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As we continue our journey of the New Earth Cities, we once again travel to the Golden Etheric City of Saceleaus working within Step 5 of Intimacy.  We share the Decrees from our visits guided by the Elohim Heros and Amora with Archangels Chamuel and Charity for our Ascension Mastery Training.

Week 3 – Elohim Heros & Amora ~
Learning To Create Divine Love
Through Action of the Heart

Our third visit was hosted by the Elohim Masters Heros and Amora who represent Divine Love. The Elohim understand what we as Initiates are experiencing as they also walked this earth in the very beginning of time. Their compassion is exalted through the energies they assist every Initiate on their pathway of light.

Heros and Amora guided us into the Forest of Inspiration with teachings and acceleration to see within ourselves the ability to be inspired to walk the pathway of Divine Love each and every moment. We then visited the Temple of Divine Love in the forest with its crystalline and rose quartz elements eliciting the beautiful element of love.

The City of Saceleaus represents the 3rd Ray of Creative and Active Intelligence with the Pink Flame centering upon the Heart Chakra. This means that the Higher Mind is the Intelligence of Divine Love to be manifested within our consciousness.

The Elohim assisted us to allow the element of concentration to be the ability to look deeply within your Etheric Self to remove the elements that are stopping you from having Divine Love which includes Compassion, Tolerance and Devotion to hold this energy. They helped each student to reflect upon the reflection of what stops us from holding these essences of LOVE, INTIMACY, SHARING, TRUSTING YOUR HEART. The concentration was to allow them to come up into the Forest of Inspiration so that each person can become the essence of Divine Love within the Temple.


As I continue my journey within the Golden Etheric City of Saceleaus,

I am learning that the process of allowing the Divinity of Love is essential for my healing.

In this moment I am calling upon the Elohim Heros and Amora,

To share with me their essence of Divine Love.

As I arrive within the Golden City,

I am enamored with the Pink Essence being exhibited through the landscape,

I arrived at the Gateway and am escorted by some very special souls,

Who are working within the City of Saceleaus;

They are wearing pink robes as they hand to me a beautiful flower,

I hold it to my heart,

And then I am met by the Elohim Masters of Heros and Amora.

They smile deeply and embrace me,

I feel this essence of Divine Grace running through me.

Greetings, my Dearest Initiate,

Here is a pink robe for you to wear while you are here in the city.

I put on the robe and I feel my heart center flowing with such beauty;

I thank the Elohim Masters as we continue our journey.

We walk to the pathway on our right,

I see below the Temple of the Sacred Heart,

We walk further down an embankment,

There are beautiful flowers everywhere;

We now step into a magnificent Forest of Light,

Master Heros tells me it represents Inspiration,

The trees are glistening with the Pink Flame,

I see what he means as I feel a sense of what I am about to experience,

Is allowing me to see that it is all possible.

We walk through the forest together,

I feel the beautiful essence of Amora,

She is giving me such deep compassion that I am starting to allow the tears to fall.

We, then, leave the forest walking towards a beautiful Labyrinth,

The walls are so high filled with trees flowering with pink buds,

This is the Labryinth of Clear Mindedness allowing my Higher Self to show me how to heal.

As we step into the Labyrinth,

I feel the pain of what I have been holding,

But then Elohim Masters Heros and Amora,

Explain to me that now is the time I must persevere,

While allowing the Pink Flame to help me change.

We walk around the maze,

I see I have allowed the lower element within me to control my Mind and Heart;

As we continue further,

I now am feeling the pain being broken apart,

It is leaving me as we reach the center of the Labyrinth of Clear Mindedness.

“Take a breath, my child,” Heros shares,

This is the Divine Essence of the Heart Flame,

Igniting the Power of Compassion within you.

I start to feel a shift occurring in my Heart Center,

I know what the old energy represented,

But yet I can see the Pink Essence helping me to bring forth,

The Divine Love of my Higher Self.

We turn around, I see a new pathway opening in front of me,

Where did that come from I ask?

Heros shares that I did not see it before because I was not clear within my higher mind,

That is all changed now.

We walk down the corridor with flowers dropping their petals all around me,

We exit out of the Labryinth,

And in front of me is the most exquisite crystalline temple I have ever seen.

Master Heros says, now it is finally time for you to receive the Divine Love that you are.

I feel the excitement of learning how to allow the lower element leave me,

As now I enter the Temple of Divine Love with the Elohim Masters Heros and Amoros,

As they help me remember who I truly am;

I now embrace the Art of Intimacy as I have allowed by past elements to be healed with the Divine Love that I Am.

I AM that I Am that I AM

Week 4 ~ Archangels Chamuel & Charity
Learning To Be Vulnerable Allows for Sharing of the Heart

Our last visit for this program of Intimacy for Step 5 of Learning to Self Parent took each person into a deeper level of themselves as we traveled into the Archangel’s Temple of Adoration.

Each person was asked to try to think about what stops them from sharing from their heart. Is it Fear, the feeling that you may be rejected, Judgments from others, lack of Confidence, needing Approval or Validation, afraid you may be hurt, having Powerlessness, or being overly Sensitive.

Chamuel ignites the Flame of Adoration which is an actual treatment of feelings, as well as the mind, which ignites a therapy to the physical body.  This will then assist in feeling FREEDOM by having gratitude for the challenge and continually be in the prayer of thanksgiving for all that you have endured.  As gratitude ignites the power of love an initiate sees the manifestation to occur within their lives.  We move through the hurt or feelings of despair by embodying the Flame of Adoration.

Archangel Charity embodies the quality of forgiving love.  Her flame, can consume the wrong and hard feelings by allowing the essence forgiving love to consume the wrong and hard feelings.  This is necessary as real forgiveness is a FEELING, not an intellectual element. She is the expression of inner love, of gratitude and thanksgiving and the embodiment of Love.

These amazing qualities were expressed through the teaching to help each person to fully feel their love, and in turn, able to feel their own Divine Love to be expressed within themselves. We traveled through the Meadow of The Heart as we met our Solar Angel. This is the part of ourselves that needs to be acknowledged in order to fully accept Divine Love. We went to the Pool of Reflection and then traveled to the Temple of Adoration to receive a Divine Blessings from Archangels Chamuel and Charity igniting the Pink Flame within our Heart Center.


As I have been working within the Golden Etheric City of Saceleaus,

I continue my journey one more time;

As I am met by the Archangels Chamuel and Charity,

Who represent Divine Love and Adoration.

I arrive into the Meadow of the Heart,

I embrace Archangels Chamuel and Charity,

I feel their deep love and gratitude for us being together;

They put a beautiful ceremonial scarf around my neck,

It is Pink and embossed with Golden Trim,

The material is Satin and very glossy,

It comes down over my shoulders and crosses at my heart,

It hooks at my heart with each side touching the other,

At it extends down my left and right sides,

In the middle is a beautiful Rose Heart with green leaves running down the sides.

It feels so good to put this on,

I am deeply connected to the Archangels in this moment.

We walk through the Meadow of the Heart,

I am enamored by the beautiful essences of Pink,

Which is in the flowers, the land, the bushes, and the trees,

Archangels Chamuel and Charity beckon me to sit by this body of water,

They call it the Pool of Reflection;,

It is bright pink with many crystals sitting around the edge.

I start to feel as if my Heart is totally opening up to this experience.

I then see the Elders Seela & Seeleo walking around infusing the Pink Light everywhere.

Across from us sits Master Paul the Venetian with the Elohim Heros and Amora;

I feel as if it is a wonderful celebration.

Archangel Chamuel shares that he and everyone here is in deep gratitude for my journey,

That I have been able to continue through the many elements to find peace in my heart.

I am totally honored by this moment.

Then to my surprise, Archangel Charity escorts my Solar Angel to me.

We sit together and I tell them exactly the issue I need to address.

I want to be able to speak in love and honesty,

But sometimes I just close up,

And then I am sorry that I have done so.

I feel this part of my essence starts to blend within me,

I arise and walk towards the Pool of Reflection,

I look at the water and see my own self,

I notice it is not totally the way I want to look.

Archangel Chamuel with Charity then ask me to come with them,

They share that the Temple of Adoration will help me to embrace the Love that I Am,

My Solar Angel walks with me as I have communicated exactly what I desire to achieve;

We walk through a pathway filled with beautiful flowering bushes.

We then arrive at the Temple of Adoration,

Both Chamuel and Charity take my hands as we walk into this Earthly Temple of Light,

The Pink Flame is very powerful as it is emitted in the center of the room.

I feel the vibration of love, of admiration, and nurturing of myself.

I realize this is how I need to embrace who I desire to become.

I am ready for this journey,

To embody the Pink Flame,

So I can share my heart with others,

But most of all to embrace who I have become.

I AM that I AM that I AM

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