Ascension Mastery Teachings, Decree

Decree ~ Learning to Become the Divine Feminine with Lord Metatron

Walking Terra Christa presented the Ascension Mastery Teachings of Spiritual Communication of God within the Divine Feminine of Self Radiance and Divine Love. This included a journey meditation into the Golden Etheric City of Holontoneea located in the 5th Dimensional Earth over Central France.

The focus of this teaching was to learn how to acknowledge that the Divine Feminine opens up the energies into the balance of the Love, Will and Wisdom/Power of the Three-Fold Flame.

The Golden Etheric City of Holontoneea (over Central France), includes a 562- mile radius representing the 19th Ray of Divine Inner Power and Divine Love within the Flame of Magenta. This is learning how to become fully Integration within the Three-Fold Flame of Love, Will, and Wisdom and/or Power as the Solar Plexus, Heart, and Thymus Chakras become One Unified Chakra within the Flame accessing the 5th dimensional chakra grid.

This city represents the ability to become One with the Divine Feminine Love, and the Divine Masculine Will to create the full integration of Wisdom and Power that will help an Initiate to fully access their I AM Presence through the lessons of their initiations.

The journey meditation is guided by Lord Metatron who is the Ray Chohan for the 19th Ray of the Magenta Flame. Our visit into the city was first introduced within the Garden of Divinity at the Altar of Angels in which Lord Metatron asked each of the Archangels of the seven Rays of God to work with each individual to access their Solar Angel. This part of the journey prepared each Initiate to be blessed at the Temple of the Three Fold Flame with Divine Mother and Father God.

Lord Metatron ~ is our guidepost for allowing the Three-Fold Flame to be within us.  He represents the heavenly hosts but also is an example of walking in human form.  He was Enoch who walked with God for 300 years and to continue his pathway he was offered the opportunity to be the Golden Archangel that would overlight the essence of the Golden Ray through a spectrum of light to be embodied by humanly and angelic form.  He would assist individuals at a certain time in history (which is now) to learn how to do the same as he has done.

DECREE – Learning to Become the Divine Feminine with Lord Metatron         

My journey of learning to become more aligned with the Divine Feminine,

Has taken me to the Golden Etheric City of Holontoneea,

Located in the 5th dimensional earth over Central France.

I arrive into the Garden of Divinity,

As Lord Metatron is taking me on a journey,

To help me acknowledge my Solar Angel.

The garden is so very beautiful,

With rows and rows of magnificent flowers,

In many colors.

We walk down a pathway that leads us to the Altar of Angels,

It is a beautiful fountain of crystalline water,

Adorned with crystals of many colors,

The water has a hue of the magenta flame,

A violet, reddish pink essence.

To my surprise standing around the fountain,

Are the Archangels of the Seven Flames;

Michael and Faith with their presence of protection and faith;

Jophiel and Christine igniting the illumination of their light;

Chamuel and Charity sharing their love, adoration, and devotion;

Gabriel and Hope sending the essence of purification and hope;

Raphael and Mother Mary giving forth healing energies that represent concentration and consecrated blessings;

Uriel and Aurora bringing ministration of peace;

Zadkiel and Amethyst as they share the power of invocation and transmutation.

Each of the angels are showing me my own essence,

Of Angelic energies that seems to be igniting within me at this moment.

I look to Lord Metatron,

And he shares with me that he wants me to remember my pure essence,

The part of me that was represented by each of the archangels,

My solar angel becoming ever more present within me.

I feel this occurring presently,

As I realize that I cannot forget my initial beginnings,

The energy flows within me and around me,

As my angel wings grow behind me.

Lord Metatron tells me that in order to walk this lifetime,

It is important to remember my true beginnings,

They will help me to become stronger in all aspects of my experiences.

This is the beginning of the Metatronic Seals,

First remember the angelic presence,

And allow it to become ever present in my consciousness.

We then continue our walk through the Garden,

Metatron shares that it is important to remind myself ,

Of the blessings in my life,

The Divine Feminine is rooted within me,

And I must allow it to grow through me.

As we continue our walk,

There is a stream filled with the Magenta light,

We step unto a bridge that makes me realize,

That I am learning to arise out of my physical consciousness,

The water beneath us flows across the rocks,

And I now accept the truth of what Lord Metatron is showing me.

The archangels are walking with us,

As we now enter a magical space,

I can see the Cathedral of the Three Fold Flame,

Glistening in the sun,

I hear chimes ringing,

And angels singing.

I am ready to allow the Divine Feminine,

To grow deeper within me,

As I acknowledge the Love that I am Becoming.

I Am that I Am that I Am!

Rev. Christine Mahlariessee, Integrative Channel 28th, 2020; New Earth Consciousness-Circle of Light.
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