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Decrees ~ Cycle 5 – Transfiguration, Part 1

Malancheiah Lake

Walking Terra Christa provided the Cycle 5, Transfiguration, Part 1 – Restructuring the Mental Self of Ascension Mastery Training, Cosmic Light Quotient Embodiment with Lord Melchizedek and Lord Sanat Kumara, Hierophant for the third Initiation of Ascension Mastery, representing the Mental Body. 

The Third Initiation relates to Self Mastery over the Ego and Lower Mind – Lord Sanat Kumara is Hierophant. It is the initiation of Allowing Physical Desire to be replaced with the Higher Devotion of Light

We decided to take the understanding the the third initiation and separate into two parts, the first one being Restructuring the Mental Mind. We worked with the second flame of Love and Wisdom as it is the first entryway into the Christ Consciousness. It allows for the softer approach to be acknowledged within the Mental Mind preparing for the stage of Transfiguration. (In our next cycle we are working with Part 2, Recreation of the Mental Self.)

The Ray of Love and Wisdom is represented by the Golden Etheric City of Malancheiah which resides in the States of Indiana and Illinois in North America. It is the City of Fruition and Attainment of Desires bringing forth the Christ Consciousness. It is reflected within the Golden Yellow Flame.

Ray 2 ~ Love & Wisdom Representing Compassionate Love For All Beings
Chakra:  Crown
Elders from the Throne of Grace:  Lord Ralya & Lady Ralyio
Chohan:  Ascended Master Djwhal Khul, Master Joshua Stone
Represented By:  The Office of the Christ ~ Lord Maitreya, Lord Kuthumi, and Lord Buddha (Planetary Logos)
Elohim Masters:  Apollo & Lumina
Archangels:  Jophiel & Christine
Toning Sound:  “I – AUM”
Characteristics:  Expansion of the Lower Mind with the flow of the Higher Mind, Radiance of the Self, having abilities to access your Insight and Intuition, Loyalty, Generosity, being calm with great endurance, while being very patient in all endeavors.
Virtues That Can Be Acquired:  Love of Truth, Faithfulness, Ernest Spiritual Study especially concerning the process of Initiations and the Science of Ascension as taught by the Ascended Masters, Exhibiting Unselfishness, and  a Serene Temper.
Lower Elements which can be dissipated:  Over Absorption in Studies without balance, Coldness, Indifference to Others, following a strict religious practice and not connecting to Universal Consciousness, and contempt of Mental Limitations in others.

The entire city is completely encased by a large pyramid structure which is represented by Divine Mother and Divine Father God, it is also represented by Lord Metatron and Lord Melchizedek.  The outlying areas of the crystalline panels that are erected around the city are representative of the 352 levels of initiations along with the 49th dimensional frequencies.  This is why the pyramid is so large and it represents the initiation of the global forces within the Priesthood of Melchizedek and the conglomerate understanding of what an initiate is all about; an initiate can come into this pyramid and get more of an understanding. The most important thing is that you will have balance within your Mental and your Emotional levels, so that your lower Mental Body is not activated, but blended with your Higher Self.

This visit to the city was guided by the Elders Lord Ralya & Lady Ralyio and the Ray Chohans Master Djwhal Khul with Master Joshua Stone within the Ashram of the Christ Temple.

The focus for this teaching was to Understand the State of Transfiguration – The Process of Transforming the Physical Existence into the Purity of the Christ Consciousness ~  LEARNING HOW TO STEP INTO YOUR DIVINE TRUTH.


As I am learning more about the 3rd Initiation,

Representing the Mental Body,

I desire to understand the process of TRANSFIGURATION,

And what that may mean for me personally within my four body system.

I am guided to travel to the Golden Etheric City of Malancheiah,

Which resides over the States of Illinois and Indiana in North America.

I arrive at the gateway to the city.

It is completely encased with an amazing Golden Pyramid of Light,

I am met by the Elders Lord Ralya and Lady Ralyio,

Who Guide me into the entranceway.

Immediately I am overtaken by the immense amount of this flame,

It starts to filter within my Crown Chakra,

As I feel there is a realignment occurring within my four-body system.

I breathe deeper and feel the immense qualities of the Golden Yellow,

Centering within my Heart Chakra,

I feel a sense of Peace and Love,

That is truly a gift that I needed to receive in this moment.

We walk into this magnificent garden that is located to the left of the main temple,

I see many pyramids all around the area,

The land is filled with many colors of flowers and greenery,

The sun is filling me up with a sense of deep contentment.

We sit together as Lord Rayla and Lady Ralyio stretch out their arms,

I see this magnificent stream of the Golden Yellow coming within me,

It circles around me and then inside of my Heart,

I feel a little dizzy, but very peaceful.

They tell me to just allow the flame of this light,

To immerse within my Heart,

So that I may feel the Divine Love that is being imparted in this moment.

I then see Masters Djwhal Khul and Joshua Stone approaching me,

I arise and they given me an embrace of love,

I feel their strength but also their pure essence of knowingness.

They share with me that the first initial light from the Elders,

Will assist me to bring forth a sense of serenity and calmness;

This is done in this way to prepare my lower mind to surrender unto the energies.

I realize they are right as I am not thinking about anything,

But just feeling this beautiful light.

They both sit beside me, one on each side;

I feel their essence of Love but deep desire to assist me;

I don’t think I have ever felt anything like this intensity.

I start to become emotional,

Master Djwhal Khul tells me that this is a good sign,

As my Astral Self has gone through a transformation,

Readying for the Mental Self to receive and accept the Divine Qualities of Light.

I told them that I feel it intensely,

And I do desire to make the necessary changes within my Mental Body;

We arise together and walk unto the Golden Pathway,

As I am now ready to walk into the Ashram of the Christ,

To truly start the process of honoring my Divine Self;

I am ready to see the untruth that has been shared with me,

From my Subconscious Mind,

As I transform into the Divine Mind I desire to hold within me.

I AM that I AM that I AM

The second visit was with Elohim Masters Apollo & Lumina with the Archangels Jophiel & Christine. They took us on a very magical energy into a deeper part of the city than has been explored previously. 

We arrive into the Forest of Intention and experience release energies that need to be dispelled allowing all elements to surface. Then, we will walked down a garden pathway filled with many flowers on each side, the golden sunlight beans down upon us, as we then reach an opening where the sky meets the earth, where everything comes into Oneness, seeing this magnificent lake that resembles a beautiful ocean but it is very calm. It is called the Embodiment of Illumination. We then traveled across the lake to a special area called the Island of Radiance where we received special blessings from Lord Buddha in a meditation garden called Blessings of Illumination.


The Focus for this class was the learn how to Become the Mastery of Your Own Reality. The teaching represented the ability to Expand the Love and Powers of Light to burn away the dross of the Lower Mind while concentrating on the Intention and not the lower reality that a soul can perceive themselves to be.


As I am learning to Restructure my Lower Mind,

I am guided to work within the Golden Etheric City of Malancheiah,

Which resides over the states of Illinois and Indiana in North America.

I am met at the entranceway of Malancheiah,

by the Elohim Masters Apollo and Lumina,

With the Archangels Jophiel and Christine.

I feel their magnificent light energies,

With such a warmth and deep compassion.

Immediately we step into this little vehicle,

That just glides across the ground,

We pass the Ashram of the Christ,

As we travel quite a distance into what they call,

The Unchartered Territory.

There are no buildings,

We have bypassed all of the Golden Pyramid Temples,

Into a Pristine and Beautiful existence of Beauty.

We stop and get out of the tram,

We walk through a beautiful meadow,

That guides us into the Forest of Intention.

Within the forest,

There is a place for us to sit upon some rocks,

There is beautiful green moss growing everywhere,

With the warmth of the sun shining through the trees.

I feel a sense of warmth and deep understanding,

Running through my Mind,

Elohim Apollo and Lumina embrace me with their light,

I feel that they want to assist me deeply on my journey of the Lower Mind,

They ask me to just allow the thoughts of my dysfunctional self,

To come out of my chakras;

I find myself releasing through tears,

As the Divine Qualities within this forest is helping me,

To allow my Truth to be my Guide.

I state my Divine Intentions as I breath into my Higher Consciousness,

I sense my Higher Self knows exactly what I need to do.

As I sit upon the rock, I feel its essence helping me to accept what I am thinking,

I now start to embrace the experience of being centered within myself,

As my intentions that I speak become stronger.

I feel the wind on my face,

Which Apollo shares is the removal of lifetimes of hurt,

Coming out of my Etheric Self.

Then the Archangels Jophiel and Christine,

Wrap their wings around me,

I feel this Golden Light being immersed within my entire four body system,

They are pulling away the elements that I no longer need.

I am grateful to them, along with the Elohim Apollo and Lumina,

For helping me to understand what I could not see before.

We all arise from where we are sitting,

Continuing the journey through the forest;

As we walk through a banner of beautiful Golden Yellow Flowers,

That seem to be trees with all kinds of buds,

We walk under the overhang of these amazing flowers;

I start to feel the Divine Qualities of the Golden Yellow Flame,

Permeating into my Crown Chakra.

I am now perceiving the thoughts within my mind,

Becoming harmonious with my Higher Mind,

There is no longer a separation within me.

We then arrive at the opening of a glorious lake,

It is huge but yet so calm,

It looks like an ocean,

But yet I see it is not.

Both the Elohim and Archangels share that it is called,

The Lake of Illumination.

We step forward and enter a small boat,

As we travel across the water,

I feel the wind, the sun, the freshness of the water,

While connecting to the Earth.

The boat travels for miles and then I see a small island,

It is absolutely beautiful,

With flowering plants, bushes, rocks, crystals everywhere.

Apollo and Lumina with Jophiel and Christine,

Tell me that this is the Island of Radiance,

That it is now time for me to experience the Love that my Higher Self,

Desires me to hold within my consciousness.

I am excited,

And completely honored,

To have this experience with all of these masters,

Of the Golden Yellow Flame of Love and Wisdom

I AM that I AM that I AM.

©Rev. Christine Meleriessee Hayden, Integrative Channel 16th and 23rd, 2018, New Earth Consciousness~Circle of Light. 

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June 1st, 2011 ~ Discussion of the Golden City of Shahalah & Lord Sananda

To    Listen    &    Download   Recording,    Please   Click   the   Tab   Above “New Earth Circle of Light ~ Audio” 

This week we will be working with Lord Sananda and traveling to the Golden City of Shahalah which is in the Etheric level of the Earth over Missoula, Montana and Idaho.  This fifth dimensional city represents Inner Healing, Abundance, and Prosperity.


Last week we traveled to Telos and were honored to meet the King and Queen of Telos in their crystalline temple.  We were honored with a special wand to assist us with our chakra and light quotient integration along with some very special messages of love.  We were also given a special dispensation from Lord Adama that Telos is setting up a special area for those individuals who have achieved the 4th initiation to be in training.  The usual prerequisite is a 7th initiation level so this is a very special occurrence.

Current State of Affairs:

Currently we are experiencing several activations through the New Moon and Partial solar Eclipse.  Our calls this week have been more balancing and fluid in preparation for the upgraded vibrations that we will be receiving.  This energy represents to us about creating our desires and letting go at the same time.  It also will allow each of us to expand and have the stability that is necessary for our present pathways.

There is not a whole lot of information on the Golden Cities and it has not been updated for several years.  The rays that are highlighted by one group of I Am America are a bit different from the teachings I bring forth.  Just to reiterate the fact that my information is derived from Dr. Joshua David Stone and Alice Bailey.  There are other schools of thought that have some of the aspects and the colors are from a different perspective than what I teach.  I wanted to share that fact in case you may feel there may be some differences than what you are used to seeing.

In Dr. Stone teachings the Planetary Ray colors are a bit different.  I taught a Ray Class last year and it was brought to my attention that others were using the Cosmic Rays.  I have taken the concept of the basic planetary rays and intuitively saw how the colors changed as one moved from the frequency of the Planetary through the Solar, Galactic, Universal, Multi-Universal, and Cosmic levels.  When working with individuals I do not always utilize the Cosmic Rays as sometimes their lower chakras may not be able to handle the frequencies.  In my group teachings from this point forward, I am being guided from the Spiritual Hierarchy to utilize the Cosmic Rays.

Moving Forward:

Upcoming in tonight’s class we will be learning about the City of Shalahah in Missoula, Montona and Idaho.  This city is overlighted by the Ray of Devotion with Lord Sananda.  We will cover the aspects of this ray this evening and receive an understanding of what visiting Shalahah may mean for each of us.  Next week we will be honored with the Elohim Councils of God and Archangels overlighted by the Ray of Devotion which represents the Ruby Red color.

The City of Shalahah is overlighted by Lord Sananda and after quite a bit of research and intuitive thinking today, I feel the knowledge I am bringing forth is correct.  It took me quite some time and a deep meditation to make sure I am bringing forth this information correctly for each of us.

Lord Sananda is the Chohan of Ray 6 of Devotion.  On a planetary level this ray has become out of existence for quite some time.  The old aspect of this ray was the religious fervor and everything is seen as perfect and intolerable.  As the Cosmic level it represents peacefulness, mercy, devotional worship, forgiving love and grace.

As most of us understand, Lord Sananda is the Higher Self of Jeshua.  He works on many planes of existence along with the Inter-Galactic Command.  The energetics of Shalahah represents these aspects along with being a Bridge to the New World.  I believe that not only does the city represent the Ruby Red but a mixture of the Pink Orange Ray which corresponds to the Bridge of the New Age.  This city is a mixture of fluidness and stability as the Pink Orange represents the 11th Ray of the 4th dimensional ray within the Solar Plexus.  This city is going to be a place where individuals can come to fully move from the 4th to the 5th level of integration physically.  It will represent the ability to diminish the present and past life trauma we have been holding onto.

Many individuals are already coming to this city in the Etheric Realm.  It is a place of peacefulness and strength on a personal level.  This city represents the ability to prepare oneself for the next level of initiation into the Christ Consciousness which is so represented by Lord Sananda.

In understanding the combination of these rays together, if you take the Ruby Red and blend it with the Pink-Orange, it will lighten up the spectrum of this ray into a deep, bright pink also known as Magenta which is the 5th dimensional ray within the Solar Plexus and the Heart.  On the 5th dimensional level the Monadic level is integrated with the Soul into the physical body.  I believe this city is one of transition into the higher energies.  It will be a safe haven for those individuals who fully have not made the fully transformation to move into the fifth dimensional body.  It does not mean that everyone can just jump here and be saved.  It represents the ability to assist souls through this process along with finding their own Divinity and Purpose in the 5th dimensional realm.

This city will represent deep healing which will in turn allow each individual to find their Prosperity and Abundance consciousness.  It will rid each of us the old issues we have been holding onto with lack in our spiritual path.  I am looking forward to this evening to see what Lord Sananda will bring forth to us.

The Golden City of Shahalah

As I expand my awareness into the higher frequencies,

There are times that I am unsure if I am ready or still need more preparation;

Lord Sananda is the Ascended Master, who overlights the City of Shalahah.

He represents Spiritual Devotion and Peacefulness, not only within this city,

But in the love he shares with myself and others.

I feel his essence as I am unsure of where to turn,

He reaches out his hand to me and assures me that I am ready;

He expresses to me his Love, Joy, Wisdom, Forgiveness, and Grace,

These are the qualities I need to imbue within my own Being.

He told me that there is a special city in the Etheric Level of Earth,

That will help me to understand all I am confused about;

He takes me there and I am in awe of the beauty and grace of this world,

The essence of this land of a city faraway is so pristine in its glory.

Just arriving there helps me to see that the urgency I have been feeling is now gone,

I feel the waves of light flowing through me,

And the activations to create the completeness I desire.

I accept my Divinity as I stand amongst others;

I Am with my Soul Family of Light;

I am releasing and embracing in the same moments,

I accept the power of my words of Love, Abundance, and Prosperity;

I honor all that I Am.

I am unified amongst the many,

And ready to share with others;

I AM that I AM that I AM.

Ascended Masters, Ascension, Channeling, New Earth, Telos

May 18th, 2011 ~ Lord Buddha, Lord Maitreya, and Sanat Kumara Share Blessings ~ Background Information

The recording is available to listen and download to this call by clicking the tab above “New Earth Circle of Light ~Audio”.

This was a very special week in which we were honored with many blessings.  The following is my discussion with the decree stated at the end.  The transcription of the channeling will be available very shortly.


The past week we were introduced to the Library of Porthologos and I know some of you, including myself, have been visiting that library during our sleep and meditation states.  I believe there is quite a bit of knowledge for each of us to realize within the library.  We also were given a deep connection with Ashtar Command which I believe is more on a personal basis.  Please acknowledge the relationship with all of the Intergalactics.  The more we accept our connection to the Beings of the Galactic and Spiritual Hierarchy, the more we are going to feel as if we are not alone in this quest of transformation into the 5th dimensional frequency.

This has been a Wesak that will go down into history for sure.  It seemed as we were on the beach on Friday evening that the calmness was a sign of something to come and it did arrive…not during the ceremony although I felt the effects of it within my Being.  You may have noticed my intensity on the recording.  It was the effects that occurred afterwards.  Usually it takes awhile for the Wesak energies to appear within someone’s consciousness, but I believe each of us this year was hit in an entirely different manner.  Whatever we needed to work with, or on, or within us, would be addressed immediately.  Some of us it is physically, emotionally or mentally or in my case, my pathway onto Mastership.  The calls on Sunday and Monday evenings continued the energies for us and if you have not listened, please try to do so.  The Wesak meditation is also available under Audio and Videos on my website.

Current State of Affairs:

What we don’t work on ourselves will be addressed within us.  We have been preparing for this time of awakening and now it is more fully within our physical vehicles.  We always said that with the Wesak energies we won’t know for three months how much we have changed through the process.  This year is quite different.  I believe that we will know at the very least within 30 days…This next month is going to be quick and we will fly through it without the heavy density we once had to deal with.  It is different now…so please keep moving with your tools daily as much as possible.  There is nothing more we can do…

Moving Forward

This week we are honoring the energies of Wesak.  We already have been attuned to the next higher level.  This evening is going to be a blessing to help us stay in that space and continuum.  I have never felt a ceremony like this one in which each of the 144,000 Masters are honoring each of us as we stand in the presence of their majestic glory.  I am feeling it deeply as I am writing these words for this evening.

What Wesak Means with Lord Buddha, Sanat Kumara, and Lord Maitreya As the Office of the Christ

 As we celebrate the birth and death of Lord Buddha in the Spiritual Hierarchy, each of the initiates and Masters arise to the occasion by making their requests to Sanat Kumara for their mastership pathway in the coming year.  It is always an amazing ceremony.

Sanat Kumara was the Planetary Logos until Lord Buddha took over the post in the 1950’s.  He still was the overseeing agent until at such time that Lord Buddha was able to take on all of the duties of this post as Sanat Kumara held this position for eons of time.  Sanat was the overseeing agent during Lemuria and started the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of White Light when the energies within Lemuria started becoming discordant at a time when planets needed a home base.  It was at this time that Lemuria’s Goddesses needed to go into secret hiding with their teachings.  The disruptions of the male and female energies were becoming farther apart and not aligned as they once were.  The Gods and Goddesses were no longer in alignment which caused the imbalance of the Yin and Yang within every individual being upon the planet.  Thus the Spiritual Hierarchy was created with the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of White Light.

This is when Sanat Kumara created the Hierarchy for the teachings and guidance of all Beings of Light.  He oversaw this creation for millions of years.  Sanat Kumara is very protective of Earth even though he is no longer the Planetary Logos.  He feels that he is very much a part of each of us as he was during his assignment on Earth.  He oversees the entire planetary evolution and counsels Lord Buddha when the need arises.

Lord Buddha was the designated Being to hold the post of the Planetary Logos and still does so to this day.  His energies upon Earth has brought to us the essence of love, purity, and fairness in all of our dealings.  He works very hard to keep the peace within the planet and he honors us this evening as being his Way-Showers within the physical vehicle to assist in the process.  Please know that it is by no mistake that you are part of the energetics on this night of great Light upon the planet. Lord Gautama or Buddha is a guardian from Venus; he was among the thirty advance guard from Venus, who prepared the way for Sanat Kumara.  He achieved great illumination on Lemuria.

“The Path of the Buddha is to hold that infinite Middle Way of Balance, no matter what the sense report, the eyes witness, or the ears hear.  Whatever revelation shall have come, holding that balance and retaining conscious control of your own vehicles, is the mastery which I did teach and do yet teach to those who choose to come within the compass of my aura.  To hold that peace, no matter what the distress of the elements, to hold that peace, no matter what the chaos of the outer world –that is the application, of the aspirant and the Chela who follows the way of the Buddha.” Ascended Masters & Their Retreats, W. Schroeder .

Lord Gautama and Lord Maitreya were the first individuals to apply for membership in the council of Shamballa.  They asked for training and assistance, to prepare themselves to join in the great work of becoming light bearers to mankind.

Lord Maitreya comes to us as the Office of the Christ.  Dr. Joshua David Stone has been in training for this post at some time in the future.  The Office of the Christ represents the Christ Consciousness within each of us.  Instead of doing all the work himself of spiritually educating the planet and helping everyone to become a Christ, he delegates authority to each of these Seven Chohans or department heads and he is the overseer of their work. Each Chohan focuses on one seventh of the divine plan that is needed to be implemented on Earth! Lord Maitreya as Planetary Christ is in charge of all Seven Rays and the manifestation of all Seven Ray departments, and their manifestation in Heaven and Earth. So he is one step above the Seven Chohans. He again is the President of the planet and head of the entire spiritual hierarchy. His main work in this spiritual leadership position in the inner plane government is to create Christ’s, or Integrated Ascended Masters, or I Am Masters on Earth.  That is why the inner plane Synthesis Ashram is a Lord Maitreya’s job along with Lord Buddha, the Planetary Logos, is to manifest the divine plan on Earth in its full seven-fold understanding.

Each of these Masters work with us, individually and collectively, to assist us to acquire mastery within our pathways.  Lord Buddha represents the planetary affiliation, with Sanat Kumara overseeing the entire plan of the Divine pathway of Earth, and Lord Maitreya as the overlighting energies of the Ray Chohans and the Office of the Christ to be incorporated within each of us as the way-showers we are becoming.  As we walk into this Light of Initiation this evening, it is an event that is beyond our wildest dreams.  We are awakening onto ourselves and our intended pathway more deeply than ever before.

I believe this night the blessings we will receive are beyond the comprehension of our human minds so please take some moments and leave your lower hearts and minds at the doorway as we fully move into our ascension process as we never have before.

Namaste for continuing this journey with me.

Decree ~ A Special Blessing for Wesak 2011

This week during Wesak 2011 has been a very challenging one;

No matter what I am working through it is deeply within my Being.

It may be physical, emotional, mental or spiritual,

It may be about my pathway becoming more involved with courage and warriorship.

I walk with many on this journey I am on,

I arrive in Shamballa to work with Lord Buddha, Sanat Kumara, and Lord Maitreya;

Lord Buddha shows me how to be patient, loving, kind, and accept all I do not understand;

Sanat Kumara gives me his strength and understanding of the ways of many species of life;

Lord Maitreya expresses to me the power, love, generosity, and the responsibility of walking into Mastership.

I am also acknowledged by all of the Ray Chohans;

El Morya, Saint Germain, Lady Portia, Lord Sananda, Lady Nada, Paul the Venetian,

Serapis Bey, Master Hilarion, Master Kuthumi, Ascended Master Djwhal Khul, and AllahGobi.

It brings onto me Love, Personal Power, Transmutation, Divine Acceptance, Balance, Accessing Scientific Knowledge, Wisdom within God’s Will, and Great Strength.

I know I must acquire all of these skills to move forward in my pathway to teach others the way.

I am anointed with these elements by Lord Buddha, Sanat Kumara and Lord Maitreya;

I stand beside them in this magnificent moment in time;

I Am a Way-Shower but I am fully actualizing my Divinity Within My Being;

As I acquire the skills necessary for full Mastery Within.

I AM that I AM that I AM.