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Jan 11th, 2011 ~ Discussion ~ Visiting the Golden City of Itarliaan over New Zealand with Mother Mary


Last week we visited the City of Itarliaan as we connected with Lady Nada.  She assisted us with removing any negative energy in order to receive the Divine Love to actualize the Body of Light.  It was a very powerful call to assist us on the next phase of our journey.

Current State of Affairs:

As we are now moving through the higher rays, we are going to be experiencing elements that we previously thought we had taken care of.  It is the process of removing elements from the cellular level that is very important.  This is why sometimes we feel that we are releasing over and over again.  In essence we are ~ through all phases of the four body system and now through the cellular level.  The energies presently are assisting with the transformation.

We are still feeling the effects of the full moon of Cancer so this call may include more of the same elements from this week.  The most important part is for each of us to acknowledge what we are experiencing as the process can go much easier for each of us through the different stages.

Moving Forward:

Tonight we are returning to the City of Itarliaan over New Zealand which represents Attraction to the Body of Light in the 9th Ray of Blue-Green Essence.  Last week we worked with Lady Nada and tonight we will be meeting up with Ascended Master Lady Mother Mary.

Aspects of this Golden City:

Joy, Creation with the Self, Acceptance, Moving from Hope into Actualization, Love and Light within, Potential, Stability, Doorways opening with the Light within the Body, old being removed and resurrected

Lady Master Mother Mary is also an archangel and the Twin Ray of Archangel Raphael.  In this city she comes to us as the Lady Master bringing forth the personality and divine qualities as Mother Mary.  Most of her embodiments were in a feminine body.  Previous to Mary’s incarnation she had been trained in the power of concentration.  She had a strong connection to the angels in this incarnation since that was her origin although she specifically asked not to know of her mission with Jesus.  She had a direct connection with God and every task that she performed as Mary was thanking God for his presence in her life.

Mary’s presence in the Temple of the Sacred Heart is very predominant as she assists souls before embodiment to create the best elemental substance the individual can offer, the Etheric pattern for the future heart.  She also petitioned the Karmic Board in 1952 for babies to be born in perfect condition.

As many of us connect with Mother Mary to assist us in nurturing of our hearts and souls, this evening will not be any different.  It is with pleasure that we connect with her as we move through the process of Attracting Our Body of Light which truly represents opening ourselves up to Divine Love and our own Sacred Heart.

Decree ~ Walking through the Doorway of the Light Within Me

There is a very special Golden City in New Zealand,

I am anxious to experience it firsthand;

As I have been walking through the areas of transition,

I have cleared and rebirthed many times over;

I feel the essence within me changing deeply,

As now I am ready to accept the next phase of my journey.

I want to attract the Light more fully within my physical vehicle,

I call upon Lady Nada for assistance;

She represents the phase of Creation by dissolving all that does not serve me,

Her essence is completely within Divine Love;

Mother Mary also assists by showing me how to incorporate joy within my life,

They come towards me in the essence of the Blue Green;

I breathe deeply and feel walking into the essence of actualization of all that I have created,

I feel through my breath the joy and beauty that I Am,

I Am Divine Love.

Experiencing these moments of creation has helped me to fully actualize my self worth,

I am now in full acceptance of my Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual bodies,

As now they become One in Wholeness;

I feel it swirling within me of the full expression that I Am,

I am now attracting the Body of Light as I stand within the Temple of Divine Love and Joy.

Thank you, Lady Nada and Mother Mary,

I feel blessed, alive, and joyful about my creation onto this Earth;

I AM that I AM that I AM.

If you would like to learn more about our weekly vibrational calls, please see LifeStationEarth for details including availability of downloads.

Christine Meleriessee & Mike Hayden

Vibrational Masters & Mentors for the New Earth Consciousness

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Jan 4th, 2011 ~ Journey to the Golden City of Light over the Etheric Level of New Zealand ~ Itarliaan ~

Join us on Wednesday evenings at 5 PM Pacific as we travel to all of the Golden Cities of Light in the Etheric Earth, http://lifestationearth.com/page_156.html.  The recording of this call is available for your download, http://lifestationearth.com/audiorecordings_151.html.

Christine Meleriessee & Mike Hayden

Vibratory Masters & Mentors for the New Earth, Terra Christa



This is Lord Adama speaking. It is very, very good to be here with each of you in this moment.  Thank you for joining us in 2012.  We hope that more do desire to be with us because the frequency of Light between us is increasing; it is increasing greatly.

In this new year we are going to be seeing some new elements coming into the calls, new elements of the Telosian Council.  They want to oversee these calls, because there is more activation occurring for anyone that chooses to visit us in Telos for training  physically.  There is also more movement in working with us astrally than ever has been before, and your going to be seeing a lot of different types of energies coming forward through the Dearest one here.  I express all this unto you through her without her prior knowledge of what I was going to say.  I just wanted to reiterrate that; that each of us are working together.

We are a Circle of Light and within this Circle of Light each of us is assisting each other through the process of our journey.  We are assisting you in this timeframe to train you to remove the elements that have kept you in the 3rd Dimensional world of bondage and to move into the 5th Dimensional world of physicality.  This is not an easy task but you have all of us here right now assisting you.

Since what I am trying to convey to you as we are all here to assist you and you are assisting us, some of you may not understand how that works.  We are going to try to help you to incorporate that within your Beingness because we need you just as much as you need us.  We need to increase these frequencies upon the Earth to create these elements so that it is the New Earth when it  moves into that 5th Dimensional state of Beingness as Gaia is doing so presently.  Everything that you are  incorporating is assisting the Earth to do so.  We bring forth to you this knowledges of the Golden Cities to assist you in accelerating yourself but also assisting you to share with others through energetics, through vibrations through your way of beingness, it’s going to be a fabulous year for each of us because we are becoming closer and closer than we have ever before.  I wanted to express my deepest desire to do so because we are a team.  It is not you it – is not us, it’s not anyone else, but it’s all of us coming together in Oneness which is so perfect for this call that we do on a weekly basis and were very, very happy to do so.

So please remember that as we travel to these upper cities that it more of an energetics and understanding what each of the Rays mean, because on a higher level it is not necessary to have the why’s  and that is just important to incorporate the energetics of what we are integrating.  We are very excited that this meeting is out of the United States out of the North American continent and moving into another space of New Zealand which is a very beautiful space.  It is well deserving of these frequencies this evening.

I impart to you right now to take a deep breath and to fully allow yourself to come into your own Beingness and what is it within you that you may need to address.  If you cannot bring it to the surface, we are going to help with the energetics to do so.  Do you understand what may be stopping you from allowing the attractions to the Body of Light?  Remember this is the first stage of that, we have gone through all the other stages it does not have mean that you are quite there yet, but this evening is just going to assist you to get closer.  This is very important for you to understand, that it is a process and sometimes within that process there can be times when you fall back a little bit and within those times of stepping backwards there are a great reflection that occur.  It is not something to look down upon yourself as it is part of the pathway.

We, in the Inner Cities, also have our own inner challenges; you may think that we do not because we do live in a Love-Consciousness society, which truly is the best of the world.  This is what each of you inspire to have within yourself but until your ready to fully actualize it and receive it into your own Being, within your own self preservation, within your own essence of your physical body, you cannot perceive it happening in your lifestyle and your environment.  It is a process of continuation that occurs for each of us; each of you are on a beautiful pathway unto these knowledges; each of you have chosen to be here at this time.  We are so eternally grateful for you being on the Upper Earth. Each of you are going to start to remember those aspects within yourself that will assist you in this process.

It can happen momentarily, it can happen so deeply that you do not know that you had an understanding of it until it occurs for you and comes through to you and, then you are within it and this is the beauty of this year.  This year is going to catapult frequencies of light unto everyone; within these frequencies of Light, you will be able to accelerate yourself by just walking through the process.  At times you may not even understand the process that you are going through.  And then all of a sudden a Light comes on for you, you start to feel a reflection, you start to feel a remembrance.  I say to you again you must start to live in the moment because without living in the moment and surrendering to all the outside circumstances, you will not be able to actualize the frequencies that are trying to come through to you from your I AM Presence and your Higher Self.

So it is an exciting time at this journey we are on with each other.  Let us take a deep breath.  I feel the Essence that you are as we now all come together to create  our group Merkabah and as we walk arm in arm our meridians all match within each other to create one large Body of Light.  We are going to move through the Etheric level of Earth.  We are going to picture ourselves going towards New Zealand and as we center ourselves across the land mass, the city will encompass the entire area.  it is pretty amazing and a very large area.

What we want to do is just allow you to feel the Essence.  Remember this is just the Etheric level of what is going to transpire in the New Earth Energies.  So take a deep breath and we feel ourselves coming down onto the land masses of the Etheric level of the New Earth.  The landscape is beautiful, amazing pristine, and of course, it is surrounded by a bodies of water, and within the land masses there are mountains, there are fields of flowers, animals grazing, there are hilly areas and there are pristine waters.  Allow us to go into the middle of New Zealand so we are not outlined by the oceans or the sea but you will see beyond you the landscape of the mountains.  You will see a beautiful, beautiful mountain that is known as Mount Cook.

We are on the other side of Mount Cook and I want you to feel the pristine energies.  Much of what New Zealand is going through right now will be transformed into this City of Light and to this beautiful Golden city.  I want you to feel the essences as the wind blows across the land and you feel the beauty and the pristine magic that is within this area of Light.  As Christine and Mike discussed earlier about the cities of light that represent the higher Rays there is still much construction at this time within these cities and this city is no different.  With the timeline of the movement of the New Earth energies coming upwards into the frequency of Light, there is going to be great transitions that are going to be occurring in these different areas.  So it, is very very important that we understand the frequency that we are feeling right now is representative of  New Zealand at this time but not quite in the level that it is used to actualizing.  As New Zealand is a beautiful area, it’s a very magical area but also there are other areas  just as much that can be challenging and of a lower density than the vibration that we are feeling in the 5th dimensional levels.

We walk around the land; I want you to feel the Earth because, this frequency of the New Earth within this area is going to be very representative of the assistance of receiving the Light body activation .  You will feel the breezes coming up from the ocean even though the distance is quite far.  Now feel those areas of movement from the sea from both sides of the land, even though we are quite a distance away.  Due to the energy of this land mass, it is very focused upon clearing any essence of change.  I just want you to feel the essence occurring for you now as you feel the breezes of the wind through you, as you feel the essence of what is occurring through your four-body system.  Allow your emotional and your mental bodies to be fully activated in a different way then they have been previously while bringing in those frequencies of Light.

Breathe in deeply we are now walking through a grassy area of a hilltop; over the hill we see down the valley, where the Temple is being erected.  The beauty of the Blue Green energy with the essence of Pink filters within the Blue and Green as we walk down the hill.  We see lots of flowers and shrubbery in different parts.  This is a hilltop where animals may graze, this is a space which is large because there are going to be many different types of individuals that come to this City of Light.  This City of Light is going to incorporate energies of the mountains, energies of the seas, energies of the forest, energies of the hilltops, energies of the sun beaming deeply down upon the many areas that embodies water within the land masses so New Zealand truly has all in balance.  What a perfect place for the Attraction to the Body of Light to be in this city of the world.

Allow yourself to just feel those energies deeply within Itarliaan.  It is a city that will incorporate the energies of many levels.  As we walk down the hillside there is a pathway; there is great Joy, there are children that you see , there are individuals that are here who are mainly people who are assisting with the creation of the city as there is still a lot of work to be done.  As we move down towards the Temple it is illustrated by the Blue Green Essence.  It emanates through everything in the land, in the trees, in the water, and in all the frequencies of Light. As we come towards the Temple, we see that it is completely erected out of the base cobble stones.  Then moving towards the top are crystaline structures which are going to emanate Rainbows of Light.  They are more of the clear quartz frequency that is more pristine, but at the top there are beams of Light that represent the Blue Green Ray which is so representative by the lighter colours of the frequencies of stones.  All of them are clear stones; there not any stones that are not fully open. These crystaline structures that have been built have been erected out of these mountains itself and is so representative of the land.  As the land represents, the City herself in all its frequencies of Light.

We now look towards the Temple which is erected in a very interesting type of  structure.  This structure has the pointed energies of light; there are many steeples, and there is one large steeple of the crystaline structure that is at the top that emanates the frequency of Light unto the Temple.  So what exactly is going to happen when individuals that enter the Temple is that they are going to be able to feel the frequencies of the Light of God of the Divine Mother and Divine Father God to fully come into this Temple to feel this Divine union.  Around the Temple are beautiful gardens, and there are places to sit – to just relax and to feel the energies, you will see many birds flying, nature is very prevalent here, all is in Oneness in this space.  As we walk towards the Temple, the Golden doors are open and we walk inside.  Lady Nada is waiting for us there, as this is my cue to step aside.  I will return to escort you back.

Love and Blessings,

I AM Lord Adama at your service.


Greetings, Greetings,

I AM Lady Nada.  Please do come in as Mother Mary is here with me.  She wanted to greet everyone here with her Essence, so please do come in.  As you walk into the Temple, you will see it is like a church.  There are other rooms to the outside but, we are going to walk to the center hall which is the Temple of the Doorway of Light.

As we walk into the center hall, you will see the steeple that is at the top is filtered in clear quartz and that Light emanates through the entire hall.  This is very important for each of us to understand that you have just walked through the doorway to attract the frequency Light  to assist you in your own creations and to receive the Divine Love that is necessary within your Heart and within your entire structure.  Feel the Essence that you are.  Breathe deeply you; will see there are seats in a semi circular fashion, many rows of seats please come to the first row.  In the middle is the beam of Light which is the Doorway of Light of the frequency that comes from the top Level representing the Divine Mother and Father God. The Blue Green Ray emanates to each of you and through the entire hall.

There are many times that we will have many people here.  Right now you are first to envision this beautiful Temple.  It is my expression unto you.  As I stand here in the middle of the center of this Temple in the frequency and extend the Blue Green Ray to each of you, I share my Heart unto you in this moment.  I ask you to take a deep breath and allow the deep breath to go to your Heart as I emanate unto you my Divine heart.  Breathe in and open up your Divine heart.  I will ask Dearest One here to ring the bowl, so you can feel the frequency of your heart opening more deeply than you ever have before.

{{{{Crystalbowl is struck and resonates for some time}}}}

Feel the Blue Green Rays emanating through me unto each of you, as I raise my hand and as my palm now comes towards you this frequency of Light that I AM.  It is fully going to be incorporated within you.  Around the outside of where I am standing you will see beautiful vases of Pink Roses which also emanates the Pink Flame.  I bring to you this essence in this moment to assist you in dissolving any ill elements within your-self that do not serve the purpose of Divine Love within you.  Breathe in deeply and allow this essence to come fully within your Being, allow yourself to fully incorporate unto yourself from your Higher Self as he or she now activates this Divine Love which represents the Divine Love that YOU ARE.  Allow it to go into your Physical essence, allow it to go into the completeness that you are – into your cellular structure.  Allow those elements within you that do not serve this Divine Love to be fully dissolved with the Pink Flame and the Blue Green Ray, as we attract the Body of Light to us.  We start to feel our own self acceptance, we start to feel the essence that we are of our Highest Self, the physical essence will dissolve and turn to Light.

Take a deep Breath and allow yourself to fully incorporate this at this time.  Allow yourself to fully be the Divinity that you are  deserving to be.  Allow your thought process to be removed in this moment.  Just sit in this Temple and feel the expression of the Blue Green emanating through your entire essence.  You are ready to receive, you are ready to accept, and allow yourself to feel the Essence within you as everything is now being dissolved.  The Blue Green Ray is now filtering through your entire body and you vibrate with the Blue Green Essence.  As you feel my heart expanding unto yours, I give you the peace, I give you the ability to fully be your own devotional Self.  Allow yourself to fully incorporate this at this moment.

{{{{Crystalbowl is struck and resonates for some time}}}}

It is my Divine pleasure to be here with you in this moment to assist you in this process.  Many of you, all of you walking upon this path have a higher reason for being upon this path that is up to you take on that role within yourself.  No one can do it for you, others can show you the way but it is truly a  integration of your Higher Self unto your physical essence.  There are many Lightworkers upon this planet but many do not understand the pathway that they need to walk upon in order to fully accept these frequency of Light.  Some are attracted to the magnificance of being a Lightworker and this is so very true, but truly in the aspect of our Divinity it is important to understand the deepness of our physical ego, the deepness of our physical mind, and even our physical heart that gets in the way of the purity in the Light that each of us fully embodies at this time and many times coming forward.

I extend unto you in this moment and to give you the devotion that is necessary and is your Divine right to hold on to it.  It is your Divine right to fully have it within your Life, It is your Divine right to fully have Love but you must first deeply Love yourself.  Allow these energies to permeate through your being to assist you through this process because once you do, you will be quite surprised at what you attract.  So please know that this is just another step in your journey at the Doorway that you have just stepped through  by coming into this Temple is attracting your Light Body unto you, you may say unto your self you’re not sure your quite ready, allow your Higher Self  to be your guide tap into that frequency now as your Higher Self  is now ready to communicate to you more fully than it has ever has before and to fully come more physically into your body.  That is also a process that cannot always happen overnight.  So let us breathe deeply within our thymus as we bring in these frequency of Light to assist you in the moment of reflection with your Higher Self.

{{{{Crystalbowl is struck and resonates for some time}}}}

Say these words to yourself:

I AM Love, I am Divine Love, I accept Divine Love, and I share Divine Love.”

Feel the essence of these frequencies now coming down through you as the Blue Green essences filter through this room.  Feel it permeating to your physical body to your cellular structure, to all the cells  and organs and internalization of your physical inner workings.  Allow it to run to your Emotional level, allow it to filter to your Mental level, and to fully accept your Spiritual levels.  Now the Spiritual body is actualizing the rest of the bodies as they all blend together.  Feel the frequency of Light coming down in through the Temple as each of you are being activated to fully remember and dissolve all elements.  Feel the elements leaving from the top of your Crown.  The Blue Green Ray will filter into the Light formations and take it back into the crystaline structure as it transmutes and transforms it.  Now feel yourself  attracting this Light body more fully than you have previously.  You are allowing your Higher Self to be the commander of your ship – you are allowing yourself to move and be in the frequency that you are and to accept the new role that you are going to be taking on.

Feel these frequencies running through you now as we now hand each of you a beautiful goblet.  The goblet has the Blue Green Ray; take a sip from this goblet as the Ray is going to move into your bloodstream.  Allow it to permeate into the fluid levels of your spinal column, allow it to go into all those elements of the inner workings within your physical existence and then its going to filter into your Etheric body as it removes and dissolves all the debris that has been holding you back from lifetimes and lifetimes and life times.  It doesn’t matter what happened, it doesn’t matter the situation but allow it to be transformed.  What matters in this moment is the actualization of the deepness of your Divinity, the deepness of the Soul that you are activating it within this four-body system and attract this Light to you.  Feel the attraction, feel the Essence.  Let us all stand feeling the filtering of the Light slowly dissipating and now grounding through your feet into your Earth Star.  Let your Earth Star feel the grounding of the Light body so that it can be fully actualized within the physical.  Allow yourself to fully accept this beautiful integration.

I AM Lady Nada at your service. Thank you for coming into the Temple by allowing this Doorway of Light to be within each of you.  It is yours for the asking, just call upon it and come and visit us.  We will be happy to be here with you and to assist you in the process.  You may call upon me personally if that is your choosing.  Deeply feel the Essence that you are.

Let us all hold hands.  as we hold hands in the Temple, we know that we are united because we are Divinely connected to the Love Essence as we are from the Divine Mother and Divine Father God.  There is no separation between any of us.  So I extend to you one more time the tinkling of my Heart coming into your essence for you to fully feel the frequency of Light that is you.  I am in deep honor; deep – deep honor of this journey with each of you this evening.



This is Lord Adama.  Let’s just take a deep breath as we leave this Ceremonial Hall.

Mother Mary and Lady Nada escort us out; there is a great essence flowing through each of us until we bring it forth with the continuation of our Light frequency.  As we leave the Temple, we walk down through the gardens.  Feel the beauty that is here; feel the essence that is so representative of Lady Nada and Mother Mary.  This is pure, this is bliss, this is the frequency of the Divine Love.  Allow it to move through your entire essence.  We now walk up the hillside; we all gather together as we move in our group Merkabah.

Breathe in deeply; feel it now centering upon us as we move back towards the area where we first met in the Temple.  Now each of us will separate to our own Light vehicles as you travel to your locations across the Etheric Earth, across the frequency that we are and come down deeply into your own body.  Allow yourself to feel the grounding deeply.

This is a huge activation this evening that is even more than Christine realizes and we have an extra added surprise for you, just sit back.  I as Lord Adama bring forth these frequencies unto you to help you ground them.  This is something that we do for ourselves in Telos; just breathe deeply and allow yourself to ground the energy through the base of your spine, and allow that to sit very tightly as we bring through this essence.




You should receive more grounding and allow the activation of your Light body to be an easier transition.  I thank you joining us.  Once again the vibrations will become more intense, the grounding is going to be happening more fluidly.

I Am Lord Adama. the High Priest of Telos.  I am so internally grateful for each of you walking this pathway and for these calls occurring as they are going to be getting deeper for 2012.  It is with great pleasure that I AM here with each of you.


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Jan 4th, 2012 ~ Discussion ~ Visiting the Golden City of Itarliaan over New Zealand ~ Initiating the Body of Light

The City of Itarliaan in the Etheric level of New Zealand represents the 9th Ray of Attraction to the Body of Light in the colors of Blue Green.  As we travel to the Golden Cities of Light they represent the Rays of God and we are now moving into the 4th and 5th dimensional Rays which will assist every individual to incorporate and ground these rays into our physical bodies.  If you would like to experience these calls live, please check out our website, LifeStationEarth, for details of the calls and also to download any of the recordings.


The last city we visited was Tamarinaqea over British Columbia in Canada which represented Resurrection and Rebirth with Lady Isis.  We spent time in Telos for the Solstice Ceremony and were assisted with the next phase of our journey into 2012.

Current State of Affairs:

We are now working through the higher rays.  We must remember that these cities are not going to be available for quite awhile as visiting these cities in our 5th dimensional body needs the structure and balance of the first seven rays.  This is very important.  You can travel astrally but we will probably be seeing quite a bit of construction in the higher rays.  I believe the temples are the only buildings that we are going to be able to envision.

As we are now fully in 2012, the visitations of the next cities are going to assist us in helping to ground the higher frequencies.  2012 represents our ability to fully walk upon our pathway with what we have learned and incorporated so far in our development of the full body system.

Moving Forward:

This evening we are traveling to New Zealand to experience the City of Itarliaan which represents Attraction to the Body of Light.  Lady Nada and Mother Mary represent this city.

Tonight we will be working with Lady Nada as her aspect is shown with Creation and Dissolution.  Lady Nada is the Twin Ray of Lord Sananda and also the higher self of Mary Magdelene.  She works with the Divine qualities of peace, ministration, and divine love to incorporate into each individual who chooses to work with her.  She will assist in dissolving all issues that are keeping one in bondage from fully receiving the creative forces necessary in one’s life.

Lady Nada came from a large family but was asked to fully step forward in her pathway by rendering service by pouring the love from her heart to those in her family while they slept.  The family members were then nourished and expanded.  She became known as the “selfless one”.  Archangel Charity assisted her with this process as she was asked to enter the retreat in Luxor and would have to several all ties to her family.  It was not easy for her to do so as with the initiations she went through were very difficult and she was living closely with other students.  She understands what it is like to fully invoke the higher energies and have to live in dense situations.

She works with the Pink Flame of Love.  She also works as a messenger for the God and Goddess Meru and their Temple of Illumination, located near Lake Titicaca in Peru, South American.  She first worked at the Temple of Divine Love in New Bedford, Massachusetts.  She was taught how to work with nature, flowers and birds.

Lady Nada represents Creation and Dissolution – she assists individuals in fully removing the negative energies in order to receive Divine Love which in essence is the actualization of the Light Body.  The Light Body cannot be fully integrated until one is ready to let go of the negative aspects of the root area.  Thus this is another journey into the actualization the Body of Light

We will work with Mother Mary next week as she represents the Joy and essence of the completeness when One is in Joy.  Both Lady Nada and Mother Mary work hand-in-hand to bring forth these aspects for the Attraction to the Body of Light.

Both of these Beings assist in the Body of Light Integration and have been chosen specifically to overlight these energies for this amazing City of Light.  Remember this is the City in which the attraction first is initiated to the Body of Light.


  • Joy,
  • Creation with the Self,
  • Acceptance,
  • Moving from Hope into Actualization,
  • Love and Light within,
  •  Potential,
  • Stability,
  • Doorways opening with the Light within the Body, the old being removed and resurrected.

Decree ~ Walking through the Doorway of the Light Within Me

There is a very special Golden City in New Zealand,

I am anxious to experience it firsthand;

As I have been walking through the areas of transition,

I have cleared and rebirthed many times over;

I feel the essence within me changing deeply,

As now I am ready to accept the next phase of my journey.

 I want to attract the Light more fully within my physical vehicle

I call upon Lady Nada for assistance;

She represents the phase of Creation by dissolving all that does not serve me,

Her essence is completely within Divine Love;

Mother Mary also assists by showing me how to incorporate joy within my life,

They come towards me in the essence of the Blue Green;

I breathe deeply and feel walking into the essence of actualization of all that I have created,

I feel through my breath the joy and beauty that I Am;

I Am Divine Love.

 Experiencing these moments of creation has helped me to fully actualize my self worth,

I am now in full acceptance of my Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual bodies,

As now they become One in Wholeness;

I feel it swirling within me of the full expression that I Am,

I am now attracting the Body of Light as I stand within the Temple of Divine Love and Joy;

Thank you, Lady Nada and Mother Mary,

I feel blessed, alive, and joyful about my creation onto this Earth;

I AM that I AM that I AM.

Ascension, Lord Adama, Meditation, Mikos of Hollow Earth

Dec 28th 2011 ~ Lord Adama Guides Us to the Library of Portho-Logos with Mikos of the Hollow Earth


This is Lord Adama speaking.   It is my greatest pleasure to be here with you in this moment to assist you in this process of preparing as we all move into the next year, which is going to be a fabulous year for each of us.   It could be challenging, but it’s going to be very motivated and very moving for every individual on your personal basis, and the opening of the doorways of many of us to be walking with you more physically than we ever have before.

It is my Divine pleasure to just prepare you in this moment of what we’re going to be doing this evening.  It’s going to be a little bit of a different entrance way into the acceptance of where each of us is accelerating into new-found states of continuance within the physical essence.

We want each of you to fully remember that even though I speak to you as Lord Adama, as the Priest of Telos, as the frequency of the Light, I am still in a physical body, and I am still being affected by elements that are happening on the Upper Earth.  That’s why it is so very important for each of us to acknowledge each other so that we can assist each other deeply and greatly.   There are many changes that are going to be happening on the Upper Earth.  Some of them may be a bit unpleasant because of the conflictions that have occurred upon the Planet, because of the elements of change that occurred.   But, in essence, the truth of the matter is that we are all coming together in the Divinity and Oneness as we never have in any other time period.

This is the blessing.  And the blessing is to each of you for accepting yourself in your Totality for you to fully understand that you have a purpose upon this Earth more than just standing as a Human Being, working and having family and having friends.  There is so much more that each of you is the God Essence within you to create that more fully within your physical self and to allow it to enfold outside of yourself so that you can fully understand the creation that is happening upon the Earth.  Because right now as each of us gathers in this moment, in these frequencies, we are assisting energetics through the Inner Plane levels of the Upper Earth levels to assist others to feel frequencies of Oneness.  So this evening is going to be a little bit different from what we have done before because we are going to connect with that Oneness more fully than we have.

So I say in these moments, let’s just take a deep breath.  And within that deep breath, we want each of you to help yourself to understand who you are.  So if you look within your Heart Center, what is it that you feel in these moments?

As we fully tap into the highest essence that we have the ability to come into physical being in this moment, I ask each of you to just surrender unto the frequencies that are going to be coming through, because as these frequencies come through, you will start to feel an expanded awareness within you.  And with this expanded awareness it needs to be integrated within your physical essence.  It needs to come into the physical level, into the cellular level and into the elements surrounding you in the physical part of your creation.  Sometimes the physical body does not want to accept fully what is happening.

I say to Christine consistently ~ Meleriessee.   I still will call her Christine because she will always be Christine to me.   She has been going through these elements even though there have been messages that I have given to her that have fully been created within her life there have been doubts.  This is the Physical Self.   The Physical Self does not fully want to accept the creation of the Higher Self into the physical body.

The physical body is not used to these frequencies and this is being in a 5th dimensional level of acceptance.   So until one really understands through feeling levels that these elements are occurring, you can still have these particles within you that are not fully accepting all that you are creating.  You are the Creator.  You are the Creator.   You are Destiny.  You are the Mover.  You are Destiny.

So I ask each of you in this moment to think about everything that has occurred to you in this year.  I want you to center yourself upon January of this year.   As you came into January 2011, how you may have felt and to see the difference now in December 28 ~ three days before the year is going to shift to 2012.

New Years Eve is a very momentous occasion and this is time to fully connect to the elements of the frequency because as you are moving from the old into the new it is truly going to assist you in the next paradigm of creation that you are trying to create.  So we say to you right now let us not worry about anything.  We are going to take you on a magic carpet ride, and while on this magic carpet ride you are going to feel the freedom and the joy of experiences that you desire to have within your physical existence.  But the confines of the mind do not always allow you to create because in those essences you fully are unsure of what is occurring in each circumstance.  So we say to you right now to just breathe deeply.

Breathe deeply as now we will run the energies once again.

{{{Crystalbowl is played}}}

Let us now feel these frequencies of the Light that you are.  Allow yourself to experience a newfound Beingness, to see yourself being incorporated with your highest essence, deeply and in embracement.   Feel this embracement of your Higher Self and your I Am Presence fully activating you in a new way of existence.

Let us breathe.

Let us breathe as now we activate our Merkabah Vehicles.  As we activate our Merkabah Vehicles , we see ourselves spinning upwards into the Etheric Level of Earth and we all come together.  Let us all blend our energies into the Oneness that we are.  And we see ourselves on a magic carpet.  The magic carpet is going to take us into the essence of our future.  Allow us just to sit back and feel the magic carpet just gliding us into the new-found existence of 2012.

As we do this, we are going to take you to the Library of Portho-Logos.  It is the city under theAegean Sea.  It is headed by Mikos of the Inter-Galactics.  There is a special place there we want to take you.

As we go into that space, we feel ourselves going into the elements of finding our self in this beautiful Temple.  This beautiful Temple is well lit with electronics and visualizations.  We arise from the magic carpet and we see that here are many Beings here this evening.  These many Beings are bringing forth the acceptance of the creation of Oneness.  Christine and Michael have been calling this the Unified Whole.  They have decided to gather this evening for each of us.

In this beautiful essence of a Temple, see crystalline structures through Light Formations.  Mikos is with us and so are many other Inter-Galactics along with many Telosians.  The Telosian Council is here with us also.

We have been given a special dispensation this evening.  We have decided that we want each of you to move into a future timeline, for you to experience the essence of the beauty that you are so that you can fully come back into the timeline that your body is sitting upon and to create the future timeline in the present.  So let us all gather here.  You see many seats.  These many seats are here filled with many different Beings.  Everything is in a circular manner ~ rows and rows of seats.  There is a beautiful candle lit altar in the middle.  At the top of the altar there is a screen.

The screen is going to light up with the frequency of the energies that we are all coming together.

I as, Lord Adama, am now going to step aside as we bring in the Unified Whole, to have them bring a special message, which is also the Creative Source of Oneness that so many talk about Are All That Is.  This is the Creative Source that each of us is a part of.

I ask each of you to open up your minds and just receive the energetics that are about to come through in this evening’s meditation.  Thank you for being with us.  I am Lord Adama at your service.  I will be with you at the end to escort you back.

000-144-000 ~ Unified Whole Command Online.

We come to you in the essence of All The Creation, of All That Is, of All The Planetary Structures, of All The Universal Structures, of the God Force, and the Force of the Cosmic Energies of Oneness to fully activate within ourselves the ability to see and feel within the expression that we are together.

If you were to look at us individually, you would not see any of us speaking.  We come from, in this moment, that Group Consciousness.  So it is a Consciousness that is coming through, that is permeating this room.  We ask each of you to just breathe in the energetics that is coming through the Voice because sometimes words may not have any meaning but the frequency will.  So we ask each of you to just open up your Heart Centers, open up your Empowerment, open up all the energies that are flowing within you.  Allow yourself to Accept and be the Being that you are.   We ask each of your Higher Selves to be more fully active and your I Am Presence as we all stand here within our own I Am Presence and feel the conglomeration of the energetics that we are together.  There is no separation in this moment because we are in the Oneness that we are.  There are no aspects of the Mental Level or the Emotional Level that are stopping us from fully receiving this because as we stand here in the Library of Portho-Logos there is nothing else but complete Oneness.   So we ask each of you to just receive these energies, these frequencies as we come to you and share with you the Light Being that you are.

Each of you has come unto this Planet at a time when it is very crucial in the moments that are occurring.  As we stand here in 2012 and give you these frequencies, we want each of you to feel your essences.  We want you to feel your elements within you that bring you the power and the acceptance that you are ~for you to fully understand, not within your mind, but your Higher Mind and your Higher Hearts.  Allow that to flow through you now from the top of your Crown into the rest of your body.  Feel the spiraling Light coming through to you.  As there are many different types of Beings that are working with you to assist you in this process, but individually you know them well.  Cosmically, you do not.

So we impart upon you in this moment, these frequencies of Light, to share with you the essence and the beauty that you are, to allow you to express yourself in the continuality that you are because now is the time of your Awakening.  Now is the time of your acceptance.  Now is the time for you to fully embrace the Codes of Light that you are.  Allow them to fully permeate within your essence.  Allow yourself to feel it in your Heart.  Allow it to fully incorporate in all aspects of your Beingness.

Breathe that in.  Breathe it in, as we all walk with you hand-in-hand and arm-in-arm in the frequency we are together.

Breathing deeply and accepting yourself of the Light Being you are.

Breathe deeply in the essence, in the creation and the moment of Birth.  This is your Awakening.  This is your Remembrance.  Allow yourself to feel and flow deeply within your Being of the Light.  Breathe deeply all the way down to your Core, all the way down to your Deepness that flows in the physical.  Let it flow.  Let it flow in the frequency of the Light.  Let it breathe.  Let it breathe.  Let it come to you.  Pick it up and hold it to yourself.  It is your Creative Source.  Let it come.  Let it come.  Let it come.  Feel the Light Codes that you are.  Feel the frequency that you are.  Breathe that fully within yourself.

Breathe it in.  Let it come.  Let it come.  Let it come.  Let it come so it fills you up as you have just finished a beautiful meal and you feel so fulfilled of the Light that you are.  Let us expand right now as we stand within each other in this beautiful Temple in Portho-Logos.  Let us breathe and relax and let it settle within us.  Feel colors upon colors.  Feel the essences within.  Feel the frequency that you are.

Breathe it in.  Breathe it in deeply.

{{{Crystalbowl is played}}}

Now there is a screen that is coming down from the top of the ceiling.  As it comes down, it will be in front of you.  Each individual is being giving a portal into their future days.  We want you to just breathe deeply.  What we have just given to you is an activation to assist you in fully moving through any blockages that may have stopped you previously from creating your desires within your existence in the physical body.  It is part of the human experience at this moment.  We are going to run the Tibetan Bowl, which is a lighter ring.  Each of you is going to look at the screen in front of you and you are just going to just see the vision of where you are in 2012.  It may be the beginning of the year.  It may be the middle of the year.  It may be toward the end of the year.  It just doesn’t matter what the timeline is.  We are giving you this timeline for you to see within yourselves what you are going to be creating, personally, individually and then pathway wise.  It doesn’t have to be all of these things.  These are just examples.  We want everyone to just take a deep breath and allow yourself to feel that frequency within you so that you can expand your awareness.  As now we are fully activating you with your Highest Essence.

Breathing deeply, allow that to occur now.

{{{Tibetan Bowl is played}}}

Breathing deeply, we now want to bring in those frequencies into the deepness of your Soul.   Bringing you now to accept what you are just receiving in your physical essence.  The screen is now being removed and in place of the screen we are bringing in Light frequencies of all the Rays of God to fully activate it on a Physical Level for your essences to accept and embrace.  Allow the colors of the many colors ~ the Reds – Greens  – Oranges – Goldens – Silvers – Platinums – Lavenders – Higher Violets – Higher Greens -Higher Yellows – Higher Blues.  Mixtures of colors blending together in the frequency, so then there’s colors mixed with no colors.

And it comes down in a beam of Light around you and within you.  It is like a mist coming into your Being, but it is truly just frequency of Light Codes coming into your essences for you to have a realization that this is your reality.  This is what you are creating.  This is the beauty that you are.  This is the blissfulness.  This is the Oneness.  As we create Oneness within ourselves, you are going to be able to create Oneness around you.

So now we ask for the Essences of the Higher Beings of yourself, the Higher Beings of your Light Codes, the Higher Beings of all your frequencies, of all your dimensional travels that have been in Oneness to fully come into balance within you right now, to bring in your Higher Self, to bring in the acceptance, to bring in your I Am Presence activated within your physical body.

Breathe it in.  Breathe it in.

{{{Aayye Eye OH is chanted repeatedly}}}

We, of the Unified Whole, are deeply appreciative of all that you are doing.

In this moment, we give unto you this Remembrance, this timeline of 2012 to come into your present timeline for you to be fully activated, for you to receive these elements for you to walk into the doorway ~ The Bridge ~ from 2011 unto 2012 to fully accept your new Divinity.

{{{Telosian Council channeling}}}


It is our Divine pleasure to fully come forward and to assist you in this process this evening, but not just this evening.  We are going to become more active in the work that Lord Adama is doing with Meleriessee and with Michael.  So we want to acknowledge unto each of you the ability to work with each of you also.  We see a great change that has happened in the communication of these meditations that they are bringing forth in assisting each of you.  It is also bringing forth more frequencies within each of you to accept your Divinity more fully, to help you to remember your Lemurian heritage, to help you to actualize your accessibility with the Telosian energy and also to walk unto the New Earth.

This is what our main goal is within each other.  We are a Council of 24 Beings at this time of the Telosians.  We do change our positions just because we do not like to stay in one place too long, and it helps us to not be in power.  We don’t like the word power, but truly we just oversee and make sure that what we are receiving unto the Telosian cities and the community is for the highest good of all.

This is our expression unto each of you in this moment.  This is why we truly want to bring forth these frequencies unto you ~ to assist you and to guide you and to let you know we are here.  We are here to help your through these processes because 2012 is going to be a very powerful year for each of us.  There are more elements that are going to be happening that we are more actively participating in each other’s consciousness, in each other’s well-being , and each other’s Divinity upon the New Earth.

These frequencies of Light that are occurring for us are going to make great changes upon the Earth.  This is why we are coming to you in consciousness.  We approve of what is occurring in these calls that are being put out there by the Dearest One here and also her partner, Michael.  There have been great warnings to watch the frequencies of the many and some of the individuals that are channeling the energies for the Telosians are not quite ready to receive these frequencies.

So we say unto each of you, we express our desire to assist you in these processes, to help you bring forth these frequencies unto yourself.  This is why we have come together on this evening in this manner.  This is not something that the Dearest One here even understood what was happening until the time came to totally tune into the frequencies.

So we extend our blessings unto you for a very beautiful New Year in 2012.  We extend our Consciousness of the Council in a group format to assist as much as possible, to let us know exactly what areas you are interested in, how we can assist you though this process and how we can fully allow ourselves to come together in the Unity of Community and the Oneness There Is.  That is why we are here this evening.  It is our introduction unto these calls that are going to be occurring as there is great energies that are overseeing the Golden Cities.

The Golden Cities that you are now going to be incorporating with are of a much Higher Level than the first seven.  So it is important for us to bring forth these energetics unto you to assist you in this process because, believe me, you are here for a reason.  You have a powerful gift to give and many gifts to give.  And you have a powerful pathway to walk upon.  So we extend unto you the ability to do it with ease and with grace, and in the frequencies that are acceptable for your physical self.

We will do everything in our power to assist you and to incorporate unto you any Telosian leaders or guides that can assist you through this process.  We have many that are opening up their Hearts unto each of you.  For the challenges that we have seen each of you go through and where you are now, it is miraculous and it is beautiful, and we thank you for doing so.

So in this moment, we extend unto you another avenue for each of you to work through, because we are coming to a time where we are going to be more actively integrating with each other on a physical basis.  We want to assist you as much as possible to be able to accelerate yourself into these stages.

We thank you for being here with Dearest Meleriessee and now Dearest Michael to bring forth these frequencies because it is a time to fully allow each of us to understand we have been apart for much too long.  Now is our time to come together in Oneness, in community, and in deep love of each other.  It is our desire to work with you, to assist you.  The timeline of 2012 is going to be coming very swiftly and quickly.  Your activations are going to be going through you deeply as the Expression of Light that is coming through the Dearest One is of the purest sense in these moments because of what she has created for herself.  She extends her hand unto you as we extend our hands unto her and onto you.

The line of hands-within-hands is beyond the comprehension of your physical mind.  So let us all join hands in this moment and to feel those frequencies within each other because what you are doing right now is truly assisting humanity.

It is our deep desire as the Telosian Council to assist you deeply on all aspects of Creation.



This is Lord Adama.

Let us just take a deep breath.

There has been a lot of frequency.  There has been a lot of information and integration that has gone on within this room this evening.  It is our deep pleasure to be here with you in Oneness because we are feeling everything that you are feeling.  So let us take what we have received.

We are going to ask for the Unified Whole to bring that back into our timeline, and of our physical bodies as we travel.    We are going to ask everyone to say the words,

‘000-144-000 Unified Whole Command online.  I accept the timeline from 2012 to be put forth into 2011 into my Creative Energies.’

If I do not want this to be I will say right now, ‘I choose not to receive.’

If you do choose to receive, say, ‘Thank you Unified Whole Command online.’

Snap your fingers and it is done.  Breathing deeply we bring in that essence now into our physical, feeling ourselves.  Let us feel the Oneness within this room one more time as all the Beings of Light are coming into Oneness.  Feel this conglomeration of ourselves moving into One Nucleus.  Feel that frequency within, deeply, deeply.

{{{Crystalbowl is played}}}

Let us now all gather together in our Merkabah Vehicle.  We spin upwards out of this Temple.  We’re on our magic carpets.  I want you to just feel the freedom.   Feel the magic and feel the joy that is occurring right now.  This magic is yours.  It is all part of your creation, allowing yourself to feel the magic within.  Allow yourself to know you can travel and bring these timelines within to your physical existence now.

Breathe deeply through that.

We are now going to separate.  Feel ourselves coming back into our present locations.  Breathe deeply, feeling that frequency within.

I as, Lord Adama, fully now want to assist you in allowing yourself to fully activate these energies into this timeline.  As we do so, you are tapping into your I Am Presence.  You are tapping into your Highest Force of Beingness, allowing the physical self to blend with that Higher Source of Beingness.

Feel that joy.

Feel the bliss.

Feel the magic.

It is yours.  It is yours.

You deserve all of this.  Embrace this.  Embrace yourself.  Thank yourself for taking this journey because it is going to make your pathway easier as you move from 2011 to 2012.  Turn around and look back and see how much you have created for this to happen, even the challenges ~ the challenges especially ~ as we move now forward across the bridge into 2012.

On December 31, allow yourself to know that you are the Creator of this Destiny, and you are about to walk into the magical garden of your life.  It is my blessing and my Divine pleasure to be with you in these moments.

I Am Lord Adama.

I look forward to our journeys together in 2012.

All the Blessings That We Are.  We are One.


5th Dimension, Ascension, Channeling, Golden Cities of Light, Lady Isis, Lord Adama, Meditation, New Earth, Ray 8 Higher Cleansing, Telos

Dec 7th, 2012 ~ Journey to the City of Tamarinaqea with Lord Adama & Archangel Ramiel

The City of Tamarinaqea represents the 8th Ray of Higher Cleansing which is overlighted by Lady Isis and Archangel Ramiel.  The following is the channeling transcription of our visitation with AA Ramiel.  If you would like to utilize the recording, please visit Audio Recordings on LifeStationEarth.  This call takes place weekly at 5 PM Pacific.  For details please visit Conference Calls & Classes.  We hope that you will join us.

In Expressions of Oneness,

Rev. Christine Meleriessee & Mike Hayden

Vibratory Coaching for the New Earth, Terra Christa

Beginning  Meditation Guided By Meleriessee

Let’s take a deep breath in this moment as we activate the 8th Chakra & Ray of the Thymus Gland.  Breathe deeply into the Thymus spinning the chakra as we want to activate it fully.  We are going to visualize ourselves walking through a misty forest which is filled with the Sea-Foam Green.  Incorporate the Sea-Foam Green in your being and allow yourself to feel the Resurrection and Recreation that is occurring.  What happens many times is that we need to process elements on many different levels in order for things to be finally removed; we want to make sure that the Physical, Etheric, Emotional, and Mental bodies are completely cleared of all the frequencies.

As you walk through the forest, you see there is a clearing in which you will sit down.  This misty light of Sea-Foam Green is flowing into you through the trees and the brush; everything turns to the green as it comes towards you.  It is filtering in your Soul Star coming down into your chakra column.  Breathe that deeply into the essence of your chakras first in the Crown, and asking the Sea-Foam Green to move all debris that does not fit your highest purpose as we are going to activate your Higher Self within your Physical body.  We consistently need to reinitialize these energies even if you have fully activated your Higher Self on a physical.

Bring the energies down into the Third Eye and all energies that are associated with this area of your brain waves, sinuses, your teeth, moving the energy down through your ear canals and your nasal passages, going deeply into your throat area across your neck removing stress and worry.  Now moving it down into our Thymus area in between our Heart and Throat which is the activation of this chakra along with your upper back.  If you have shoulder issues, work the energies in this area as many of us have problems accessing our Higher Self within this area.  We want to now go into our Heart area and seeing the essence of the Sea-Foam Green going into all parts of our organs and all structures of the Physical body including the cellular structure.  We want to activate and resurrect all that does not fit our highest purpose.  We move it down into our Solar Plexus allow it to go into the intestinal tract and the middle of our back along with the organs that are overlighted in this area with the bloodstream and circuitry system, glandular system, and all t hose elements that help the body to be very active and healthy.  Now moving it down into the Sacral area, our Creativity and Sexuality, the lower back.  Allow those energies to move into the Creation that We Are.  Moving the Sea-Foam into the Root area which is our grounding cord but is also a place where debris can be held such as fears and worries.

We ask the Sea-Foam Green to permeate into the whole essence of your Being.  Now moving it down into your limbs, your knees of flexibility, the ankles of your support system.  It moves into your feet as we permeate it down into the Physical essence. We now want it to go into the Etheric essence outside of your body and allow it to filter outside of you about six inches beyond the physical.  The Etheric level holds of the debris from all our lifetimes so we want to make sure there is no elements within that are stopping us from activating the 8th Chakra.  Allow us to resurrect onto our next highest space.  We are now moving into the Emotional level with the Sea-Foam green allowing it to be fully activated in a higher sense as the essence of the Sea-Foam Green is flowing through it.  Then it goes into the Mental level outside the Emotional as all these areas are being resurrected and cleared.

We are now going to ask for the frequencies of our Spiritual body to become more fully into place that is associated with our Higher Self.  As the Spiritual body becomes more activated you are going to be feeling ~ almost like a push of energy ~ as the Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, Etheric, and Physical bodies are going to become all one body as now in your Thymus area you feel a spinning of the Sea-Foam Green fully within you.  Feel that activation as we are now actualizing that chakra more fully.  It is important for each of us to tune into this chakra on a daily basis because it will assist in the process of activating the Higher Self more fully.  Feel that coming within you Now.

Let’s take a moment, breathe deeply to see if there are any elements that are left over from last week of participating in this call or listening to the recording along with any elements that have come up since that time that you want to resurrect.  This resurrection phase sometimes does not always happen at once.  We don’t always walk through a doorway and all of a sudden everything is gone.  There can be other elements; other particles that you are not even aware of from other lifetimes as we are becoming multi-dimensional beings and we are going to be processing all these parts from other lifetimes. This is where the Sea-Foam Green Ray assists in this process.

Lord Adama will now be speaking to us and then guide us to the City of Tamarinaqea.


Greetings My Dearest Ones,

It is my Divine pleasure to be here in this moment ~ to bring forth the frequency of this beautiful city that of course, is under construction as the higher rays of the cities are still being built.  I Am Lord Adama at your service.  The more basic cities are much more in constructed and divinity in space than the higher frequencies.  We still want to give overviews of all of the cities so that you can get a feel of what is truly represented within the Golden Cities of Light.

As I come to you from the Telosian Command Center this evening, I bring forth to you a few elements for you to think about it.  These elements concern what it is that is happening to you on a personal basis.  It is very important that we understand that in order for us to receive these higher frequencies that we have to take care of the other processes that we have been going through.  The energy of the Sea-Foam Green really assists in doing the higher cleansing but sometimes on the other elements we do not really foresee what is happening within our physical, emotional, or mental body.  It is almost like using the Sea-Foam Green is the same thing as working with an outside healer.  The Sea-Foam Green is the Higher Cleansing Ray and it helps to run through your system allowing you to fully find the essences and the divinity that are important to each of your processes.

As Meleriessee stated earlier that the fluctuations that occur to us are very multi-dimensional and what each of you are doing in these stages as you are clearing, many, many lifetimes.  Just because you are remembering something does not mean you are clearing it.  There could be debris stuck in the Etheric level that is affecting you on a Physical level or in the Cellular Structure as it is all part of the inner-workings of the chakra system.  As we know it is part of our Soul’s Essence, so within those areas it is important for us to fully clear and remove the debris.  You may find that you are going through these elements and more things do come up because it is very, very important.  When you get to a certain point you are going to be able to process things immediately, but this is not always so depending on one’s ability to process it on the Innerplane level.  When you start to understand the Innerplane level, then it comes into your Physical essence.  It is about awareness.

This is also what we want to assist you with these processes of going to the cities.  It is not just about learning what they represent.  It is allowing the frequencies to be fully within your Being to access the Rays of God. This is another lesson of learning about the rays.  It was not intended to be that way in the beginning but it has become part of the learning process.  As you incorporate yourself into each of the cities you are going to be incorporating that ray that is essential integrating that specific chakra.  22 Rays of God represent the 22 Chakras that represent the fifth dimensional frequencies within your physical body.

Right now within the City of Resurrection and Recreation, we are working with the 8th Ray which is the start of the 4th dimensional chakra grid right within your Thymus area.  This is a good place to start because what happens as you are traveling through the seven chakras and the seven rays, you are cleansing and purifying that dimensional body. We are now moving into a higher essence in order to assist you in receiving that 5th dimensional body.  So everything that each of you is feeling within those activations and changes within the physical body can be very, very challenging as has been stated by “ascension symptoms”.  Basically, what we are embarking upon this evening is to allow yourself to fully intuit within you if there are any other elements that need to be fully removed.

It is a process, I say this to you, again, because I want you to realize that things do not happen overnight although the frequencies are very high and some of you have been on this path for quite a while.  There can still be elements within you as your life changes.  When you are in your life circumstances, when you move into your pathway, it is very, very important to look at elements that are occurring within you either at yourself or within others.  Because they are going to be mirror images and for you to accept that changes that need to be taking in order for you to walk upon that Golden Pathway.  It is no different for anyone.  We all have to go through these elements.  Each of us in the Telosian frequencies is also learning how to incorporate these elements so that we can be in full contact with each of you.  Just because your frequency is a lower level than ours planetarily, it means that we are going to have new experiences of interacting with one another.  What we are assisting you with during these journeys is to get a feel of how you can help yourself more fully.  So that is why it is very important for you to listen to the recordings after the calls, because you are going to be finding that new things appear to the surface and this is all part of the process as your Higher Self becomes more fully incorporated within your body.

It is not an overnight process as some may think that it is.  If you have any questions about this, talk to Meleriessee about this personally because she is going through this herself.  So it does not matter how long or how short you are on the path, you are going through these symptoms and these processes you need to take care of; but what occurs for you as you activate your Higher Self more fully within your Physical body, they are not challenging to take care of.  You may have a few moments of being a little reticent or not sure what is happening, but in Divine Order of accessing your Higher Self you will see the process that you need to go through and it will be much easier than you really think that it is.  It is the process of allowing the Divinity of your Highest Essence to be fully within your Physical body.  Then, the way you handle things is going to be quite different.  Within that you will receive the joy and the blessings, the acceptance of others being in your life when previously you probably would not be able to handle because of elements within yourself that you foresaw could be a problem.  It all changes as you bring forth this Higher Consciousness within you.

I wanted to explain all this because some may think that they are lower on the path than others because they are having a more challenging time.  It is just a process for each and every one of you as we are here to assist you.  This is why we are bringing forth this class on a weekly basis.  We are p[preparing you for that fifth dimensional accessibility within your physical body.  I am very happy that each of you is bringing forth these frequencies within you at this time.

Let us all take a deep breath.

We feel our Merkabah Vehicle spinning in a clockwise as it spins off the Earthplane into the Etheric level as we all meet in Canada in the Northwest section of North America.  As we filter across to British  Columbia and feel the essence of the City of Tamarinaqea as we feel the Sea-Foam Green filtering toward us.  We now feel ourselves landing within the city as we separate from our group essence.  We see the landscape once again with mountains, hills, with beautiful flowers, the ocean on the outskirts, lakes and very pristine.  We find ourselves on the very edge of city.  The city is under construction as we have said previously but everything permeates with the Sea-Foam Green through the essences of the land.

Let us gather in a circle and feel it permeating through our entire full body system as we previously brought in the essences in the meditation shared by Meleriessee.  We want you to feel this in your Thymus area.  Just allow it to flow through you and fully feel the guidance of this journey as your Higher Self is awaiting for you to be fully embodied with him or her.  Let us walk down towards the city.  This evening we are going to be in a different area than last week.  The circumference of the city encompasses many structures being built but within the middle of the town, we see the Commerce section of the city. There is a beautiful fountain that represents the Sea-Foam Green.  There may be different types of individuals that you encounter with great acknowledgement from each of them. We now walk around the town square with a statue of Lady Isis in the middle representing an altar.  The frequency of the energies is around every individual.  We walk around the center part of the city as we are guided towards a body of water that is on the outskirts of the town.  There is a plank that goes across representing a bridge that takes us to the Temple.  The structure is based on Egyptian culture which is very representative of the Isis energies and again, you are going to see many different colors of the Sea-Foam Green which can bring in the luminosity of many colors of Green, Blue and Violet all mixed together.  There are crystalline structures on the outside of the temple.  It is in the shape of a pyramid and as we walk across the drawbridge we see Isis greeting us.  She will come through for just a moment.

This is Lady Isis speaking and it is my divine pleasure to be your hostess this evening as Archangel Ramiel is getting ready to assist you in your Recreation.  It is my pleasure to be coming through so often in the last week to each of you to assist you in this frequency and to assist you in the Divine Feminine that is so active within my essence which is part of the Resurrection and Recreation.  We are assisting each of you to bring in these essences so that you can accept yourself more fully and diligently than you ever have before.  Now is the time to remove the old elements that have been getting in the way of your full divinity.  I thank you for being here in the temple and I hope you will return later when the city is much more constructed than it is presently.  We see it being a beautiful city as the area is immensely gorgeous.  So take every element in as you can; allow it to be embraced within yourself for you to accept your Divinity and the acceptance that is occurring for you in these moments.  It is my blessing and my Divine Pleasure to be here with you as Lady Isis.

This is Lord Adama again.  Let us walk into the Temple as we walk in a circular fashion.  We walk around the outside as we see the reflection of the energies of the Sea-Foam Green in crystalline formulations through the walls and also from the top of the Temple.  Then you will see a staircase that will take us down into the middle of the Temple where the true work is going to be done.  As we walk down the steps we are in the base of light that represents the frequencies of the altar that permeate upwards through the top of the Temple that you can also see from the outside.  These permeating frequencies are the Violet, the Blue, and the Green all mixed together as it is in one flame.  On the outside of the altar is a pool of water with many crystalline frequencies, with many different kinds of crystals and gemstones laying all around the structure that is created out of the crystalline light that so represents the essence of the Sea-Foam Green.  There are seats around the outside of the altar and now please find a seat for yourself wherever you feel is best for your position.  Now we will introduce Archangel Ramiel.


Dearest Ones,

It is I, Archangel Ramiel and it is my divine pleasure to be here in this moment to assist you in having great hope of the resurrection that you are going through.  It is true that I helps souls resurrect themselves onto the gates of Heaven, but I am also here to assist each of you in your own personal resurrections within these physical bodies you are inhabiting.  As you are within the physical bodies, you are starting to bring forth the fluidness of your Light.  It is quite different than it ever has been before.  The hope has already been within you; it is just being blocked and covered up by the elements of debris of frequency that have not allowed you to fully have the creation of your Light within your Physical Essence.  This is so very true as you are processing each element of frequency.

I stand in front of you today as Archangel Ramiel as part of the Seraphim to help you see within you the ability to see the Hope within yourselves.  At times this can be very difficult and challenging.  We want you to assist you through this process of your Divinity as this is the Temple of Recreation.  This is where it all happens to fully allow ourselves to fully let go of the Essences that have kept us in bondage.

We are going to do something a little bit different in which we will bring in the Creative Source of Oneness and the Unified Whole to assist us fully in bringing forth the frequencies of the Sea-Foam Green through all elements within your bodies.  There is a remembrance of your frequencies that are very important for you and many of you do not have these remembrances.  This is where part of the problem may lie because as you are going through these processes and bringing up the debris, there still can be effects of not quite sure of what you are doing within each other and not having the full effect and focus that is necessary for you to feel that Hope.  The Hope truly comes from your spiritual essence; the hope does not come from your physical body.  The Hope does not come from the physical mind; the Hope only comes from the essence and purity of your Heart to be fully opened up.  Many of you have seen infractions of this in times of your lives, but not always.  You don’t always feel those elements coming through unto you so tonight we want to assist you with bringing forth these aspects.

I am going to take a moment as we bring into the frequencies of the many levels of the 144th dimensional light.  As an archangel I bring to you the ability to fully transform these elements and resurrect that does not fit your highest purpose.  Please take a deep breath and within this breath I give unto you my Essence ~ my Essence of Purity and Realignment.  Within this realignment you start to feel a shift occurring within your full-body system.  The first thing we want to do is bring in the Sea-Foam Green as you have already done this evening but on a deeper level.

You will see there is a goblet right by your seat.  This is a clear crystalline goblet but the water contains the Sea-Foam Green.  I want you to drink the Sea-Foam Green essence and feel it going down your throat.  As it goes within you it will go into all parts of your system ~ elements of your physical body as it moves into your Esophagus and into your stomach area.  As it moves deeper, it moves into all the organs and the Cellular Structure of the physical body.  There are portals of Light within your cellular structure.  The Sea-Foam Green is going to go into these portals of Light to open them up further to allow yourself to feel the full composition of your Beingness.  Within this composition you start to feel a relaxation occur within you.  Take a moment and allow this to run through you.

{Crystal Bowl Vibration}

Now feel the Sea-Foam Green totally relaxing you as it is fully bringing in the frequency of Acceptance.  We fully want you to allow yourself to Accept where you are presently in your life and what you are feeling in these moments.  The Sea-Foam Green is going to go to all areas that do not reflect this relaxation.  As it does, it will go through these portals of Light and they will be transmuted with the Sea-foam Green.

Let us take several deep breaths ~ In and Out ~ In and Out ~ In and Out.  Now we are going to ask for the Resurrection to occur.  Whatever it is that you are dealing with either physically, emotionally, mentally, maybe even spiritually, allow yourself to blend into the Sea-Foam Green.  Feel the blending and the frequency running through these elements of thoughts, worries, and emotions; feel it coming into you of your essences and communications along with all that you were feeling.  Just relax unto that essence.  Now the room is being filtered with the Sea-Foam Green with light rays from the top of the ceiling coming down into each of us through our Crown area; feel the vibration of the Sea-Foam Green adjusting everything within your system.  Feel this readjustment taking place.

So now we call upon the Unified Whole to fully assist us.  We are going to ask for removal of all elements that are blocking you in this moment.  You may or may not be aware of them, but we want each of you state to us in your consciousness what it is that you feel that may be a problem for you in this moment.  What is it that you need to assist yourself with?  Possibly you need to activate your Higher Self more.  Maybe something as simple as that or possibly maybe not feeling the fluidness in your life, or maybe you need more synchronization in your life, more financial abundance.  Allow yourself now to state onto us in this consciousness of what you need assistance with to balance and feel this essence.  The Unified Whole will receive your answer.

000-144-000 ~ We bring in the Unified Whole into the activation of this meditation into the Temple  of  Resurrection and Regeneration.  We now ask for the frequency of your request to come unto us as we fully come through into your Beingness.  We are going to shift you into the higher consciousness to allow yourself to just relax onto Yourself.


Moving through the frequencies of Light we pull out all elements that do not serve your purpose in this moment to assist you in your Divinity, to assist you in your pathway, to assist you in bringing joy into your life.  Let’s take a few more moments as we pull out all these elements out of every one of you.  We now take a deep breath (Meleriessee clapping her hands, changing the energies).  Feel your essences changing.  So Mote It Be, It is Done.

This is Ramiel once again; thank you Unified Whole, thank you for this frequency, thank you for allowing ourselves to feel the Resurrection.  So now we have traveled in the confines of our Mind and our Heart as we have purged all the elements that do not fit our Highest Good.  Feel your Thymus area as the light circles within you.

We are now ready to bring forth the 4th dimensional chakra grid.  We ask for our Higher Self’s assistance “Please Higher Self, I ask for your assistance to fully allow you to embody within me.”  Feel that coming within.  If you are already merged with your Higher Self, we ask a deeper activation of your Higher Self.  We are now restructuring the subconscious mind into the higher mind as the Higher Mind represents your Higher Self.  We are permeating all the thoughts of your Higher Mind into your subconscious so then your subconscious and your Higher Mind will be One with your Higher Heart.  Feel this changing within your thoughts and the frequency of your Higher Self fully within your physical body as He or She is moving the elements of this frequency down into your legs, in your feet to ground the energy as now you start to be One.  Feel the Oneness within You.  At this point, we are regenerating your physical healing; you are now ready to walk with your Higher Self onto your new Awakening.  Now think about Hope, Joy, and to feel the Bliss that is part of your Higher Self.  Allow that now to run through your physical body and allow that frequency to be YOU.

{Crystal Bowl Rings}

I now stand in front of you as Archangel Ramiel.  I extend my hands onto your hands.  Please take my hands.  We are now totally connected at this time.  I want you to feel my Essence of Hope and Joy.  I want you to feel that permeating through you into your Thymus and into the rest of your body, upwards and downwards.  Breathe and Release.  Breathe and Release.  Breathe and Release.  Feel that acting upon you. Feel that frequency that you are.  I give you this – from your Highest Essence.  This is coming from your Higher Self.  They have asked me to incorporate this onto you, as I walk with you through this process, I shall share with you the Joy that is You.  It is not my Joy; it is not God’s joy; it is Your Joy.  It is your essence fully incorporating within your physical body.

As you stand up, we embrace each other and you feel your wings from the back of your shoulder blades fully enfolding onto my wings as we are totally connected in this moment.  There is a remembrance of who we were together in the beginning.  As we do this, we skip over all the lifetimes that did not feel right and there was a disconnection.  There is no longer a disconnection as you now are connecting to your own Hope and your own Joy.  It is something that is within you from your Highest Essence.  Take a moment and thank your Higher Self for giving you this gift today.  It is a gift that is like none other.  Breathe deeply into that and feel it permeate into your entire Being.  I walk with you to the altar and you look in the space where the water and the gemstones are located.  You pick a gemstone for yourself.  Just allow yourself to intuit which one is correct for you and then bring it onto your Heart.  This is your stone of Joy that is going to assist you in the frequency of who you are and what you are embodying in your life.  Feel that fully running through you.

It is now time for us to part but before we do, I want to give you one last gift.  The gift is the reflection that I see within each of you and what you are showing to me in this moment.  I say unto you that it is the gift onto yourself.  This is the gift of your Highest Essence fully within your physical body.  Allow the resurrection and the regeneration to now occur.  Allow yourself to fully feel your highest essence as you never have before.  Breathing deeply ~ I now ask of you to listen to your Higher Self to see if there is a message for you or just a confirmation in the next moment.

{Crystal Bowl}

It is my Divine Blessing to be here for you at this time, and at all times to assist you in receiving the hope and Joy within your Heart.  Thank you.

This is Lady Isis.  Let us all arise and hold hands.  Let us all connect with the frequency of Oneness that is all part of us.  Let us all feel this Regeneration.  As each of us in this Temple are now moved into another space of existence.  Feel the essence of your Feminine Divine fully coming into your body.  Feel yourself intuit the joy; feel yourself to intuit the blessings as your gifts are now expanding as you are receiving more deeply.  When you receive, then you can share.  Allow yourself to understand that some of you are here as teachers of this energy.  Some of you are here to accept within your Divinity that you must share first and the other will receive through your sharing.  Many of you incorporating the Feminine Divine are these transmitters onto other to allow the other to fully receive.  And when that person fully receives your essence and your light, you will see it returned to you time, and time, and time again.  This Temple is sacred in itself because we can Resurrect and Regenerate at the same time.  As each of you are now fully activated within your highest essence than you ever have been before, allow that frequency to be fully within you.  Allow yourself to feel the totality that you are in this moment.

Please follow me as we now will leave the Temple. We walk up the steps to the next level and around the outside area.  We feel the energy of the Sea-Foam Green running everywhere.  There are reflections of light within the essence of the Gold frequency.  As we walk around the outer circumference of the temple, we now find the doorway.  Thank you for coming to our Temple here in this beautiful city of Tamarinaqea.   It is my great honor.


This is Lord Adama once again.  Let us now walk out of the Temple and across the plank, down into the fountain within the city that shows a structure of Isis in Gold with the Sea-Foam Green within the water.  Please go over to the structure and give a blessing onto Isis and the blessing will be returned onto you.

Let us gather together as now we walk out of the city where we first arrived.  I, as Lord Adama, want to say thank you very much for joining me in this journey this evening.  It is very important for each of you as there can be elements that can arise for each of you during your day even if you thought you had taken care of them.  It is very important to connect with your Higher Self on a daily basis.  It is what is going to assist you in this process that you are going through.

Let us take a deep breath as I give you the deepness of my Heart onto each of You for the processes that you are going through and the energies of the frequencies.  As our Merkabah Vehicle spins off of the New Earth City, we feel the essences of this beautiful city.  It incorporates regeneration everywhere you look.  Let us now all separate but it is not without my deepest lesson onto each of you to fully frequent this energy within you in all aspects of your daily living.  Feel yourself coming back into your physical body.

I, Lord Adama, am honored to be here during this New Earth call.  It has become very crucial, not only for each of you, but for each of us in Telos, and to activate these cities more deeply.  Because what is happening is that each time you travel to any of these cities, it is activating the frequencies for them to be created more fully within the New Earth.

Take a deep breath and allow yourself to feel the Hope and the Joy that you have within yourself at this moment.  This is truly a 5th dimensional process and if you don’t feel that joy, tap into your Higher Self as you allow Him or Her to assist you in this process.

In loving blessings to each of you, I Am Lord Adama, High Priest of Telos awaiting the arrival of our physical meeting.  So Mote It Be

Holy God of Hosts We Are, We Are One, We Are One, We Are One with All Creation of Life

5th Dimension, Golden City of Malton, Ray 8 Higher Cleansing

Dec 7th, 2011 ~ Discussion of the City of Tamarinaqea over British Columbia Representing the Higher Cleansing Ray with Archangel Ramiel


Last week we had our first visit to the City of Tamarinaqea over British Columbia.  This city represents Resurrection and Rebirth for the 8th Ray of Seafoam Green.  It represented rebirth and aligning ourselves with our Highest Essence which helps to remove the old issues within the cellular memory that need to be released in order to receive the higher frequencies.

Current State of Affairs:

We are in a state of continued processing as 11-11-11 truly has shifted us greatly.  We need the assistance of the vibrational work in order for us to fully embrace our new Divinity.

Moving Forward:

Tonight we will be traveling back to the City of Tamarinaqea over British Columbia, Canada.  This is known as the City of Resurrection and Recreation.  It is represented by the color of Sea-Foam Green of the 8th Ray of Higher Cleansing of the subconscious mind.  Lady Isis is the overlighting Master with Archangel Ramiel, Representing Hope and Clarity.

We will be working with Archangel Ramiel this evening more fully than Isis although she will be very present in our journey.  Ramiel is the Angel of Hope, and he is credited with two tasks: he is responsible for divine visions, and he guides the souls of the faithful into Heaven.    Considered “Mercy of God”, Lord of Souls awaiting resurrection.

Recap of the Attributes of the 8th Ray of Higher Cleansing

Color:  Seafoam Green

Aspect: This is a higher cleansing ray that full assists the cellular levels.  It helps to raise one to a higher vibrational level and frequency.  It integrates with the 8th chakra representing the Seat of the Soul.  The Seat of the Soul is located between the Heart and Throat chakras, commonly known as the Thymus Chakra.  This chakra allows the integration of the higher self between the Soul Star and Earth Star to occur.  This is where spiritual wisdom will be fully integrated and allows the infusion of the DNA activation on a grander scale which creates higher level consciousness.

Virtues:  The ability to fully access all three minds as the subconscious starts to become very clear thereby, the conscious mind takes clear direction.  Resurrection occurs in this state of cleansing the subconscious as the information is then directly being integrated from the Super Conscious or Higher Self.

Virtues to be Acquired:  The ability to access the Higher Self especially during the resurrection phase; allowing the subconscious to release all the programming and elements that do not fit the full extension

Decree ~ The City of Resurrection and Recreation

As I travel deeply within my own confines of my mind,

I truly ask for assistance to fully purge all areas that do not fit my Highest Good;

I am learning about the Golden Cities of Light;

I am now ready to embark upon the 4th dimensional chakra grid which represents the higher chakras,

I ask my Higher Self for assistance.

I am guided onto the next phase of my journey,

It takes me to the City of Tamarinaqea  over  British Columbia;

It represents restructuring your subconscious onto the Higher Mind.

I am excited and am greeted by Lady Isis and Archangel Ramiel,

They show me the Temple of Recreation with its beautiful reflection of many colors of light,

I see Violet, Green, and Blue all mixed in a luminosity of what is shown to me as Sea-Foam Green;

I feel this essence permeating my thoughts and see in front of me my Higher Self reflecting back onto me;

He or She says to me:  It is now time for each of us to be one,

Let’s enter the Temple of Recreation together as we shall clear, remove and regenerate our physical being.

I AM READY and I walk with my Higher Self onto my new Awakening,

I now see Hope and Clarity within me;

I AM that I AM that I AM.

In Expressions of Oneness,

Christine Meleriessee & Mike Hayden

Vibrational Coaching for the New Earth

 This call takes place weekly at 5 PM Pacific.  For details please visit Conference Calls & Classes.  We hope that you will join us.