Ascension Mastery Training, Telos

Decree ~ Removing the Old Self from the 3rd Dimensional Construct of Reality ~ in the Golden City of Telos

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Walking Terra Christa continued the journey of Cycle 4 – Dedication to the Self, through the Emotional Body providing Ascension Mastery Training within the Golden Etheric City of Telos (located underneath Mount Shasta in the Agartha Network) with Lord Adama, High Priest of the Telosian Council of Light.


Our journey into the Golden City of Telos was guided by Lord Adama into the LIGHT RAY CENTER which is a magnificent arena of 22 temples representing each of the Rays of God. This center is newly constructed and allows for Initiates to experience the dynamics of each of the Rays of God with the Chohans, Elohim, Archangels and Elders of each of the Rays to assist them in their journey.

Lord Adama guided us to the Garden of Reflection as he shared his knowledge and expertise on the subject of Physical Glamour and how being attached to material things for the sake of looking better than the other person causes the Astral Self to not come into alignment of the Divine Mind and Heart.

Some of his key elements included having the desire to be Superior to others, needing to create an identity that promotes importance that is created from the Lower Ego, being attached to the glamour of material possessions that can make a person feel they have reached a certain status in life, or just creating ways of living that are from the 3rd dimensional construct and not representing how a 5th dimensional person creates the world within and around them.  He also spoke about how the gift of psychic phenomenal can be centered within the Lower Mind and not the Higher Mind or Higher Self.

We then walked from the Garden unto the Garden Pathway around the main temple as we entered the Temple of Inner Devotion representing the 6th Flame. We were met by Lady Nada and Lord Sananda in which they gave their intentions of love to each individual to help bring forth the qualities of Peace and Serenity to open the bridge to the Divine Self. They also initiated Divine Language Network Encodements.


I am now coming to the point in my reality,

To remove the elements that have kept me attached,

To my third dimensional personality.

I would like to work with Lord Adama to have him assist me to understand,

Within myself what needs to be changed,

While learning the new way of accepting my role as a disciple of Ascension Mastery.

I am guided to call upon Lord Adama,

Who is the High Priest in the City of Telos,

Which is beneath Mount Shasta, the Inner Earth, in Northern California.

As I am met by Lord Adama,

We walk down a pathway filled with golden lights amongst the trees,

We turn a corner and I can see this magnificent arena of many temples,

Called the Light Ray Center.

Each temple reflects each of the 22 Rays of God,

With a main ceremonial hall called the Temple of Initiation,

Which sits in the middle of all temples of light.

As we walk closer we enter a magnificent garden,

Which is filled with lights of all the 22 Rays of God,

He calls it the Garden of Reflection.

There are beams of rainbow colors through the trees,

In the land, and completely around us,

I feel the beauty of this space with its amazing qualities of light.

Lord Adama motions me to sit with him,

As we talk about what it means to allow the Personality of the Flesh,

To be absorbed by these light rays.

He shares with me that the 3rd dimensional thought process,

Will go through a stage of resurrection within the 2nd Initiation of Mastery;

Sometimes there can be resistance that occurs as the Lower Ego,

Is being absolved of all the demanding emotions,

That are held within the physical consciousness.

I reflect upon what he has said,

As I still feel the energies all around me,

I am confused that if I am gifted and psychic,

Why can I not just change my old self?

He smiles at me,

And says, “it is not as easy as you think.”

Your Astral Body holds all the thoughts and emotions that your Etheric Self,

Has carried with you through all incarnations,

It is like a protective band around your Aura;

It controls the way you have been so that you act according to the physical mind.

Then, when you awaken, the Astral Body starts to break apart,

As you allow your Higher Mind to help you through the process,

The parts of you that were in control start to move in a different direction.

It’s about being able to truly accept that your Physical Personality,

Is changing within the process,

To allow for the Cracking of the Lenz within your Astral Self;

If you still allow the old thought processes occur within your reality,

Then the Astral Self is not changing with the process.

The only way a person can access these higher light forms is to allow,

For the transformation of all the bodies to come into alignment as one,

It is at this point that the Lower Self will adjust itself into the Higher Light Source,

You are Becoming.

As we are sitting there together,

I do feel a sense of change coming within me,

I tell Lord Adama that I sense that my lower self,

Is being obstinate and not wanting to change,

That the way I have been doing things is just fine.

Again, he smiles at me,

It is okay to acknowledge those feelings,

But it is not okay to listen to the old self trying to steer you in the same manner;

It is a time to surrender your lower ego,

So that you are not attached to the confines of the 3rd dimensional world,

You must remove the Glamour of wanting to be the best,

To realize that having material items in your possession,

May not be for your Highest Good,

To only have things in your life that represent your Divine Self,

To realize that your perception of psychic thoughts,

Must come from the Higher Mind and not the perception of what you think you see,

From the Physical Perspective;

To remove all feelings of judgement and resentment,

Into having the thought that you are better than others;

When in fact knowing your True Self,

Will help you to align with your Divine Truth,

And that is the Power that You should accept in your world.

He asks me to feel these divine light infractions all around me,

As all of the temples of the 22 Rays are now igniting their amazing light forms,

In all the beautiful flames of the Blue, Golden Yellow, Pink, Crystalline,

Green-Golden-White, Violet and Purple,

Then the Ruby Red and Gold representing Inner Devotion;

Then I feel the higher rays blending in spectrums of light,

With many facets of Blue, Gold, Pearlescent, Pink, Violet, Purple,

And many more appear around me,

As all 22 Flames of Light,

All merge as higher forms of light blending together as One.

We stand from where we are sitting and walk down the pathway,

Towards the Temple of Inner Devotion,

Where Lady Nada with Lord Sananda are awaiting my arrival.

Lord Adama says it is now time to allow the true reflection of my Divine Self,

To be the determining factor in my personality,

As you walk into this temple, allow all old elements you have held within yourself,

To be transformed;

So that you may see your True Personality of your I Am Presence and Higher Self,

To Shine through you.

I walk into the temple and feel the magnificent light energies of the Ruby Red and Gold,

I am honored to experience this moment of my Rebirth.

Thank you Lord Adama for assisting me,

And I look forward to my transformative self showing me the way.

I Am that I Am that I Am

©Rev. Christine Meleriessee Hayden, Integrative Channel 2nd, 2018, New Earth Consciousness~Circle of Light. 

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