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Oct 19th, 2011 ~ Discussion ~ City of Saceleas with the Elohim Heros & Amora and Archangels Chamuel & Charity


Last week we traveled to Telos and celebrated a full moon ceremony in the Forest of the Temple of Oneness.  It was an amazing event as we were honored by all creeds and races from around the globe for healing of ourselves and Gaia.  If you anyone is interested in the recording, it is available under my website, Tele-Classes for download, http://lifestationearth.com/tele-seminars_41.html.

Current State of Affairs:

Many changes are occurring with the 11:11::11 coming up in a couple of weeks.  Spirit is pushing me to fully bring forth some teachings and clearing elements to help others to fully be ready for this event.  I am promoting two sessions; one, with Lord Adama to help others get a clear direction of what their role with the New Earth may be and secondly, a session with one of the Ray Chohans for any of the Golden Cities.  There will be a discount offered for receiving these two sessions which will be announced in my newsletter forthcoming this week.  In addition we are promoting a 2-3 hour call to assist individuals ridding themselves in the Fear-Based realities.  This will occur on Saturday, the 29th of October at 10 AM, PDT.  Details will be provided in a few days.

Moving Forward:

Tonight we are returning to the City of Saceleas overlighting Central Ontario with the Elohim Masters Heros & Amora with Archangels Chamuel & Charity.  This City represents the 3rd Ray of Active Intelligence of the Pink Flame.  I am excited as I have been diligently working with this ray in the last couple of weeks and know that it is our key to the Power of our manifestations and Mental Illuminations.

Elohim Master Heros is also known as Orion with his Divine Complete as Amora or Angelica.  They are considered the aspect of Divine Love.  The great service of Heros is the love of impersonal, constructive service to life.

The Retreat of the Elohim of the Third Ray is in the Etheric plane over Lake Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Their Pink Flame radiates God’s Love to the entire Earth, functioning as aSacredLoveCenter— the Heart Chakra of the planet. In every Retreat of the Elohim, there is a Focus of the Sacred Fire that is maintained at all times.  [Note:  when I was bringing forth this information I did not know that their retreat was in Canada.  This gives me confirmation of the information I am bringing forth is correct.  So their personal retreat and the Golden City is overlighted in Canada.  This will make this city even more powerful for individuals to accelerate their Heart Centeredness.]

Both Heros and Amora are interested in bringing peace to the Earth.  Without this divine love that they embody, no lasting peace can manifest.  So for each of us individually, it is very important to bring forth this Divine Love within ourselves.  Its radiation brings forth the warmth of the feeling of GOOD WILL toward all unhappy and imprisoned life.

In Heros words, (Ascended Masters & Their Retreats,W. Schoreder):

“I come into the atmosphere of Earth on wings of divine love, bringing with me the concentrated flame of that love.  This flame has been the magnetic, cohesive power which drew into being the Earth upon which your feet stand, the very physical bodies in which you function, and every other manifestation which appears.  Every form which you enjoy is part of this flame, held together by the Flame of Love, for if divine love (which is cohesion) would cease to be, the universe would return to the unformed and become again part of primal life.”

“Will you now consciously give me your attention, please?  If you know any lifestream in this Earth life, with whom you are not in complete accord, consciously draw the image of that person before your Mind’s Eye NOW and let me give you the pressure of my feeling of unconditional, loving forgiveness toward that one.  If you will ACCEPT this, it will cut you free form the recoil of the energies of those past mistakes, which made the enmity in the beginning.”

Archangels Chamuel represents love, adoration and devotion to God and his goodness as expressed to mankind.  Individuals call to him and his beloved Charity to instill and activate our feelings to joyously accept the God-Presence I AM, ever present in us.  We can call these Beings to able the Flame of Thanksgiving, Gratitude and Adoration through us.

Sometimes when we go about our daily tasks, they become mundane and create a sense of duty rather than in joy of service.  The Third Ray is primarily concerned with charging the feeling worlds with the LOVE OF SERVICE.  Then it is changed from the pressure and energy of the emotional world and there is a sense of accomplishment in each activity.  It is important to feel the joy that comes when you are motivated with your God-desires and your common service for the All.

Archangel Charity embodies the quality of forgiving love.  Her flame, anchored within the heart of an individual, can consume the wrong and hard feelings by forgiving love, rather than be intellectual about the emotion.  She is the embodiment of love for life.

Archangel Chamuel renders the specific service of stirring within an individual’s feelings, a joyous acceptance of the ever-presence of God.  He is a being of transcendent light, who has served for aeons of time at inner levels, teaching the angelic host how they may, through prayer and devotion, accelerate their own blessed flames in praise to the Godhead.  He also served in the elemental temples teaching elemental life how to raise their consciousness in praise to God who made them.

In Archangel Chamuel’s words to the Bridge of Freedom:  (Ascended Masters & Their Retreats, W. Schroeder):

The Adoration Flame is practical.  It is an actual treatment of the feelings, as well as of the mind, and is an actual therapy to the flesh.  True adoration of God has, within it, no self-seeking, but absolute relaxation, basing in the goodness of God and loving him for Himself.  Therefore, within it is none of the tension that sometimes attends prayer and invocation, because of the use of human will.  I change any individual in depression, any individual in pain, any individual in chains of any kind, to use the Flame of Adoration that is the true nature of their being, and if they do not see and feel FREEDOM, then the sun and the planets will no longer move on their appointment courses.

To Review the Attributes of the 3rd Ray of Active Intelligence:

Aspect:  Active Intelligence, Creative Intelligence, Physical Action

Virtues:  Power of Manifestation, Power to Evolve, Mental Illumination, Perseverance, Clear Mindedness, Power to Produce, and Understanding

Vices:  Intellectual Pride, Coldness, Isolation, Inaccuracy of Details, Absent Minded, Obstinacy, Selfishness, Overly Critical of Others, Seeing Too many Details May Paralyze Action

Virtues to be Acquired:  Compassion, Toleration, Devotion, Accuracy, Energy and Common Sense

Higher Expression:  Means of communication or interaction verbally

Lower Expression:  The use and spread of money and gold


Temple of the Sacred Heart Flame

I Am a traveler of the Golden Cities,

Today I am arriving the City of Saceleas,

Representing the 3rd Ray of the Active Intelligence;

Elohim Masters Heros and Amora have invited me to visit The Temple of the Sacred Heart Flame;

The name of it just flows through my Being as a whisp of love and gentleness;

This is the temple I desire to understand within my own Heart,

As it represents my power to evolve and mental clarity with illumination;

I meet Master Heros and his beloved Amora,

Their light shines so brightly through my own inner Being;

Then I am guided to also meet with the Archangels of Chumel and Charity,

I feel their love flowing through me expressing the divine essence of God and All That Is;

I am spinning deeply with their essences as they are here to impart me the qualities I have forgotten,

I feel the compassion, devotion and tolerance I have been searching for,

I did not realize all I had to do was search within and the treasures would be found;

I breathe deeply as I imbue their qualities within me,

I feel completely aligned as never before within my I AM Presence;

I AM joy, I AM Love, I AM Divine Love;

I AM that I AM that I AM.

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Oct 5th, 2011 ~ Journey to the City of Saceleas with Paul the Venetian in the Temple of the Pink Flame


This is Lord Adama speaking.

We’re just going to speak from this focal point in this moment, and then we will all travel to the City of Saceleas, and receive our activation for this beautiful Ray of Active Intelligence.  This is the last of the seven rays; as we have gone through seven Rays of God through each of the Cities.  When we are through this City, we are going to have an overview of each of these Cities, and what they may mean for each of you in your own process and your own pathway of what is occurring.  We want everyone to understand what possibly you may have been processing and feeling in the changes of going to do these different Cities as each of you are being activated on a Higher Frequency within your dream state.  This is especially to help you to come fully into Balance with your pathways and your Divinity, and allowing those parts to be fully part of your Consciousness.  There are many challenges that are happening for each of you, and working through these processes is going to assist you even further.  This is very imperative as we get closer to 11.11.11.

The levels of the Activations with the Frequencies of the Planet, and the cycles that are occurring are very powerful.  The intentions that you are putting out through the processes of these Cities is very, very important in the development of Your I AM presence fully within your body.  As these elements start to occur for you, you start to feel a change in various areas:  a change in your composition, a change in how you are interacting, a change in your lifestyle, a change in your thought processes, a change in your feelings, and it’s an adjustment  It’s an adjustment because those lower bodies are not used to the higher frequency, and this is a balancing of the integration, it’s getting used to the frequency like a seed germinating within you.  Once that seed grows, the frequency changes, and the outlining areas need to be accepted within yourself.

We’ve chosen to do this City as the last because it does represent the Sacred Heart, there is more involved than just the Third Ray of Active Intelligence, which is very important in the concepts of what we are going to be experiencing.  Each of you must understand the levels of integration that you are going through.  These levels of integration are a unique experience for each of you, but very, very similar.  Your experiences are going to be different depending upon your thought processes and how far you have acquired the frequency within your body, but it truly is a substantial point of your Lemurian remembrance.

This is basically what my work with Meleriessee is about, is to help each of you access that Lemurian frequency, because that is going to assist you in your activations and your life on this Earth.  What does not serve you, needs to be put aside, this is very, very important.  So within that, those thought processes and feelings, it is very essential that we understand what it is we are going through.  You must remember that each of you have travelled far and wide to get back to this space.  You have travelled through eons of time, and different levels of karmic conditions to help you to understand.  Your spirit chose to leave Lemuria, either due to a focus of your pathway, or a different pathway that you decided to take was much more challenging for you, or you needed to be elsewhere to do the work, so what we are doing with this frequency is helping you to remember the Lemurian essence because this is the basis of the 5th dimensional energies.

Actually, within that choice, there are other essential components, and those essential components is all those lifetimes that you worked and lived in your spirituality, and many of you have been very powerful beings, this is what we want you to access.  We don’t want you to access the lower forms of it, and this is very important, and what happens sometimes with people, when you gather together, that issues arise because that is exactly what is opening up.  Those lower energies, those dysfunctional traits, that you experience because you forgot who you truly are, and our essential component of this work, is not to work with you to release it, it is to work with you to remember in the Higher Frequency of the 5th dimensional within your physical body is only going to assist you in the process of your Divinity, and your Divinity of your Pathway.

It is a time when the Gods and the Goddesses are coming together, and the Gods and the Goddesses are opening up to each other, but sometimes when they meet, they are triggered by other elements.

The true one that can truly look at themselves and say, I really need to work on myself before I can truly embrace this relationship, and move forward in my pathway.  It does not have to be a long period of time, it can be very short, but to understand what is one’s own conditioning, is the most important conditioning element.  There are many words out there that people are looking for, there are Beloveds in their components that are in different frequencies, and it is our desire in these classes to fully give you the tools to that will assist you fully in doing so.  Then there can always be one that is on a higher frequency than the other, which is usually the case, and when the other one is ready to rise to that occasion, when two of these people interact in a conditioning phase, they can feel that higher essence, but is important for one to step aside and to really incorporate it themselves, and this does not have to be a long period of time.  You have the assistance of so many of us to bring forth these frequencies within you, all you have to do is ask, and you shall receive.  The one that is waiting, must do the receiving end, this is usually the Goddesses.  The Goddesses are way ahead of the Gods, and the Gods are catching up, and this is what each of you are accessing.

So tonight, what we want to assist you with, is really coming into the Sacred Heart within yourselves, to attract these other frequencies to assist you, because it is also part of the physical manifestation, and it is also part of the physical action.  Each of you have been working within yourselves for quite a long time to accelerate these energies, and then all of a sudden we say to you, just stop and receive, and that can be very challenging because part of your continuation of your life can be your intellect could be saying, but I must keep going.  Yet, there is a period of time, and that period of time is quick and it is short.  It could be a day, it could be a week, or even a month, but in essence that is a short period of time compared to the time that you have fully been waiting for this to be manifested, as it was in the Lemurian times.  So much fell apart at that time, now it’s time to put all the pieces together.

I acknowledge each of you that are coming onto these calls, and listening, and reading the material, because you truly are the ones that are the forerunners that are receiving the Gods or the Goddesses within your lives.  It is no mistake, as we all know, that we are all coming together in this way, and the time is at hand for it to be.  So when we say that you are being pushed beyond your limits, it is truly a time element, of divine timing of what is occurring in these moments.  So what I express to you, coming from the Telosians community, coming from the Lemurian Heritage, let us work together through this.  Share your energies onto me, and any others that you choose to do so, and we are truly here to assist, so that we can all be on the lineage of the same, and we will aspire to so much more together.

In this talk that I am giving, I am preparing you for the frequencies that you will be receiving this evening.  These frequencies are going to assist you tremendously.  So I ask of you right now, to sit and to just breathe, and allow yourself the gratitude of where you are, because this is so representative of Paul the Venetian.  If we have gratitude of how far we have come, and we have done, and put aside any elements of the self in the moment.  I am going to run the bowl as each of you will reflect upon this.

(((Crystal Bowl rings)))

Let us all take a deep breathe now and activate our Merkabah vehicles as we spin in a clockwise manner, take a few deep breaths.  Feel the Meridians all matching up with each other.  As you start to spin, you feel yourself moving out of the space that you are at, sitting upon, and moving into the hemisphere of the Earth.  Let us all gather together into the North American Continent of Canada, over Central Ontario.  Feel yourself moving into that essence.  Let us all come together into one group Merkabah.  We are magnets for each other, and we click within each others fields and we spin downwards over Central Ontario which covers a large area.

We are going to be moving into the center of it because this is where most of the work is being done in the present form.  There is still a lot of clearing and much moving that has to be done.  As we move through these processes, we land onto the City of Saceleas, feel that frequency as we come down, it’s a very interesting landscape.  It is strong with many forests and trees, and there are lakes in various places, and in the middle is the frequency of the Pink Flame.  Feel the beauty, and feel the intensity of this Pink Flame circling within.

As we walk upon the ground, we’re in a circle of light of the Pink Flame, this is the most intensity as it goes into the land, and then it goes out to the outlying areas that are hilly and flat, and there’s a mixture of lakes and streams and forests, and then it goes up into a mountainous area.  So the outlying area is very mountainous, which will go far and wide.  In the center of the nucleus of this City, there is a great intensity of the beautiful essence of the Sacred Heart here.  It is like it is a beam of light of the Pink Flame, as if the Sun was pink.

It is beaming down upon the area where we are walking around.  It is not activated very far yet, so there are very little residential communities being built.  Many Masters are coming here and setting up the energies and assisting.  This is the Ray that you want to come when you are fully ready to feel the full essence of your Male and Female being activated, and All That You Are.  As we now stand in the middle of this huge Pink Flame, it filters out from us.  So it moves out from a horizontal position onto the outlying areas, and all of a sudden you see a garment that you are wearing and everything is in Pink.  There are different shades of the Pink, they could be a Rose color, a lighter color, a deeper color like Magenta, its depending on the frequency that you need, it could be a mixture of this beautiful garment that you are wearing.

Use your intuition and allow yourself the freedom of accessing this ray within you.  There is an essence of a circular pathway that we are walking on, and the circular pathway takes us down closer and closer.  So there’s a nucleus and the nucleus of this energy, as we step onto this platform.  The platform is now going to take us underneath the ground.  We step onto together and we feel ourselves spinning downwards as we go into the core of the earth.  As we do that, the walls of the platform become Crystalline Rose Quartz structure.  It emanates the beauty of the Rose Quartz deeply.  It is like a large elevator, but it is a circular function.  It now stops at a level, and all the doorways open up all the way around the circular structure, which is about a 100 feet in diameter.

We now step out and we see the pathway strewn with the beautiful essence of the Pink Ray within everywhere that we look.  This is more of a flatter type of earth frequency as we walk through the essence of flowers and growth of Pink is everywhere.  There are trees, but they are not heavy-duty large trees, there are more of shrubs and higher frequency trees that go up another 100 feet above.  So we walk through and feel the essence of the city, and this is where we are now walking through the Temple of the Sacred Heart.

As we look above us, we look in front of us, there is a huge doorway, and we walk through this doorway and we are met by Paul the Venetian.  I, Lord Adama, am going to step aside until it is time for us to exit this beautiful City of Saceleas.

Love and Blessings, I AM Lord Adama at your service.


Welcome! Welcome!

I AM Paul the Venetian, please do follow me, I am so excited.  We are all so excited, the Angels are here and the Elohim, but were going to work within ourselves for a few moments, and please, please do come into the Temple.  As you look around you, you see the ceiling of the Temple goes up into many flames of the Pink Flame.  These flames are continuously burning, and we are now going to walk into our Meeting Hall.

Our Meeting Hall is in a circular function, and of course, everything is Pink and the frequency of the Rose color, and also we’re feeling the Rose Essence.  It is also very, very important for us to bring that forth.  As you come into the Meeting Hall you will see many rows of seats, we are going to go down into the bottom.  In the middle, is a circular table and everyone is going to sit at the table.  As we sit at the table, we feel the circular function, there are arrangements of flowers everywhere, everything is brought forth with a beautiful essence of the Pink Ray that is so representative of the Heart Center.

I come to you today, not as a teacher, not as a Spokes-Being, but as a friend.  I want to thank you for coming, and please do make yourself comfortable in a chair around this beautiful table, and the table is long and it is round.  I have here with me, the Elohim, and I have here with me the Archangels, as I have asked them to join me, they will not speak this evening, but they are here for the frequency of the light, and that frequency of the light for each of us to embody these levels together.

So let us take a deep breath.

I come to you to reach out my hand; I want you to evolve in your Sacred Heart if you have not already done so.  Even if you have done so, sometimes there can be moments of reflection within you that can pull you back into your lower energies, even though you have been working on it for a long time.  Remember, each of you are living in a space and time that is changing greatly.  In this space and time, it can be very challenging to not fully access the 5th dimensional frequency within the body, so this is where we are assisting you right now.

In front of you, is a goblet of the Pink Ray, I want each of you to take a sip.  I want you to allow yourself to be infused with the Pink Ray through the fluidness, and through the essence of coming into your being.  Allow that to come into you now.  Allow yourself to feel that frequency within you more deeply than you ever have before.  As it runs through your bloodstream, feel the warmth in your heart.

Feel the Essence that is communicating through you.  This is going into your bloodstream, it’s going into your physical essence to help you with the Love, and Compassion, and the Devotion.  I do believe that each of you has these qualities, but at times you do not give them to yourself.  So this is very, very important.  We are here to evolve, we are here to feel the mental frequency within us to allow the essence of whom we truly are and to bring that fully within the capacity of our lives.  You now embody, physically, the Pink Ray of Active Intelligence.

Feel that now, feel the fluidness, feel the warmth running through you, in front of you also is a rose.  I want you take the rose and I want you to smell it.  Now, I want you to just sense the frequency within you, allow that frequency to be fully in the essence that you are.  So now we are embodying the frequency through the smell, through your body, through the feeling level of the essence of the Rays that are coming into this room.  As you look above, there are flames around the outside room in the circular room, they represent the Pink Ray.  We live and breathe Pink in this frequency.

Is this some place that you would like to work? ~ Are you ready to receive it yourself first?

This is the most important aspect.  It is also an ability to give and take very easily.  It is also the ability to share your services in response, in not so much money, and that you are able to communicate freely.  It’s important on the 5th dimensional frequency to allow this to be part of the process.  I ask of you, are you critical of yourself?  Do you find that you isolate, and is there a coldness within your heart?  These are the vices of this Ray, we are going to turn this around for you if you have any of these elements within yourself.  I am talking about what you share with others, because I believe that each of you have an open, compassionate mind and essence within.

So I say in this moment, let us embody.  Please see the Elohim and they wave this flame of the Pink Flame in front of you.  I want you to breathe it in now.  I want you to feel that into your Heart Center.  I want you to be able to activate everything within you so that you embody the Pink Flame within yourself, because in order for you to have physical action, you must have the Love within yourself.  If you do not feel the Love within yourself, than you cannot fully accept being a manifestor and creator upon this Earth.  You share it with others, but if you give away too much, you must fully embody it within you.  Feel that essence within you now.

I ask of you in this moment, what is that you choose to manifest in your life in this moment?  What is that comes to you first?  Is it your God or Goddess complement?  Is it something tangible within your Heart?  Something that will make you feel better about yourself?  Let’s take a moment and think about that.

(((Crystal Bowl Rings)))

I give you Blessings in this moment.  I heard your Gratitude earlier.  I know you have great Gratitude being able to feel these frequencies.  Now let’s turn that Gratitude into the Blessing that you deserve to have.  I imbue the Power upon you to Manifest what it is that you just intended to have in your life.  First, we must fully fill you up with this Pink Ray, fully feel the Fluidness, feel the Acceptance, feel the ability to be totally Compassionate, and feel that Devotion within your own being.  In order to Devote yourself to someone else, you must Devote yourself to your self.

So breathe that in deeply, and feel that permeating through your entire Essence.  Feel it completely moving through you and Accepting the Divinity that you are, as there is nothing more for you except this moment in time, this Essence, this Purity that is within your Heart.  You’re filled up now, your are so filled up now you are ready to have that Mental Illumination.  Feel, feel what that Acceptance is about.  Feel yourself evolving and there is such a clear mindedness about you, now you are ready to take this outside of yourself.  Think about now, a plan as you bring forth that plan within you, you start to understand how to produce it, how to activate it, and sometimes you just not to receive completely and there are no other thoughts or processes.  What is that you need in this moment?  Express it deeply.

(((Crystal Bowl rings)))

Feel your Heart Center now being filled in a clockwise manner with this Pink Flame, feel the Heart expanding and feel the action that you are ready to take.  It may just be a communication; it may just be something that is very simple.  Small steps make large processes.  Allow yourself to share with another what you are feeling.  Act upon this right now.  Let’s deeply feel the Higher Expression of your communication, feel that run through you now as the Pink Flame is more powerful than it ever has before.

In this moment of deep gratitude, feel your reflection, and feel the Pink Ray flowing through you, as now you become the manifestor and creator upon this Earth.  You are now ready to share the deep love that you have within you, as your pathway is now opening up.  See the pathway going wider and wider and wider, and feel the essence of all that you are.  As you bring these essences fully through your Earth Star, into your feet, into your legs, into your Activation through all of your Chakras, and through your Throat, and through your empowerment, and through all the aspects that you are.  Feel that essence within you.

Let us now stand up from the table.  The table is now being removed and we stand hand-in-hand within each other with the Elohim and the Archangels.  There are children here, and there are elementals and there are many Masters joining us, and there are Telosians, and InterGalactics.  Let us come together and share with each other.  I want you now to go up to someone else that is in this room, someone who you are connected with through the essences, and go up to that being.  It could be a Master, it could be a Teacher, it could be a Friend, it could be a Stranger.  We are going to take a moment, and you’re going to connect with this other being.  Touch your hands onto their Heart, as they touch their hands onto your Heart, and connect with them fully in this moment.

(((Crystal Bowl rings)))

Feel the deep gratitude that you have for each other.  If this is someone who you feel you could be meeting soon, you will.  If you feel this is someone you will be talking with soon, you will.  It this someone is a teacher, they are here for you as you are here for them.  Let us all now separate.

I, Paul the Venetian, wish to embrace each of you in this moment.  So let us all be in the oneness as our circle comes closer and closer together.  We feel the frequency of each other of the Love that we have for each other.  I am in Gratitude that you are here in this beautiful City of Saceleas and allowing us to expand to you what this City may mean.  Do you want to be part of this city?  Would you like to be an apprentice?  We are looking for apprentices.  Would you like to be a Teacher?  Would you like to be a Guide in this City?  Or just come and visit the City of your own initiation of your Sacred Flame so that you can fully manifest and create what it is that you desire, but it must be in the purity of your Heart.

There must not be any other reason why but just to allow the Love to flow from you to all of us, and us to each of you.  Feel the clear headedness and the Love that we all share with each other in this moment.  I can now tell you that my Heart is very full, it is so very full, I send it to you.  I am in deep Gratitude for the work that you are doing, and that you are about to do, because it is going to become more intense.  Let us all take a deep breath as we pull away from each other.  The gifts that you have received tonight, is a communication with one of these other Beings,it may be someone who you know that their Higher Self is with you right now.  It may be someone who you don’t know.  It may be one of the Ray Chohans, it may be Lord Adama, or one of the Telosians.  Whomever it is, they are looking at you through your eyes from their eyes and into your Heart from their Heart, there is no separation that will occur.

From this point forward, you are United.  We are all United in Oneness.  I say to you, Thank you so much.  As we say the words together,

“I AM that I AM that I AM, I AM One With Each Of You, I AM That I AM That I AM, I AM You, As You Are Me. ”

IT is now time for us to leave the Temple of the Sacred Heart, please do come back and join us at any time.  We walk out of the Temple, through the doorways, and back into the elevator that is going to take us up into the top-level of the city.  Breathing deeply.

I AM Paul the Venetian at your service, always by your side.


This is Lord Adama, as the circular structure takes us upwards, see the rose quartz structures everywhere.  You can touch your hands onto the side, and feel the vibration going through your hands into your whole body.  Feel that Love and that Essence pouring through you into all that you are, feel that now as the acceptance is occurring.  As now we are in the middle of the community once again, feel the hues of the Pinks, feel the frequency of the flowers and the shrubbery and the tall trees that are embodied in this Pink light everywhere that you go.  There are flowers on the ground, you can bend down and pick a flower for yourself if you would like, and have the faerie associated with the flower communicate to you, and bring you the essence within your Heart of your Pure Acceptance and Understanding.

As now we stand together, we see the hills behind us and the forests and the waters, and we see that there is beauty everywhere upon this land.  Please do come back as more will be constructed each time.  Let us blend together in our Merkabah vehicle, breathing deeply, moving off this Etheric city into the Etheric level of Earth.

I, Lord Adama, am honored to be here with you, and to express my Heart to each of you.  I am One with You.  We now separate into our separate locations.  You have the depth of your soul coming back into your body.  Feel the physicality That You Are.

I AM Lord Adama, At Your Service, Always Within Your Heart.

So Mote It Be In The Light Of The Christ, We Are One.

5th Dimension, Ascension, Golden Cities, Ray of Active Intelligence

Oct 5th, 2011 ~ Discussion ~ Golden City of Saceleas over Central Ontario


Last week we traveled once again to the City of Valakanah over Central Alaska with Master Hilarion of the 5th Ray of Science and Knowledge along with Elohim Masters Cyclopia & Virginia and Archangels Mother Mary & Raphael. This is the City of Truth where individuals fully can find the hidden parts of themselves to be fully revealed invoking truth within.  This city truly was very magnificent with the Crystalline energies and the light frequencies completely surrounded everywhere you walked.  If you need to fully access the 5th Ray, please do take some time and visit this city in your meditations.

Current State of Affairs:

Changes are happening very quickly and each of us are being pushed in many directions.  Visiting these cities is going to assist each of us to understand where our part is in the Divine Plan of the New Earth Hierarchy.  In order for each of us to fully aspire to the greatness that we are and embodying it is imperative that we be able to command the Seven Rays of God as that is walking upon the Ascension Pathway as an Ascended Masters.  We must tap into our knowledge’s that are so ready to be accessed.  These calls are provided to assist in that process but also for each of us to connect as equals walking into this new frequency.

Moving Forward:

Tonight we are working with the energies of the City of Saceleas  over Central Ontario with Paul the Venetian of the 3rd Ray of Active Intelligence.  Previously I thought this city was over Central France but after deep connection with Lord Adama it is in the North American continent.  It seems that this area is very instrumental in creating the frequencies of Ascension and is a focal point for the first seven Rays of God.  We will continue into the higher realms of the Rays through all 21 cities after we fully have an overview of each of these areas we have previously covered.

In Lord Adama’s words:  North America has always been the centralized frequency with these activations within the cities.  Number one, the Western culture is in deep need of extreme healing and these cities have been aligned in these areas for eons of time.  It is just presently that they are being brought to the consciousness of the many.  In addition the outlining areas of each of the cities are in deep need of healing.  North America is the basis of the Rays of God and the cities in the Etheric level coming down into the Earth when it is time will reflect the continuation of life very deeply.  This is a very new continent compared to the rest of the world but reflects the pilgrimage of Spiritual Enlightenment.  So it is only reflective of the beginning stages of these areas to be fully accessed in the 1st level of the Rays of God.”

The City of Saceleas represents the Sacred Heart of the Deep Pink colors.  Paul the Venetian has been known to assist individuals in fully in their beauty through the 3rd Ray of Active Intelligence.  This is so represented in this City of Pure Creativity and Love assisting in the perfection of the Christ Self, and being manifest within and around one’s experiences of life.

Paul the Venetian lived on Atlantis and left before it sank to Southern  France where his ashram is located in the Etheric Realm.  This is where the Flame of Liberty was established and sustained.  It is magnetized by the Brotherhood of Liberty in its intensity and power to act in the physical world.  The resulting factor is that the love lives in the Hearts of Men for generations to come.  The Liberty of the Flame is sustained by the brothers and sisters of his retreat along with the Goddess of Liberty.  Everyone dresses in pink within the retreat.

Paul the Venetain embodies as the artist Paulo Verones, 1528-1588.  He is referred to the Master of Tact, Diplomacy and Beauty and works directly under the Maha Chohan which was Allah Gobi and is now Saint Germain.

The use of the Pink Flame of Gratitude is truly one of the most practical ways to bring results into an individual’s world, especially when there seems to be an obstruction between individuals.  Paul’s demeanor so represents GRATITUDE FOR LIFE.  It is a stream of energy going forth from you with a BLESSING.

In Paul’s word (Ascended Masters and Their Retreats, W. Schroeder):  “I have, within my own casual body, those healing melodies which Serapis secured, and which could heal cancer and those terrific maladies that take the bodies and minds of the people and destroy them, but it is difficult, in the tumultuous living of the Western world, to hand an aura undisturbed, long enough, or free enough from the pressure of the moving screen of maya, to blend, within that consciousness, enough of that harmony, that it might be externalized.”

Attributes of the 3rd Ray of Active Intelligence:

Aspect:  Active Intelligence, Creative Intelligence, Physical Action

Virtues:  Power of Manifestation, Power to Evolve, Mental Illumination, Perseverance, Clear Mindedness, Power to Produce, and Understanding

Vices:  Intellectual Pride, Coldness, Isolation, Inaccuracy of Details, Absent Minded, Obstinacy, Selfishness, Overly Critical of Others, Seeing Too many Details May Paralyze Action

Virtues to be Acquired:  Compassion, Toleration, Devotion, Accuracy, Energy and Common Sense

Higher Expression:  Means of communication or interaction verbally

Lower Expression:  The use and spread of money and gold

On a Planetary Level this Ray is Yellow and settles into our Throat Center but on a Cosmic Level is the Deep Pink into our Heart.  Personally, I have been working with Paul the Venetian for many years and see this ray moving from the Throat helping us to access our communication skills and then fully into the Heart as our gratitude and Divine Essence being activated.

Activating the Sacred Heart

I AM on a pathway of illumination,

I ask for Paul the Venetian to help me understand,

He told me there is a wonderful City called Saceleas which will give me all the tools I desire;

I walk into the city and see the pure essence of the Pink Flame embodied everywhere,

I feel my heart center shifting into pure acceptance and understanding;

I sit upon a hill and look ito the horizon with the pink hues shining brightly,

It permeates through my entire being,

I feel clear headed, full of love, and ready to share to others;

The power of this activation is allowing me to walk my path with clear determination,

I have Love, I have Compassion, I have Devotion,

I am in Deep Gratitude of this moment of reflection.

I now feel the blessings of the Pink Ray flowing through me;

I AM a Manifestor and Creator Upon this Earth;

I share with others the deep love I have within;

I am now ready for the Divine to fully guide me in my pathway to share, grow, and be with others;

I flow completely in the Essence that I AM;

The Physical Action I was searching is deeply embed within me;

I AM that I AM that I AM.

5th Dimension, Ascension, Channeling, Golden Cities, Lord Adama, New Earth

Sept 28th, 2011 ~ Journey to the Temple of Inner Truth, the Golden City of Valakanah with the Elohim and Archangels

Greetings, Greetings, Greetings, This is Lord Adama speaking.  I speak to you right now from the Command Center of Telos, but I am activating each of your Merkabah vehicles so that you can connect with each other.  You feel the frequency of Mount Shasta, yes; we are not coming into Telos, but let us all just intend to come to the summit ofMount Shasta at the top.  Let’s gather again as we have done previously.  I have a few elements that I want to speak about of what is happening upon the Earth and the frequencies that we are going to be experiencing this evening.  Take a deep breath.

I want everyone to breathe deeply into that Thymus area.  I want you to feel the Activation of your Higher Self, your full essence more fully aware in your Physical body.  Allow the physical to just move into that Essence.  Allow the lower thoughts and the lower emotions to be dissipated as you bring in your Higher Mind, and your Higher Heart.  Feel that frequency happening to you now.

I say to you, we are definitely in a more intensified time.  It’s now or never as we have been saying, and each of us needs to be true to ourselves first of all.  We need to find our own empowerment, and sometimes that is a challenge to do so because the emotions or the mental thoughts can get in the way, not allowing it to be.  It’s very important that you actualize these frequencies within your Thymus area on a daily basis, connect to your Higher Self.  Allow yourself to do it without ego, because ego is the physical body; it is your personality, and not your Higher Essence.  So it’s very important to allow those frequencies to be within you, because then you will have your Higher Ego, and then along with that comes the Compassion and the Love, and the Expression that You Are.  When you allow yourself to have this Expression, you will see how your life changes, how the frequency within you.

So I hear some words right now, and what I am hearing is, “Well how do I get there, how do I get there so I don’t allow the thoughts or the emotions to block me?”  I say to you, “Working with these frequencies each day.”  Call upon Isis to intuit the Seafoam Green within you, and clear the board of all the elements that have previously been stopping you, because I will tell you this, if you do not create some tools, work with some decrees, or do this type of meditations or activations, it will be done for you and the result will not be pleasant.

This is exactly what we are seeing on the earth plane in this moment of the 3rd to 4th dimensional energy.  Yes, we are more in a 4th dimensional energy on the Upper Earth, this is why so many are having a challenging time, but we still have many 3rd dimensional people.  Within those 3rd dimensional essences, your energies can be quickly changed.  So I say to you, “Allow the Expression of your Higher Self to communicate to you on a daily basis.”  It is the only element that is going to assist you through the process.

We’re all helping you along with the Team of Light, and we’re all here through these calls and the many other avenues that are available.  It is only you, the Chosen One that can do the work, and to allow those frequencies to be fully within you.  You are the one that has to work through this.  Believe me the energies are so high right now, I will tell you the Acceleration is fantastic, and just listening to these calls, or even reading the material is a major growth process, but it can’t stop with one call, or three calls.  You have to find an expression of yourself that works for you everyday, because that is what is going to pull you down, back into the debris, back into the circle of light matrix of the 3rd dimension of the corporate world, of the governments.  Turn off your TV’s, turn off your radios, listen only when you have to, because all these elements are going to stop you.

I heard some words this evening, before Christine got on the call, about others had said that her acceleration has been great since she has arrived in Mount Shasta and the energies are much higher.  This is her chosen work, this is her chosen place, and you will see the acceleration to continue, and it will continue through each of you.  So be very cognizant of what you are feeling in each moment, and where you need to be.  If you are in an environment that is very challenging for you, make sure you find a place where you can settle the energies once again.  You have to do it quite often, depending on where you are residing.  So I say to you, please know, that just as One can rise in the Ascension Process, One can fall, and it is not always our personal undoing, but it is what is around us.

So the frequency tonight is going to assist greatly to allow those energies to be more fully focused within each of you.  So with that being said, I want to honor you deeply for the work that you are doing, because you are the Way-Showers, you are the Chosen Ones that have come upon this planet to do this work more fully and more expressly than some others.  So each of us, from the Team of Light, that incorporates many Ascended Masters, many Angels, many Beings that have been upon the earth plane, many Galactic Beings, each of us in the Telosian environment, and all the Hollow Earth cities are deeply honored to have this opportunity to fully connect with you.

I thank the Dearest One here that puts herself forward in doing this work, and she shares the frequency through the words, through her body, and yes, the Acceleration is going to be more and more, and the Magic is going to be deeper and deeper, and the Love is going to expand and expand.  So I say to you, “Allow it to be within you also, because each of you has great opportunities, it is your choosing to just reach out and ask, ‘What is my next step?’ ”.

So let us gather together now, as we stand upon the magical frequency ofMount Shasta, allow it to run up through your feet and into your entire being.  As the dearest one of the magical essence of Mount Shasta expands her energy within you, as we all become one together.  Take a deep breath, as our vehicle now blends into one, and we spin off of the surface of Mount Shasta, moving towards the state of Alaska in theU.S.  Feel us moving across the Pacific, moving towards the Alaskan area, to the central area of the state, feeling that frequency as now we move into the Etheric realm.  We feel the city of Valakanah, allow that to expand.

Take a deep breath.

As now we move into the city, we feel the frequency.  As we discussed previously, last week, the outlying areas are mountainous, there are many different areas of the city, it is large, and it is vast.  It holds the truth within, it is a city to arrive into to assist yourself in knowing more.  As we arrive in the middle of this expansive area,  we are down in the valley of the city, and as we said before, it is still under construction, but there are areas that are constructed.  There is a community, and there are peoples that are connected here.  As we shared last week, Master Hilarion is the overlighting Chohan of this city.  We are met by Master Hilarion.

I will now step aside, this is Lord Adama at your service, and I look forward to being with you during these moments.


Greetings, Greetings, Greetings!

Oh, thank you so much for being here with us once again.  Tonight is going to be a little bit different from the previous visit, and I am really excited about each of you that are arriving in this city.  You are going to be receiving a lot of healing tonight, it may be any of the areas of the Etheric, Emotional, Mental, and Physical bodies.  It’s an area that we need to cleanse and purify in order to find total truth, and also to work through the processes we are all searching to do the manifestation level that are necessary.  It is very powerful for us to do this, but we must be very open-minded, we must be Dedicated to that Manifestation, and we must be Devoted to our own pathway of healing.  It’s all interconnected, find that missing puzzle piece of what it is that you are supposed to be doing.

When you intuit within yourself the ability to fully understand what it is that has been blocking you, and this can come in segments as so many of you understand, those of you that have been on this path for a while, there are different elements within you that you probably have realized previously.  So we’re going to help you with all of these this evening, we’re going to help you move through these processes and to feel the frequency of this City.  It’s an absolutely beautiful City, it represents the Crystalline and the Emerald frequencies, along with the Golden Light.  So please follow me, I am going to take you to the Temple of Inner Truth, this is the Temple of the Elohim, and their Essence, and the Archangels that are awaiting for your arrival.

As we walk through the town, we see the community once again, and their may be some interaction with some individuals.  Allow yourself to feel what it looks like, look up at the top of the mountains and see the Frequency of the Light.  Everything is a Deep Green, with Golden hues, and the deepest, deepest mountainous horizon that you could experience.  What that reflects, is the mountains represent the intensity and the coming down into the inner core, representing your own intensity of your Soul’s Essence.

As we walk around the town, we walk up a gateway of a hill towards the Temple.  The Temple is now toward the right hand side of the building that we entered previously a few weeks ago.  So now we move towards that, and we start to walk through a forest, and the forest is Crystalline Light, all the trees are the Pure Essence of White Light filtering.  I want you to just breathe this in.  I want you to feel that Essence all the way around you, as it comes into your Third Eye.  This is the Ray that is going to activate these energies of finding your Truth, and your Inner Wisdom of finding those knowledges of your past history of all those lifetimes that has been locked away for eons of time.

Now, as we walk through the forest, it is a pathway, we see many Elementals, and Angels, and all kinds of beautiful essences around us.  We see the Templein front of us, and the Temple structure is quite different from others we have visited.  You will see that the Temple structure is very multi-faceted structure, it’s a circular structure, and on the outside there will be cathedral-like points that go upwards, and those top of the cathedral- like points move outward towards a star formation.  We walk inside the entrance and there are 12 of these Crystalline structures on top of the outside, and then we walk across a drawbridge that filters the Crystalline Light.  As we walk towards the inside of the Temple, we are greeted by Elohim Cyclopia and Virginia, and now it is my time to step aside.

Welcome to our City of Valakanah.  Welcome, Welcome, I am Elohim Master Cyclopia with Virginia here.  Please, please just allow us to embrace you in this moment.  Please come in and  as we walk around the frequency here, we see there are many levels of energies and see the Golden, Crystalline, and Emerald structure in the middle that represents our altar.

We are going to walk around this and then we move down a hallway that is on the opposite direction than you came in, and it’s a circular fashion that will take you down a few steps.  As we go down these few steps, we are going to take you down into our Temple Room.  In this Temple Room is where our people come to accelerate themselves and to heal.  We have opened up the Temple for just you individuals this evening.  Please, please do come in.

The room is an Emerald color and the Crystalline color flourishes through the entire Temple, and then your going to see a Golden Flame coming down and filtering through the environment of the whole Temple.  So we want everyone just to sit those pillows around the room, we fully want you to just to fully come in and to kneel within the pillows and just feel that essence.  As you sit down, you can kneel or you can sit, whatever feels most comfortable for your spiritual body in this moment.

Take a deep breath, take a deep breath.

We also have, outlining around the outside, you will notice, there are flowering plants.  The flowering plants all represent the Crystalline light with that Green to fully bring in the frequencies.  We want you to focus on these flowers.  What does it look like to you?  Many of the flowers are white, and all different types.  We want you to intuit that in your Heart, what that feels like for you.

So we are here this evening to take a moment and let you know that this is serious business what we are doing.  It’s very, very serious to bring in these frequencies to allow yourself to fully accept your divinity in a new level than you ever have before.  Each of you are aspiring to these levels of expression within you, and now is the time to fully be the Master and develop it, and this is what we would like for each of you this evening.

Breathe deeply and allow that essence to be within you.  The essence through this ray, and what it may mean for you.  As we feel that frequency of the Crystalline Light coming into your body, coming into your Third Eye, and opening up that Third Eye.  All the processes and the thoughts that you have had in the past, are going to be removed through this element of change.  With these elements of change, you start to understand what it is that you are experiencing, because it is going to be on a new level.

You have just walked into a new frequency, and within that new frequency you are allowing yourself to fully embody the new you, but truly the old you, the embracement of who you have been.  I say to you right now,

“What is it within yourself that you are looking to accomplish in your life?”  “What is it that you fully want to activate within the frequency that is you?”

We need to fully understand what you pattern is so that we can create the plan of manifestation and then follow it through.  So we ask each of you to tune into your Male energy, and ask for that idea, that creation to come fully within you.  Some of you may not know how to create it, and this is where the blockage comes in because you have not allowed the freedom to be within you.  It’s essential that you allow the completeness of your physical, of your Etheric, your Emotional, and your Mental bodies to be cleared.

So we say to you, ”Are there any feelings in the physical body in this moment?”  Let us use the Crystalline light and focus upon those areas that there are.  Some of you are very deeply activated by the Solar Plexus because of the Emotional Center.  It may be in that area.  It may be somewhere in another part of your body that is holding onto any frequencies that are blocking you from full potential.  Breathe deeply into that Crystalline light in the Physical Body, into your DNA, into your Cellular Structure.  We ask for all avenues of the lower frequencies within the cellular structure that are blocking higher forces of the soul essence to be fully removed in this moment.  As we do so, then it moves into our Etheric level; in the Etheric level is the debris that can be held there for centuries and centuries, you carry it with you.

It is not like your Physical body that is being activated, it is with you constantly, so we ask for the Crystalline light to go in there.  Then connect with your Emotional level, What is your emotional level telling you?  Do you fluctuate up and down?  Tears are important, so very, very important.  Some think too many tears are an imbalance of energy.  It is only an imbalance of energy if you do not understand the process from the tears.  So allow yourself to open up to your female side, what is she telling you now?  What does she need deeply?

Use that Crystalline light, and feel the Golden light and the Emerald Green filtering through the room at the same time.  Just feel within yourself as though you are being bathed in this complete Oneness within this frequency.  Then we go into the Mental level, we ask the Mental Level, that Male energy, the male energy has to receive the message.  Allow the message to come to you.

What is the message?  Don’t put in your lower mind, allow the frequency of this Ray within you now.  Filtering through the Mental level it now blends with the emotional level as they come into balance together.  Allow your Heart Chakra to feel that balance, because they are intertwining fingers of each other from within the essence of the Golden Flame within the Heart.  I say to you right now, now that we have blended all of these bodies, “What is that you desire within you?”  What is that you desire to be accomplished?  Allow this frequency to be within you.

Sometimes those that are on a higher plane, do not realize that it is actually coming through the Male and the Female, and that is okay.  As long as you allow the Male to give it to the Female.  She is the recipient, she is the one that must activate it, the male initiates it.

Say these words to your Self:

I accomplish, I accomplish”… then state what you are accomplishing.  Feel that frequency within you, and feel the power, feel your Inner Power, not an aggressive power, but feel that Inner Power, as you accomplish these tasks.

Say to your Self:

“It Is Being Done, So Mote It Be, It Is Done.”

Then think about how, feel that essence of designing it and bringing it into fulfillment.  I use Christine as an example, as we always do, she sees she has an element within her that needs to be worked on, so she travels into a place of nature.  She works with frequencies of the energies of the Earth and the Sky, and bringing that down within her, she states her intentions or her releasements.  She uses tobacco or cornmeal to give to the Earth, because she is sitting upon the earth, and she is thanking Mother Earth for that acceptance.  She’s working with the higher energies to bring in that frequency, and what happens is, the cosmic frequencies that she is calling upon, and you can call upon whomever you choose, comes down through her body and then through the Earth.  Then she feels the change.  When she is finished, she thanks everyone, and she walks away.  When she walks away, there is an element of change.

You can do the same thing with water, cleansing yourself in water.  Allowing yourself to be cleansed by the wind.  The Earth is here to assist us, as we are here to assist her.  Utilize all of her components of the Earth, the Wind, the Fire, and the Water.  Even if you can only look at the water, you will see the fluidness.  Feel that fluidness moving out of you.  Then you fully intuit within you what your next step is, because the clearing has happened, now you have to intuit within you that frequency that is necessary to create your manifestation.  The process that needs to be done with this is to create that manifestation, look at your design and how you are going to do it.  Then allow it to be, allow it to be created.

As you work harmoniously, with all elements, you are blending your Physical, your Mental, your Emotional and your Etheric state of consciousness along with all the Earth energies.  You are creating the Music of the Spheres.  So as the Music of the Spheres comes through you, you feel the Frequency of Light changing.

Let us all arise from our pillows.  Let us stand hand-in-hand.  We have with you, right now, angelic presences, all Frequencies of Light.  As now, all levels, of all that we are together, comes through.  We have been Angels, we have been Masters, we have been Light Beings, we have been Intergalactic Beings, and we have been Lemurian and Atlantatean.  So let us expand that focus within us now of that multi-dimensional reality.  This is what is going to assist you in the manifestation that is needed.

Virginia  now comes forward.  As she comes to you with a Crystalline substance in a goblet.  You are going to drink out of this goblet.  This Crystalline substance is going to wash away your brain, your soul, and your inner bodies, and possibly part of your physical form, from all wrong concepts and untruths that have been accumulated from eons and eons of time of your lifetimes.  Sip this beautiful Crystalline light, and drink it as it filters down through the top of your crown through your whole body.  Feel it go into any elements through your self that need deep healing, through the substances of your lower mind, your lower ego, and your lower heart, to blend and purify all that does not serve you in this highest purpose.  Breathe through that Essence.

She and I are here to assist you with this.  We are here to help you realize that all can be accomplished, that all can be done.  You have the power within you.  You are the power.  You have the knowledge tucked away.  We now ask for an attunement to come fully to each of you, as a doorway is being opened up, the pathway is being created to find the glorious Temple of Light that are Highest Essences has abided in previous times to open up the doorway for you to realize your God Essence.

The Males Of The Gods And The Females Of The Goddesses, To Allow The Divine Plan To Come Fully Within.

Take a deep breath, and I will now step aside.


Greetings, I AM Archangel Raphael and Mother Mary.

We come to you with the Essence of Containment of Harmony, to bring to you right now, the healing that you have already started.  We give to you our Love, and Faith, and Constancy, and Wisdom, and whatever else is required, for the complete essence of Integration of your Physical bodies to be fully activated.  Allow this frequency to come through you now.  Allow the essence in the Purity that you are.

Each of you are Initiates, each of you are Chelas, many have been doctors or nurses, priests, ministers, and rabbis, now you are walking the path of the unknown.  Feel your Individual Consecration of your Life Stream to God.  Visualize the light flowing from the Universe into your Inner Bodies.

Mother Mary is here to fully embrace you, to embrace you with this frequency of the light which will allow you to realize, that your inner power is the most important aspect that is being developed at this time.  When you have your power, your Inner Workings with others increases.  Others start to reflect to you, and if they do not reflect, allow them to deflect.  Allow them to move away from you.  Allow the synchronization of these relationships to be the inner workings of your Being.  This is what is going to create the manifestations for you, to create the Divine Essence within your being.  Allow us now to pray in front of this beautiful altar, as we expand our energies into a new frequency of being.

(((Crystal Bowl rings)))

Let us now leave this room, I AM Cyclopia once again, and Virginia is here with me, and Archangels Raphael and Mary.  As we all walk within one each other, as each of us knows one another deeply.  We walk out of the Temple room, and we walk into the other area that has the amazing altar and frequencies of light.

Master Hilarion is waiting for us to combine our energies all together.

Feel the Devotion and Open-Mindedness and the Truth of your Light.

Allow this to be your guide.

Say the words,

“I AM Truth, I AM Truth, I AM Truth. I AM Love, I AM Love, I AM Love.  I AM Dedicated to sharing Truth and Love to others.”

It has been our pleasure this evening to bring you into our temple, please do return anytime that you so choose.  It will assist you in fully creating the unwavering Patience and Dedication that each of you has on your pathway.  You will see that knowledges will be coming to you, notice dreams that appear to you, you may see all different frequencies of light.  Allow yourself to interpret them, allow the Male energy to look at it and give it to the Female, and work together within yourself, and you will see that the Gods and the Goddesses are now returning onto the Earth.  You are the Ones that are the Gods and Goddesses, as you empower yourself, you will receive your counterpart.  It cannot be any other way.  It is the beauty of the way.

I stand before you now to say, Call upon us, Cyclopia and Crystal or Virginia, Archangel Raphael and Mary and Master Hilarion.

Please come to our City of Valakanah.

Maybe this is the place for you, if you want to find your work.  Opportunities are open in all of the Cities.  Please remember this to be true.

It is my pleasure to be here with you, as the Elohim Masters and the Archangels in the Oneness That We Are.


This is Master Hillarion once again.  I would like to embrace each of you in this moment.  I put my arms around you, and to know that each of us are here on this pathway together.  I say to dearest one, Christine, surely she did not intuit this Ray within her physical body, but she surely has shown to us how to interpret it within her Being, as each of you can do so.

Let us walk out into the garden, and through the forest of these Crystalline trees, and feel the essence and the elementals, and anything else that comes toward you.  Use your intuition to allow yourself to see and to feel the beauty and the essence that is upon these lands.  As we walk through the forest, and outward toward the community once again.  I embrace each of you.  Thank you for being with us on this day, and all future days that you choose to arrive.  I look forward to working with each and every one of you, personally.

I AM Master Hillarion, at your service.

This is Lord Adama, once again.  Let us now walk through the community.  Notice what is around you.  Notice the people.  Notice the singing, the beauty that is here.  It is not a harsh Ray, as some may think it is.  It is not just about Scientific Knowledge, but it is about Harmony of the Spheres.  Hear the angels singing as we walk through the community and down the cobblestone walkway into the valley.  We look up around us and there are birds flying, and essences of sparkles of light with the Crystalline mixed with the Emerald and the Gold.  What a beautiful expression that it truly is.

Let us gather again, once more in our Merkabah vehicles.  Let us spin off and outwards out of this Etheric City of Valakanah.  Let us spin outwards and we will separate.  Go to your perspective locations of where you are sitting right now.

I, Lord Adama, honor each and every one of you for this journey, and for having the Truth within you to be part of this call.  You truly are the way-showers, you truly are the Ones.  Please know more is coming, so much more.  Allow the magic to unfold within you.  Allow the expression that you are to be fully activated in so many ways.

I AM in great honor to be of service to each of you on the New Earth Hierarchy together.

So Mote It Be, In The Light Of The Christ, We Are One.

All Ways One.

(((Angels singing)))

We love each and every one of you, as you love each and every one of us, and together our manifestations are unbeatable.  So allow this frequency to be with you during the days ahead.


5th Dimension, Ascension, Golden Cities, Ray 5 Scientific Knowledge

Sept 28th, 2011 ~ Discussion ~ The Golden City of Valakanah ~ Mastery of Concentration & Consecration with the Elohim & Archangels of the 5th Ray


Last week we traveled to the City of Telos to celebrate the Cosmic Convergence, Fall Equinox of 2011.  It was an amazing ceremony in the forest of Telos as we connected with many Beings of Light.

Current State of Affairs:

We are in a great influx of changes with the Equinox now just passed, moving into the Harvest Month where our manifestations are most powerful than any other time of the year.  We are also preparing ourselves in many ways moving forward towards the highest frequencies we have ever experienced upon this planet.  Learning about each of these cities is going to assist each of us tremendously as we realize that our missing puzzle pieces are now being opened up for the New Earth Hierarchy.  Each of the activations that we are receiving is all in Divine Order so our remembrance is now fully opened up into full consciousness.

Moving Forward:

Tonight we are working with the energies of the 5th Ray of Scientific Knowledge which is the City of Valakanah over Central Alaska with Elohim Masters Cyclopia & Virginia and Archangels Mother Mary & Raphael.

In order for us to find our true inner purpose we fully need to heal.  The Elohim and Archangels are very instrumental in this City of Truth for these elements to occur.

To recap what the ray aspects are of Truth and Scientific Knowledge:

The Virtues of this Ray are:

Research, Keen Intellect, Attention to Detail, Truthfulness, Being Analytical, Unwavering Patience and Extreme Thoroughness in repeated examinations, the power to make the voice of silence heard and the manifestation of the Great White Light.

The vices are:  Harsh Criticism, Arrogance, Lack of Compassion, and Unforgiving Temper.

The Virtues to Be Acquired:  Reverence, Devotion, Love, Open-Mindedness, Truth, Dedication, and Healing.

The Higher Expression is the Science of the Soul and Spirit and the Lower would be a modern educational system.

The Ray Chohan of this ray is Master Hilarion.  Call upon him to assist you through the process of your own truth and wisdom.

The Elohim Masters are Cyclopia and his female counterpart, Virginia also known as VISTA and Crystal.  Cyclopia is known as the Elohim of Concentration, Consecration,, Healing and Music.  They both have their home in the Emerald and Crystal Temples.  They represent the Power of Concentration which is necessary to bring into manifestation any worthy objective.  He will assist any and all that come to him.

In Cyclopia’s words: (Ascended Masters & Their Retreats, W. Schroeder)

“If there is not concentration, there is only mediocrity, and only the bare surface is scratched.  Those who determine to rise above the masses, take one facet of living and masterfully develop it – deciding, within themselves, to excel along at least ONE line of expression.  According to their concentration, is their mastery and efficiency.”

“It is the Law – actual scientific Law – that what you begin, CAN BE ACCOMPLISHED, when it is in agreement with God’s plan to bring forth perfection, whether it is healing, precipitation, financial freedom, eternal youth, the restoration of a limb – IT CAN BE DONE – but the ‘stick-to-it-iveness,’ which is an important part of my ray, and the qualification of the energy with my life, is required to produce these.”

“I IMPLORE YOU – decide on some pattern and plan of manifestation and follow it through~  Follow it through ~ Follow it through~ Concentrate upon your design, until you have brought it into fulfillment.”

Elohim Cyclopia will help students in seeing the spiritual path that is in front of them with more clarity.  Together with his Divine Complement, Virginia are here to assist in raising the Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Etheric state of consciousness of all mankind through the power of harmoniously-qualified music.

As Cyclopia’s name as Crystal she pours forth a crystalline substance, which washes the brain, soul, inner bodies and even the physical form.  Free from the wrong concepts and untruths that have been accumulated through the centuries.

Archangels Raphael and Mother Mary are the overlighting energies for the 5th Ray.  We all know that Raphael represents physical healing through the glorious temple of light wherein he abides.  These rays are directed to each of us continuously through God’s essence.  He also provides schoolrooms for his angelic hosts, where the angels are prepared for service, by learning how to draw more healing power from God and holding it within themselves until they reach the subject it is intended.

The Divine plan through these archangels is that the plan for Earth and all her inhabitants live in Harmony.  Archangel Raphael also consecrates the initiates who desire to serve God and man in the physical world.  By use of the projected light rays, which connect with the energies of those who have a true vocation in life, he and his angels pour their love, faith, constancy, wisdom and whatever else is required to assist in the full completion of their essence within the physical realm.

In Archangel Raphael’s words (Ascended Masters & Their Retreats, W. Schroeder):

It is my specific service to the Universe, to stand at the head of a glorious legion of beings, who direct the ray of almighty God into those individuals who consecrate their life energies to a specific humanitarian service to bless the masses.  Every doctor, nurse, priest, nun, minister, and rabbi, and every chela and initiate, who voluntarily dedicates his or her energies to serving life, comes under my particular blessing, radiation and care.  For a moment, FEEL that individual consecration of your lifestream to God. Visualize that light flowing from the heart of the Universe, animating every one of your inner bodies.”

Mother Mary, is the divine complement of Archangel Raphael, and among her many services to life and to mankind, she serves as the head of the healing activity to our Earth and also known as “The Ascended Lady Master Mother Mary”

The Way to Mastery is Concentration & Consecration

 The City of Valakanah is overlighted with great truth,

Within that truth is the expectation of my heart;

I deeply concentrate within myself to find that space of movement,

I call upon Elohim Master Cyclopia and Virgina;

They represent the ability to fully find the deeply healing with me on all levels,

Of my Etheric, Emotional, Mental, and Physical bodies;

The deepness of this healing has ruled my life for eons of time,

I walk with Cyclopia and Virginia and they share their beautiful City of Light,

That represents the Emerald and Crystalline energies;

I feel the music that runs through my veins that settles these bodies into pure harmony.

We are then met by Archangels Raphael and Mary who represent the deep healing within me,

I realize that all these aspects must come into focus for me to fully concentrate,

On the Divine Nature of my Essence,

Accessing these elements assists me in the purest consecration of my Soul;


We become One and then the truth is revealed to me,

All the veils in the lower bodies are fully removed;

The music is spinning in my head,

And I dance in harmony with All of Creation;

I AM that I AM that I AM,

In the truth of who I AM I now Manifest all That Is Mine,

I AM that I AM that I AM.

5th Dimension, Ascension, Channeling, Lemuria, Lightworkers, Lord Adama, Meditation, New Earth, Telos

Sept 21st, 2011 ~ Ceremony of the Cosmic Convergence in Telos


Greetings, Greetings, Greeting, this is Lord Adama speaking.

It is a pleasure to be here with each of you at the summit of Mount Shasta.  Tonight is going to be a special night, we are going to put you through some clearing processes, we’re going to assist you in celebrating yourself and try to help you understand what is occurring for each of you.  We have chosen to do this on this evening because of the Equinox that  is coming up, and how important this frequency is to each of us.

What is it that you see in front of you in the next 30 days, this is what I want you to think about within your Being within your Self, and when I speak of that I speak about your relationships, about what you are experiencing in this moment?  How does it feel to you?  How are the fluctuations and changes occurring for you?  Are you expressing yourself deeply within you for your own self assurance to be fully guided in a way that you have not experienced?

This week has been very powerful as it is preparing you for the movement into this frequency this week.  Your being pushed and prodded, and I think Christine mentioned it is like a Tsunami.  Well think about yourself and you feel the aspects of a Tsunami starting to come, you don’t really know that it is forming, but there’s all these little elements inside of you that are bubbling up.  You are not quite sure what is happening, but you know that something has to be done.  This is exactly what you are experiencing in this present time.

Tonight, we are going to assist you to get through that process a little easier.  Some of you may be on a pathway and you do not even understand why you are on that pathway, what is occurring for you, or what your next step is going to be.  I say to you, “this is so representative of living in 5th dimensional consciousness, and if you are experiencing this, my Dear Ones you are truly in the right place.”  So allow yourself to continue with those elements within you, allow yourself to embrace each moment of expression, and as you embrace these moments of expression within you, you start to embrace your totality, and this is what is occurring for each of you.

Some of it may be different than others, because each of you are on all different levels of initiation and depending on where you have been and where you are going, and that is okay, that is what the process is about.  The process represents the element to have complete and deep Respect for yourself and for others; and if you do not express that to others, there is going to be a big problem that occurs ~ there needs to be Honorability.  We are all coming into our state of Beingness, sometimes when we become empowered, the ego takes over, and the power takes over, and this is also a downfall.  I am telling you all these because these are aspects that can happen to anyone.  No one is denied of any of these processes that can happen.

The most important thing is to have your four lower bodies fully activated in a way so that they do not take over.  Sometimes, ones fall when they do get involved with others that are aligned in a certain way, but in the totality of the vibration they truly are not aligned.  So this period that you may have been friends, you may have been co-workers, you may have been confidants, and all of a sudden something switches, and that karmic energy is finished.  When you are able to fully release it and walk away from it, that is the aspect of Ascended Mastership, and that is the aspect that we want to bring forth to you today.

We are going to assist you with this because these are the processes that you are going through whether you are aware of it or not.  Your situations may be different, but you will be finding that the individuals that you are fully vibrational attuned with, there will be a give and a take and a flow, a beauty of that flow.

More and more of these people are coming into your Beingness, and we are very happy to express this to you, because this is the expression of the full capacity of the frequencies of light that are about to occur.  Within these frequencies of light, each of you will experience it in a different manner, I believe all of you are accepting it and actualizing it.  It’s what you do with it, and allow it to flow through you is the important aspect.

So I say to you right now, let’s all just take a deep breath.  Feel the light energy of the summit of the mountain.  She is very, very happy to bring forth these frequencies to each of us this evening.  The embodiment of the elements of Mount Shasta are flowing through all different levels of frequency as each of you are bringing that forth within you.  As we all come together, let us now go to the tip.  We gather together in our group Merkabah, and as we do that, we come down in to the center of the mountain ~ where we have done so before, where the ships come in.  Allow us just to float very softly in a clockwise manner, moving down through the mountain, down to the core.  We are going to go deep, deep below the earth, about a mile below the base of the mountain.  So we are going deeply into that energy and we find ourselves in the space where the ships come in, and the land, and now we will all separate.

Take a deep breath.  Look around you and we see what this area looks like.  This is our landing area for our ships, and for others to come and visit, and to come for conferences and everything.  Let’s move now towards the elevator, as we are in the elevator, we are going to go down further to the bottom level.  The elevator is glass-enclosed, so you can look and see what is around you as we go through the different levels.  The top levels, of course, are the commerce, and the governments of Telos, and moving down into the residences, there are a couple levels of that, and moving down into the core of the gardens.  We are going to go down to the very base of the gardens, at the bottom, and the elevator opens up.

We walk out and there are many, many Telosians awaiting your arrival.  Everyone is very, very happy as we are connecting with each other.  Since we started this group in the beginning of this year, this spring, many more of you are communing with the Telosians, getting to know each of us more deeply than we ever thought possible, and it really is a pleasure for everyone to be together this evening.  As the children show us the way, we walk down this Golden Pathway, and the gardens that are on each side of us.

I want you to intuit with your minds eye exactly what you are feeling and the essence that is here.  In the distance you will see areas where people are relaxing, almost like a park setting.  Then we walk towards the waterfall, and we’re walking through grass now, and we see the waterfall coming down, it is all different colors.  All the Rays of God are there, we have Blues, and the Reds, and the Greens, the Violets, and the Golds, and the Yellows, and the Indigo, and the Higher Colors, the Cosmic Colors, the Pinks, the Pearlescent, the Crystalline, mixed with Green, Gold, and Yellow, all frequencies of light together.  We see it sparkling at the top of the waterfall, and as it comes down the colors become more predominate so there is a Rainbow effect of Rays of colors that come down in the full waterfall.

Let us go over to the waterfall, and your going to stand underneath that waterfall.  I want you now to think about, exactly what you need to purge out of you.  If there is anything that is right in the middle of your consciousness that is very strong, maybe it’s just your own worry about where you are and your not sure what your doing, it could be as simple as that.

We’re going to ask Christine to run the bowl.

(((Crystal Bowl rings)))

Feel that purging occurring, and the vibration is sending a frequency of light coming down to you.  As you walk from the left to the right, just allow yourself to feel the frequency of getting higher and higher and feel those elements of colors coming to you.  What colors are you feeling right now?  Those are the colors that will assist you in raising the vibration to a higher level.  Allow that to happen for you, allow that frequency to be fully within you.  Express it deeply, feel that expression flowing and flowing with you, allow yourself to be in the totality and the expression.

Feel the old being removed, there is a death occurring within you.  It is a spiritual death, and feel that frequency being removed in the fall of the water.  As you now move towards the outside of the pool, the children have a special blanket to put around you, or it could be a shawl, or it could be a jacket, or it could be a robe.  Whatever it is for you, embrace that, see the colors and the frequencies that you are looking at.

Is it Blue for Will and Power?

Is it Golden Yellow for Love and Wisdom?

Is it Pink for Active Intelligence and Manifestation?

Is it Crystalline with flecks of Green for Harmony and Balance?

Is it White Light mixed with Gold andOrangefor Scientific Knowledge?

Is it Deep Ruby Red for Devotion?

Is it Deep Purple for Transmutation and Ceremonial Magic?

Or maybe all of these.

Please let’s sit in a circle.  As we sit in a semi-circle, we have many beings around, some of the extraterrestrials are here, many Telosians, Ascended Masters, we are all gathering at this time.  We are gathering at this time because there is an element of change that is about to happen for everyone, and this element of change will be experienced differently but we are all in the same circle together.  So if we sit arm and arm with each other, and allow our frequencies to blend together, and allow the oneness that we are to be fully in cooperation of all that is.  Feel that cooperation coming down within you in this moment.

We are interacting more deeply with others on the multidimensional levels than we ever have in our lifetime.  We are accessing our Higher Knowledge, we are allowing ourselves to feel the Focus and the Totality, and the Purity of Hearts deeply.  This is what is most important.

I ask of each of you to take a breath right now and to feel this in the Core of your Heart.  What is that you feel the most that will help you to accept your new pathway?  Because each of you is on a new pathway, you may not even have realized it before.  Each of you is about to do something in your life that is part of your Soul’s purpose, it’s part of giving service, and part of acknowledging, its a part of growing, its part of the combining the ability to assist others and assist yourself in the same moment.  So I ask of you in this moment, take a breath and within this breath feel this Totality of Completeness that is coming from your Higher Self.  If your Higher Self has not already been activated, we ask it to be activated, and if this already has been actualized within your body, then we just ask for a regeneration.

Our Higher Self sits in our Thymus and our Heart areas.  Feel that frequency within you deeply.  It is an Essence of All That Is, its an Essence of Beingness, its an Essence of Completeness in this moment.  Let it flow down, to your feet into your Earth Star.  Let it go inside your cellular level.  Let it go into your bloodstream and all organs.  Allow it to flow within you and around you.

There is nothing else that matters at this time, as the Expression of your Light now comes into full focus.  If you are at a crossroads, allow the crossroads to be opened up.  Allow yourself to feel what is you need to do, or to say, or to express.  Allow it to flow within you, allow it to flow around you, allow it to be part as we blend our physical, emotional, and our mental bodies into Oneness.

We feel our Spiritual Body on the outside of us, it is now being activated in a way that it never has been before.  Feel that blessing occurring within you.  Feel the frequency that is.

I’d like everyone now to arise, and as we arise together, we feel the sense of our Beingness quite differently than it ever has been before.  I ask of you to follow me, follow me down this pathway, and you see this pathway goes into another garden that is different from where we were sitting.  We see the waterfall in the distance, to the left of us and in front of us we see people display Sun Energy incorporating into the entire land masses.  We walk forward, and there is a beach, and within the beach is the ocean and the ocean is a blue green color.

I, Adama, say to you, “Do you see in front of you, if you look far, far ahead you can see eternity of the lands, this is the place, this is the place where we came together, this is the place where we lived together, not just as Telosians, but as Lemurians.”  I ask each of you to take a moment and feel the distance of these lands, and feel the remembrance of whom you were, because this is what is occurring for you, this is the beauty and the expression that is within you.  I say to you is,  “what has been purged, has been purged,  and they were probably very bad relationships in Lemuria, what has been purged with aspects of yourself are those aspects that you could not continue with us in Telos.  You could not make the journey because there was a weakness within you, or there was a lack of strength, or your body did not survive the changes.  Whatever it was at the time, you did not come into the Telosian land, it is okay.  We say to you and express and feel the sun on the ocean.

Then the ocean meets onto the sun, because the Goddess in the sea and the sun meets onto each other, this is the expression that each of you are, of the Male and the Female coming together, and the Purity of the Light that you are.  What was past, is now all past, and we ask it to be fully be removed from your consciousness.  It does not matter what went wrong, whether it was then or if it is now.  What does matter is the Expression of the Light that you feel within You in this moment.

Breathe deeply within that.

Follow me once again, as we walk around the sand and we feel the white sand between our feet.  As we walk farther, we are now going towards a forest of trees.  The forest of trees brings forth the reflection of the deepness of our soul.  Within that deepness of the soul, we walk into the forest, feel the depth that is within the forest, this is the depth of your Soul.  Your soul has travelled long and hard to get to this point, and now it is a time for us to fully reflect within our own being in this moment of Expression, this moment of coming together.

Come, come with me further as we walk around the trees, and feel the Essence of the Elementals all around us, and the Fairies and the Gnomes.  There is giddiness, there is a laughter, there is an element of fun deeply within the forest.  There are flowers growing, there are wildflowers, I ask you to bend down and pick a wildflower.  What color is the wildflower and what does it represent?  There is a Fairie there and this Fairie is to help you through the process that you are going through in the next few days, it’s going to ease up your mind, and open up your Heart, and help you to feel the essence of the Purity that is part of your Knowledge and Wisdom.

Deeply allow this to come within you now, as we now walk through the forest, there is a clearing.  Within the clearing, there are many beings waiting for us.  We have our Inter-Galatic Beings, we have the Ascended Masters, and many Telosians of the Inner Earth, Mikos that is part of the Inner Earth is here, as an Extra-terratestrial, there are many Light Beings here, everyone is here to assist one another.  We are moving into a big change, and the change is that Tsunami that is about to come toward you.  Are you going to let the Tsunami engulf you?  Or are you going to ride the waves onto the parts of your next shore?

This is what you must realize within your Heart, because what is going to assist you even deeper is to be in the fluid moments.  Allow each moment, even when the harsh ones come, speak up to the harsh ones and then let them go.  Then ride the wave unto the next expression that you are, this is truly what is happening.

In the middle here, we are all circling around, there is a huge altar, and you have seen this altar here before when we have come into the forest previously.  It’s a special altar, and it is our Altar of Oneness, because it brings in the reflection of all that is.  On the outskirts of the forest, see the animals intertwining within you.  You may even see past loved ones that are here with you, they are an expression in you and when you are here to allow themselves to heal through you.  So use your minds eye to fully being opened up at this time.

In the middle of the altar is a great fire, and it is the Golden Flame.  On the outside of the altar represents the Rainbow Colors.  It is a brass altar, it is inflected with stone and granite and crystalline energies, and it is also intertwined with ivy, flowers and greenery all over it.  So this is representative of all levels of reflection here of the Stone People, of the Root Givers, of the land masses, of the water, of the fire, of the earth, and also with the air.  As we feel the inflection of the wind as it swirls around the altar, and it is moving to a new aspect of our Divinity.  So as we take a breath, allow that breath to be fully within you in this moment and express it deeply.

We are now going to have Meleriessee use the drum.  The drum is another purging, it is going to vibrate through you, and allow the frequency to run through you.  This will be the last step of the purging, but it is also a vibration to help you bring in the earth energies since we already used the crystalline bowl.  We will bring the earth energies and the crystalline energies into the oneness that you are.  So I want you to feel this in your Solar Plexus.  Feel the vibration through your Solar Plexus, and allow it to go down and out like a spiralling light energies, you have the beautiful sun right within yourPowerCenter.  With each pounding motion that you feel vibration, it will move the energies deep within your core up, down, left, and right and then all diagonal energies.


So now the center of your Solar Plexus is blending with the center of your Heart, and the center of your Thymus, this is the integration of the 5th dimensional frequencies.  Feel this occurring.


Now you should feel this vibration all the way down from the top of head to the bottom of your feet.  As you feel this vibration going through your, it is your Earth energies.  We are now going to use the bowl, and with the bowl your going to bring in the crystalline energies and you feel the sparkles of light coming through the forest.  You feel the Golden Flame of the Altar, you feel the frequencies of the stones and the crystals and all the energies that are here.

(((Crystalbowl rings)))

Now feel the swooshing field as the spirit of the wind comes around the core of the altar and its going to spin outwards and outwards in a clockwise manner.  It emcompasses everyone, it encompasses all of us in the frequency of this Oneness.  Feel the spiralling light just moving outwards and outwards.  Now as we are spiraling outwards, feel the Oneness that we are deeply.  Deeply feel that frequency.

Now you feel yourself getting up from where you are and moving towards the altar.  I want you to now put your hands on the altar and your going to put your blessing into the altar.  What it is that is your intention, it’s the most important thing.  What is the most aspect, you can do more than one, take a deep breath and we will do the bowl continuously for a few moments, as you fully intuit these frequencies to assist you with ease and grace.  We no longer have a Tsunami, we have just a calm breeze and an ocean wave that is going to take us to the next shoreline, peacefully and gracefully in the expression that You Are.

(((Crystalbowl rings)))

Let us step back, and we are all intertwined with the Oneness That We Are.

I, as Lord Adama, now bring forth to you the frequency of light to allow you to fully embrace your 5th dimensional body we have attuned to you with these frequencies of crystalline light of ease and grace of moving from one shoreline to another.  Not with a tsunami, but with a small wave and it moves you into that next space.  See yourself in that next space, see your treasures all around you.  What is it?  All kinds, open up a treasure chest box because you have reached one shoreline to another, and you open up the box.  A Golden box and in the golden box there are all kinds of treasures, and these are your personal treasures, this is exactly what you are going to be receiving.

Let’s take a moment and feel that frequency coming within you now.

There is a stipulation for receiving this Golden box.  The stipulation is that as you Receive, you Express.  As you Receive, you Express and you distribute the wealth around you; you share the Light That You Are, You Share The Beauty That You Are, You Share The Expression That You Are.  Once you have this higher vibration within you, there cannot be dishonorability, there cannot be disrespectfulness, even if you are hurting very deeply, you totally honor the other person and allow that frequency to be within you, even if it doesn’t match your own.

This is the beauty of what you are expressing in this moment, in this time, to give service to others you must not give service in your lower ego.  We ask that everyone’s lower ego at this time become the higher ego, as the lower ego has merged within the four body system, and the light body is activated more deeply within you.  Feel that expression occurring within you now.

Let us arise together, as we are all intertwining here with all different species, and all different types of beings, know that we are coming into the Oneness that we are.  Know that you will meet up with adversity, that is part of the responsibility you are bringing forth.  It has to do with how you deal with that adversity, and how you can handle yourself more deeply than ever before, this is the Expression that is within You.  Allow that to be within You, this is the next stage of your growth, this is the movement of All That You Are.

Let us now leave the altar; we walk through the forest.  As we walk through the forest, there is an acceptance of knowingness that you didn’t have before, because you have created the ceremony within you to have the full capacity of Your Light.  As we walk through the forest, we now see the ocean, and we see the sand, and the waves are very slow, they are not high, it’s like a lake.  You feel the expression that you have arrived in a different space than you ever thought possible.

I, Lord Adama, now acknowledge each of you, and I embrace each of you for this walk that you are on that you are putting your feet upon.  It is not an easy space, continue doing what you are doing.  You will find within you the expression will shine more deeply than you ever thought possible within your mind.  Allow yourself to take these four bodies and completely blend them into your Light Body, as you express the Divinity that you are to other.

You will find your soul family appearing before you if you use these tools we have given you this evening.  It is very important for you to do so to allow that expression to run through you.  Let us all embrace, let us embrace fully as we circle ourselves in Oneness.  We are now not going to go out the way that we came in, we are going to use our teleportation skills, that is an element of change that is about to occur for many of you.  The world is going to change, it’s not going to change immediately, but believe me the more the aspiration of your higher vibration that you have, the more ability you will be able to create these movements within the physical body, but the higher vibration is essential for it to occur.

Breathe deeply and feel our focus of our Merkabah vehicle, feel the frequencies moving.  As they are moving upwards and upwards, we feel the transition and we see ourselves on top of the mountain once again.  We feel the wind moving thorough the trees, we see the Eagle flying high above us, we see the Ravens all around us, and we feel the sun shining down upon us.  Allow us now to express to each other what it is that we desire so deeply, within our hearts, and within our spaces.  Let us breathe deeply and let us sound this out to others that you would like to express it to in this moment.

I, Lord Adama, want to thank you for being here, and I ask each of you now to be in your separate Merkabah.  Take this experience, take these frequencies, take this knowledge down to where you are now located, and allow yourself to spin further, further down into your physical body.  Allow yourself to feel the physical expression of all that is, and have an amazing Cosmic Convergence, because you have just started it yourself.  It is with my blessing and my desire to walk with you upon the New Earth and before the New Earth, let us all gather together as we have in these moments in the expression of our light.

I Am Lord Adama, At Your Service


Please do know that each of us in Telos desires this just as much as you do.

We are One!

So Mote It Be In The Name Of The Christ


5th Dimension, Ascension, Channeling, Golden Cities, Lemuria, Lightworkers, Ray of Science & Knowledge, Telos

Sept 14th, 2011 ~ Journey to the Golden City of Great Purity & Truth-Valakanah ~ Over Central Alaska


Welcome to the Telosian garden once again.  This is Lord Adama.  I’m very happy that each of you are here this evening.  I am very, very happy to see all of you on the call and to have a connection on this level with each other.

It is a beautiful evening, this evening; the elements that are occurring are very transitional, so it is important that we find the time for magic and beauty, and this beautiful place for you to be.  I ask of you right now to take a moment and breathe deeply into your Third Eye, feel those frequencies in your Third Eye.  Opening up that Third Eye, we’re going to intuit the Planetary Color that we are working with tonight of Orange, I want each of you feeling that orange coming into that Third Eye.

What does it feel for you?

Is it uncomfortable?

Does it create some pressure behind your eyes?

Or does it expand within you?

If you are feeling any pressure, I want you to breathe deep.  Allow it to expand further within you, because it just may be a pressure point that is not used to having this expansion.  Or if it is expanding easily, just allow it to expand more.  What we are doing here is we are trying to get a feel for each of you of where you may be with these aspects of the Scientific Knowledge that comes into the Third Eye.  It’s a doorway to your Soul’s Essence of the Truth and Knowledge that is fully necessary.  The Truth and Knowledge that you actualize within your physical body is within your thought processes.  Some may not be highly attuned to this Ray, and that is okay, but it does not mean that you cannot work with it, and it may be more just a little bit challenge for you to get through the processes that are necessary to fully activate your own truth.  So I say to you, what does it feel like?

Let’s all rise, and you see the waterfall in the distance.  I want you to go to the waterfall and I want you to step into the waterfall as we step into the aspect of this Orange Ray fully.  I want you to touch to your Third Eye and allow that expansion to occur.  How does that feel when you go through that waterfall?  There is a clearing that occurs, it opens it up.  Now I want you to see the White of this ray, and the Orange turns into a Gold of a lesser degree.  Feel that expansion within your body, feel that in your light body, allow that to filter through every part of you.

As you allow it to filter through you, it expands in that aspect.  Allow that expansion to go through your entire being.  I want you to feel the Purity and the Essence of this Ray fully.  As we leave the waterfall, there is a special friend, you many know this friend from Telos, and they hand you a robe.  It is a white robe and it is in embroidered and embossed with the Green and the Gold.  Allow yourself to embrace your Being with this robe, and feel that essence fully within you.  We wanted to do this first to bring forth a cleansing in the Third Eye, to prepare you.

The City of Valakanah is very powerful and that’s why we waited almost to the end to work with it, because it is your Truth.  Whatever you have held back previously, is now going to be fully opened up.  You’ll be able to get through those elements that you haven’t been quite able to so previously.  So I say to you, let’s just take a moment and express within yourself the difference that appears now from when you arrived in Telos a few moments ago.  This is how quickly we move through elements that may be stopping you from your full potential.

Let us gather together now, let us gather together in one Merkabah.  Your friends of Telos will come with you, and we are going to go to the City of  Valakanah in Central Alaska.  So let’s take some deep breaths and feel that frequency changing, as we are spiralling upwards together, feel those elements.  We are just going to go through time and space and we’re going to find ourselves of the area of Central Alaska.  Now this is a very large area, it’s huge, it’s expansive, it goes for miles and miles and miles.  We are going to center ourselves in the middle, this City is also under construction, but it is much more under constructed than the City of Malton.

As we now are on the surface, the land mass of Central  Alaska of the City of  Valakanah, take a deep breath.  I want you to look around, there are mountainous areas, there are areas that come down into the middle, that are not mountainous that come into a valley.  There are lakes and there are streams, this city represents Great Purity of the Truth, and it show itself in its environment.  As we now walk around the circumference of where we are going to be gathering, there will be many different types of people who will come to this City.  There will be more people who are more involved in Environmental Conditions, changes in Weather Patterns.  Then as we come down into the nucleus, there will be other individuals that are more involved in interactions with others and into community.  So there is a great mixture of different types of people who are arriving in this city.  There is also an air of the concept of the Alaskan People, part of that is being activated to show their cultures and the native people who have been on these lands.  The best part of Alaska will be here.

So allow yourself to take it all in right now, allow your being to intuit, allow your Mind’s Eye to move into the next stage of your growth.  The elements that are occurring right now are very powerful, there is an essence of Alaskan energies.  Up in the mountains it is colder, and as you come down more to the valley it is more tepid weather.  It is more climate energy, so there is a mixture, it is not an extreme cold like many part of Alaska.  There are many areas that will be encased with water, so the water is going to come in closer around that area, it is not an island, but it will be very different than it looks on the earth today.  So I want you to get a feel with your Mind’s Eye while we work with your third eye to express the beauty and the love that is here.  There is everything that will be revealed.

As we walk further now, more towards the inner valley, we see the community that is an interactive city.  There are people who are residing here, there are not a lot, but there are Light Beings and teachers that are coming in and out to repair the city, and with the concept of Master Hilarion‘s background as he represents the Sword of Truth.  So as we move further into the city, we see a nice little town, it’s not really a town, but that is how you would perceive it.  There are people walking, markets, it’s represents all aspects of Alaskan prosperity, it also represents great movement of Trust within each of us.

As we see there is a fountain in the middle and there are cobblestone streets that are encased with Golden Light, and as we walk on it we see the cobblestone are actually Clear Quartz Crystal and within each crystal; they are shaped in rectangular fashion as cobblestones would be, and they are encased with a Golden and the Green Flames. As you walk on these crystalline structures, feel the frequencies that are going through you, and feel in your heart center.

In the middle of the city is a fountain, it is actually an altar, it reflects the white light with the Emerald Green and the Golden hues.  It is an altar where anyone can come, from any part of the city, and connect with their own inner truth.  It is not secluded in a temple,  it is in the outside atmosphere.  As we walk around there is another pathway that is in the same structure as the crystalline cobblestones, and we see Master Hilarion waving us on.

We follow his gaze, and his wave of his hand, and he takes us through an area some forest and woods, so there is another aspect that is occurring here.  In that area, there is a large structure that is a Temple, and it is outlined in Gold and Green, and it flourishes with the White Light as it filters, it’s a round temple and then there are points that filters with White Light into the heavens, and then the Temple itself is emanating the Gold and the Green.  It’s a large building, you cannot even see the circumference of it, it so huge, and as we walk toward the pathway, Master Hilarion bows to each of us.

And with that, I Lord Adama, am going to take a back seat and enjoy the view.

Thank you for coming with us.

Greeetings! Greetings!

This is Master Hilarion at your service, oh, wow I am so excited that you have come to the City of Valakanah.  We are really excited about this city, and I am really excited to have you here, so follow me.

So as you look around you see a large doorway, it’s a double doorway, and there is a circular hallway and it goes around the structure.  So just follow me, on the outside of this structure are crystalline mirrors, and these crystalline mirrors are here to allow everyone that comes here to see their inner truth.  When you come into the temple, you are coming in to worship and to connect to the Essence of God.  Sometimes when you are out in the community, just like anywhere else, you may not feel the totality of yourself, so this is the Temple that we fully like to bring forth into having your own revelation within you.  That’s why I spoke with Christine earlier and we call it the City of Revelations, actually we call it the Temple of Revelations.

The Temple of Revelations allows you to see your true self so that your purest essence and your knowledge can come completely within your being, this is very, very important for this to occur.  So follow me, we are going to go to the core of the Temple, but as we are walking around, to the right, so we are walking in a counter-clockwise manner and all the way around and then it is going to get closer to the core essence of the Temple.

So as we approach the second level, you are going to feel a shift more than you did in the first.  So allow yourself to feel that frequency as we walk around the Temple, and then we go to the third level inwardly, and as we do that the hallways are getting shorter.  Then we are going to go into the fourth level, and then we arrive at the fifth.

When we arrive at the fifth, we are going to open up into a beautiful room, the doorway opens up to a viewing  room, this is our altar, this is where we work with initiates like yourself, this is where it is an inner sanctum for each individual to come in and feel the purity and the essence of who they are to help them tap into the knowledge that they may have forgotten.  So it’s a city of remembrance, it’s a city of connectedness, and as Christine was sharing it is also a city to help you find your Missing Puzzle Piece.  Please know that there may be many missing puzzle pieces, so you may have to come back in various time to assist.

So as we sit in this room, find a seat, there are cushions all around.  In the middle is a gorgeous altar, the altar is Gold illuminated with the Green of the pure essence of the Crystalline light, and it goes upward to the circumference of the whole Temple and then it goes outward to all the pathways, so the frequency is continuously circulating around.  I ask each of you to go to the altar and touch the Golden Hues.  As you touch the Golden Hues, that is going to turn into Crystalline Light of the Pure White Light focusing within you.  I ask of you to step to the altar and to allow your Third Eye to be completely open.

This is a frequency that is very strong and some may have some after effects, but each of you is ready to do so.  So as we stand within this Temple, and at the altar, feel the base.  It is a solid Gold base, and in the middle is a frequency of light which is the fluid of the White Light coming up and it emanates a fountain that comes upward and then it falls over the base, so you are having a waterfall at the same time.  I want you take your hands past the waterfall and to touch the base of the altar and allow yourself to feel the essence within you.  Take a deep breath as you do this.

Now you take the water, and touch it to your third eye.  Then cup your hand and sip a little bit of the water.  Let us all now return to our seats.  There are cushioned seats here, it is a worship of God, so we are worshiping the frequency that is coming in, because the energy of the Divine Mother and Divine Father God is coming down through the top of the temple and is flowing through each of you.

So I say to you in this moment, “What is that you are feeling?”  What is it that is bringing forth the Essence within you now?

Let me say that, as I AM deeply honored that each of you are here, some of you are not as attuned to the deepness of your Soul, others are deeply attuned to the deepness of their Soul, and some of you are just forgetting that you are attuned to that deepness of your soul.  Whatever it is, and wherever you are, that will grow.  Please know this to be true in this moment.  What I give to you is the expansion of your Soul within you.  As you allow your Soul to fully expand within the frequency, you will start to express within you the ability to understand what your purpose is, and what it all has been for.

Let us take a deep breath.

I first want to start with the Devotion that you have within yourself.  Are you fully Devoted to who you are?  First let’s start on a personal basis, and allowing your mind to be completely open to whatever occurs for you and to have a great dedication to your healing processes.  This is what I imbue upon you in this moment.  Feel this frequency coming down in through you.  As it comes in through your Third Eye, allow it to permeate through your entire structure, allow it to go into your cellular level, and allow it to go into that mind set in the Physical body.  We ask that for the lower bodies to fully be all blended together.

We ask for the Acceptance of your Divinity to be in your physical existence in this moment.  I want you to be very forgiving of everything that you are doing, and it all has a rhyme and a reason, in the good and the bad, but let’s get in the balance right now.  I want you to have Compassion, and to remove any criticism of what you have done in the past or what you may not have done, this is very important.

We ask for this attunement to come to you right now.  Feel the vibrancy of the White Light mixed with the Gold and the Green permeating every part of your body from the top of your Crown all the way and not just into your chakras, we want to blend it in to that full body system that you are, that Light Body that you are, allow that to be your truth.  Because first, in order to tap into a higher knowledge, you must tap into the knowledge you have right now.

Breathe and relax.  Anything that you want to let go of, let’s just breathe it right into the altar, it will transmute it for you.

Aaahhh! ~ Aaahhh! ~ Aaahhh!

Let that flow through you.

Now we are going to open up that Thymus area that you worked with before you arrived and allow your Higher Self to be activated if it has not already been.  Feel that activation in your Thymus area, as you do that there is a little twinge of a frequencies that happens in your Third Eye, because this is how your Higher Self interacts, feels the visions, sees the thoughts, and feels the experiences; Now allow that to open up fully for you.  Allow that experience to run through you, allow yourself to find your own truth.  Allow your Higher Esssence to just fully say, “It’s okay, I’m here, I understand, we’re going to change it now, we are totally going to change.”

Allow yourself as you’re sitting here in this beautiful Temple, you feel the changes happening.  You have no remorse for anything that has happened because it is part of the Divine Plan.  Allow yourself to understand this in this moment.  This is the frequency that is occurring, allow yourself to come into that essence, allow yourself to come into that experience the Divinity that you are.

Just sigh through that, AAAHHH!

Just take a sign and embrace it, AAAHHH!

Fully embrace it, you are the Beauty that you are, allow yourself to fully feel that!  Feel that within that body that you are incorporating.  Let us now go a step further, I want you to arise again and you are going to the altar, and on the base of it is a shelf.  On the shelf is figurine, a crystal, something for you to have for yourself, wherever you are sitting everyone is in a circular fashion so that is the space that you are at, whatever it is go up and see what is awaiting you in that space.  It may be a crystal, it may be a gemstone, it may be a figurine of a deity or an Ascended Master, something that you need to bring into your Being.  It could be Compassion, it could be Love, it could be Joy, it could be accepting Abundance, maybe it’s a Golden rock, maybe it’s a Clear Quartz Crystal, maybe it’s a Rose Quartz to soften up your heart and allow that to flow within you, because this is all part of your Truth.

Take that item and then return to your seats.  I want you to hold it to your Heart, and feel the vibration that is running through for you right now.  I am going to speak a little bit about Inner Truth.

Some may think that this is about researching Truth, finding elements, and being very analytical which is true, but there is an essence of Love that has to come through.  If one is using those aspects analytical, details, and being over-possessed with perfection, and not allowing anyone to speak their truth, it is out of balance, this is the lower aspect of this Ray, and there are many that do have this.  If you feel that you have an Atlantatean background, believe me we were all their together, and it is important to bring this into Balance.  All aspects of each of these rays needs to be in Balance, but its more apparent with the Scientific Knowledge because it’s not about getting the details, it’s what you do with them after you receive them.

This is very, very important, and some do not do very well with it, because some have a lack of Compassion and that one is the lower aspect of this Ray.  So what we want to embody within each of you right now is to fully bring that Balance and the item that you have picked from the altar is for you to do that.  If you find it’s something softer, and for your Heart Center, that’s exactly what you need, you need to receive.  If its something that is a little bit sharper edge, you need to get into your analogies and get stricter with yourself, but all it is, is an inner truth.

So I say to you now, hold this item to your Heart, your Thymus, and to your Throat, and feel the frequency that is coming through to you now for receiving this item within your life.  It will help it will bring all of that into Balance, and feel that coming to you now.  I want you touch that to your Third Eye, and I want you to see the expansion within your Third Eye.

Now as I look at each of you, I see this expansion occurring.  It’s very broad, it’s amazingly beautiful.  So now we allow the entrance of any thoughts to come into you about parts of yourself that you have been searching for in your own pathway.  Let’s now go beyond the personal, now let’s go to service, the service that you are doing upon this Earth.  I want you to feel the frequencies that are coming into you, because this a direct line to your soul’s essence in the process of the pathway that you have been working on for eons and eons of time, all those lifetimes you’ve been walking on this pathway, now it is going to be actualized.  This is what this city does, this city helps people to find their own truth.

Allow that to flow through you now, let’s just take a moment of silence, while you fully bring in those frequencies.  Whether you see it in a vision in a thought or a feeling, allow it to come into your whole body, allow it to interact  in your Heart Center, because it is very important that the Male and the Female interact with this frequency.  This is a Remembrance that is occurring for you, and if you haven’t quite received it yet, don’t worry it will.  This is an activation that’s happening, it may come in your dream state, it may come in meditation, or it may come in a fleeting moment when you are doing something and all of a sudden you realize now I know what that was.  This is just a small part of what you need to receive, so breathe that it in, allow that to come through to you fully and embrace it.  If you have received something tangible, you should write it down.  You may not have all parts of it, but this is a major piece.

Let us now arise, around the Temple there are many other individuals that are within the city, this could be you.  You could be a major part of this City, this is your choice, this is why we are coming to the cities, this is why you are experiencing all the different avenues while they are still under construction, we want you to get a feeling.  I AM Master Hilarion, sometimes I am given a bad rap because of the Scientific Knowledge that people think it is a very intense Ray, and that if one does not incorporate it within them in their Physical body on this lifetime than it can be difficult to acquire.  Not necessarily so, it is a Balance.

When you allow this Balance to occur within you, then you receive exactly what it is you need.  It may not be a Ray that you are directly associated with, but it is a Ray that you do need to utilize.  So I say to you, in this moment, it’s not about the intensity of receiving knowledge, it’s what you do with it, and having the patience to continue upon.  Each of you needs to desperately incorporate this ray on some level, those of you that have it in a more intensified basis need to drop it down a little bit to bring the Compassion into it and the unwavering patience that we have been speaking about.

Let’s all embrace each other, because we are all part of the elements.  I am happy that we are all here together, and that I can express this, because it is a moment of knowingness for me to have each of you here.  I know that each of us have been together previously, and sometimes they were intense times, but in these moments they no longer need to be.  So let us embrace each other around the altar, shoulder to shoulder, and just breathe and connect with each other and know that you have come to the right place at the right time.

Say these words,


I am ready to understand and receive the knowledge that I AM

It is my pleasure to be here with you

I AM Master Hilarion, at your service

Let us all now exit out the walkway.  Now we are going to go from the fifth level to the fourth, walking in the opposite direction.  So now we walked in a counter-clockwise direction, now we are going to go in a clockwise manner.  Feel the frequencies changing as now we move to the third level.  Then to the second, and then to the first.  As we walk out the doorway, and down the Golden pathway together.

I say to you, :I am honored to walk with you, to have you part of the New Earth Hierarchy.”  So please do return.  Let us converse with each other.  Let us come together and share with one another.  I look forward to future moments, and I look forward to next week when we come back and  work with the Elohim and the Archangels.  Many blessings to you, I now pass the energies back to Lord Adama.

In the name of the Holy God of Hosts That We Are, We Are ONE.

Greetings, this is Lord Adama.

Let’s walk through the town and you see the altar, you see the waterfall altar, people blessing and honoring themselves; it can be a busy place and their can be many types of Light Beings here.  Everyone comes here to learn about their inner truth, and to find themselves, so it may be a city for you.  Lets now walk through the town a bit, through the outskirts as we walk outside of the inner city, the inner sanctum, the community not really inner city, and we walk around the land and we feel the frequency all around us.  Let us all come together, I have one last thing I would like to say.

We have gone through six cities now, we are not quite done with this city yet because we will return next week, and I would like to bring forth something else through Meleriessee.  If you have an interest in a specific city, we are offering a session, and she doesn’t even know about this yet, she just got a flash of it with Master Hilarion.  We are offering a session to assist any of you in any of these Cities, if you feel aligned to the City that you want to be a part of; I want to say part of, not just visiting and not just a resident, but actually working in any of the possible job opportunities that will be available.  I am also available, if you are not sure which city you want to travel to, and I would be glad to talk with you.  So this is something else that Christine needs to put out there, so she is laughing to herself.  I think this would assist any of you, and I think this would assist her at the same time, to understand what exactly your role is in these Cities, and we will be continuing with the Cities after we go through the first seven.

We just want to make sure that everybody gets an idea, and working within these cities is also working for your own aspects for you to attune yourself to these Rays.  It is a way for us to bring forth this information in an easier manner than sitting and having a lecture about what each of the rays mean.   You are actually experiencing it in these Etheric Cities that will be the Golden Cities of the New Earth.  It will prepare you for it now, it will prepare you for it then, and it will prepare you for the time in between.

So it is my pleasure to fully bring forth these frequencies together, I think it’s very important that we understand, as we never thought would be available to the human concept and you are fully actualizing it now.  So I say to you, give yourself some gratitude, give yourself some element with you that you have accepted because it means you have a job in one of the cities, or maybe many of the cities, so it is a celebration.  It is a great celebration for each of us to come together in this way, so that we get to know each other and I would love to communicate with you personally.  It’s now time for us to part,and it’s a sad moment for me, even though I am not specifically talking to each of you personally, but I truly feel each of your Essences, and I look forward to the time that we are walking together as we did in Lemuria.

So let us take a deep breath, as now we see the mountains, the streams, and the hills, as we see this city in the valley, and the community.  It’s a very down-to-earth place, very, very down to earth.

Let us take a deep breath.

I am going to ask everyone to spin their own Merkabah vehicles, we’re not going to go back to Telos, we’re going to go right from here, and go into your specific location.  Let us all have a group hug first, and feel the frequency of each other deeply, utilize your gift that you have received to assist you in your own Inner Knowledge.  Spinning deeply – we all now separate.

I am Lord Adama, At Your Service, High Priest of Telos.

In the Light That We Are Together, We Are One, Eternally One.

So Mote It Be.


5th Dimension, Ascension, Golden Cities, New Earth

Sept 14th, 2011 ~ The Golden City of Truth ~ Valakanah, Over Central Alaska ~ Discussion


The last few weeks we have been working with the 2nd Ray of Love within the City of Malton over Illinois and Indiana along with traveling to the Ashram of the Elohim Masters Apollo and Lumina.  The Yellow Golden Ray has been infused within us so that we are now walking as Golden Yellow Warriors of Light.

Current State of Affairs:

Presently we have traveled through five of the seven first golden cities which represent the Violet Flame of Transmutation in Wahanee over Atlanta, Georgia; Ruby Red of the Devotion in Shalahah over Montana and Idaho; Gobean of the 1st Ray of Will and Power in Blue over Arizona and New Mexico; Klehma over Colorado, Kansas and Nebraska with the Ray of Balance and Harmony for Mother Earth in Crystalline Light; and Malton over Illinois and Indiana representing the Golden Yellow Ray of Love and Wisdom.  When we fully finish with the first seven cities we will go over the energetics of each city represented by the Rays so we can get an idea of where we might need work or if we are ready to move into the 4th dimensional Rays of God.

We have learned that each of us now has a Golden Machete for healing the Earth and ourselves which represents the Golden Yellow Ray shared by Mahatma Gandhi.  Master Kuthumi share knowledges along with the Elohim and Archangels of this Ray to assist us in helping to clear out our mental levels.  We took a journey across the United States to help alleviate challenges in environmental conditions with Master Kuthumi’s assistance.  Quite a bit has happened in the past few weeks.

I ask you to continue these processes it is very important.  Each of these cities represents these rays for us to visit and help to accelerate our Light Bodies into existence.  It will be an important factor that each of us understands our capacity to heal as it is a necessary component for us to help others.

In the words of Lord Adama today:

Each of the 21 cities is a progression.  Some individuals that are attuned to a specific ray are going to be aligned in that frequency.  They will work in these areas, but all individuals must visit each of the cities that represent each of the rays to work on those aspects within themselves.  Christine, we have asked you to do this because we feel that this information is important.  Others have written about the cities, the rays, but never in this context and what it is going to mean.

Each of the cities is within the Etheric realm at this time.  As the earth shifts and changes and the alignment of certain areas becomes fully within the purpose of the God Source, then those cities will be able to be visited fully.

As we are going through the material and visiting the cities, please take stock of what it feels like for you.  If there are elements that you intuit are important for you to work with, please utilize the recordings to go back again.  I don’t feel as if we should learn about these cities and then completely forget.  Sometimes we need to do a little repetition so that we can utilize our highest knowledge.

The other element I want to mention is that we are trying to assist as many land masses as possible through this process.  These cities will become available to us and not until then, when critical consciousness moves into the 5th dimensional arena.  These areas that are being saved and others that need healing are not set in stone with the information.  The information is given as a guide and each of us has a responsibility to take our part in accelerating the land masses.

Moving Forward:

Tonight we are working with the energies of the 5th Ray of Scientific Knowledge which is the City of Valekanah over Central Alaska.  Master Hilarion will be overlighting the energies.  It is representative of the White Light mixed with Gold and Green.  This city represents Truth and Healing while fully embodying it.  One cannot heal with knowing their inner truth.

This city will allow individuals to fully acknowledge themselves to assist humanity.  Each of these cities is being built to assist humanity.  We do not want the fall of any specific group of individuals as what happened during Atlantis and Lemuria along with other civilizations.  This will be a city in which individuals will come to fully find their true purpose.

Master Hilarion is the Chohan of the 5th Ray.  He was a priest in the Temple of Truth, on Posidonis, the last remnant of the Atlantean Continent.  When he and his colleagues were alerted that Atlantis was falls, he volunteered to bring the Flame of Truth Crete which at that time was part of Greece.

In Biblical times he was known as Saul of Tarsus, and then as the Apostle Paul.  He also had an embodiment as the Phiilospher Lambilichus.  He presently functions at the Temple of Truth, in the Etheric realm, over Crete.  The Brotherhood of Truth assists all researchers who have consecrated their lives in an effort to bless the human race.  Hilarion likes to assist skeptics, atheists, and the disillusioned.  He is successful in instilling within them a faith in God.  Hilarion feels that REMORSE is one of the greatest ills of experience.  To spare mankind remorse he goes to the ones that need it the most, Skeptics, agnostics and those who have no believe system.

In his words:  “Persevere, persevere beloved ones as one who knows.  I can say to you ~ persevere in love, and you shall wear the crown of victory and the white garment.

The aspect of this ray is Concrete Science and Knowledge.  This can be one’s inner knowledge or also the ability to grasp higher knowledge.

The Virtues of this Ray are:  Research, Keen Intellect, Attention to Detail, Truthfulness, Being Analytical, Unwavering Patience and Extreme Thoroughness in repeated examinations, the power to make the voice of silence heard and the manifestation of the Great White Light.

The vices are:  Harsh Criticism, Arrogance, Lack of Compassion, and Unforgiving Temper.

The Virtues to Be Acquired:  Reverence, Devotion, Love, Open-Mindedness, Truth, Dedication, and Healing.

The Higher Expression is the Science of the Soul and Spirit and the Lower would be a modern educational system.

This ray is also overlighted by the Elohim Masters Cyclopia & Virginia along with Archangels Mother Mary and Raphael.

The overall energy of the City of Valekanah is finding One’s own Inner Truth, Knowledge, and Wisdom.  In other words this is a place you want to visit to fully assist you in finding your Missing Puzzle Piece.  I know we spoke about this in the City of Wahanee but it is a deeper entrance into the Core of your Being with your own Inner Truth.  If you cannot find your wisdom that your Soul needs to impart, you will be floundering from place to place like many of us have been for eons of time.

This is truly a City to Find Your Own Inner Wisdom that needs to be imparted.   Without your truth you cannot express fully your Divinity.

The City of Truth, Valakanah

I have traveled far and wide across the globe searching within myself,

I went to the Cities of Gobean, Shalahah, Wahanee, Klehma and Malton;

I still have more to see but I am really excited about the City of Valakanah.

Master Hilarion is the overlighting frequency of this city,

He has such knowledge but expresses it in beauty and love,

I am excited to learn to follow his example;

He says to me, “This is the City ofTruth~ all will be revealed when you walk through the doorway”;

I step inside and feel the expansion,

Of the Golden and Green Hues within the White Light,

It flows through me and centers into my Third Eye.

I feel a moment of ecstasy and then a flash of knowingness whirls through me,

I am unsure of the entire picture,

But I see the pieces all coming together;

He says to me “Sit here my child; let it flow through you”;

Let me guide you into a place of magic and expression within your Being like you never thought would be revealed;

I call it the City of Revelations,

I hope you will see why it is called thus-so….

I sit, reflect, and feel the fluidness of the frequencies running through me,

“Yes,” I say, I have come to the right place,

My travels before have assisted me greatly and deeply,

Now I am ready to see the full arena of my Soul’s Purpose flowing through me.

I AM that I AM that I AM

I AM Ready to Understand and Receive the Knowledge that I AM.