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Decrees ~ Stepping Deeper into Cosmic Ascension


In November  2018 Walking Terra Christa presented teachings of Stepping into the Journey of Cosmic Awareness for Ascension Mastery Training. This took us into learning more about the Golden Etheric Cities for the Rays of Pearlescent and Deep Blue Violet.

Our Focus for this cycle was to embrace the Higher Light Energies to bring forth the changes that needed to take place within the Emotional Mental Bodies to Allow Self Love to be the predominating factor of healing.

Golden Etheric City Aslaanetair (Sweden, Norway, Finland)      

Ray 10 – Pearlescent ~ Removing Illusions of Separative Thinking and Feeling

This visit was guided by Lord Voltar and Lady Valencia of Andromeda representing the Masculine and Feminine Divine. Lady Valencia brings forth the expression of the Feminine Essence to assist in holding within the foundation of the continued element of Self Love and Self Worth. Lord Voltar allows for the removing of the lower thoughts that are not able to be perceived due to the Mental Body holding unto the illusion of desiring to be in control.

The Golden Etheric City of Aslaanetair represents the 10th Flame of Pearlescent, Chakra: Sacral – 4th dimensional grid; Overlighting Masters – Lord Voltar and Lady Master Valencia of Andromeda with Archangel Ariel.

Elders That Surround the Throne of Grace: Lord Helleiasa and Lady Helleiasso

Characteristics: Allowing the Acceptance of Divine Unity Within by blending the Masculine and Feminine Essence to work together as One Entity, Being in the Moment, Expressing a balance within the body but also in the Emotional and Mental Selves; blending the frequencies of the Higher Self Consciousness into Physical Existence; Acquiring Higher Wisdom; DNA Activation occurs when initiating the ray through the Higher Self/Oversoul – Buddhic Body.


As I am learning more about Cosmic Ascension,

I realize there are elements within me,

That does not allow me to hold the higher vibration,

Within my physical body.

The work I desire to achieve is to feel my Emotional Self,

While allowing my Mental Self to support my journey.

I am guided to travel to the Golden Etheric City of Aslaanetair,

That resides over the countries of Sweden, Finland, and Norway;

The beautiful Pearlescent light permeates everywhere as I enter the city;

It is a spectrum of light blending many colors,

With an essence of pure white and golden essence intertwining within it;

As I am met by Lord Voltar and Lady Master Valencia,

Who are the overlighting masters for this ray and city,

I feel their essence helping me to realize that every element,

Is a circle of existence,

In order to come into full acceptance of the Feminine and Masculine Divine,

I realize I need to allow the purity of this light to assist me.

I see why they call this the City of the Labyrinth,

It looks like there are many circles of energies,

Some intertwining one another;

It almost makes me feel dizzy,

And that is when I realize I have arrived into a place of Divine Connectedness.

When I look around,

I can see the many mountains in the far distance,

It seems like the center of the city,

Is sitting in a valley with many areas that one could explore.

As I walk with Lord Voltar on my left,

And Lady Valencia on my right,

I realize that each of them represents the aspects of,

The Feminine and Masculine Divine.

The Temple of the Eternal One sits on a Labyrinth,

And almost feels like it is turning ever so slightly.

We walk along a pathway in front of the Temple,

As I am being guided to a special area that will assist me to become more involved,

Within my Emotional Body so that my Mental Body can become the foundation I deserve.

Lady Valencia takes the lead,

As we walk down the right side of the temple towards the back area,

There is a beautiful garden with many flowering shrubs on each side,

Where we walk;

I then see there is a body of water,

It is absolutely beautiful, and I can feel its flowing essence as we move closer.

They call this the River of Flowing Essences,

Which is a crystalline pure essence flowing with many colors of light.

We step onto large rocks that go out into the water,

There seems to be a ceremonial area, almost like a small island,

In which there are benches and places to meditate or reflect,

The three of us find a place under a large tree;

There is a bench that goes around the tree,

It feels like it represents the center of life;

We sit down and Lady Valencia asks me to feel the wind,

That is whistling through our ears,

I feel it on my face and body;

As I can tell there is a cleansing that is occurring within all of my four bodies;

I receive a chill as she now asks me to look at the waters around me,

It is flowing to the land and disperses around us;

We sit in the center of this magical moment,

Of feeling the wind, seeing the water and feeling grounded by the earth.

She tells me to breathe and totally become all of these elements;

At the same time, the sun is shining brightly upon us giving an internal warmth.

Lady Valencia says to me, “In this moment you must think of nothing else,

But the beautify of the sun, with the wind,

And the water as you are firming planted on the ground;

In this instance Lord Voltar stands before me,

I can feel his power exuding towards me,

But yet there is an energy of Divine Love.

They ask me to stand on my feet,

And step unto the large tree that seems like it is an Oak Tree,

I find there is a landing for me to stand upon,

I feel myself becoming One with the Tree.

Both Lord Voltar and Lady Valencia express to me,

This is your center,

This is your moment to realize whom you are becoming.

I feel the strength of the tree,

It shares of me its masculine and feminine essence,

As I am starting to realize within myself,

I am the same as what I am experiencing.

I am excited for my journey into the union of my Divine Self.

I Am that I Am that I Am.

Golden Etheric City of Astleranschiamm (Columbia, South America)

Ray 20 – Violet Gold ~ Vibrating with the Light of Oneness through the I Am Presence

The Lord of Sirius is the Overlighting Being for the 20th Flame within the Golden Etheric City of Astleranschiamm. This city is centered over Columbia, South America. Lord of Sirius will be assisting us in holding the higher Light Codes in order to accept the Higher Dimensional realities that are not part of our present consciousness.

Ray 20 ~I  Vibrate with the Oneness of the Light I AM
Definition ~ Beingness
Color:  Violet Gold
5th Dimensional Chakra Grid:  Throat

Overlighting Being:  Lord of Sirius (Technology of Light Codes, Assisting us from the 24th Dimensional Realm between Galactic & Universal)

Characteristics: As an initiate, this ray assists us to accept the higher levels of vibration to blend within our four-body system, while learning to accept the true essence of our Divine Beingness represented by the I Am Presence. Some Masters have called this Enlightenment or the Consciousness of Being All Things in Unity.  It is also the feeling of being in Oneness on an individual basis.  The Light is fully our guidance through the entire structure of the 5th dimensional body. Accessing this ray while in the lower initiations will help the four-body system to slow become acclimated to the increase light energies.

Lord of Sirius ~ is an energetic Star Master; he is able to assist us within our own ascension process.  He teaches us how to work with the Light Codes in order to accept the Higher Reality that is part of our Divinity.  It is a matter of allowing the Light Frequency that comes to us in codes or geometric shapes to fully be present within our Reality.  He works with our Higher Self to fully accept our expanded awareness.  Initiating this ray will allow Lord of Sirius to work with each individual on a personal basis in order to accept the light codes which are being integrated within the full body system.


As I am experience the Cosmic Ascension walk,

I am called to the Golden Etheric City of Asterlanschiamm,

Which resides over Columbia, South America.

This city is so expansive that it covers approximately a 750 mile radius;

It has many temples throughout the beautiful landscape,

With mountains and caverns, rivers, hillsides,

With beautiful oceans views of the Pacific and Caribbean seas.

As I arrive within this glorious city,

I am met by Lord of Sirius,

We have arrived in the mountainous areas,

With many caverns and peaks and valleys around us.

I feel as if I have come into a higher dimension,

Without even realizing my journey into the City of Asterlanschiamm;

Lord Sirius tells me we are traveling to the Temple of the Soul’s Essence.

I find myself hiking with Lord of Sirius,

Many areas I can find it is challenging,

And then other places I feel there is a landing,

In which I look out amongst the landscape,

All around me.

I almost feel dizzy,

And Lord of Sirius tells me that this city represents the many higher dimensions,

Going all the way up through the 24th level;

There is a moment of truly experiencing a new part of myself,

Energy is flowing around me,

But yet I feel very stable in my walk and stance.

We take a moment to sit on some rocks,

As Lord of Sirius asks me what I can feel about my own Soul’s Essence;

In truth, I am unsure of who I am as a soul;

I allow myself to understand my life,

But from a perspective of the person I am in this body;

I realize I must go deeper.

We sit together,

And Lord of Sirius asks me to breathe  into my Solar Plexus,

To allow my emotional body to sense what I am experiencing.

As I sit with him,

I realizing I am seeing reflections in the land in front of me,

Of geographic patterns that seem very unreal within my physical mind.

He tells me to just breathe into them,

As they are a doorway to my Soul’s Essence,

Talking to me and showing me the way.

I understand what he means.

The more I allow myself to feel,

I sense my intuitive mind to show me more graphic combinations.

We arise together and continue our walk,

As we go deeply into a cavern,

I can understand why it was important to take time to reflect,

With my Higher consciousness.

Lord of Sirius guides me into the Temple,

It is not anything I thought it would be,

The colors of the Violet Gold are everywhere;

I expected darkness,

But in truth it is brighter than any room I have ever encountered.

I stand with Lord of Sirius,

Feeling the reflection of Divine Light Codes,

Coming into the temple,

Embracing me with their light,

And to help me remember a deeper part of myself.

I am ready, willing, and able to start this journey into my Soul’s Essence.

I Am that I Am that I Am

©Rev. Christine Mahlariessee Hayden, Integrative Channel 14th and 28th , 2018; New Earth Consciousness~Circle of Light. 

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