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Walking Terra Christa started their journey to the Golden Etheric City of Valankanah which resides over Alaska in North America to work with the elements of Finding Inner Truth to guide each initiate to accept the darkness within so the Light can bring forth healing. This city’s energy is reflected by the 5th Ray of the Science of Gold in the flame of Green Golden-White.

We are working within Step 4 of Self Parenting to Learn to Accept Who We Are ~ the Struggle with our Dark Side. This brings forth the element of ACCEPTANCE to be honest with our Self that we have strengths but also weaknesses that have impacted our lives.

We focused on bringing forth Corrective Action by working with Master Hilarion, the Ray Chohan for the 5th Ray of the Science of God along with Lord Metatron who initiated the 4th Metatronic Seal representing the Masculine Divine within the Temple of Revelations. Each participant was urged to focus upon the elements of Self Reliance, Compassion, and Empathy within themselves.

Ray No. 5 ~Allowing Harmony Within to Guide the Knowledge of My Higher Mind

Definition ~ Science of God

Color:  Green, Gold & White Blended As One Essence

Chakra:  Third Eye

Elders from the Throne of Grace:  Lord Zatheeah and Lady Zatheeia

Chohan:  Master Hilarion

Elohim Masters:  Cyclopea & Virginia

Archangels:  Raphael & Mother Mary

Toning Sound:  “OM, HUE”


Understanding That I Am A Child of God

As I now walk with Master Hilarion,

In the Golden Etheric City of Valankanah,

I feel the ability to be able to see more of my Inner Truth,

And who I am as a person from my soul’s perspective.

I am excited to step in my own awareness of myself,

Of the darkness that has plagued me in many situations,

To allow those elements to come into the Light.

I allow the energies of Step 4 of Learning to Self Parent Myself,

Show me that I have allowed myself to feel helpless in certain situations,

And sometimes I isolated as I thought that is what I needed;

Other times I felt the need to look better than I felt inside,

As others around me saw me in a different light,

Then I truly was feeling.

As I arrive in the Golden City of Valankanah,

I meet with Master Hilarion,

Along with all the Beings of the Green/Gold and White Flame;

As they represent Divine Truth of the Higher Mind,

To be the focus of love within myself.

The city is magnificent,

With mountains, valleys, and hillsides of greenery with many flowers,

The hue of the Sun brings forth a golden hue of light.

We walk together,

As now the Elohim Cyclopea and Virginia,

With the Archangels Raphael and Mother Mary join us.

I feel a deep strength of courage within me,

As they encircle me with their love;

I feel their blessings shine upon me,

As Master Hilarion tells me to concentrate on this feeling.

I realize that my Emotional Body is fully allowing the acceptance of this Divine Love,

As my Mental Body starts to relax;

I sit on a beautiful bench in the forest with all of these Beings of Light,

I feel myself crying as I realize how hard I have been on myself.

They are showing me in this moment that the masks I have put around me,

Are only shielding me from the Love that is coming to me.

I sit, relax, breathe,

And feel the Green Golden White Flame come all around me,

The Elders Lord Zatheeah and Lady Zatheeia are blessing me with their Light,

Of the 5th Ray of the Science of God,

I feel my Third Eye opening,

As I connect more deeply to the Light of God,

Through My Higher Self.

I now start to feel the ability to look deeper,

Into the areas that I have kept hidden,

As I ready myself for a very powerful journey of Light.

I AM that I AM that I AM

The New Earth Consciousness-Circle of Light is a weekly class in which we journey to one of the 22 Etheric Cities.  Included is a teaching from Lord Adama and a special Ascended Being that represents the city. Walking Terra Christa provides many options to participate in their weekly teachings with an affordable rate for all individuals.  You can participate in our Partner/Membership Program while experiencing the teachings on your own time via the recordings. You can also purchase the MP3 download on any of the classes.

Walking Terra Christa is offering their monthly classes in 2017 “Mastering the Spiritual Recovery of the Soul” which is facilitated through Lord Saint Germain, the Ray Chohan of the Month, and Lord Metatron. Each month we work with Lord Saint Germain and Lord Metatron for the Metatronic Seals. Included are the Ray Chohans for the specific rays we are working on as they provide information and Divine Language Light Encodements to assist in accessing the energies within the physical body.  Please use the link to learn more about this series.

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Accepting the Journey of Resonance ~ Decree


Walking Terra Christa is now working with the LAW OF RELATIVITY. Our journey on September 14, 2016 took us into the Golden Etheric City that resides above Kashmir called Vaneranthian-Lan-EEAH.

This city represents the Multi-White Ray of Universal White Light which assists in transforming the lower elements that do not allow the higher realms of the 5th dimension to fully be put into place. The Ascended Masters that overlight this energy are Lord Melchizedek and Lord Sanat Kumara.

Our visit on this day was to work with Lord Melchizedek who represents the Teacher of all Lightworkers upon the Mastery Pathway. He is our guide; he helps us to know ourselves through our Higher Essence.

Our journey into the city was absolutely beautiful as we connected to Mirror Lake that assisted each participant in seeing themselves through the eyes of the Multi-White Ray.

Accepting the Journey of Resonance to All that I Am

As I travel around the Etheric Golden Cities,

I am guided to the Golden Etheric City of Vaneranthian-Laneeah,

Which resides over Kashmir.

I want to learn more about the lessons I experience,

And how to accept the challenges instead of blaming others for my problems.

As I step into the beautiful essence of the Multi-White Ray,

Which is represented by this city,

I start to feel a shift occur within my Root Chakra.

I walk down a beautiful pathway,

This city is enormous as it covers many thousands of miles,

There is a valley with mountains all around each side,

I understand there are many lakes and bodies of water.

I am now met by Lord Melchizedek,

Who helps all initiates on the pathway of understanding.

His smile is wider than I could ever imagine,

I feel his essence as he presents being a father to many.

We walk together,

He asks me many questions,

What I feel like on the pathway of mastery,

And how I have experienced my lessons.

I told him I can become confused,

As I am unsure what is my higher truth,

And what is my lower mind telling me.

He chuckled and said,

You are not alone.

We have all experienced the same.

As we walk towards a magnificent mountain,

There is an enormous lake.

We stop to reflect.

Lord Melchizedek said it is very important to bring forth the elements,

That are troubling me,

I stand, and he gives a beautiful invocation,

Dearest God,

Please allow my student standing here with me,

To see the truth that is within him.

I start to see this amazing Multi-White Light coming up from the bottom of the Lake,

It looks like a tornado as it expands outward to the shore,

I feel a change occurring within me,

As I can see why they call this Mirror Lake.

Lord Melchizedek asks me how I am feeling,

At first, I cannot reply,

But then I feel the beautiful realization of what I could not see before.

I am acknowledging the truth, not from my lower mind,

But my Higher Self,

As I receive the message of Love and Self Forgiveness.

I know I am ready to accept the challenge of knowing more,

I have not been prepared before,

But now is my time to accept who I truly am.

I thank Lord Melchizedek for this journey.

I look forward to receive more so I can fully allow myself

To Resonate and Grow into the state of pure Oneness within me.

I AM that I AM that I AM

If you would like to learn more about the Golden Etheric Cities of the 22 Rays of God, Walking Terra Christa provides several opportunities to become a student while learning more about your own pathway:  Academy of New Earth Mastery. In addition an individual may purchase the MP3 recording of any of the journeys that we take each week, Golden Etheric Cities.

Integrative Channel: Rev. Christine Meleriessee Hayden
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In-Depth Journey of the Crystalline Ray

forest sun white green-1This is a visit to the Golden City of Shashwam (also known as Klehma) which resides in the 5th dimensional New Earth over Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Nebraska in the USA.  Master Serpais Bey is the Ray Chohan for the 4th Ray of Harmony and Balance which is represented within this amazing Crystalline City of Light.  He is our guide along with the Elders Lord Esteela & Lady Esteelo, Elohim Masters Purity & Astrea, along with the Archangels Gabriel & Hope.

Feeling the colors upon colors within our Merkabah Vehicle spin in multi-directions of the frequency of Light; we move into the 5th Dimensional Earth centering ourselves within the middle of the United States, North America. We are now magnetized with the Crystalline Flame of the 5th Dimensional Earth of Shashwam as it pulls us closer and closer into this beautiful City of Light.

We feel ourselves being pulled into a magnetic stream of light into a beautiful forest. Everything glistens within the trees as it is of the Crystalline essence although the ground is green, the base of the trees are many different colors with flowers budding on the leaves. It is almost like the trees would be filled with Christmas lights; it is glistening and sparkling everywhere.

It is a very sparse forest, with open trees, not thick, with a wide span of energies that go up high beyond what your eyes can see. We walk through the forest as there is not an exact pathway with green grass; we walk in our bare feet. We feel the growth of the green from our soles of our feet; our Earth Star is glistening with the frequencies of Light. As we walk further, we feel all the beautiful essences that we have brought within ourselves.

We are met by Master Serapis Bey and he is partnering with Master Paul the Venetian as they are working together within this ray to fully ground it into Gaia’s core, the Earth, and for all inhabitants, Master Serapis Bey brings these beautiful essences. He works very diligently with all initiates to help them through this process. While Paul the Venetian brings forth his beautiful gifts of Love from the 3rd Ray of Creative Actualization. But, yet, both of them have been Chohans of this Ray so they bring forth that essence together.

Behind them we see a parade of all the Beings of Light: Lord Esteela and Lady Esstelo, Elohim Masters Purity and Astrea open up their arms towards us along with Archangels Gabriel and Hope. We feel their beautiful essence of Light coming to us. As we gather together, in this beautiful forest, there are many places for us to sit with beautiful benches, some are wooden, some are golden, some are silver. We find ourselves finding a place as each of the beautiful Beings circle within us.

{Divine Light Language Encoding}

Welcome! It is I, Master Serapis Bey. It is my pleasure to be with each of you. I look forward to our excursions here in the beautiful City of Shashwam. It is so wonderful to have you in our forest.

This meeting tonight is an introductory phase, as we are going to be doing extensive work with each other to assist each of you to bring forth these Essences of the Crystalline Flame, but also the Emerald Green Flame. Feel these Frequencies come up into your Root Chakra, from your lower limbs, from the soles of your feet as the sparkles of Light are all around us. You can put your hands out and basically almost touch what is here.

We have with us many assistants. We have children. We have fairies. We have angels. We have all kinds of Beings of Light that welcome you in this moment. It is our pleasure to be here together to assist you in understanding what you are experiencing on a level beyond your comprehension consciously within your Physical Self. You can go into the depth of whom you are through the Purity of your Breath and this Crystalline Flame.

Paul the Venetian and I have worked very closely with one another for eons and eons of time. When it was time for this Ray to be inducted into the Earth’s atmosphere more fully, we both thought it would be important for us to work with each other. There was going to be a lot of work that needs to be done within the planet. Yet that is not our only work. We still work in other phases of the Mastery Pathway for each of you and others that are opening themselves up.

Tonight, we have brought the Frequencies of the Elders, the Elohim and the Archangels all in Unison, because we wanted to come together. What we are hoping to do in the next few weeks is to have each of you work with each of us individually. We will go into an in-depth journey of this Ray and what it truly means besides understanding Resurrection, Rebirth, Purity and Harmony.

What does that really mean?

In the concept of your Mind, it is what you desire to have. Yet if you go deep into that Root Chakra and the more you bring in your Etheric Body into that existence, it brings in more debris than if you cleared out everything in your Root Chakra. This is why it becomes so very intense.

The understanding this occurs is that you may be repeating the same lessons over and over again. It may seem like it, but that is not always true. Sometimes it does happen that way. What our involvement with each of you is in this moment, represents assisting you on a much deeper level to clear out this chakra. As your Etheric Body becomes more involved within you as you go through the Higher Initiations, you will be able to purge these Elements much easier. You see, it takes practice to do anything. It is important to have these realizations so that when you get to those Higher Initiations, you do not think you are falling back down into the second or third again.

That is not the way we want it to be. Yet we all know how much diligence it takes, and how strong you have to be within yourself to consistently look at your own mirrors, look at your own thoughts, look at your own teelings, and to move those essences in a completely different manner. What we would like for you right now is to have arrived into the New Year with this Frequency of Light to experience this Light.

What does it mean to allow the integration of the Crystalline Flame to be within your Being?

I think many have had a difficult time with this Flame, because they do not want to go there. They do not want to go into that dark place and pull out those Energies, because they seem just fine the way they are. Yet in truth, look at how you feel during your days. Look at how you react to people with whom you are personal, and how you are affected within yourself and hurt when things happen a certain way.

It is not the way it should be, and this is what I am here to assist you with. The power you ignite within yourself can only be as powerful as you are. If you have ailments that are arising, the power ceases to exist, as you feel powerless. You feel as if you are not important. You feel as if you do not care, or you feel as if you are not quite sure of whom you are. That is a moment of confliction.

We ask each of you in this moment to go deep into your Root Area. Allow the Crystalline Flame from your feet to center into your Root Chakra; bring up all kinds of debris that you do not like. You may not even know what it is. If it is coming from your Etheric Body of other timelines, you do not always have to know what it is. Bring in those Essences unto yourself. Allow the Crystalline Flame to come in, with Emerald Green if it makes you feel better, and almost like a washing machine within your Root Chakra let it blend with your Root itself, which is Red.

What does that Root look like? Can you see colors?

If you cannot see any colors, just sense how it feels like.

What does it feel like?

The Crystalline Flame stirs things up, but then creates the harmonization you are looking for. We will do that now.

Feel the Energies underneath of you. Where everyone is sitting, there is a wind whipping up with the Crystalline Flame. As it whips up around us, it goes right into that Root Area. Feel yourself as if you were in a vibrating chair. Yet you are not in a vibrating chair, as it is vibrating within yourself. As it goes into the Root Chakra, it is going to pull out debris. It will be like a funnel. That funnel will come into your Root and stir it up. Feel that stirring up occur now.

{Divine Light Language Encoding}

Now allow the Crystalline Flame to go all the way up your Chakra System. It goes up and down, and up and down. Feel that Crystalline Energy move through you and then dissipating.

What it does is to take it and crystallize it, so that the darkness within there becomes the Crystalline frequency. Now feel a softer effect, almost like you are sitting in the Sun.

You feel the warmth of the Sun and what that feels like for you. There is a calmness that occurs. It comes in through you and around you, and it goes into all parts of you. Bring this Essence within.

{Divine Light Language Encoding}

Feel the Elohim, the Archangels and myself centering around you, dancing around you, spinning this Frequency of Light within you. Take a moment to feel what it is within your Breath.

What is happening within your Consciousness? What is it that you are now fully accepting within yourself?

The Yin and the Yang are now becoming integrated within You. If you are visual and can see the Crystalline Flame into every part of your being, you have now become the Crystalline Flame. It is now time to arise from where you are sitting. Visualize your arms upwards, just like the trees that are here. Take your fingertips and twinkle them with the Lights. You become the Crystalline Flame now. You become the Purity. You become the Light that you desire and that you are. You become that Harmony and Balance. You had the conflict. Now you feel the purest state of Beingness.

Take a moment and sit down once again, as we share a few words.

In order to stay in this state of conditioning, you must have a realization within yourself of what it is you were purging. It does not have to be a timeline or picture. All it has to be is a word.

Was it Regret?

Was it Uncertainty?

Was it Emotional Imbalance?

Have that reflection within you. Now look at that feeling. Is that feeling still within you? I would say probably not. Yet if it is, then there is still more work left that needs to be done.

I ask you to go deep into the Core of your Heart and Solar Plexus and write about it. Not in this moment, but afterwards when you come out of this journey. If you cannot do it at this journey, come back and re-listen. Bring up that essence.

One difficult aspect is that if you do not understand what you are experiencing, then it will return again. It is how the Mental Mind works. Many of you have issues with your Masculine energies trying to control the situation.

What happens with this Crystalline Essence is that you are tapping into your Feminine Divine and allowing it to dissipate it. You do not have to go any further with it. You do not have to sit and do affirmations. Although if you want to, you may. It is helpful if it is a continual thought that is nagging within you. Yet then you take that Crystalline Flame and put it through the words you have written. Some may say, “How do I do that?”

You imagine yourself in this moment as this Rree of Light. You look at the words, you take the Crystalline Essence and make it the Light. Make it the frequency.

Part of the problem with the Emerald Green is that it will bring up the issue for you, which is why we told you to use specks of it. The Emerald Green is such an Earth Energy at the 3rd dimensional Level, that that energy has to be changed into a Crystalline structure. That is what is presently occurring within the Earth. Yet sometimes you need the Emerald Green to see the acknowledgment within you. It is a softer Color. The Crystalline Frequency changes things immediately if you have not already noticed. Sometimes, the bodily structure needs to experience it from a completely different level. It may be from a 3rd dimensional Level in order to get to the 5th dimensional Level and higher. There is nothing wrong with that. It allows that energy to move at a smaller rate. You take the Green Flame and put it into the aspect that came to you and was not of harmony or balance. You move the Green Flame into that essence.

You can visualize yourself going into the Crystalline Light and changing the lower energy. It is like an initiate who is having a truly hard time in the level they are experiencing. If they try to bring in too much Light frequency within themselves to make the necessary changes, one can burn out. We call it Kundalini Burnout.

The Kundalini takes on too much higher frequency when the physical body is not ready to experience that higher frequency. This happens to individuals that are pushing themselves too hard. It is important to have the realization that you must go at the pace that is necessary for you, as your bodily structure may not be able to handle it. This where a lot of the Ascension Symptoms come in, as there is too much Light coming into the body and no time for stabilization. The body cannot adjust to the higher frequency and then receives another higher frequency.

If you ever have moments in which your body is overloaded, it needs to sleep continuously, it is thirsty, it is inactive – and I am speaking of days upon days, this is when you are in a burnout stage. What happens is if you bring in the Emerald Green Flame into your essence is that it is a softer color. Not every human body and every Spirit is able to accelerate at the same pace and level.

My point is stabilize yourself. Allow these Frequencies of Light to assist you. If you feel more comfortable intuiting the Green Essence within the Crystalline, please do so. You will see your progress moving on much smoother and much swifter than trying to push too much energy at once. That will only cause overload.

I ask you now, what is it that you are feeling? How do you feel about the status of your existence through this process?

These are important realizations. We bring forth the Essences of the Elders through this energy, as they are the ones igniting the frequency in this beautiful city.

Let us take a little walk. As we walk through this forest, we see that there is a pathway opening up. We are now standing on a hillside. We look down upon the city. See the magnificence of this city and all the sparkly Lights. There are several temples in the distance, because we are at a higher elevation from where we can see all these elements. Think about your own journey.

Let this city represent that vision for you. If you think about each moment you go through a period of Resurrection, there is always of Hope in what is ahead of you. This city represents that Hope. Allow the vision we see now of all the beautiful temples, the housing, the community that is down there, to be your Hope.

Whatever your Hope is within your own future, coming into this Forest is an initiation to allow more to occur. That is why we call it the Flame of Resurrection. It resurrects the old for the new to be received.

I ask each of you, what is it you want to bring forth into your world within the next 30 days?

Let us bring forth that Essence with the Flame in this moment. As we walk along the hillside, we see that there is a beautiful entryway into a cave. Yet the cave is not dark. It is filled with Crystalline Flame. Again, the ground is Green. Feel that green essence within you.

As we step into this cave, feel your purest form fully materialize in your highest consciousness. It has not materialized physically for you, but it is a vision. It is a Purity of Light.

The Archangels and Elohim are embracing you in this moment with their waves of Light. Purity and the Pure Essence Astrea, Gabriel and Hope represent changing what you are in what you want to be. Feel this cave of Light. It is opening up to the Heavens above. You see a sky filled with bright Lights. This is your Evolvement. This is your Light.

{Divine Light Language Encoding}

Embrace what you are receiving. You are receiving your Future. You are receiving the Divinity of your Light to fully be integrated within your Full Body System when you are ready. It is now time to leave the cave, but you can return at any time you would like.

The Cave of Eternal Light is yours.

We walk back through the forest and you see that you are part of it, not separate. You are fully integrated with this forest. Return at any time you have an issue or an element you would like to work with. Sitting here by yourself within this forest, we will all assist. It is now time for us to leave.

We walk with you through the entrance-way you came in. As you exit out from the top of the hill, you feel the Portal of Light.

I, as Serapis Bey with Paul the Venetian and all these beautiful Beings of Light of the Elohim, the Elders, the Archangels and with all of our little guests assisting you in these moments. We look forward to working with each of you individually in our next visits.

Blessings and Love to each of you. Thank you for being here.

We feel the chamber of light that is around us as it pulls up away from the city. Directing your Merkabah Vehicle of Light back to your present location. Allow it to spin and come within you.

Sometimes when we go through these journeys, we tend to open up our eyes too quickly and we are not fully within our body. You can touch the top of your head a little bit, and bring those energies down into your physical essence.

Thank you for participating in our journey to Shashwam.

The New Earth Consciousness-Circle of Light class meets each Wednesday. Lord Adama, High Priest of Telos is the host with a beginning lecture on the current energies. Lord Adama’s lectures may be read on Walking Terra Christa, Lord Adama Discourses.  Walking Terra Christa is glad to provide these classes in our Membership Program or purchasing the MP3 files individually. Details are provided in the “Teachings of the Golden Etheric Cities” and can be accessed by clicking the link.
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The Temple of Expression and Joy with the Pleiadans

river_violet-webThis is our second visit to the Golden City of Light over Africa: San Dalphaan-An-EEA as we are guided by the Pleiadan Council of Light to the Temple of Expression and Joy.  We received a special Pleiadan Guide as we infused the Blue-Violet Ray to assist with transformation of the crystalline body of Light.

We spin our Merkabah vehicles in a clockwise manner. Feel it spinning as the frequency of Light within you comes forth in multidimensional colors; Violet, Blue, Green, Gold, Silver, Platinum, Pearlescent, all higher frequencies of colors blend into lower frequencies of colors to transmute them into a higher frequency.

Feel ourselves moving out of the location where you are sitting, as we are traveling to the continent of Africa. See the expansiveness of this Golden city. Seas are all around us. The land is very pristine, hilly, and mountainous in many areas. Let us land in a beautiful valley. It has magnificent, large trees encompassing us. The ground has a sandy touch. It is dirt and sand together, yet below it is rich in beautiful essences within the ground.

We discover many flowers as we walk. There are butterflies, birds, and animals grazing everywhere. African animals found in the 3rd dimensional world are all interacting with each other in joy and blissfulness. In front of us lies a walkway ahead. On each side, there are beautiful Crystalline ponds, emanating Blue Violet energies. As you look down the pathway on each side, you can see the Crystalline structure of the Blue Violet energies. The pathway winds right up towards the Temple with waterways around the outside. We continue across the little bridge, which is made out of the Earth. On this beautiful sandy land, wildflowers are everywhere to be found. We look up to the sky and see the luminous essences of the Sun, with Blue Violet Rays shining upon the lands.

Many Pleiadians are waiting for our arrival at the Temple. Some are here as guides or as companions, others are part of the Pleiadian of the Council of Light. One special Pleiadian will join you at your side and escort you up to the beautiful Temple.

You walk into the Temple and the Blue Violet luminosity is shining brightly, as the Crystalline structures are all around the Temple. Many doorways are situated along the Temple. We are going into the center of the Temple. Within the Temple, you see the Pleiadian Council of Light of 24 Elders. All of them are standing inside the Temple in a semi-circular fashion. The middle of the Temple is a beautiful altar with Blue Violet Crystalline structures emanating in many different directions. This room is a little bit different from the room we came to last week. It represents the Pleiadian Council of Light, and all initiates visiting this city who have worked with the Arcturians previously and now are working with the Pleiadians.


Thank you so much for everyone attending. Please come in and find your space to sit upon. Embrace the frequency of Light that is flowing through this room. The sun is shining down brightly. We are in a small room.

We, of the Pleiadians, are very excited to be able to work with you in this moment. This city is one that we share in excitement. Until this time, we have not been able to do so. As we bring in the essences of the Blue Violet within this room, feel the essences we began to initiate last week. The Arcturians, as well as Lord and Lady Arcturus are standing by. Everyone is very proud of each of you for the work that you have done with them. It will assist in going further in the moments ahead, as you are fully allowing yourself to illuminate these essences.

You must understand that when one surrenders the mind and allows their full realization of whom they are to become within the Physical Body, great changes occur that are directly related to the work done and brought forth. Acknowledge within yourself how deeply these changes are affecting you. Many do not.

We stand before you as the Pleiadian Council of Light with the great Love that we are. We have seen great changes in the last 20 to 40 years, as more individuals are awakening and begin to understand their own processes. Our idealization is to assist you with these changes that are occurring for you. See, the greater plan is that as your mind surrenders to your Heart, you become the balanced being you have always intended to be.

Let us express even further through this frequency of Light. There is a Pleiadian friend reaching out to you right now. He or she is standing before you with great Love. This being now hands you a glass of the Blue Violet Ray. It will assist you in blending the Heart and the mind together, which you call the Yin and the Yang. The mental aspects and the emotions move more fully into balance within the higher frequency that you are and you embody it. Take a sip. Feel this Blue Violet going down into your system. It is going to emanate out of your Third Eye. Many are being hit with sinus problems, congestions, some even teeth problems and head problems, with the energies of solar flares. This is due to an increase of frequency within your Third Eye. As we fully embrace the Violet Ray within the Third Eye, allow it to relax all those areas.

In order to survive in the 5th dimensional frequency, you must receive your Crystalline structures. It is a part of what is occurring, beginning within the head area first and foremost, as that is a place of the mental mind. It is a place of the Third Eye, the all seeing eye that we are. It will open up your ability to command your Divine Essence to be fully within your body.

Let that frequency of Light flow through the head. Allow it to center within the neck. The entering point in the back of the neck may get clogged at times. Other times it can get infiltrated with other energies that we do not like to see. Take a moment to allow the Blue Violet to infuse you. As it infuses within you, it flows through you and allows you to fully feel a different aspect of yourself than you have previously accepted.

You begin to feel a fluidity moving within you. Allow this Blue Violet to flow through the rest of your body. If you are having any problems in the areas we have mentioned; the sinus, nasal passages, the ears, the eyes, the upper head, the lower head, the jawline, allow yourself to simply relax with the energy. We ask for the flow to move entirely through your whole structure. As this flow continues to come within you, you feel the Light waves of the Blue Violet. The waves of Light help you access your unlimited potential. Right now, your lower mind is fully relaxing into the Higher Mind. You are accessing the Higher Mind through this Ray.   As we are accessing the Higher Mind, we bring forth these higher abilities to fully be embraced within our totality that we are. Take a deep breath. As these essences are flowing through you, particles of Light of your 5th and 7th dimensional essences come through all parts of your being.

{Divine Language Light Encoding}

Allow yourself to receive the vibrational energies that are coming through to you with this effect. Allow that mental mind to totality feel like nothingness, letting the lower part of your Being accept the higher part of your Being. Allow that fluidness to run through you.

As you do that, your Third Eye becomes more acutely aware.

Take a deep breath.

Allow yourself to tune fully into the Third Eye essence. See the colors within the room and the frequency of Light, as on the outlining areas there are many Crystalline formations emanating. It is almost like you are seeing a laser show. The emanations from the crystals move through the entire room to assist and make the changes necessary for your physical being. Feel the illumination that you are. Feel that flowing within you as the lower mind is finally surrendering to the Higher Mind. You bring forth these essences within your being to accept your Divinity and the Master that you are. It is the plan that has always been put in place by your Higher Self, only to now become more fully activated. Feel that occurring for you now. Feel it deeply within your Heart and your Solar Plexus. You want to ground these energies through the Physical Body and allow the grounding to occur.

Let us just take a deep breath.

We will share some words to allow these energies to flow within you more freely. The major portion of human consciousness upon this planet causes these elements to not be in complete harmony. It is a fact that the lower mind is still very much intact in everyone. It causes the energies not to flow in one space. There are individuals who may have the innate ability to manifest anything they desire and perhaps not even think about it. It comes easily and effortlessly into their lives. Believe me, those are particles of Light coming through to them, as these are part of the initiations. The challenge is that they have to learn what to do with the manifestations that do occur. Many do not understand the ramifications of not doing things for the Higher Good. Thus, they are working within the lower vibrations and are still bringing in everything that they desire. Things are going to shift rapidly with this.

Understand that what you are experiencing in these times of change will only be fully activated through the higher essences. This is now what this planet is going to come into full creation with as Terra Christa. It is what you are experiencing in each moment. It is why at times you may be struggling with what you have, and other times you may be flourishing. Frequencies of Light move through the atmosphere, sometimes assisting you and other times not. It is up to each of you individually to fully command within your own physical essence to always be in your Higher Beingness. It is not an easy task considering what you have to deal with consistently.

The reason for us to express to each of you to laugh and enjoy yourselves is to allow these expressions that you are to flow freely through and out of you. It is what will help you understand the processes you have been under. You know the expression “cosmic joke”. At times, that may reflect within you. It is a beautiful gift to look at yourself in the mirror and just laugh in times of great struggle.

It is not the Higher Essence of your being that feels the anxieties, frustrations, the hurtfulness, and the loss of control over your life. Those are just the old aspects dying away. Those are the old particles of yourself that now are ready to come into the full totality of your being. This is what we truly desire for each of you to help you understand that this planet Earth is deeply changing. Each of you is part of these changes.

Let us reflect within that, as in this moment within the Temple, you fully bring in the changes necessary through the highest essence of the Blue Violet. The Blue Violet will assist each of you right now. Visualize yourself sitting here. Put your palms outwards and allow yourself to be an open vehicle for this frequency of Light to change those elements within you and allow the flow to be within you. We look above to the top of the Temple.

We see the fluidness of the Blue Violet streaming down as if it was water. It is an energetic exchange that you can feel coming through your veins. Feel it coming through your Crown. Feel it coming through your eyes and ears, mouth, and your Throat Chakra. Allow it to flow into your Solar Plexus and all parts of your being. Now you are one huge being of Blue Violet Light.   You are a sponge, allowing these essences to be fully within all parts of your being, allowing yourself to feel the fluidness within you. Take a deep breath now. Connect with your Higher Self. If it is fully activated within your Being, he or she is you. There is no difference between you any longer. Feel that integration of your Beingness activating within you at this very moment. Feel this essence of Love. Feel this essence of joy. Feel this essence of completion.   Smile to yourself. Smile, smile, and smile. One who smiles is who truly feels their own Highest essence within their being.

{Divine Language Light Encoding}

Breathe in deeply. Feel yourself smiling within yourself. Feel the joy that is you, with your essence flowing within. Feel the fluidness, the greatness that you are. Allow yourself to just embrace this essence. Feel the flow.

In this moment, we ask of you to take a moment of reflection. There is something you desire deeply on the physical plane that will assist you in your pathway. We ask of you now to bring that thought process up into the Temple. Arise from your seats. Go over to the Crystalline structure. This Crystalline structure also has a fluidness of water running through it of the Blue Violet. Touch the Crystalline structure. Through your intention to receive the elements, you will feel the movement of the water running through your hands. The energetic exchange that occurs within the crystal and the water fully activates within you in this moment. Allow yourself to let it happen.

{Divine Language Light Encoding}

Take a deep breath. Step away from the altar.

As you turn around, you face the back of the Temple. See illuminating frequencies of Light. See your reflection within this illumination coming right back at you. Feel that essence coming within you, as you are now attracting everything you have just put out. Feel it being received. Feel the essences coming within your being. Feel the Temple above you and above your Crown. Look up above, and see how the skylight is fully open with the frequencies flowing down. Put your fingertips upward and just receive this frequency fully done on your own.

{Divine Language Light Encoding}

Watch all the Pleiadian Beings around you, as they now arise and come towards you with your palms held forward together. Feel the blending of frequencies.

Welcome to the Temple of Expression and Joy.

The essence of your Being filters through all parts of yourself, as you have activated the 14th Ray that is embodied within this city. It is within your Third Eye, opening up your ability to see, to feel, to express. Yet remember not to fall back to your old habits, as the energies will decrease. We suggest that you utilize some of these tools to assist you in this process. It is a work in progress. It cannot occur overnight for you, depending on your acceptance and initiation level to fully receive these frequencies in this manner. We, of the Pleiadian Council of Light, are extremely excited to share this knowledge with you in these moments within this beautiful city. It is a city of Oneness. It is a city in which we will need individuals like yourself to assist others to understand these elements occurring within you.

Please do take time to express to yourself of how you are feeling with these changes of coming into this city and return again. If it is a place where you will like to be, please let us know that.

Let us now leave the Temple. You have a Pleiadian Being with you that is going to assist you in commanding these energies within you continually. Yet as we have mentioned before, it will not happen immediately. It will come in small increments to help you ground it fully. This energy is also assisting Gaia in receiving this frequency of Light. It is what we do here to help Gaia in moving her frequency to the 5th dimensional level.

We bid you farewell. Please do embrace us and feel the Love that we extend to you from our Hearts to your Heart. We touch our Hearts with our palms and extend it to you. Feel the essence that we are through the handshakes within our palms touching.

We thank you. Return very soon.

This is Lord Adama once again. Let us walk down from the Temple across the little bridges.   Feel the land. Observe the crystal emanations from the waters. We walk down the pathway.

I want you to take a breath to truly feel where you are right now. Feel the essence within you. You bring forth this acceptance. You bring forth this joy that is you. Let us gather in our group Merkabah.

We move off this beautiful city of San Dalphaan-An-Eea as we breathe deeply. We separate into our separate Merkabahs and into our own location.

Breathe deeply once more, as this has been an extremely high vibrational frequency brought to you today.

I, as Lord Adama, am very proud of each of you for what you are striving to be and the pathway you choose to walk upon. These higher cities are not easy to incorporate within you. So please do take your time. If you are feeling a little off from this evening, and it may be so for a couple of days, please know that you can ask for the energies to settle down within you. Get in that water. Get on the lands. Connect with Gaia. She is ready to receive these frequencies.

I AM Lord Adama, High Priest of Telos.

I AM deeply honored to walk with each of you. Namaste and good day.

©2012-2014 Walking Terra Christa Academy of New Earth Mastery by Rev. Christine Meleriessee and Rev. J. Michael Hayden (Ara). Permission to repost this information electronically on your non-commercial website or blog is granted as long as you include this copyright statement and the following referral links. Use for commercial websites, blogs and printed or written reproduction requires written permission.
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5th Dimension, Channeling

Visiting the Temple of Divine Mercy with Lady Quan Yin

bridgeVisiting the The Golden City of Hakropliah. 

On September 10th, 2014, we visited this city which resides in the 5th dimensional earth over Taiwan with Lady Quan Yin and Angel Roshel.  We included the many lost souls within the earth for the remembrance of 911 from 2001 as the Clarion Temple of Oneness represents the healing of many souls of light from this tragedy. 

We dedicate this teaching on this night to a special soul who transitioned with a great trauma. Her name is Amy; she was beautiful, kind, and loved by many. She now continues her journey through the heavens while working with the Beings of Light.

Take a deep breath. Feel yourself in that meadow right now; your Merkabah vehicle fully being activated with your Body of Light.

As we gather in the meadow we see many, many Souls that are joining us. Stepping forward is Yamteleus, Archangel Michael, John who are the administrators of the Clarion Temple of Oneness, and many others that are assisting; that have walked this pathway before many.

There is a special pathway that we walk upon and then there is a clearing. There’s a beautiful pagoda that we step into. Within this pagoda, there are beautiful Essences of the Pink-Orange Ray flowing within. As we sit within this very, very large pagoda with all the Soul’s around us – we circle. Some may be scared. Some may be unsure of what they are about to experience. So it is our job as each individual Being That We Are that have walked this pathway to show them what it is to embody the Rays of God.

Feel your Love and your Wisdom; your Will and your Power; your Creative Actualization which is Compassion and Love. Feel the Harmony and the Balance of the Crystalline Ray. Feel the Science of God That You Are of your Higher Self fully intact. Feel your Inner Devotion to be here at this moment as this is the most important element for you to participate in; the Violet and the Purple of the Ceremonial Structure; the Sea Foam Green of the Higher Cleansing; the Attraction to the Body of Light with the Blue-Green; the Pearlescent of the Blending of the Masculine and the Feminine; and then the Pink-Orange.

As we embody all these elements within ourselves this City radiates it. It expands it out of the 5th Dimensional Realm into the 3rd and the 4th. So it expands around the World into GAIA so that every Being upon this planet will feel Compassion and Mercy for what they are going through. Expand upon it now. Allow it to flow within you. Allow it to be within you, the Core of your Being, going deep into your Solar Plexus. Breathe in deeply into the Purification of your Essences.



It is I, Lady Quan Yin at your service with Angel Roshel.

It is our pleasure to host this beautiful evening, to host this beautiful energetic exchange.

Feel the Pink-Orange Ray through the hues of the Light of the Sun above. See it amongst the meadow of the many different flowers. Feel the Purification of the Essence as there is a beautiful, beautiful stream of waters that goes around the City. Feel the flowing energies of the waters. Allow them to come fully within you so that you may express your highest part of Divinity that you have ever experienced.

There are some Souls that are here that have great sadness. There are some Souls that are here that are confused. There are some Souls that truly know they need to be here but they do not know why. I am sure that each of you have felt these energies within yourself at one time or another. Maybe they are occurring presently.

What is it within yourself that needs to be expressed?

The depth and the core of your being that is part of you that has been lodged inside of you trying to be removed.

Many of the Souls that are here presently – the wayward Souls are now starting to feel a releasement.

Can you feel it?

Can you feel the expression that is within you that needs to come out of you?

I ask you now to breathe deeply into any parts of yourself; whether it be in your Physical Body, in your Emotional Body, or your Mental Body that needs to be addressed. Allow the Purification of the Pink-Orange Ray to flow through you and bring it up. As it passes through you, it will not attach itself to anything but it will help remove the particles that needs to be accessed. These elements must occur for an individual to fully have completion within themselves. There are many levels of completion in your day that are necessary. You are changing consistently. But until you realize the changes that occur, then you cannot accept Who You Are becoming.

Let us all take a deep breath. Let us all feel the beauty of being together in this moment. I send this Purification of Light into the Core of your Solar Plexus. It is truly your Divine Love, your Inner Power to bring forth these Essences onto the full existence That You Are.

{{{ Divine Light Language Encoding }}} 

Now feel the Ray purging out of you and taking what it is that you no longer need. Allow it to be purged out of you just with the frequency of Light.

As we look across the meadow, we can see pockets of darkness through the Rays that are going to the other side. They are going to be purged into the higher core of the Light into the Purification of Essences that are within this beautiful Golden City of Light.

We now arise and step down onto the meadow once again and walk this beautiful pathway. As we walk away from the pagoda and make a right hand turn, we follow the pathway with many flowers of many levels. The pathway is strewn with sand and beautiful Essences of Crystalline structures. As we walk across them we can feel the frequency going up through our feet and helping to heal our physical bodies.

Not far ahead is the beautiful Rainbow Bridge. It represents all different colors of the Rainbows of the Rays of God. As you step up onto the bridge start to access the parts of yourself that you have not felt before.

Allow yourself to walk through from the “old energy” into the “new”. This is exactly what is happening. As you walk across the bridge, you walk across this beautiful body of water with Crystalline colors. You may stop and look down. The Crystalline rocks within the waters shimmering up at you as the Sun shines down upon them creating a prism of Light fully coming into your full existence. It starts to change you.

You feel a reflection within yourself, a sparkle of Light as your Masculine and Feminine Divine within your Heart are fully One. You are your thoughts and you are your emotions, but they are not out of control. You have now tapped into your Higher Mind. As you walk more across the bridge, it has a little bit of an incline and as you are in the middle you start to feel that accessibility of your Light That You Are to fully come into your entire existence. It flows all the way down into your Earth Star in through the souls of your feet. Your chakras are spinning. You feel the beautiful Essences within you becoming more than you ever thought possible.

All the Souls are now coming with us. These beautiful Souls that have been lost are now going to be found. They are going to be able to find themselves with others that have experienced the same as them just as you have experienced. As now, we step down across to the other side. As you step to the other side, feel the Strength and the Power that you have within you. Feel the ability to expand the Purification of your Essences through all parts. You first feel it physically as it spins upwards through all your chakras going up to the top of your Soul Star going into all your joints. Everything is spinning. You feel your chakras spinning within you colors-upon-colors. The Rays of God are You.

As you now walk further down the pathway, you feel the electrifying frequency of Light of your Soul Body now accessing within your physical. This allows the blending of your Mental and your Emotional faculties of the Masculine and Feminine. It allows the Purification of your Heart Centeredness to be the Christed Being that you desire to be; but yet you are feeling it physically. As the pathway continues there is a grove of trees. It’s a tropical setting. You feel the warm of the air across your body. You feel the beauty of the Sun being down upon you as now you step towards the Temple of Divine Mercy.

Feel yourself walking into the Temple. The Temple is octagonal. The body of water of the stream that we crossed now is flowing around the Temple. As you look down you can see it through the Crystalline glass below your feet. You feel the waters flowing within you. As we walk into this Temple, see the beautiful Flame of the Pink-Orange in the middle. You slowly walk around it. Feel the warm of that Pink-Orange Flame. Feel the Crystalline structure upon your feet. Feel your entire body becoming Crystalline as this is what is happening to you. You feel your physical body accepting it. You allow yourself.

There are many pillows around the floor and we find a place to sit. I, as Quan Yin and Angel Roshel, stand in front of you on a platform that is on the outside of the Flame and each of you sits there as you feel your Divine Essence fully activated; but yet your body is completely clear. The other Souls that have come in are going through a transformation, a very transformative process to allow their Light frequency to be accepted within themselves so that they can go to another plane of existence.

As you sit upon this Crystalline structure, I want you now to feel your physical body. I want you to feel the strength that is within, because you have had the ability to walk through many doorways to get to this space. Feel Compassion for yourself.

I want you to think about the struggle that you have come upon in this present circumstance, in this present moment of time. Do not reflect upon the darkness of it, the depth of it that has taken you to a deeper space that you have not been able to control; but I want you to see the beauty of it. Because in every part of life that we experience, there is always the depth of understanding of that trauma to take you to a new healing space.

Feel this within you now as all the Souls that have joined us from all the walks of Light are starting to see their realizations; starting to see that it is time for them to move into a new existence. There are many helpers here in this moment as we have invited the entire God Force, all the Ray Chohans, all the beautiful Beings of Light from planet Earth and beyond of the Christed Extraterrestrials. They are all assisting these beautiful Souls and each of you to know more about yourself than you have ever done.

As the Flame is within you, you feel it coming towards you almost like a dragon. You feel the breath of the Flame coming within you; take these breaths. Allow yourself to ingest it deeply into your Solar Plexus. Feel the Divinity of Love That You Are. This is being Merciful; to allow yourself to fully experience the Power of your Light within you. Allow this Light now to go into the spaces that have been imbalanced and that have been out of commission. Allow the Essence to fully come within you.

{{{ Divine Light Language Encoding }}} 

Feel your Purification. Feel the Light That You Are as now you arise. You walk towards the Flame. You are now One within the Flame.

Each of these Souls that are here are part of this Flame. Feel the beautiful Divinity of Love That You Are. Feel the next step of your journey helping you to walk through it, to complete it, to allow yourself to understand within that you have fully embraced a new aspect of your Beingness allowing yourself to fully understand. That creates acceptance; acceptance of Whom You Are is now fully incorporated within your Soul’s Beingness. It is the Divinity of Light That You Are. It is the Divinity of Life. Feel your Compassion. Feel your Mercy. Feel your Divineness.

It is now time for us to leave the Temple. As we walk around the Flame in a clockwise manner, we start to feel how time is assisting you as where you were before has allowed you to walk into Whom You Are now. Feel that Beauty and that Joy.

We now step down from the opened Temple and return back onto the pathway. On each the left and the right sides are these beautiful Beings of Light. Each of them is taking a group of the Souls that have come for the healing. It is now time for them to continue on their journey just as it is time for each of you. This is the beauty of what is happening right now. We are helping so many Souls (in the 1000’s) going towards their Light. It is now time for them to continue their journey on the Inner Planes, to have left the Astral Planes.

As each of us walk down this pathway, I as Lady Quan Yin am deeply honored.

As you walk across the Rainbow Bridge, the Bridge of Accessibility what does it feel like for you now?

You are accessing so much more than you did before. You’ve allowed the frequency of Light of this Ray to fully be you. You are the Freedom into the New World, into your New Self. Remember this each time you need to do this walk.

As we step down onto the other side, Lord Adama is waiting for you.

I, with Angel Roshel fully bless you in these moments. Allow the Purity of Whom You Are to always be your Guide, not what your Mental Mind thinks. Allow the Purity of your Light to guide you into the dark holes that await you in moments of your re-creation. You are the transformation you have been searching for.   You just must acknowledge it in each moment.

My Blessings and Love in All That We Are Together.

I deeply Thank You and Anoint you with the Essence of the Pink-Orange Ray always to be your Guide.

This is a weekly class which meets on Wednesday’s at 4:30 PM Pacific.  Individuals are encouraged to join the live meditations which requires a registration for each call or as a member on our program.  This information is available via Walking Terra Christa,  Please note that the recordings of these journeys are only available by purchasing the MP3 file by clicking the above link for the Golden Cities.

©2012-2014 Walking Terra Christa Academy of New Earth Mastery by Rev. Christine Meleriessee and Mike Hayden.  Permission to repost this information electronically on your non-commercial website or blog is granted as long as you include this copyright statement and the following referral links.  Use for commercial websites, blogs and printed or written reproduction requires written permission.

5th Dimension, Golden Cities of Light

Updates on the Golden Etheric Cities


We have been working within all of the Golden Etheric Cities since 2011.  In the past year we have been overloaded with classes and sessions that it is sometimes difficult to post the information.  Lord Adama, High Priest of Telos, is our guide for these cities is urging us to continue posting the transcriptions as they become available.

The order of the transcriptions will no longer be by chronological order.  We are presently re-visiting many of the cities but some of the latter ones were not posted on this site.  So you will see the transcripts as they become available to post and in not the usual order of the dates we traveled to the cities.

Presently, there are more vibrational attunements that are provided through Meleriessee within the journeys. We do suggest that you consider ordering some of the meditations for you to listen although there is a vibrational energy that is provided within the text of the material.

We thank you for your loving support of this work as we feel it is very important.  These cities represent the “capital” cities for the New Earth.  They represent the ability to walk through the Rays of God with each of the magnificent beings that are part of the rays and within the cities to help individuals heal deeply.  When the New Earth is fully available, there will be a need for individuals to work within the city(s) to help others in their transition upon the 5th dimensional world.  There will be other smaller cities called “crystalline” that will inhabit the New Earth also but these cities are represented by the Brotherhood of White Light that is overlighting the transition from the Old Earth into the New.

Please let us know about the journeys of these cities and how you feel when reading the material.  We are all changing together to create Terra Christa.

PLEASE NOTE:  In the earlier transcriptions it was stated that recordings were available on our site.  That is no longer available except by ordering the meditations either separately or by joining our Membership Program which has all the recordings in our list for you to enjoy.  You may learn more about the program on our website, Walking Terra Christa, Membership Program.

In Expressions of Oneness,

Rev. Christine Meleriessee and Rev. Michael Ara Hayden

©2012-2014 Walking Terra Christa Academy of New Earth Mastery by Rev. Christine Meleriessee and Rev. Michael Ara Hayden.  Permission to repost this information electronically on your non-commercial website or blog is granted as long as you include this copyright statement and the following referral links.  Use for commercial websites, blogs and printed or written reproduction requires written permission.

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5th Dimension, Golden Cities of New Earth

Visiting the Temple of the ALL – Helios and Vesta

sky purpleThis is the 2nd visit to the Golden City of  Maurpoliantiantia over Romania.  Lord Adama guided us to the city and then we were met by Helios and Vesta, our Solar Logos.  This city represents Violet – Pink of Vibratory Communication.



It is I, Lord Adama, at your service. It is good to be back with everyone.  I think it’s been a couple of weeks since we’ve been conversing through this special connection of the New Earth Consciousness.

I’d like to just start off with giving everyone a special blessing of gratitude. What you are doing within yourself at this time is absolutely more powerful than anyone can imagine. So I would like for you to feel the embracing energy that is coming to you through me through the Telosian Council of Light and the Telosian Community.

Let’s do some AAAHHHHs together. The Telosians are doing the same thing at this moment.





Just allow the waves of gratitude to run through you because it is your time to fully embrace this gift we are giving to you. You’re preparing the way for each of us to be more active upon the Upper Earth moving into the New Earth. It is a passageway of time. And this creation that is happening within each of us is a very exciting time. We know how much each of you are being challenged in many different ways due to the work that you are doing.

So if you take some moments every day and bring in these AAAAHHHHs you will feel yourself moving into that Higher Essence that you are. What happens is (you are) living in a 3D environment still, although now it has moved into a 4th Dimensional environment.

The inflection of others’ energies can affect us greatly. Like those of you that are aspiring to more levels of vibrancy can start to understand about each of us in Telos and what it may be like for us to come up to the Upper Earth and how debilitating it can be to one’s energy ~ because as you raise your vibration through your bodily functions, you are going to want that to reflect in your environment. That is why it is so very important to create the scared space within your homes and in your outside areas. It is absolutely essential for you to do so.

Once we get to the 5th Dimension of those other frequencies of the New Earth ~ the Terra Christa. It is why we visit these cities ~ to understand what it feels like and to incorporate these Rays within your own life environment. It can be very challenging, so that is why we bring forth so many tools and so much information to assist you, because you are not any different than us.

We also do the same. We have a special chamber that we walk into after we travel into the Upper Earth. We have challenges of going to any other Inner Planetary Systems also, not just into the Upper Earth.

So I want to explain these elements to you to help you understand that you are not any different than the rest of us that are living in higher frequencies because that’s what you are aspiring yourself to be ~ to live in that higher frequency. Your bodies are now going to fully need that nourishment. It is when you are not within that nourishment that you can be affected, because there are still other planes of existence everywhere that you walk, especially in wooded areas, especially in areas that are not inhabited by other people. But, of course, sometimes where there are too many individuals of the human planet that can be debilitating also.

So what each of you are doing through this process is bringing forth these Frequencies of Light into yourself to assist Gaia. So as you do so, that is spreading. So the environments around you are really being assisted. Every prayer that you say, every command of healing, utilizing crystals and rocks within the land masses is assisting so greatly as it goes far and wide. So if you are having a challenging time and what to do a special ceremony for yourself, especially with the energies that are coming next week.  Utilizing a clear quartz or rose quartz and amethyst, preferably something that’s not polished, and it doesn’t have to be large. It can be very small. Or something that maybe you’ve had on your person. It is time for you to give to the Earth. That is what crystals are for. They come and go between individuals and between Earth Planes.

So I express these elements to you to help you understand that these Frequencies of Light that we are all experiencing are fully assisting us and Gaia but we’re still not quite there. What this means is the lower Frequencies of Light will try and interfere.  I call them pesky little Beings because that is truly what they are. They have no consciousness of God. They don’t know what they’re doing.

But what happens is, the higher that you go, the more you are going to be affected by these pesky little Beings when you go into areas where they’re infiltrated, because it will affect your energies, even though you do the protection, especially with weaknesses within your body ~ your emotions or your mind.  None of us is perfect. That’s why we’re all here. Aren’t we?

I know everyone thinks we’re all perfect in Telos, but it’s really not. We have many different levels of personalities that work in community, but in essence when you’re in that private space of your community and you go out of that space you think everyone thinks like you do.

I know many of you think like this. I know Dearest One here does. And I know Michael does. They both have a hard time understanding why certain individuals they cannot be around for any length of time or short length of time.  This is the challenge of working this pathway. I say this to each of you because you can’t help but be affected by these energetics that are coming through these calls.

I’m going to put a plug in right now for the Clarion Temple of Oneness as now it’s being called. Cosmic Oneness and the ClarionTemple are combining their frequencies together to be a massive change, not only for each of you but many Souls on many multi-universes.

So I express to you, share it. Share what you’re learning and how it’s affecting you. And let us express it to others. This is very, very important. So that is my plug for this work that I find so rewarding and what each of you are doing. And it’s opening up so many more pathways for each of you.

So tonight, we’re going onto the City of Maurpoliantiantia. What that means is whatever you want to move through, let it go. And I’m not talking about your personal thoughts and your relationships right now. I’m talking about everything. Know that everything you attract in your life is representative of what you are sending out there.

So it is important to be in that flow, because this is what the 5th Dimension represents. The 5th Dimension represents the fluidness of energy coming and going.  This is so very true about your abundant situation. As you allow yourself to flow with it, don’t hold on to the money, even if you think you don’t have enough. It will come. It will come. It will come.

And this is what Lightworkers need to release unto themselves. Most Lightworkers are not going to win the lottery because that is not the way of learning of allowing it to flow, unless you’ve got a great big huge project that needs to be put out there and funds need to come.  What is your intention when you use the lottery? That’s the other important element. People don’t realize that. There has to be an intention. Just like there is an intention in this moment. So what is your intention in this moment before we travel to this beautiful city over Romania.

What is your intention? It means Vibratory Communication, but it’s much more than bringing forth these vibratory frequencies through our being. It’s about taking the separation of the Flame of the Violet Pink and transmuting what doesn’t serve your I Am Presence. Because isn’t that the main focal point of walking through this process? That you fully want to integrate the I Am Presence ~ the part of you that is in the formlessness. Yes, it’s an energy, an energy of whom you are or what you are that you’ve forgotten about, and that’s the frequency of Light that we bring forth, that everyone and many others around the globe are also doing through Vibratory Communication.

And it can be through many avenues. It can be through artwork. It can be through music. It can be through this vibration that we bring through to you. We are bringing you words right now but there is a vibration between the words. And this is what I want you to start to center upon, especially when you are connecting with the calls of Walking Terra Christa.

It is a vibration. It’s not just a word. And even if you are reading the written word, don’t take it word-for-word. Allow the vibrational frequency to blend within you because those of you that have a hard time blending the mental with the emotional have this faculty so strong because of your Aventine  timelines. 

It is my pleasure in this moment to take you to this beautiful city because this is only going to be this class being done right before the Venus Transit. There is no mistake how these classes are falling in line and how we are bringing forth these energies, because we’re in alignment. We’re in total alignment with the frequency of the Planetary, Inner Planetary, (or Interplanetary) Universe, Multiuniverses, so what a special way to really have the best attunement ever thought possible.

Let’s get started.

Feel your Merkabah spinning, breathing deeply.

Your Merkabah is going to spin and you’re going to see yourself moving out of your body, moving up into the Etheric Earth.

Feel us all blending and moving towards Romania in Europe, moving our essence over there, even if you’re not sure where it is. It doesn’t matter. All we do is intend and we shall be there.

Let us blend together as one huge Merkabah. We come down into the Etheric Level of the City of Maurpoliantiantia. That is quite a mouthful I will say.

So let’s just breathe deeply. We are going to come into a beautiful area with rolling hills, and we’re going to walk down the rolling hills through the greenery and the beauty. There’s a lot of water in this city, and it encompasses a very large area ~ miles and miles of rolling hills and beautiful landscape, and flowers growing in bushes. There’s a hue of the Violet Pink everywhere we look.

Tonight, we’re going to go into the Temple of the All. We have been here before but entering into a different pathway.  The entranceway is a magical forest. As we walk over the top of this one hill, we see a body of water to our right with Crystalline Light. It’s shimmering with the Violet Pink. You also see Amethyst and Rose Quartz everywhere.

Now we are going to walk into the forest, and we see Helios and Vesta coming towards us. Now I am going to bend my energies with each of you and enjoy this little visit that we are going to take with Helios and Vesta.

I Am Lord Adama at your service. It is my deep pleasure for being here with you at this time.

We walk through the forest and we see Helios and Vesta in front of us. The forest is like an Emerald Green color, but there are sparkles of Light within the trees. There are many animals. It is such a pleasurable space here.


Greetings, once again. It is a pleasure to be here with you as Helios and Vesta, and the Cosmic Beings of Light, the Solar Logos representing the Sun and the Earth and many planets and solar systems ~ illumination and truth.

So let us walk through the forest, the deepness of it. As we’re walking through the forest, we want each of you to take a deep breath.  Take a deep breath and feel the deepness that is within the core of your Solar Plexus. We want to get through any elements that you are not fully incorporating or realizing.  Notice the trees. The trees in the forest are very big and (there) are many different types of trees.

We want everyone now to go up to a tree and you’re going to hug this tree. You’re going to connect with this tree. What you’re going to do is you’re going to blend with the roots of the tree, as the essence of the tree. Allow this tree to speak to you, if you can.

Let us take a moment. Now as the tree is speaking to you, what is going to happen is the frequency from the Root Givers are going to fully take away all elements within your Etheric Body, within your Etheric Structure, that you may not even know about –any elements that may be in the way in this moment of the next phase of your growth for the Festival of Humanity and the Venus Transit.

The Venus Transit represents that love that the Venetians speak so highly of and also the Kumaras. So there is a lot of history that is going to come to you, and a lot of knowledges that have been part of your essence. But, now it is time for them to be revealed. So as you hug this tree, connect with the essence of the tree. Feel its roots, its trunk, its body, its arms and leaves. Feel that representative.

Let us just breathe and allow the tree to take away all that does not serve your pathway in this moment.

{{{Crystal bowl is played}}}

Breathing deeply, feel the essence of this tree, as you are being One with the tree in this moment. As you do so, the leaves are all rumbling. The leaves are rumbling at the top of the tree, taking away all that does not serve you. As it moves into the frequency of this Vibratory Communication, within the denseness of the forest, there is pure light coming through a Crystalline Light. There is Emerald Green. It’s a balancing energy.

Feel that moving through you now as you release. Right now you are going to release your deepest, darkest elements that you don’t even know you’ve held on to, allowing the mental level and allowing the worship, and allowing the parts of yourself that have served you in previous timelines. They are not going to serve you in the timeline that you are now moving towards.

So let us feel that frequency now. Breathe and feel the shaking of the leaves. Feel that moving through you.


Feel it moving through the tree. As it moves through the tree, it is being blended with the Violet Pink.   With the Violet Pink, it is transmuting through the Violet color. Feel the Violet essence. The Sun is shining down through the trees and you see the Violet.

Now, take a deep breath into the tree, as you breathe onto each other. You feel your essences combining into one. As what you are assisting the tree with right now is camaraderie to know that you have connected deeply within this tree. You may even hear a name from the tree. Allow yourself to just embrace that energy.  Breathing deeply, allow that to blend within you.

You step aside from the tree. You bow to the tree or curtsey, and the tree bows to you. Remember, this is a magical place. 

Now, we are going to walk down the pathway. As you are walking, feel yourself being lighter. Feel the frequency that was within you before has now changed because you allowed yourself to let another essence assist you through the process.  Let us thank the forest for what they have given us today.

I hand you special flowers. We are going to drop these flowers as a thankfulness. The Elementals will be very happy, and the essence of the flowers when they die move into the essence of the ground, which is actually feeding the Root Givers. So they are receiving a part of this blessing unto themselves also.

We move further into the forest, and then we start to see an opening through the forest. It is a wide pathway that we’ve been walking upon. You may even have some animals following you or beings part of your essence.

Allow yourself to embrace this animal in this moment. The animal means something for you. As you walk through the forest and out to the other side, you see a clearing. You are still on a pathway. There are rolling hills and at the top of this rolling hill is the Temple of the All.

You feel a soft breeze upon your face, and sparkles of Light of the Violet Pink are everywhere. Everything is sparkling. Elementals and higher frequencies that you haven’t seen before are all part of this city.

As we reach the top of the hill, we see that the Temple is there in all its shining glory and frequencies of Light. The Temple is large and it has many points and pillars. It moves into a circular formation and we walk up to the doorways.

The doorways are open. We see Ra as he is overlighting or frequency. He bows to us and thanks us for returning.  We are going to go into one main room. A special type of energy that is in this room brings forth that vibratory frequency in through your Throat.  I want you to just take a deep breath as now we are circling ourselves around this beautiful altar.

The altar is the Flame of the Violet Pink, but there are Golden elements and Silver elements. Around the base of the altar, there is a formation of Golden elements within the base of the altar. It is flickering Light right back to you.

This base is about 3-foot high. From the floor to the top, you see reflections of colors within that. The reflections of colors are multicolors of all the Rays of God. They are Translucent. They are Pearlescent. But there are many colors and it just swirls around. If you look deeper, this is almost like a glass container with this Light, but it’s not glass. It’s the Pure Essence of this frequency. Then the frequency moves from the base and goes up to the middle part of the altar, which is actually the base of the Flame.

Then it moves up and you see the Flame. It’s a Violet Flame and there’s a Pink Flame and they intertwine within each other, going to the top of the Temple. As we look up, there is no ceiling to this Temple, but it is a dome around us and there is more of this Translucent Light filtering everywhere.

There are now benches with cushion seats for us to sit in front of the altar. They are in segments of six people and then there is a column and segments of another six, so there are many of us that are going around the altar. There’s a statue of Helios and Vesta on each side of the altar.

We bring forth these energetics in this moment to assist you in understanding what you have just been through. So you have just been through the Forest of Illumination and Truth. This forest is a very special place and many individuals will come to this area to fully reflect within themselves what it is.

As you sit within this Temple right now, what Dearest One here is giving to you with the visualization in the Seeing Eye, the translucent colors from the base — from the floor to the middle part of the altar ~ are reflections of all Rays of God. We bring forth balance within this city.

It is the City of Vibratory Communication, but if you cannot allow that vibrancy to be within your body, how can you accept the frequency? You cannot, because there are other elements. Let us just sit right now and feel those frequencies of Light in front of you. They start to come out from where they are and they are going to go blend within you. You may see many different colors. It is whatever colors that are very pertinent for the healing within you ~ physically, emotionally, etherically, mentally ~ for you to bring forth those frequencies of Light.

So breathe deeply into this essence of Light.

{{{Crystal bowl is played}}}

After you do that, you feel your essence shifting greatly because this is the truth that is going to illuminate all elements within your body, your mind and your Spirit, within the separate parts of yourself, and allowing them to fully come together. You may feel a tingling sensation with each breath that you take.  As the Violet Pink now flows through you within the altar, that is blending. There is a warmth.

Let us just take a moment and feel the vibrancy. Let us explain a little bit what we are trying to do in these moments for you. Every individual that comes to the city will fully be activating themselves into a higher realm of vibrancy.  But if the body cannot take on the higher frequency, then it will just be a boomerang. It will be a dense particle and it will not be able to incorporate. When you have unawakened Beings and you try to give them something of a higher level than you fully accept into your life, they fully cannot experience it because of all the denseness that is within them.

So what we have given you through the element of the trees is to help you find all parts of yourself because it represents your Roots and your Crown, and your Arms and your Legs, and not just your Chakra System, because the Chakra System actually helps to move the rest within your physical existence. If the Chakras are depleted or are blocked, then it can cause an individual not to move through or even feel the processes.  Those that don’t feel that their senses are open enough it is because there are blockages that stop that frequency.

So right now what we want each of you to experience is to remove any frequencies and to just speak to us in this moment of what you are looking to create within your life, to make it easier for yourself within your own sensitivities, your thoughts, your processes, and allow that vibrational energy to come through you as we will bring it forth through Dearest One in this moment.  See the illuminating colors at the base area of the altar, filtering through you. Then also feel the Flame of the Violet Pink and the warmth.

So what we are going to do is center this frequency from your base of your feet. Allow it to move up through your legs and then up into the lower Chakras and the Higher Chakras, emitting at the Crown. Then we are going to take that frequency then bring it back down. So let’s do that now.


{{{OH Eye Aayye Aayye OH Eye ~ Aayye OH Eye ~ Aayye OH Eye Aayye Om is chanted repeatedly}}}

Now feel it coming up into your Lower Chakra.

{{{OH Eye Aayye Aayye OH Eye ~ Aayye OH Eye ~ Aayye OH Eye Aayye Om is chanted repeatedly}}}

The Middle Chakras to the Upper (Chakras).

{{{OH Eye Aayye Aayye OH Eye ~ Aayye OH Eye ~ Aayye OH Eye Aayye Om is chanted repeatedly}}}

Filtering through your Throat and your Upper Crown.

{{{OH Eye Aayye Aayye OH Eye ~ Aayye OH Eye ~ Aayye OH Eye Aayye Om is chanted repeatedly}}}

Feel yourself with the Violet and Pink Flame. As you look at the Violet and Pink Flame, you are the Violet and Pink Flame. So feel those intertwining colors within you moving, as your body is turning into that Flame.

Now, it goes to the top of the Temple. You look up above and you see the frequencies of Light coming down. As now, you are allowing the vibrational energy to come into your body to bring the creation that is necessary.

So we filter within the Violet Pink to assist in this process. Remember, the Pink represents the creative intelligence, the activation. It is the form that allows you to create, but it is also the form of compassion and love and joy, of completeness, of the essence that you are.

Feel that spinning at the top of your Crown. Now, it is going to center down within you.

{{{Aayye Eye OH is chanted repeatedly}}}

Feel it down in your Lower Torso, your Lower Chakras.

{{{Aayye Eye OH is chanted repeatedly}}}

Bringing it down through your Limbs.

{{{Aayye Eye OH is chanted repeatedly}}}

Down below your Feet into your Earth Star.

Breathing deeply now feel these two Flames of Light that you are.

We want you now to breathe deeply unto yourself. Allow yourself to fully incorporate within you the Essence of your Higher Self, your highest essence, your complete balance and harmony.

In front of you with a Flame ~ the altar and the frequency of Light. You open up your palms and allow the energy to come into you. Now, this is your truth ~ the truth of your highest essence within your body right now.

Allow us to just assist you ~ the frequency of Vibratory Communication we are giving to you right now. We want you to see what your truth is in the moment and illuminate that within your entire bodily structure outside of your body, because in order to receive, you must illuminate it outward.

So breathe deeply as now we bring in this essence.


Waves and waves of Light.


Feel the illumination that you are. This is your truth running through your Being.


Breathing deeply, feel this beautiful truth within you. Allow it to run through your veins. Allow it to move into the rest of your Light Body. Allow it to blend outside of you ~ 10 feet ~ 20 feet ~ 30 feet. Allow this to illuminate outside of you because this is what others will feel. This is what others will see. This is what’s going to assist you in raising your frequency so that all lower energies cannot see, cannot get beyond, because in this moment, this is the frequency of Light that you are. It may change in another moment. If you listen again, you may have other elements that need to be removed. You will see more reflection, because if you really saw the reflection that you truly were, and truly are in that highest essence of the 144th Dimension, it would overpower you, because your body is not ready to handle it. Your mind is not ready to handle it. Your Life Consciousness is not ready to handle it.

But in this moment, in this moment of time, this is your timeline to receive, so that all the other elements up to this point have been removed for you to receive. This illumination. This is the truth that you are. Allow yourself to flow into it. Feel the essence of the Flame, of the altar, blending through you. You are the Flame now. You are allowing the vibrancy to come through you. Feel the frequency that we bring into your essence.

In this moment, let us breathe deeply. Breathe deeply.

Allow it to move into your Earth Star. Allow it to be balanced within you.

We will tell you that the more that you activate this part of yourself the more that you will see changes around you because you are affecting Gaia. You are affecting others. We really want to affect through this frequency of Light so you feel the frequency of the Sun, you feel the frequency of the Moon and the planets, all intertwining within each other in this moment.

This is the illuminating force that is part of who you are. Allow this to initiate within your life.

Let us all stand up now and feel this essence within each other, because a part of us is a part of everyone else. This is what makes the Oneness so beautiful and so creative.

In this moment, you feel that vibrancy within you and it’s going to emit through you.

The Vibratory Communication is not just in words, but it’s in frequencies. It allows you to create whatever you need in that frequency, and others will react to this in a positive level of Light.

As Helios and Vesta, we say to you in this moment, “Let us embrace you. Let us embrace you deeply for the periods of frustration and challenges of the past.”

We are not saying you are not going to have more, but in this moment, allow this frequency to be your guide.

Call upon this within yourself to assist you through this process of Light that we all are together.

Within this frequency there is a gift for you, and within this gift you will receive it between now and the Venus Transit. But you must share this gift with another, whether it is something tangible or intangible. It may be a memory. It may be a wisdom. It may just be your Essence.

Allow that to come through you, and illuminate it around the world that you are.

Let us all hold hands in this moment, as a blessing is now coming from the Temple of the All into the frequency of each of you as we are One in this moment.

It is our divine pleasure to be fully with you.

Let us now walk around the altar. See the different aspects in a clockwise motion, as now we are going to walk out of the area where we came in. Walk down the hallway and the open doorways.

We now embrace each of you individually and say, “Thank you. Thank you for bringing in the balance that is necessary within your bodies, your minds and your Spirits.”

It is essentially important for the newer frequencies that are coming, but they are so very beautiful. How can you not move into them? How can you not embrace them? It is our time together in the Alpha and the Omega, in the Male and the Female, in the Yin and the Yang of whom we are. We are One.

Thank you for being in the Temple of the All. Thank you for being in the City of Maurpoliantiantia. Yes, please do return.


It is I Lord Adama, once again.

Let us walk out of the Temple, down the hill ~ the rolling hill. See the Crystalline waters.

Look in your right palm and you have a beautiful Crystal. Maybe it’s Rose Quartz, maybe it’s Amethyst, Clear Quartz. Maybe it’s something else.

I want you to take it to your Heart and allow the Crystal to be filled with this essence of you.

We are going to throw it into the Crystalline waters. As we throw it, we say unto ourselves, “I Am That I Am That I Am. I Am fully embodied with the Light That I Am in Balance and Wholeness.”

Then say a prayer of what you would like to put into the Crystal and throw it into the water.

There is a portal in this body of water. This portal is going to filter through the Etheric Earth, and it is going to follow you because it is your essence. It will help you to bring exactly what you need in this moment and for the moments coming forward with the events that we are going to be experiencing.

As the particles of Light within the Crystal will spread out into the Earth energies, into Gaia, she will send it back to you.

Let us walk down the hillside. We see the forest and we’re going to walk through the forest.

Now everything is vibrant. The flowers are flowing. The essence of the Sun shining down. The Violet Pink is flowing through all the trees. Everything is swaying and it is in beauty.

You feel the essence as you walk through the land of everyone communing within you. This is what you were illuminating out in this frequency of Light.

And they sing a little song for you.

{Singing includes at end “Maurpoliantiantia, Maurpoliantiantia, Maurpoliantiantia. We Are One.”}

We walk through the other side of the forest and we see more rolling hills. We are going to gather together in a group Merkabah.

Let us bless and feel each other deeply. As our illumination is growing, I as Lord Adama am so very pleased to have come and to be a part and to be your guide through these cities. It is absolutely amazing, absolutely amazing to feel this essence with each of you.

Let us spin off of the Land of Maurpoliantiantia, and we’re going to separate into our separate locations.

Feel yourself spinning, spinning downwards and downwards into the space where your body resides. Allow your body to feel this frequency within you. Allow yourself to just accept what you have just gone through.

I, for one, feel very blessed in this moment to be able to do this work with you, as it is quite a different experience in us coming on our own, which we haven’t been doing, except to some of the major cities.

This city is one that is very powerful, and I think each of you are going to experience great changes within your bodily chemistry and to assist you in upcoming frequencies that are coming unto the Earth.

I give you my blessings and love, as we come into Oneness together.

I Am Lord Adama at your service.

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