elohim Masters:  Cyclopea & Virginia

Archangels:  Raphael & Mother Mary

Toning Sound:  “OM, HUE”

The Virtues of this Ray are:  PERSERVERANCE, CONCENTRATION AND CONSECRATION; FINDING YOUR INNER TRUTH THROUGH ACCESSING THE HIGHER MIND; ability to be honorable in all situations with devotion, compassion, and allowing open-mindedness with deep love and reverence in all situations.

Learning to Persevere As My Inner Truth is Revealed to Me

As I continue my journey into the Universal Laws,

I am experiencing the Law of Polarity,

Which means I need to fully accept that my Divine Mind,

Will show me the way to understand what I am not seeing in my Physical Mind.

I am guided to work in the Golden Etheric City of Valankanah,

Which resides over Central Alaska in the United States,

It represents the 5th Ray,

Of the Science of God,

Working within the Third Eye.

I want to learn how to be able to foresee what I am experiencing,

Understanding who I am becoming,

And Why things are not occurring as I thought they would be.

I am met by Master Hilarion,

In this magnificent city that emanates an Emerald Green Essence,

But has sparkles of Gold and White Light.

It is like all the trees are glistening and speaking to me at once,

As we walk into a beautiful grove of trees,

I feel like all the trees are welcoming me,

Into their beautiful environment.

We are then met by Cyclopea and Virginia, the Elohim Masters,

They beckon towards me,

As I am being gifted with this amazing shawl of Emerald Green,

It is embossed with golden trim and white tassels on the sleeves;

It is placed across my shoulders and falls down towards my knee;

There is a tassel in the front at my neck,

That holds the shawl in place.

I feel very special as it brings to me a moment of Joy within me,

As I have been given a very unique gift,

That helps me to see this journey comes in the right time,

I am able to really feel the essence of Hope,

That I can understand who I am with the help of these beautiful beings of light.

As we continue our walk through the forest,

The Archangels Raphael and Mother Mary join us,

I feel their angelic presence coming into my heart,

They sprinkle little angel feathers on the path in front of us;

As I walk upon them,

I feel lighter and truly thank them for their Kindness.

As we now continue upon the pathway through the forest,

I feel the elements that I need to work upon;

They come up into my consciousness naturally,

As we connect with each other.

No many words are being spoken,

I just feel each of their guidance coming to me,

I hear the words CONCENTRATE on what you desire,

The rest will happen for me.

We have arrived within the Temple of the Emerald Forest,

It is so very unique,

As it is nestled within a grove of trees,

The sun is beaming through the leaves.

Master Hilarion takes my hand,

He says,”Now we will do what you came here for;

Let us help you to see that you are a Child of God,

A wonderment to behold.”

We step into the temple, although there is no ceiling,

It is erected of trees, with branches of beautiful colors,

The green is glistening with golden hues and white lights.

I stand in front of the altar,

I state my name,

With my Intention of what I desire to receive,

I am ready.

As the beautiful team of the Green, Gold and White Ray,

Is now piercing into my psyche to allow me to see,

The truth that needs to be revealed unto me.

I feel it, I experience it, It is me.

I am deeply thankful for this opportunity,

To fully see more of me.

I AM that I AM that I AM

The New Earth Consciousness-Circle of Light is a weekly class in which we journey to one of the 22 Etheric Cities.  Included is a teaching from Lord Adama and a special Ascended Being that represents the city. Walking Terra Christa provides many options to participate in their weekly teachings with an affordable rate for all individuals.  You can participate in our Partner/Membership Program while experiencing the teachings on your own time via the recordings. You can also purchase the MP3 download on any of the classes.

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Decree ~ Stepping Into the Realization of My 5th Dimensional Self


As Walking Terra Christa is working within the Law of Relativity, our journey has taken us into the Golden Etheric  City of Vanerathian-Lan-eeah overlighting Kashmir.

This city represents the 17th Ray of Multi-White Light, Accepting the 5th Dimensional Body Allows for the Divine Light I AM.

The teachers of this city are Lord Melchizedek and Lord Sanat Kumara.

On this meditation we were blessed with the energies of Lord Sanat Kumara and Lord Adonis, a Cosmic Master that holds the Christed Heart for every soul on Earth.

“The Law of Relativity states that each person will receive a series of problems (Tests of Initiation) for the purpose of strengthening the Light within. We must consider each of these tests to be a challenge and remain connected to our hearts when proceeding to solve the problems.”

The focus for this visit represents the sub-laws of: Thinking, Supply, Attraction, and Receiving which meant that both Lord Sanat Kumara and Lord Adonis brought forth this concentration in their teachings and attunements.

Stepping Into the Realization of My Higher Dimensional Self

As I am learning more about igniting the Ray of the Multi-White Light,

I am guided to work with Lord Sanat Kumara,

Who is one of the Overlighting Masters within the

Etheric Golden City of Vaneranthian-Lan-eeah,

Which resides over Kashmir.

I walk through the Magnificent Forest,

That Lord Melchizedek shared with me previously,

I start to feel the elements that I need to work upon.

I am met by Lord Sanat Kumara with Lord Melchizedek,

They walk with me as we discuss the changes I have been feeling.

They ask me to allow the thoughts I have been experiencing,

To come into my consciousness;

This will help me to acknowledge my Lower Mental Mind.

We are now leaving the forest,

As I see in the short distance beautiful Mirror Lake,

I am then asked to reflect upon what I am being Supplied with in my life,

Through my feelings and thoughts,

Are they exactly what I desire?

Then as we stand at the beautiful lake,

I am asked again about what I am Attracting and then Receiving.

Does it reflect my Highest Good of my Higher Self and not my lower self.

I feel their guidance, I feel their love,

I also feel their ability to true know who I am.

We then walk across the bridge that takes me to the altar of the Mutli-White Flame,

I stand within the flame,

As I feel change coming into me,

Not only within my Root area,

But all of my chakras,

My four body system through the emotional and mental,

Are being charged with this amazing light.

My thoughts of my 3rd dimensional self through my 4th dimensional self,

Are now blending within the essences of this amazing flame of light.

I am shaking, but I am fulfilled.

We continue our walk to the other side,

Which takes us to the entrance of this beautiful mountain before me.

Awaiting our arrival is Lord Adonis,

A cosmic Master that has helped so many Venusians along with

Sanat Kumara and Master Vywamus.

I am excited to walk with these amazing Beings of Light,

I am now ready to receive the next essence to allow me to

Receive and Attract all I desire,

As the old elements are now part of my existence.

I am now being supported by Lord Adonis with Lord Sanat Kumara,

And Lord Melchizedek.

I am ready to be in this glorious Light,

I AM that I AM that I AM.

The New Earth Consciousness-Circle of Light is a weekly class in which we journey to one of the 22 Etheric Cities.  Included is a teaching from Lord Adama and a special Ascended Being that represents the city. Walking Terra Christa provides many options to participate in their weekly teachings with an affordable rate for all individuals.  You can become a Student  by participating in our Partner/Membership Program while experiencing the teachings on your own time via the recordings. You can also purchase the MP3 download on any of the classes.

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Accepting the Journey of Resonance ~ Decree


Walking Terra Christa is now working with the LAW OF RELATIVITY. Our journey on September 14, 2016 took us into the Golden Etheric City that resides above Kashmir called Vaneranthian-Lan-EEAH.

This city represents the Multi-White Ray of Universal White Light which assists in transforming the lower elements that do not allow the higher realms of the 5th dimension to fully be put into place. The Ascended Masters that overlight this energy are Lord Melchizedek and Lord Sanat Kumara.

Our visit on this day was to work with Lord Melchizedek who represents the Teacher of all Lightworkers upon the Mastery Pathway. He is our guide; he helps us to know ourselves through our Higher Essence.

Our journey into the city was absolutely beautiful as we connected to Mirror Lake that assisted each participant in seeing themselves through the eyes of the Multi-White Ray.

Accepting the Journey of Resonance to All that I Am

As I travel around the Etheric Golden Cities,

I am guided to the Golden Etheric City of Vaneranthian-Laneeah,

Which resides over Kashmir.

I want to learn more about the lessons I experience,

And how to accept the challenges instead of blaming others for my problems.

As I step into the beautiful essence of the Multi-White Ray,

Which is represented by this city,

I start to feel a shift occur within my Root Chakra.

I walk down a beautiful pathway,

This city is enormous as it covers many thousands of miles,

There is a valley with mountains all around each side,

I understand there are many lakes and bodies of water.

I am now met by Lord Melchizedek,

Who helps all initiates on the pathway of understanding.

His smile is wider than I could ever imagine,

I feel his essence as he presents being a father to many.

We walk together,

He asks me many questions,

What I feel like on the pathway of mastery,

And how I have experienced my lessons.

I told him I can become confused,

As I am unsure what is my higher truth,

And what is my lower mind telling me.

He chuckled and said,

You are not alone.

We have all experienced the same.

As we walk towards a magnificent mountain,

There is an enormous lake.

We stop to reflect.

Lord Melchizedek said it is very important to bring forth the elements,

That are troubling me,

I stand, and he gives a beautiful invocation,

Dearest God,

Please allow my student standing here with me,

To see the truth that is within him.

I start to see this amazing Multi-White Light coming up from the bottom of the Lake,

It looks like a tornado as it expands outward to the shore,

I feel a change occurring within me,

As I can see why they call this Mirror Lake.

Lord Melchizedek asks me how I am feeling,

At first, I cannot reply,

But then I feel the beautiful realization of what I could not see before.

I am acknowledging the truth, not from my lower mind,

But my Higher Self,

As I receive the message of Love and Self Forgiveness.

I know I am ready to accept the challenge of knowing more,

I have not been prepared before,

But now is my time to accept who I truly am.

I thank Lord Melchizedek for this journey.

I look forward to receive more so I can fully allow myself

To Resonate and Grow into the state of pure Oneness within me.

I AM that I AM that I AM

If you would like to learn more about the Golden Etheric Cities of the 22 Rays of God, Walking Terra Christa provides several opportunities to become a student while learning more about your own pathway:  Academy of New Earth Mastery. In addition an individual may purchase the MP3 recording of any of the journeys that we take each week, Golden Etheric Cities.

Integrative Channel: Rev. Christine Meleriessee Hayden
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Divine Love, Wisdom and Power within the Golden City of Holontonneah

6157567-sparkling-stars-descending-on-magenta-light-burst-backgroundThe Golden Etheric City of Holontonneah resides in the 5th dimensional earth over Central France.  It is the city in which Lord Metatron shares his essence for the New Earth.

Decree:  I AM Divine Love, Wisdom and Power
I step into the beautiful essence of
The Golden City of Honlontonneah,
Which is over Central France

Lord Metatron greets me,
We walk unto a huge pathway of Light,
I see the trees holding a special essence
Of the Magenta
Of the Pink, Of the Gold, and the Pink Orange
All blending into the Oneness this city so represents.

I feel the magnificence and beauty
Of this Magical Golden City
Of Honlontonneah.

The pathway of Light,
Turns into a beautiful cobblestone
Of Golden Bricks,
As I walk I feel the essence of the Christed Being I AM.

The walkway turns in many directions,
Through a Forest of Trees,
A Meadow,
As we walk across a beautiful river,
I feel the changes occurring within me,
I am stepping across a new existence within me.

I then see before me,
A magnificent Cathedral of Light,
Called the Temple of the Three-Fold Flame,

It is golden in its hues of light,
Reflections of the 3rd and 4th dimensions of light,
Of the Ruby Red with Pink Orange,
Blending into the Pink and the Gold,
Creating the Magenta Spectrums of Light.

As I walk closer,
I feel an enormous shift within my Being,
I am lighter, yet stronger as I feel the Power I have ever been.

I see in the middle of the Temple,
A beautiful flame
Of the Blue for the Will of God representing Wisdom,
Of the Pink for the Heart of God representing Love,
And the Gold for the Power of God representing All that I AM.

I stop and fully infuse it within me,
Through my breath, through my body,
As I reach out to receive it fully.
It overwhelms me,
Satisfies all my cravings that I have searched for,
As now I feel the True Essence of All that I AM
And have ever Been.
I am the Three Fold Flame within my Being
I am Love – I am Joy – I am Wisdom – I am Power
As I now fully receive all that I am.
I AM that I AM that I AM

Honolontonnea, over Central France, represents Divine Love and Wisdom.  This area of the world is filled with qualities  that incorporate the magical era of castles, rolling hills, lush greenery, and the Loire River (which is considered the longest river in France).

Lord Metatron is the overlighting energy represented by the Ray of Divine Love and Inner Power of the Solar Plexus, Heart and Thymus chakras in the color of Magenta which is exhibited throughout the entire city.

Overview of Ray 19 ~ Inner Power & Divine Love

Color: Magenta

Chakra: The Solar Plexus blends within the Heart and Thymus chakras creating One Unified chakra

Overlighting Being: Lord Metatron

Special Qualities Include: The 5th dimensional ray and chakra blend into Oneness within the Solar Plexus, Heart, and Thymus Chakra representing Inner Power, Divine Love & Wisdom. As it blends, it is Actualizing One’s Full Divinity.

Heart Chakra represents the balance of emotions and thoughts wherein the Three Fold Flame resides of the Feminine, Masculine and I AM Presence. The Rays of God that assist in creating the higher chakra grids are the Active Intelligence of Deep Pink of the 3rd dimensional chakra grid. The Christ Consciousness of Gold is activated within the 4th dimensional chakra grid. When we activate the Inner Power & Divine Love, we blend the Solar Plexus within the Heart and Thymus on the 5th dimensional chakra grid.

©2012-2014 Walking Terra Christa Academy of New Earth Mastery http://walkingterrachrista.com/ by Rev. Christine Meleriessee and Rev. J. Michael Hayden (Ara). Permission to repost this information electronically on your non-commercial website or blog is granted as long as you include this copyright statement and the following referral links. Use for commercial websites, blogs and printed or written reproduction requires written permission.
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The Temple of the Eternal I Am within the City of Ahtarah-ah over Nepal/Tibet

sun This was the 2nd visit to the city of Ahtarah-ah with Lord Maitreya as our guide.  It represents the 12 Ray of the Golden Flame of the Christ Consciousness.  We hope you enjoy your visit.


It is I, Lord Adama, at your service.

This is going to be a very powerful and life-changing visit this evening.

Each of you is fully connecting to your own Higher Essence, but not fully at most times. We want to help you to accelerate into these phases of change that are necessary within your own being of which you need to accommodate within your physical body. Because each of you listening in this moment are in the right place at the right time, and that is truly what I want to express to you this evening before we go to the City and allow yourself to feel the totality that you are.

Let us all breathe deeply.

I thank Meleriessee for bringing forth all those Rays of God within our Essences so that we can combine these energies and accelerate ourselves in places that need a little bit of a push and to relax in other places that need to fully accept what has been occurring.

I say to you that even if you were not working on yourself but participating as you have been on these meditations, whether it be in person or on your own, that you’re still going to be affected by the Frequencies of Light that are coming onto this planet. So why not open up the doorway to make it easier for yourself.

Some of you may say that it has not been easy and that you are having a very challenging time with the changes that need to be done and created within your own pathway to assist you more fully. My answer to that in this moment would be to fully say unto you, what you are receiving is the necessary faculty within yourself to create your own Divine Purpose.

It does not matter what your Divine Purpose is. It does not matter if you are a leader. It does not matter if you are a teacher. It does not matter if you are a student.

This is your pathway in this moment. It is important for you to understand within yourself that the creation of this pathway will assist you in the creation of your Divine Self in a way that you cannot even understand in your mental faculties.

So I say in these moments, let us relax. Because the best way to really feel what your Higher Self wants you to accept is to accept the energies that are occurring for you. Isn’t that not of being in the moment?

We all take a deep breath ~ breathing deeply within and then breathing outwardly.

You are allowing that Frequency of Light to be in the moment. That is pure Oneness because in that moment, you are in the Breath of the Ocean, the Breath of the Sky, the Breath of the Land. You are in the Breath in the Presence.

There is none other, because then you start to feel that Multidimensional Self that you are as the Mental Mind relaxes, as the Emotional Heart expands unto the Oneness that you are. There is nothing ever more important.

So I ask each of you that when you are doing your breathing process ~ whether it is just one simple breath or several breaths to put you into a relaxed state ~ remember these words, “I Am One With All That I Am.”

And that is truly what the breath means because you allow yourself to let go of the physical faculties and allow yourself to feel the pure essence of that completeness and the Sparkles of Light that we all are together. In that moment, you are within yourself.

You are allowing your physical body to relax so that the Higher Essence can come into you.

When I talk about a breath, it is a deep breath into your diaphragm of allowing that Frequency of Light.

If you intend, as you have received this evening with the Rays of God, with those Frequencies of Colors, it is not a hit or miss. It is a target of that Light. It is a target of that frequency for you to accept the focus that that Light is bringing unto you.

So this evening, let us all just expand that Frequency of Light that we have received through the Essence of Meleriessee, through the Colors of Blue, Golden Yellow. Feel the
Bright Pink, White Light with Speckles of Green, Green Golden White Light, Ruby Red, Deep Purple, Seafoam Green, Blue Green, Pearlescent, Pink
Orange and then the Golden Light.

As all of these colors are reflected within that, and if we allow those energies to spin from our Soul Star ~ above our Crown ~ and our Earth Star ~ below our feet ~ it spins now directly into all the bodies, not just the physical. It spins into the Etheric Body, then outwardly into the Emotional Body, and then outwardly into the Mental Body.

This is the acceptance of the Spiritual Body.

Your Spiritual Body is now being fully activated with these frequencies to come fully within you, within your Heart.

Let us now just take that breath as I spoke before and feel the Oneness that you are.

In this moment, you are completely within Completeness of your Higher Self ~ your Soul Essence ~ in the Physical Body.

Now, we are ready to journey to the City. Now, we are ready to move through this Journey of the Golden Ray physically within our Essence.

I Am Lord Adama at your service.  It is my pleasure to be your guide towards the City.

Let’s all take a deep breath.

As our Merkabah Vehicle ~ the Body of Light ~ is now being activated in a clockwise manner, feel ourselves spinning.  As we spin, we move out of the Physical Earth into the Etheric Earth.  Let us all gather together as we travel to Tibet and Nepal.

What a beautiful essence to bring forth as we center above the city of the Golden City. As we look down upon this City we see Sparkles of Golden Light everywhere as it shines. As you know, there are many mountains in this area. It is a very spiritual place.

The physical cities within Tibet and Nepal will be fully activated into these areas, but they need to accept themselves in a different manner than they do now. It represents many different types of religions. But the Golden City on the Etheric Earth, Ahtarahah, is of the Frequency of the Christ Consciousness, which means all religions which brings into Oneness and the Light that each of us represent.

So within the City there is complete Compassion, complete Love and Acceptance that we are of the Eternal I Am and we bring in that essence unto ourselves.

Think of these aspects as we are experiencing the ceremony this evening, of transmuting and integrating elements within the same frequency ~ accepting our inner focus to create pathways guided by our Higher Self, allowing the Physical to fully embrace the Spiritual and the I Am Presence, and being in balance. Therefore, we start to learn to accept our missing puzzle pieces.

So tonight, we are going to come into the creation of Tibet. As we do that, we are going to feel a frequency to bring in the world of many religions into the Temple of the One of the Eternal Flame of the I Am That We Are.  This Temple is another stepping stone. It is represented by Lord Maitreya.

As we look around us, we see many mountains.  And we see lakes and streams and beautiful Frequencies of Light all around us. We see everything has a Golden Hue and within those Golden Hues are all the Colors we spoke about previously of the Golden Yellows and the Blues and the Deep Reds, the Purples and the Violets and maybe some Oranges.

We also bring forth the Frequency of the Planetary Rays, but they are not as strong as the Higher Frequency.  So just imagine in your mind the beauty of what is occurring through this frequency.  We now find ourselves in a beautiful garden.

Within this beautiful garden there is a pathway. This pathway is going to wind around the outskirts of some beautiful mountains. On the other side of the mountain as we’re walking around there’s a huge valley. And within the valley is the Temple of the Eternal I Am Presence.

Feel ourselves fully bringing forth these frequencies unto ourselves as it represents all of our Timelines coming together. That’s another aspect that we fully have not brought forth previously.

As you come to this City, this may be a city where you may be working. This may be a city where you want to come to visit, to bring forth those essences within yourself of bringing in your Eternal I Am Presence ~ the Omnipresent Frequency of the Oneness that we are together.

As we feel this, we walk around down into the valley. There are outskirts of villages around. As we walk in a circular motion, a pathway goes around several times. We feel ourselves getting to the center.

In the middle of the center is this huge Golden Temple of Light. It radiates for miles around. It is a huge structure, and it has many parts and annexes to it.

Today, we are going to go into the core of the Temple. We see the doorway. As we walk up to the doorway, the structure is pure Gold and Brass. And the sunlight shines upon it.  When the sunlight shines upon it, there is a Spectrum of Rainbows of Colors that radiate on the outside of the Temple.

You will see that there is a stream around the outside of the Temple that radiates the Golden Flame. And there are little bridges every so often that go across because with the pathway you can enter the Temple in many different ways.

We are going to step into the main entrance. We would like to come back to this City several times so that you can understand what the Truth of this Temple is about. Because it depends upon ones initiation process and what they need to work with and be assisted by Lord Maitreya, as each of us being in the Ascended Mastership Pathway need to work on different elements. That is what the 12 Rays of God represent.

It is my pleasure now to walk in with you into this beautiful structure of a building, as we see Lord Maitreya waiting outside the doorway for us.

I , as Lord Adama, will escort you back.

I thank you for allowing me to be here with you, along with many Telosians that are very excited about this City.


Greetings, My Dearest Children,

Greetings, Greetings, My Masters, My Initiates,

All of you walking upon this pathway, please do come into the Temple.  As you see, you are walking and there’s a Stream of Light coming from the top of the Temple. The circumference of the Temple has many steeples, and these steeples represent the 12 Rays of God. In the middle of it is the Omnipresence of the Eternal I Am.

We are going to be taking each of you into the middle part of the Temple to assist you in this process. I do urge you to return and to allow your own intuition to take you on a journey of where you may need to be because each of the steeples of this Temple represent the 12 Rays of God ~ actually 11 Rays of God.

Let me correct my communication in this moment. There are 11 steeples and the highest steeple in the middle is the 12th Ray, which represents the Ray of the Christ Consciousness.  This is where the Office of the Christ resides in this Frequency of Light. As you come into the center of the 12th Ray steeple, all the others are on the outside in their adjoining rooms that you would go into to work through the 11 Rays to assist you.  So I say to you, if you are having a challenging time about any of the aspects of the first 11 Rays, do come and return. Call upon me and I will assist you through this process.

As we come into the Temple of the Eternal Flame of Oneness, you will see there is a Frequency of many Light Colors of all the Colors that have been represented ~ of the Blues and Reds and Oranges and Greens and Light Blues and Lavenders and Darker Blues and Indigos and then the Deep Reds, the Bright Oranges, the Goldens, the Greens, the Crystalline Colors, the White Light, the Golden Yellow ~ as it all is the Frequency of Light.

In the middle of the Temple of the 12th Ray, there is a Beam of Light that comes down from the top of the ceiling that emanates from the Essence of the Sun, which you will be working with Archangel Mazuriel during the next visit.

Right now, let’s just feel this frequency.

There are outlying seats for you to sit upon on the outside of the main Temple of this frequency that will come in. So let us find ourselves a seat. There are benches very adorned with beautiful tapestry in many Colors. We sit in a semicircular fashion around the Temple Essence. I stand in the middle, which presents the Golden Flame of Light.

I will express unto each of you the message that I want to bring forth and to assist you with your own Frequency of Light and how you can best help yourself through the process that you are going through to prepare yourself for the Wesak event ~ but, also, to be in the City, because this is the Eternal Truth. This is the Golden Year, the Golden Era, is it not?

This represents the 12 Rays of God.

What we truly want everyone to aspire to is to initiate the 12 Rays of God fully within their body for the onset of this year so that they can feel the Golden Frequency in them and feel their own Christed Self.

So it is my pleasure in this moment to introduce myself as Lord Maitreya.

Some of you know me more personally than some others, but I promise you I will walk with each of you deeply through the processes that you are going through. You have arrived in a beautiful state of Beingness, so this evening we are making a special dispensation for each of you to come into the center part of the Temple.

So let us just take a deep breath and feel as if you have already traveled through all those 11 Rays of God within your physical existence, because this is the process that each of you are going under.As you accept that 4th Dimensional Grid ~ when you get to the part of receiving this Ray of God within your Heart Center ~ you have arrived. You have arrived.

You may not know what you’re doing. You may not (be) sure where you’re going, but you have accepted it all within yourself ~ that You Are a Master upon this Earth, that You Are a Beam of Golden Light within you, and you are incorporating this within your Physical Body.

Did I say that you always have your Higher Self within your Physical Body?  No.

Do I say that you have the ability to do so?  Yes.

Some have the ability to tap into this frequency at a 90 percent ratio.

Most of you are probably tapping in from 50 to 75 percent in this moment ~ those of you that are accessing these frequencies within you.  So it is important for you to realize that there is always more to receive. That is what the Spiritual Hierarchy is about. Remember, we have 49 Dimensions of Reality. I overlight up to 12 Dimensions representing the 12th Ray of God.

Each of you can accelerate yourself within those Dimensional Frequencies, but you cannot stay in your Physical Body in these moments. Some of you are sustaining a much Higher Level than others due to your Frequency of Light and acceptance to do so, and the location where you are living. This is very imperative of the Frequency of Light that you bring in because there are many areas upon this world that cannot assist you in that frequency. Unless you are living in a Temple 24 hours a day, it is not possible to do so.

But what you can do for yourself is these tools and techniques that are being given to you ~ and not just by Christine and Michael but by others or by your own Frequency of Light within you to aspire to the Essence of Your Totality within these physical bodies.

Tonight, we are not worried about that you are accessing the 12th Dimensional Body of the Universal Body of Light, because you will. That is what the Golden Age is about. You have that ability to access all of this. But, the process, do not push it. If you push it too hard, it will become overwhelming because these are overwhelming elements that you are bringing forth within you. I would say for each of you that you are probably accessing in your Physical Body at this time the 5th Dimensional Level, but not at all times, depending on your accessibility to create these frequencies within you.

Many of you have the ability to access more, and some of you are integrating more within you, depending, again, upon your location and where you are residing or spending most of your time.

So we bring each of these Golden Cities of Light and you look at the landscape and the Nature. That is the imperative point of your own existence upon this Earth ~ to be in Nature, to feel the acceptance of what is there, because these are God-given Frequencies.

That is why the Vortices and the High Frequency areas of the World are very important, because those frequencies come within you and help you to bring forth other elements within you.  So we bring you to the 12th Ray this evening through the Temple of the Eternal I Am.

Let us just take a deep breath and feel these frequencies coming within you ~ if you have not already done so ~ because, as I have been speaking, they are all coming through into the Essence that you are.

As Meleriessee embodies this within her, she extends it through her vibration. It is not just the words that I Am giving to you, but it is the vibrational frequency of the energy that I Am imparting through her.

Allow these frequencies to come to you in this moment.

Feel the Golden Ray and all the other Frequencies of Light that are fully accelerating within your own Beingness.  This is exactly what is occurring for you now and your Higher Self is designating what you should receive and what you should not receive. As we have stated previously, it is all part of your process.

So I extend my hand out unto each of you right now in camaraderie and friendship. Each of you have arrived in this state of Being within this Temple because you have worked through eons of time through Timelines in Form and Formlessness to acquire yourself in this state of Being upon this Earth to walk this pathway as a Master.

We are guiding each of you through a training process in your Inner Plane sleep time and meditations and altered states of reality to be the Masters of the New Earth. It is our Divine pleasure through this One to provide this availability for you to have a consciousness of these beautiful cities.

So I ask each of you right now to just stand within this Temple.

As we stand here hand-in-hand together, no one is any more important than the other. I stand here as an overseer of the 12th Dimension on the 12 Rays, but I fully comprehend what you’re going through. I don’t fully understand because I have not been physical upon the Earth that you are right now. The aspect that I Am talking to you is not the aspect that is known to be embodied.

So I bring forth those frequencies within you now to give you the full realization of where you may be in your own Physical Essence, and bring in those vibrations through your entire physical form.

Feel the Light coming down from the middle of Temple of the steeple and it swirls around in Colors and Colors of the Golden Flame. It is coming down and tunneling around you outside where each of us is standing hand-in-hand.

There is a mist of the Golden Ray.

The mist of the Golden Ray represents the Light of many Frequencies that we have spoken about before. So we are incorporating the Blues and the Greens and the Yellows and the Oranges, the Deep Blues and the Lavenders and the Purples and the Pearlescent and the Translucents and the Crystalline Colors.

We now let go of our hands upon each other, and we raise our palms upwards. As we raise our palms upwards, that Frequency of Light is coming down into our palms through our entire Essence of our bodies.

We feel that Essence coming into our bloodstream, into our circuitry system, into our physical form ~ all the organs, the muscles and the tendons.

Allow everything to relax, because this is a ceremony to receive. You have received. You have come to this space of Beingness, because your Soul has projected you to be here in this moment for you to receive.

I allow myself to be the reflection that you are. As I bring forth this unto you, allow yourself to receive it because I Am merely just a reflection of your Light that you bring forth within your Higher Essence.

Breathe deeply and allow that to come all the way down to your feet, and into your Earth Star.  Let the Earth Star and the Soul Star spin together.  And, we move it through the Etheric Body. We move it through the Emotional and the Mental Bodies.

Let us remove all of the Timelines that have said to us, “We do not deserve this ceremony. We do not deserve this process.”

You have arrived. You have arrived.

Accept it. Accept what is yours.

Allow this acceptance to come fully within you now, and feel that frequency running through you and upon your Heart.

Deeply feel the Golden Ray infiltrating within you. Deeply feel the Essence That You Are, as you accept your own Divinity within the Physical Essence That You Are.

I now ask you to breathe deeply.

As you breathe deeply, I want you to feel the Essence of your Higher Self. There are elements that you need to look at between now and Wesak. That is the other reason that we have Divinely ordered this visitation to this City at this time, as you have a couple more weeks until the Wesak Energies.

Allow this to filter into you and allow yourself to accept the Divinity That You Are and to change whatever your Mind in not accepting.

Remember, it is the Mental Level that will stop you through the process.

So we break through the Mental Frequency right now. We break through the Emotional Barriers, and we bring through the Essence of God within your Heart.

Breathing deeply into that Essence.

Let us take a moment and feel this frequency flowing within.

{{{Crystal bowl is played}}}

Let it flow all the way through your Being as you accept an internalization, because we are giving you a vibrancy that will help you to remember what you need to look at. It may be a thought. It may be a process. It may be a cheer. It may be a moment of frustration, but allow it to come up.

And utilize this Golden Ray in acceptance That You Are.

Let us take a deep breath and feel that acceptance coming fully within you.

{{{Aayye Eye and Aayye Eye OH is chanted repeatedly}}}

Breathing Deeply. Breathing Deeply.

Allow this Frequency of Light to be fully within you as I extend unto you a personal friendship with me. I will walk with you. I will talk with you. I will fully accept you into my extension of Creation to help you through this process.

We are moving through an accelerated time to assist each of you in this Frequency of Light, to assist you into creating the pathways that are fully necessary within your Beingness.

There is a goblet in front of you filled with the Golden Ray. I want you to take a sip of this goblet. I want you to fully feel the Essence of the Golden Flame coming within your Being, for you to accept the totality that you are to assist you in this process, to assist you in the Frequency of Light.

Let us all move forward toward the Essence of the Alter. I stand in the middle, and I bring unto you the mirror that I Am. Unto each of you as you as you expand yourself into the Masters that you are, into what you are creating within your own Frequency of Light into this Planet.

Allow it to be. Feel it deeply within your Earth Star, and ground that deeply through all the Essences that you are, as you are One Body of Light as we extend ourselves unto each other.

Take your hands into the hands next of you and feel the Frequency of the I Am That We Are, as we stand in the Temple of the Eternal I Am in the Frequency of All That We Are together.

Breathing deeply. Breathing deeply through this Essence.

Breathing deeply into all ~ All We Are with the Breath, with the Breath and Ah.

Ah represents “I Accept.”

{{{Chanting Ah repeatedly ~ high and low sounds}}}

Let us now fully embrace as you come towards me ~ each of you in your Circle of Light. Blend within the Temple of the Eternal I Am, coming into the 12th Ray that is in the middle of this Essence as I blend into our Essence.

Let us take a breath.

And as we become One, I Am You And You Are Me.

There is no separation in this moment.

Feel this Frequency of Light coming through your Beingness of Love, of the Christ That We Are together.

It is my Divine pleasure to express this to each of you individually and collectively, as We Are One. And this is why Wesak is so very powerful for this year.

Expect more to come that you are receiving in this moment. This has just been a doorway, and entryway into the new aspects of our Beingness together, individually and separately ~ All In One.

Let us now walk out from the Temple. Follow me as we walk in a clockwise manner.  We find the doorway ~ the passageway ~ that you came in. You will see there is an outer circumference of this Temple that represents all the other rooms of the Rays of God that you can come back and experience.

I will guide you into each of these Rays to assist you in the process. You can just come and sit within the Temple that it represents, and feel the Essence of that Color running through your entire body, as you breathe deeply through that Color of that Ray.

It is now time for me to hand over the energies unto Lord Adama.

It has been my pleasure to be here with you as Lord Maitreya ~ to walk you through this process within this beautiful Temple of the Eternal I Am.

So Mote It Be In The Light of the Christ.

I Am Lord Maitreya at your service within the City of Ahtarah-ah.



This is Lord Adama.

Thank you so very much. That was very beautiful.

There is going to be a lot of Frequency of Light coming through each of you.

So let us walk down the Temple steps, walk across the little bridge.

You will see within the circumference of the Temple here there are many children singing, people gathering. It is a place of beauty and acceptance. You can come back and enjoy these energies.

We walk back up the pathway that will take us around the side of the mountain. We look down and we see the valley and how the Temple emanates this Golden Frequency of Light.

As we walk around the edge of the mountain, we see the garden pathway once again.

Let us gather in this moment.

I cannot tell you exactly what this all means in my Heart, as many of the Telosians have joined us for this journey. We’ve been waiting to come here. We’ve been waiting for Dearest Meleriessee to guide us here. We have not been here on our own previously because this City is about Oneness. This City is about all Frequencies of Light coming together.

It was not projected that we were able to come on our own. So this has been quite a nice visit for each of us also, as it will be shared by many and incorporated into each of our Beings, because this is a journey for each of us as we create the New Earth together.

We have been in our privacy for eons of time, just as you have aspired to make the changes that were necessary.  In essence, we probably chose the easier route than each of you have chosen, and we honor each of you for going through these processes and being the strength and the courage that was needed, even though at times it does not feel as such.

It is my pleasure to be with each of you through these visits as I become closer and closer to each of you, as we accelerate ourselves into the Oneness that we are.

Let us gather now.

Take a deep breath as the Merkabah Vehicle now centers also the City of Ahtarahah. We move out of the Etheric Golden City and we separate.

We bide you farewell but not goodbye. Each of us have our Hearts interconnected within one another. Breathing deeply.

As you now come back into your present location, it is my Divine pleasure to be your guide with the Golden Cities of Light.

I Am Lord Adama at your service.

Join us for this amazing class every Wednesday evening at 5 PM, Pacific, http://walkingterrachrista.com/classes/golden-cities/.

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Visiting the Golden Etheric City of Ahtarh-ah with Lord Maitreya


Accepting My Mastery Within

I take this moment to fully reflect within myself my journey thus-far,

The City of Ahtarah-ah is an awakening onto my Christ Self,

I have accelerated greatly with the teachings of Goddess Pallas Athena,

I am now ready to work with Lord Maitreya.

 Part of me is unsure what to expect in these moments,

But yet, I know it is time that I fully accept my full state of Being,

As it has been guided by my Higher Self,

He/She is now fully integrated within my Thymus as it starts to blend within the Heart and Solar Plexus areas,

I understand that there may still be some elements I need to clear for this to occur.

Lord Maitreya stands before me with his essence of pure golden purity,

I look into his eyes and it flows into my Being,

I feel the vibration within me changing with each breath that I take,

It flows into my Heart and I feel the Yin and Yang within me starting to blend with each other,

I feel the acceptance within me as the energy flows within me.

Lord Maitreya looks deeper into my eyes and states these words unto me:

I am merely a reflection of what I see in you,

I express to you in this moment the sparkles of rays that you impart within your essence,

It is now flowing within your body,

What you are feeling is the physical acceptance of your I AM Presence.

It can be a new feeling or very familiar;

Whatever the case may be within you, it is in Divine Order.

Just accept your sparkles of Light that I see within you,

You are ready to make your pathway more accepting within your life.

It is now time to restore your Essence unto the Being that You Are,

I Am happy to walk with you,

Hand-in-hand through the process of your mastery.

I see all that You ARE being embodied within Now

Receive My Dearest One, Receive

 I now feel the acceptance that I am walking this pathway,

Not in the unconscious but within my present state of awareness.

I feel, I accept, I embrace

All that I AM and ever have been.

I AM that I AM that I AM

Background Information on the City of Ahtarhah, residing over Nepal/Tibet

Last visit we were located in the area of Mount Everest in the midst of the beautiful forests to the Temple of Truth and Wisdom overlighted by Goddess Pallas Athena.  During this journey we traveled to a different area in which it will be rich with the peoples of the land incorporating all teachings brought forth of the Christ Consciousness representing the Golden City of the Eternal Flame of the I AM.


Lord Maitreya was the guide for this weeks visit.  Lord Maitreya represents the entire Spiritual Hierarchy of Ascended Masters & Beings that have lived upon this earth.  He oversees the 12 Rays of God and incorporates the Christ Consciousness representing the Office Overseer.  There are some individuals that believe that he is incarnated in England which may be true.  The energies that we work with representing Lord Maitreya are the highest aspect of his creation.  He also overlighted Jesus’ body in the last three years of his incarnation during that lifetime.  The Office of the Christ incorporates the 12 dimensional frequencies which is in the Universal Body of Light.  He also represents the Wesak Festivals as he assists each of us on the pathway of Mastership as our Teacher of the Christ Within.

The following is an overview of the 12 Ray which is the theme of Ahtarahah:

  • RAY 12 – Integration the Christ Consciousness

Color – Gold

Overlighted By:  Goddess Pallas Athena, Lord Maitreya, Office of the Christ, and Archangel Mazuriel, Guardian of the Great Central Sun of the Universe

 The twelfth ray is the Golden ray of the New Age.  This is the ray of anchoring the Christ Consciousness on Earth.  The 12th ray also facilitates inner realizations.  If there is confusion about a situation, an individual can call this ray into consciousness and into the entire situation, and it will facilitate proper understanding of it.

The 12th ray brings in the highest invocation of the New Age.  It was the highest type of energy made available to the Earth in 2000 except for the energy of the Mahatma, the Avatar of Synthesis, which is even higher.  We are now able to access the Cosmic Rays up through the 22nd.

 COLOR:  12th Ray is the color of Gold and anchors the New Age and Christ Consciousness fully within the physical.  It is a combination of the first 11 rays, with different proportions with a sprinkling of White Light and Christ Consciousness. Even though it contains all the rays, the proportions are not all exactly the same.


  • Bringing forth Source energies to fully accept our Divinity;
  • Transmuting & Integrating Elements within the same frequency,
  • Accepting Inner Focus to Create Pathways guided by our Higher Self;
  • Allowing the physical to fully embrace the Spiritual and I AM Presence;
  • Being in balance; therefore able to fully accept Missing Puzzle Pieces lost through past timelines;
  • The Creation of Oneness Within.

These calls take place on Wednesday evenings at 5 PM Pacific.  If you would be interested in being part of the fabulous energies with attunements, please see our informational page on the Golden cities, http://walkingterrachrista.com/classes/golden-cities/.

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Visiting the City of Atarah-ah over Nepal-Tibet with Archangel Mazuriel

mixture goldsThis was our visit to the City of Atarah-ah with Lord Adama as our host in April of 2012.  Lord Mazuriel shared his beautiful essence and joy of having us join him in this amazing Golden City of Light that represents the 12th Ray of the Christ Consciousness.


This is Lord Adama.  Welcome to the New Earth Circle of Light.  It is my pleasure to be here with you once again, and it’s an especially wonderful evening as we bring in these frequencies coming from Archangel Mazariel.  I do believe that it will be a wonderful experience for each of you.

I ask each of you in these moments what it is that you fully need to embrace within yourselves? As we move into the realms of the 12th Ray and Christ Consciousness, it is important for each of us to realize within ourselves that we don’t always embrace all aspects that are necessary for our full knowingness to occur.

So this evening we are fully bringing forth these energies in this beautiful city of Atarah-ah with Archangel Mazariel.  I’m very excited too; I really feel the frequencies myself and I want to give you a little secret that some of us don’t always share.  Because we are in Telos does not mean that we don’t need to regenerate ourselves into our higher selves.  Yes, we are in a frequency of Love consciousness, but there are elements that can happen to us also when we do work on the inner planes and travel to other cities on the upper Earth.  We, too, need to fully feel our true essence.

I say to you that in this moment that it is with great honor that I am working with each of you individually and collectively and this comes from my heartfelt essence.  You truly are the Way Showers as you are the ones that have come back again and again, to work through these processes and to feel these Essences of remembrance that you truly are.

So how can I not be excited to walk with you?  We are all like the children reflecting upon each other what it is that we have lost, and now we can bring forth the acceptance that we truly are together.  I stand with you as a Being who is several hundred years old and beyond, aren’t you also several thousands years old?  It’s just that you have not been in the same body for those thousands of years, but you will.

That is what we are aspiring to for the New Earth and this is the city for us to fully have that remembrance.  I will share with you that there on the 144th dimensional level there is a Temple of the Sacred Heart Flame of Oneness.  I’ve been asked to speak about this temple tonight as this city is a reflection of that temple.  An individual cannot visit the temple without a special invitation form the Spiritual Hierarchy.

Tonight you will experience a place where you can come to bring forth these elements through your I AM Presence, to feel what it is like to be in Oneness.  You can say it is a practice run.  It is an ability to be in the 144th dimensional frequency with your multi-dimensional bodies and is not usually activated until you are out of body.  That is going to be changing with the new Earth frequency.  This is not an invitation for you to travel to the 144th dimension (where the temple resides), but you can receive the frequencies of the 144th level through the One Sacred Heart Flame.  What I am saying is that each of you brings forth the Sacred Heart Flame within your own heart and the visit this evening represents going to this temple to feel those Essences.

We invite you tonight to the City of Atarah-ah to come forth with Archangel Mazariel, as he will guide us into the Temple of the One Sacred Heart Flame.  This is all very new information and has never been shared previously, so it is with great pleasure that I walk with you this evening as we move through this process.  There are no words to explain the power that you will feel.  In fact your body will probably not be able to handle the frequency of Light, but your Spirit will and this is what’s most important.  Now let us just breathe deeply as we prepare ourselves to go to the City of Atarah-ah.

Breathe in deeply; I guide you with my heart, I guide you with my Essence and as each of you are becoming the higher consciousness of your own Essences, you are bringing the allowance to walk with the Telosians to have the remembrance of our Lemurian heritage together.  Allow this Essence to breathe through you, to breathe the completeness that you are so that you can feel the acceptance your Higher Self desires for you to have.  Breathe in deeply and allow the activation of your Higher Self through the Thymus and the Heart and the Solar Plexus to be fully within your physical being.

{{{{Crystal bowl is struck and resonates for some time}}}}

Feel the spinning motion in a clockwise direction, feel yourselves spiraling into another plane of existence as we all meet over the cities of Tibet and Nepal.  We are going deeply into the mountain ranges and feel ourselves moving downwards as we are in a valley within the mountains; there are many peaks all around us in a circular fashion.  I want you to feel the Essence of the Sun shining down upon the mountains and through the trees, flowers, greenery and hilltops that are all around.  You are going to see the mountains behind you and there are hilltops as we are going to walk down into where the temple of the Sacred Heart Flame is located.

As we do this I want you to connect to the land, and we allow ourselves to be fully grounded into the New Earth frequency.  It is a different feeling than if you were walking on a third dimensional Earth within a hilly mountain area.  As we walk down the valley you will see a large body of water, where there is a Temple that glistens with the Golden frequencies of Crystal formations in many different colors- it is a beautiful Temple and as we walk closer towards it, we see that there is a bridge that leads across to the Temple.

There is greenery, many flowers and bushes, all kinds of beautiful natural landscaping.  The flowers are in the wild flower category; there are many different types each representing all the highest beautiful flowers that you can think of- the very exquisite and the very simplest like carnations, daisies, dandelions, baby’s-breath, rose bushes and tulips.  Representing all the cities of the world and they all grow naturally here.  As we cross the bridge it is lit with the luminosity of the Golden Ray, which represents all the Rays of God so we have Reds, Greens, Blues and Oranges, Crystalline Colors, Violet Gold, Blue Gold, Lavenders, Indigos, Ruby Red, Magenta, Deep Pink, Bright Pink, all those Essences of the 22 Rays of God.  The Silvery Light is gleaming as we fully walk across the bridge and the body of water.  We look down into the water, it is pure mountainous water that we can see right through; there are Crystals all over within the water shinning right up above you.

You can feel within yourself the Essences within you are changing as you walk across the bridge because you’re leaving the old world and coming into a new world to help you resurrect what you no longer need to hold onto.  The Temple is amazingly built of many different types of stone; there is ivory, marble, brass, Golden energies, it reflects all different types of frequencies.  As we look at the Temple above us there is one pointed area that goes high up in the middle that vibrates the Golden Flame, then there are points around that represents each of the Rays of God so there are many of them.

This is a City for you to come and explore with your own intuition of what it feels like.  As we walk across the bridge towards the Temple, there are many Angels and they are acknowledging us deeply as we feel their Essences embracing us.  There are feathers all around us, many different colors of feathers as these Angels represent all principalities.  We have walked into the sphere of the 12th Ray of the Golden Ray of the Christ Consciousness to fully embody within our physical existence.

I, Lord Adama, am now going to step aside and allow myself to experience this personally as Archangel Mazariel is now going to come forward and escort each of us through the Temple to where we need to be.


Greetings, Greetings my children, Greetings.

Oh please do come in, please come in.  As you can see, the Temple is very open; there are no windows, there are no doors, but the pillars go up high and then they come down low.  As we walk around, you can look through to the other side and see the landscape that you have walked across.  You can see the body of water that represents the fluidness, the Water of Life, and we bring forth many different colors within this Temple to represent the frequencies of Light that each of us are part of.  I’m excited that you have come to the Temple, and of course, this Temple has been here for quite a while.  This is also the circumference of Shamballa, which you will be visiting for Wesak.  This is where Shamballa resides and also goes deep within the Earth, there are many different levels that represent Shamballa.  We are not going to get into that now though maybe that can be something that can be spoken about later.

I want you to come into my Temple of the One Sacred Heart Flame, and it is not just my Temple it’s everyone’s Temple ~ I AM just the guardian ~ I AM guardian of all the Suns of the Universe, and what does that represent? It represents the Beauty and the Grace and the Vibrancy that we are together.  Without the Vibrancy we truly don’t have our full Essence incorporated within us, so it is very important that we embrace these aspects.  This is why you are here this evening; please do walk in.  As you can see, there is an outer corridor where you see many Angels and Light Beings walking through as they are acknowledging you.  We are going to through the hallway and past that corridor.  As we continue walking forward, there is an inner sanctum.  We are going to go into the inner sanctum to the core where the Sacred Heart Flame exists.

Let us keep walking in a clockwise direction to go to a different entrance.  As we are walking around, you can feel the frequency of all the different Rays incorporating within this as the Golden Ray of the Christ Consciousness represents all the eleven other Rays.  You should feel the Essences of all the frequencies that you have experienced previously; some may be Will and Power, Love and Wisdom, Active Intelligence of the Pink Flame, feeling the Essences of Balance and Harmony of the Devotion within of the Ruby Red, the Purple with Violet of the Transmutation Flame of St.  Germain the Sea-Foam Green of the Higher Cleansing, One Universal Being as the Blue Green, and Acceptance of the Male and Female Union within the Pearlescent, the Pink-Orange representing the Bridge to come into this frequency of Light allowing us to go from the old into the new to receive the Christ Consciousness of the Golden Flame within.

As we walk clockwise, we have fully acquired all these frequencies and it is almost like we are moving in a circular manner; now we are getting into the core and there are small walls in between that you can see through into the other corridors.  We are walking around clockwise as we are spinning around until we arrive into the Core of the Scared Heart Flame.

What does the Sacred Heart Flame look like? Well, come in and see for yourself; come in and see all the frequencies of Light, there are sparkles of Light coming in down from the sky above.  You are going to see sparkles of Gold and Silver, Crystalline and all different colors.  As these frequencies of Light spin around the Scared Heart Flame as it represents Oneness.  We now have arrived into the inner core.

We are now on the inside of the Flame of the Temple.  You will see there is a small marble wall in which you see that there are seats for everyone to sit on.  This is where we come to Pray and we ask for the removal of elements that have stopped us in the process of where we are going.  This is where we regenerate ourselves, even us Angels can get lost sometimes.  This is what each of you are experiencing through your own Essence of the physicality that your Angel wings have been clipped, snipped, or just bent over a little bit because of places that you have been are not within the right frame of frequency for you.  It is a little bit different for each of you in the physical body, and of course, it is a lot different from what we experience because we have our full comprehension of our remembrance.  That is why this Temple is so sacred because it’s truly bringing forth your I AM Presence into your physical body to activate the Wisdom and Knowledge with the special gifts that you have put into another space until it was time.

This Wesak is giving us the opportunity to fully move into this awareness of who you are and it is with my great pleasure that I bring forth these energies to you this evening so we can transmute and integrate the elements within us.  That is the beauty of the Golden Ray ~ whatever we are transmuting can bring forth a new frequency immediately.  We don’t have to wait as what occurs for us is the Essence of everything coming into place.  It’s like if you are watching a movie and you put it on reverse and you bring it forward very quickly you can see everything coming into place.  Some, and even Dearest One here, calls it missing puzzle pieces because there are parts of us that have been separated from other elements and now it is time to bring forth the frequency into the Oneness that we are.  It is my pleasure to invite you into this Temple and as Lord Adama was explaining this Temple is a small fraction of what is fully activated on the 144th dimension of the Oneness of all that we are together.

The beauty of this City and this Temple is because we can come into this space of being and become exactly who we are supposed to be as no one will judge us and no one will put infractions upon us, because we are within Oneness within this space.  This is the beauty of Atarah-ah because it brings forth all levels of Spiritual growth, teachings and histories, and brings it into One.

There is nothing else that can assist us any better than feeling the Oneness now as we sit in front of this beautiful Flame.  Within the flame is the Golden Flame but within that you are going to see the inflections of all the other colors I have spoken about; because that is what the Golden Ray is about.  It is all colors within all, and aren’t we all things within the all.  So all parts of ourselves we bring into wholeness to feel that ALL – if we separated them they would be different infractions of the Self, but in truth when we bring it all together it brings us that completeness that we are looking for.  I know that you have traveled far and wide to get to this space of Beingness.  It is an important factor of the 12th Ray within this beautiful City; it personifies Mastery, Teachings, Angelic Beings, Intergalactic Beings, Inner Earth Beings, Upper Earth Beings and Planetary Beings, all in the Christ Consciousness that we are.

Let us take a moment and feel the frequencies of this Flame as it comes unto each of us while we sit here together.  I may be the Guardian of this Light but I truly understand what you go through.  It’s also about the balance of the Male and Female of the Alpha and Omega; this is why we have the Water part of the Temple that represents the Flame that is the Fire of Life.  The Essence of the Moon also comes to us within our Heart energy and the Sun represents our Will, so again here we are connecting to the Male and the Female within us, so that we can fully transcend all that does not fit this purpose that is not part of the puzzle.  Put yourself in the middle of your own puzzle with the Male and Female centered within that space; sense the Female and the Male blending within each other and all the other parts are outside of this circle within the puzzle.

Let us take a moment and bring the frequencies within our Mind’s Eye of what’s outside of you, inside you.  These are all the parts of the Self that are necessary to have the completeness of Oneness within that is truly going to help you to feel better and to assist you in the changes, challenges and moments of uncertainness to come and bring it into Wholeness.  So I ask of you to visualize yourself as the Temple yourself.  You are in the center with your Male and Female combined as one unit and on the outside are all the elements that represent your Will and Power, your Strength and your Love and Wisdom activating elements with in you.  Your Wisdom and Knowledge of the Science, Harmony and Balance, the Devotion that you have within you, bringing forth the entire centeredness of the Alpha and the Omega as each of these parts represent either male or female.  We must bring them fully into balance to understand what they are about.  So let us take a breath;  we are going to bring in the frequency to assist you.  Feel yourself spinning as you are the Flame within the middle and everything else is going to come into place in a clockwise direction very slowly at first.   Then, very quickly until it centers within you almost like a kaleidoscope of colors.  But the kaleidoscope is going to come into form from formlessness.

{{{{Crystal bowl is struck and resonates for some time}}}}

Breathe in deeply now feeling yourself coming into the Oneness that You Are, feel yourself as your Angelic Self that you were in the beginning of your formlessness, you are bringing in that form to those parts of yourself that have been lost in all the many different time lines.  You are going to bring them into Oneness in the Creation that you are; feel the colors of the Golden’s, the Blues, the Reds, the Oranges, Pinks, Lavenders, the Purples, and all elements coming into Oneness within you.

{{{{ Chanting}}}}

Now feel the Essence that you are, feel the Essence of all the colors within the frequency and now feel the Wholeness that you are, feel that frequency.  Now envision yourself in the seat facing the Flame; basically what you have done is you have taken your Spirit and put yourself into the Flame that represents the Sacredness of the One into the Heart of the Male and the Female that you are.  Notice in front of you how the Flame is Golden but the other colors move into the shape of the Heart.  This is to show that you have brought in the frequency of the Heart through the Flame, and now I want you to feel it in your physical Essence, bring that flame towards you with a breath of the Light; just feel the breath of the Light coming towards you as now you fully incorporate that Flame in your physical being.

{{{{Crystal bowl is struck and resonates for some time}}}}

It spins inside of you and it spins above you, you are now the Heart of the Sacred Heart Flame of Oneness.  You are now One.  You have balanced within yourself your Spirit and your matter within the frequency.  You have transcended and resurrected all that no longer serves your Essence in this moment.  Now let us take a moment and let’s ground this through your feet, ground it.  I want everyone to now see themselves rising and standing and feel the Essence of grounding moving into your feet.  Feel that your feet are in sand; this is going to help you to feel the essence of grounding as the pebbles of sand now move around your feet.  You now lift your feet up and down as if you are marching but very slowly and rhythmically –  you bring in this Essence through your feet into the sand.  As you do that the frequency of the Light coming from the top of your Crown goes down to your feet into your Earth Star, into your Roots and then it comes up outside the sand and around you again so you are circulating all the energies within you, within the essence of the Sacred Heart Flame.

Let us all take a deep breath as we now stand together and hold hands with each other as we stand around the Flame within.  I, as Mazariel, become the Flame.  I AM in the middle of the circle.  I want each of you to come closer.  As you come closer, you bring forth the Essence of I AM THAT I AM ~ closer I AM THAT I AM ~ closer I AM THAT I AM.

Now feel us within the Frequency of Oneness, we are One Sacred Heart Flame within the One Sacred Heart Flame, there is no separateness in this moment.  So let us breathe together and fully feel our frequencies as each of us blend within each other our Highest Essence.  We have brought in our remembrance of our formlessness and our form that we are presently, feel this expanding.  Now that we are expanding it gets wider and wider as it now increases, as each of us ignite the Flame with the Power, Love, Joy, Balance, Clarity, and the Devotion and transcending all that was previously before us – breathe into that, feel that Essence.

Now we expand outward again as you take a few steps back


now each of us is a reflection of each other.  Feel the Essence, feel the Essence of the sacred energy flowing, flowing deeply through your entire Being.  Let us now walk in a counter-clockwise manner out from and away from the Sacred Heart.

Follow me, I will come first as we slowly move towards our left in the circle of Oneness.  Slowly, slowly we walk out and we move through many passes until we are finally on the outside and the Flame is still igniting but within this Flame you have left a piece of your essence because you are a part of the Oneness of the ALL.

I stand here with you, honored that you have arrived in this place of being, I now ask of you in the next week before Wesak or any other event because this meditation can be utilized at anytime of your life, to just sit and allow the frequencies that are coming through you to be removed.  If you need to write about them, take to pen and paper, you don’t have to, some may need to if you are going through some deep seeded issues in your core being and remove them with the element of Fire by burning them and putting them in water, this represents the balance between Spirit and Matter.  I AM Archangel Mazariel.

Please do return to the Temple of the Sacred Heart Flame of Oneness in Atarah-ah, it is going to assist you.  By returning you can fully allow these frequencies to be embodied within your physical.  Remember you are Angelic, you are Intergalactic, you are Lemurian, you are Atlantean, and you are many elements but what you have brought with you today are those positive aspects of yourself that allow the gifts to unfold within you.  It is now your choice what you do with these, as Wesak will prepare you for this stage.  It is my Divine Pleasure to be with each of you within my Temple.


Blessings with the deepness of my Heart within your Heart.  I am one with you.  This is Lord Adama.

Let’s walk across the bridge, feel your essence and the difference from when you first arrived, because I know you have changed.  If you really haven’t felt the changes going through you, you will.  Allow them to move like the wind.  It is not necessary to grieve for a long time and to bring up frequencies that don’t suite you.  Utilize the gift that has been given by the Unified Whole to assist you through this process.

As we walk up through the hilltops, we look below seeing the Temple shinning brightly in all it’s glory.  Let us gather together.

This has been a miraculous journey for myself, and I hope for each of you.  Now let us spin and move off the existence of Atarah-ah of Tibet and Nepal.  We see ourselves splitting apart into our separate Merkabah Vehicles.  Feel yourselves coming back into your present locations, ground your energies,and breathe deeply.  It is with great honor that I work with you individually, and collectively; please know that I know each of you very well even if you do not know me.

I say to you in this moment to listen to your Heart as it shall tell you the truth, because within that heart you have the Alpha and the Omega, the Male and the Female.  Allow them to be in balance within yourself as it is the key to your existence in the old Earth as it moves into the New Earth.

In deep honor and privilege,

I AM Lord Adama at your service.

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