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Heaven Within the Earth ~ The Agarthan Christed Inner Earth City of SHONSHE

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Walking Terra Christa presented a journey for the Ascension Mastery Teachings into the Crystalline Agarthan Christed Inner Earth City of SHONSHE within the Himalayan Mountains with Lord Herstadt and Lady Felicianeea, the God and Goddess representing Shonshe.


We will now create the most beautiful Merkabah vehicle as we connect with each other for our group Merkabah to travel to the Crystalline Agarthan City of Shonshe.  Lord Adama will meet with us within the City.

As our Crystalline Seven-Flame Merkabah vehicle now spins from the planetary level going towards the Himalayas, there’s a Vortex of Light that is assisting us to open up these energies.  We arrive within the Himalayan mountains, going into the Inner Earth.

There is an entranceway from a Monastery.  We meet up with the Monks of this Monastery and they bless us and show us the way. We walk through a cave in the mountain lit with beautiful Flames of Light of all different colors.  We travel through the mountain going deeper and deeper into the core of the earth until we finally arrive. The energies of Shonshe are powerful.  Our guides of the Monastery now return to their original location.

We thank them for assisting us.

As we enter the beautiful Crystalline City of Shonshe, we can see the beautiful energies within the mountain.  Crystalline lights are present throughout the entire city.

Today our visit takes us to a very special place.  There isn’t a Temple here, but there is a Vortex of Light.  We are met by Lord Adama as he guides us to visit Heaven within earth. As we walk through the many of places of this City, there are others that are waving us on from the City, thanking us for coming to Shonshe.

We see now a beautiful gate that is lined with shrubbery.  It goes all the way up to the top of the core of this mountain that we are entering.  It is truly a ‘Journey into the Center of the Earth’ with exquisite energies.  The gate is open.  As we walk through the gate into this beautiful massive garden, it has a 20-mile radius.  It goes far and wide.  There are many different places within this garden that one can explore.

There are beautiful flowers; there are glistening colors of energies on the rocks with crystals.  The shrubbery and the bushes are so full that you can’t really see that you are on the inner sanctum of the mountain.

We are met by Lord Herstadt and Lady FelicianeeaLord Adama will now take us into a special place as he will speak to us about what this City may mean for us and how we can best experience the energies within this City.

[Lord Adama shared his dissertation first; to read the transcription of Lord Adama’s message, please use the link provided: The Act of Patience.]


Greetings My Dearest Ones!  We are Lord Herstadt and Lady Felicianeea.

Hello, Hello, Hello,

Welcome to our City.

Let us arise from this Pagoda.  I hope you’ve been feeling the Divine energies that are here with the Crystalline Light.  As we step down onto the ground from the way that you came in, we will now continue the journey on the pathway.  The pathway is now going to open up into a large area that is full of blessing energies.

The beautiful part of this Heaven within the Earth is the acceptability that all things come into a state of purification, bringing forth the divine energies, allowing for that purified sense to occur in the existence of All That Is.

As we walk through the garden now, notice beautiful flowers everywhere.  Listen to the birds singing.  The vibratory energies are becoming intensified, as we move towards the center of the garden within the Vortex of the Cascading Waterfall.  This Cascading Waterfall is representative of the Crystalline Light energies that come down from the Higher Planes of existence of the Himalayas through the mountain into the ground of where we are standing upon.

Listen to the beautiful rustling of the water.  As it pounces down onto the ground, it moves down into the core essence of Gaia, into her Crystalline core.  Each of our cities within the Agarthian Network assists the Upper Earth.  This city assists in bringing forth those Crystalline formations into the core of Gaia to allow the sparkles of Divine energy to flow into many directions into the upper Earth.

As we arrive at the waterfall, you can see that the core of the mountain is in the center so you can completely walk around the waterfall.  There is a portion where you can walk underneath the waterfall which we will do in a few moments.

As you walk around the waterfall, see that it is a circular formation of Light.  This formation of Light is Unity.  It is presented this way purposely so that within this Heaven within the Earth, each of us within this city as we come here to absorb the energies and to relax and to recharge our consciousness.  We allow ourselves to feel a different sense of purpose.

I ask you to take a little stroll around the waterfall.  Get a sense of what feels right for you in this moment.  The waterfall also represents Unity.  What is in that Unity?  There are points of direction of the east, the south, the west, and the north.  It allows those energies from each of those directions to be acknowledged.

As you walk around the area, take some deep breaths.  Allow your intuition to be high and imagine yourself being here all alone without anyone else.  Where would you be guided to sit or stand?  The frequency of the Crystalline Light comes down from the mountain above.  It is blessed by the Himalayan energies of the monasteries.  It represents the source of connecting to the Divine Mother God and the Divine Father God.

The city does represent the Feminine essence, but it is both the Feminine and Masculine because you cannot have such greatness within the Feminine without the Masculine supporting that energy.

Let us find our place around the waterfall feeling the Vortex of Light, feeling the vibration of the Crystalline water bouncing across the rocks spraying us, feeling that Divine essence sending sparkling new energies within your field.

The colors here within the city are representative of many of the Rays of God.  Allow yourself to see different spectrums of Light.  As those energies come down and swirl within you and go around in multi-directions, it allows you to feel the focus of what Divine Mother Father God represent.  They represent the Balance, they represent all aspects of living, they represent the Purity of Light, but they also represent the FORCEFULNESS of that Light.

Bringing forth these energies unto yourself allow yourself in this moment to breathe in and allow the sparkles of the Lights and the water to hit you, spraying you with a new sense of beauty and purpose.

{Divine Language Network Light Encoding}

Now the energy is spiraling around the waterfall, the Vortex of Light.  If you look with your intuitive mind you can see the frequency of Light circling from the ground at the base and going up higher and higher.  It’s creating a DOME effect of the Divine energies that encompasses each of US in this moment as we sit here within the PURE reflection of ALL THAT IS.

I, as Lord Herstadt, support this energy, ground this energy, allow it to be so, so that Lady Felicianeea can fully ignite the flow of movement.


Greetings My Comrades.

I am Lady Felicianeea and I give unto you the movement of the energies.  You see you must have movement all the time.  You must have movement of the frequency of Light running through you.  You must have movement with your emotions allowing your vulnerability, which is your best asset and some of you may not believe that it is, but it truly is your gateway.  As this gateway into the Heaven within the Earth is the accessibility to bring forth the Higher Divine energies experienced in the Higher Realms of Light to be accessed here within the Inner Earth.

There are many Light Beings circling around all of us in this moment.  Beautiful Angels, physical Angels, Lifeforms assisting with the Divine energies making the movement of vibration to be circular but also to be connective.  Within this circular connective energy, the beginning is the end, there is no separation.  Now allow yourself to feel this within you.

As the Light Beings dance around each of you exhibiting their presence of Light, allow it to come into Oneness now within your own Heart essence.  The Heart essence of the Masculine and the Feminine that you are, bringing those elements into balance as you cannot have one without the other.  Allow them to dance within your Heart within this vibrational essence.

{Divine Language Network Light Encoding}

Feel the pressure building up to feel the Purity of your Beauty, to feel the essence that you ARE, the exquisite movement, the exquisite energetic movement of the Masculine and Feminine assisting each other.  Allow this flow of energy.

Arise from where you’re sitting, and we now walk underneath the waterfall to allow the blessing of the Crystalline Light to come into your exquisite essence. As the water pounces down around you, open your arms and hands and allow yourself to be freeeeee; allow yourself to be free of any encumbering thoughts, emotions, or experiences in this moment.

Feel the blessing Crystalline Light.  Touch your hands against the rock.  Feel the vibration and the colors sparkling from each rock coming into your Heart allowing your whole bodily system (spiritual and physical, emotional and mental) with your Higher Light Bodies merging into the Oneness, the Oneness of that exquisite form that Divine Mother God gives unto us as the vibrating energies within your Heart Center.

As now we walk through the underneath portion of the waterfall and out from the waterfall, we now stand in front of this Vortex of Light.  You can feel the vibratory energies from the soles of your feet.  This is Gaia accepting this frequency of what we have created in this moment, of what each of YOU have created in this moment because as you transform, your pure Essence of Light goes fully down into the Crystalline core of Gaia.

The vibration is very soft yet very intense.  You can feel that coming up into the soles of your feet.  You can feel Her Love, Her Acceptance.  You can feel the Love of the Divine Mother from above.  As the two of them (Gaia and Divine Mother) wrap their arms around each of us, it becomes a blessing around the Heart, a blessing around the entire system.  You are swirling with colors within and outside your body as the swirling Vortex of Light.  You become this Light.  It is part of you.

I am Lady Felicianeea.  We will now speak as one.


Greetings.  It is now time to step away from the Vortex.  Feel your Divine energies as we walk back to where we first arrived.  We walk in a different way across the garden feeling the beautiful essences that are here within this garden.  The vibratory energy brings forth a sense of peace.

There are many animals that we have here in this area.  They now come out to greet you.  They feel what you have done.  They feel the Divine qualities of giving service to yourself.  They want to acknowledge you.  Whatever animal you receive, let that animal be part of your essence.  It could be a deer, a horse, it could be something larger, it could be lion, it could be any type of animal that you would like to acknowledge to come to you.

As they come to you, you feel their essence.  You thank them because you can see in their eyes what you have become.  This is the pure reflection.

It has been a pleasure for us as Lord Herstadt and Lady Felicianeea to fully be with each of you.  We thank you for coming to our City.  We are continuing to work with Walking Terra Christa.  It is our pleasure to honor our energies by sending them unto each of you.

Thank you Lord Adama for opening this gateway for each of us to commune together.  We honor all of you of that which you are and all that you are trying to be.  We give you our Compassion, we give you our Love, and we look forward to the accelerating energies that you are going to be bringing forth into your own consciousness and the world.

So Mote It Be.


It is I, Lord Adama.  Let us walk back to the entranceway through the main part of the garden which is all grass with flowers on the side; grounding what you have received.  Let it be part of you.  This is a beautiful experience.

As we walk through the gateway, we bid farewell to the beautiful energies of Heaven within the Earth.  Please do return and allow yourself to explore the exquisite Divine essences that are here.  I thank Lord Herstadt and Lady Felicianeea for offering their services to us.

As now we gather together creating our beautiful Merkabah vehicle of Light.  We will now walk through the cave.  Our guides are waiting for us.  As we move out of the Inner Earth City of Shonshe and up into the Upper Earth of the Himalayan mountains, feel the exquisite joy and the blessing that you have been given.

As now we exit the cave, we gather together in our Merkabah, we thank the Monastery and its inhabitants for assisting us.  They bow to us in service and we bow to them in return.

As we create this beautiful Merkabah vehicle of Crystalline energies, beautiful Light energies of what has been given to us in Shonshe, we now descend across the hemisphere.  We are moving back into the area where you are located, spinning in multi-directions in the 4th-dimensional Earth. Now we separate into our own Light Bodies and return to our own physical locations.

I, as Lord Adama, want to thank each of you for being part of this journey.  Acknowledge what has transpired.  It is just the start of many beginnings.

Alunnah! Alunnah! Alunnah!

I am Lord Adama, High Priest of Telos with the Agarthan Network at your service.

©Rev. Christine Mahlariessee Hayden, Integrative Channel 17 , 2020; New Earth Consciousness~Circle of Light. 

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