Ascension Mastery Training, Decree

Decree ~ Walking Across the Bridge to Freedom


Spiritual Leadership to the Self Quotient  ~ Learning to become your own best Self by acknowledging the aspect you intended to be during the Wesak Festival is the topic for Walking Terra Christa’s ascension mastery training in June 2019.

Our first class was a journey the Golden Etheric City of Galoneiah (over Arizona and New Mexico, USA) representing the Blue Flame of Will and Power.

FOCUS:  Allowing the energy of Freedom to help our old self to surrender unto the energy that you desired to be.

This month is representative of the Festival of Humanity. This means that the Wesak Ceremony allowed you to move into a higher aspect of your Spiritual Self to become grounded within you. So it is a process of RESTORING the four body system to accept this element within you; then there is the step of RECONSTRUCTION, changing the four body system to accept this new energy, and then experiencing the ENLIGHTENMENT of becoming this essence within you.

The Ray of Will and Power is represented by the Blue Flame. This ray represents the Divine Father God of the Will to be manifested through the desire to change; it is the Strength, Courage, and Faith to be FEARLESS; It represents the ability to look truthfully within the Lower Self to make the change that is needed to become that Freedom.

It is represented by Master El Morya, Ray Chohan; Elders that Surround the Throne of Grace:  Lord Alura & Lady Aluri; Elohim Masters Hercules and Amazonia; and Archangels Michael and Faith.


“El Morya is a man of action.  He is known for his ability to get things done, without taking any detours.  Chelaship under this Master may be compared to clawing one’s way up a sheer cliff, sustaining cuts and bruises, but arriving there comparatively quickly.  While he is a strong leader and a relentless Guru, he is prepared to help those who follow him and who share his enthusiasm in completing certain projects. When El Morya does so choose to invest his energies in any unascended being, he spends at least one hour in each 24 hour period in assisting the Initiate. In addition he cleans the physical, etheric, emotional and mental bodies of each initiate every day. ” Ascended Masters & Their Retreats, W. Schroeder.

Calling upon him to assist you will truly help your ascension pathway in many ways.


I am in a process of fully accepting my acceleration from the Wesak energies,

I desire to fully ground the part of my Divine Self,

That needs to be acknowledge by my four-body system,

So I am able to walk as an Initiate that has transformed a part of my lower self.

I am guided to work with Master El Morya,

Within the Golden Etheric City of Galoneiah,

Which resides in the 5th dimensional earth,

Over the states of Arizona and New Mexico within North America.

I arrive in this magnificent city,

Illuminating the Blue Flame everywhere I look,

I take a breath and can feel the essence of the energies,

There is a massive garden,

That surrounds the Temple of the Bridge to Freedom.

There are streams representing the blue flame,

Within the magnificent Garden of Harmony,

I walk with Master El Morya,

And I see the magnificence of this city,

The garden is absolutely magnificent within its size,

And beauty.

He shares with me to fully relax and allow the energies to assist me,

I feel the essence of the Divine Father God,

It runs through the wind and the mist of this flame.

I start to feel a strength within me,

That I did not notice before,

Any moments of uncertainty completely disappear.

Master El Morya asks me what element I feel,

I am learning to blend within my four body system;

Tell me about your experience of Wesak for yourself.

I take a deep breath,

And I feel the power of his essence,

I don’t want to say anything that would be misinterpreted,

But then I remember what this flame represents,


I take a deep breath,

And realize I am trying to impress Master El Morya,

I don’t think that is the right way to approach this divine master.

He smiles at me,

And says, “Do not worry”

Just speak from your heart.

I breathe again and realize that I was trying to be someone I am not,

I call upon my Higher Self within my breath,

I feel my higher light energies coming into my heart,

And then I speak with clarity.

I tell him that I am confused, not sure how to hold the energies of Wesak.

He explains to me that you cannot understand it from your concrete mind,

It is coming to you but you are not allowing it to be.

As we walk together,

We come to a Rainbow Bridge,

It seems to be vibrating with all spectrums of light.

Master El Morya motions to me to follow him,

We walk together.

The bridge seems to have a magical quality,

It is vibrating;

I feel it within the souls of my feet,

I am starting to realize within myself that I am feeling,

The same I did during the Wesak energies.

Master El Morya tells me this is the Bridge to the Freedom I desire.

As we walk unto the other side,

I start to feel more grounded.

In front of us is the Temple of the Bridge to Freedom,

Master El Morya tells me it is time,

To acknowledge the new essence,

But also to remove the old element that was holding me back.

I am now ready to step into the doorway of my Freedom,

And learn how to completely become what I have intended to be.

I Am that I Am that I Am

©Rev. Christine Mahlariessee Hayden, Integrative Channel 12, 2019; New Earth Consciousness~Circle of Light. 

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