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Decree ~ Owning My Power to Feel Humility Within Myself ~ Lady Portia & Lord Metatron


We have started our next phase of Self Parenting with the Metatronic Seals for Ascension Mastery Training. This month we are working within the Golden Etheric City of Fronlahamm bringing forth the 7th Ray of Ceremonial Order & Discipline. We share the decree working with Lady Portia and Lord Metatron.

Our focus is to let go of the Mask of Perfection and allowing the Oneness of our Higher Self . The 7th Ray of Ceremonial Order & Discipline,brings forth the ability to learn how to create a Sacred living through our thoughts, feelings, and actions. It is the ray of transmutation and transformation through the Violet and Purple flames which represent the Feminine and Masculine Divine.

Lord Metatron initiated Seal 6 ~ Accessing Wisdom of the Ages and Seal 7 – Accelerating That Wisdom.

Ray 7 – Creating Magic by Accessing Purification & Transformation of the Self
Definition: Ceremonial Order & Discipline, Sacred Living, Spiritual Tradition & Protocol
Color:  Deep Purple with Hues of Violet
Chakra:  Sacral
Elders from the Throne of Grace:  Lord Teesian & Lady Teesio
Chohan:  Lady Portia
Elohim Masters:  Arcturus & Victoria
Archangels:  Zadkiel & Amethyst
Toning Sound of Sacral Chakra:  “O-O-O-O”

Characteristics:  Sacredness of Divine Structure, Spiritual Grounding, Violet Flame Invocation, Spiritual Tradition, and Protocol while creating a new foundation of Grounding.  An Alchemist who brings forth characteristics of precision, skill, grace, dignity, diplomacy, tact, and discipline.

Virtues That Will be Acquired:  Exhibiting great gentleness, love and tolerance that brings forth realization of unity in all creations of this Earth.

Owning My Power to Feel Humility Within Myself

Today I am journeying to the City of Fronlahamm,
Which represents Freedom and Justice for Humanity.

As I am now working within Step 6 and 7,
Removing My Mask of Perfectionism,
To allow the Oneness that I Am from My Higher Self,
As I learn to embrace my Humility.

I am excited to learn from Lady Portia and the Divine Masters of the Violet Purple Flame,
To help me transmute the lower aspects held within my emotional body,In order to fully transform my foundation into accepting Serenity and Joy.

The landscape of this city is magnificent,
With its amazing bright energies;
The land is green but has hues of the Violet and Purple essences,
Within the tree leaves, the plants, and the flowers,
There are rolling hills in the distance and many lakes and streams,
Throughout the city.

I step unto a walkway that is adorned with amethyst crystals,
There are many shapes and sizes,
The pathway is also made of a crystalline substance,
I feel the energies spinning within my Earthstar.

The walkway takes me in a circular direction,
As I walk from my left around to the right,
I notice the structure of the Temple that is in plain sight.

I reflect on the changes I have experienced,
And how I want to take this new journey,
Of My Higher Self and Physical Body to work with each other;
I desire to understand the elements I need,
And what I need to remove,
To fully embrace My Power of Love Within Me.

As my journey now brings me to the main entrance,
Of the Temple of Freedom & Justice,
I walk forward unto three steps as I enter the foyer of the hall,
I see before me Lady Portia.

She takes my arm as we walk together into this magnificent structure of crystalline glass,
I see there are other doorways around the circumference of the building,
There are beautiful violet and purple curtains hanging from the entrance way,
They sway to and fro in the breeze of the wind.

The room is so amazing,
With crystalline walls, violet and purple hues emanating everywhere,
I step down unto a marble floor,
It is a ramp that takes me into the middle of the temple.

There is an amazing altar with the flames of the Ray of Ceremonial Magic,
With seats around the outside of the flame,
Lady Portia tells me to sit and reflect on the energies I am feeling;
As I do so,
I see beautiful Light Beings joining me from the different entrances.

They introduce themselves;
We are the Elders that represent this ray from the Throne of Grace,
Lord Teesian & Lady Teesio;
We are the Elohim Masters,
Arcturus and Virginia;
We are the Archangels,
Zadkiel and Amethyst;
And, I AM the Ray Chohan,
Lady Portia.

They step around the outside of the altar,
As their reflections emanate within my essence,
I now see Lord Metatron,
Who will be initiating the Seals of Wisdom of my Past,
Allowing me to accelerate this knowledge with my Soul Star,
I now open up your heart to each of these Beings of Light,
As each of them are here to bring forth,
The elements of Divine Structure within your life.

I breathe deeply,
I feel all of their energies with deep love and gratitude,
I know I have arrived in the right space,
To be with each of them and to share who I am,
Through the transition of allowing Personal Alchemy be my guide,
I thank Lady Portia and all the beautiful Light Beings.

I am now ready to embark upon a new journey,
As my Inner Self now becomes a priority,
In my pathway of Light within my Physical Self.

I AM that I AM that I AM

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