Ascension Mastery Teachings, Decree, Golden Etheric City

Decree ~ Becoming One with My Star Essence

Walking Terra Christa presented the Ascension Mastery Teachings of Spiritual Intuition and Clairvoyance of the Christed Self to Align with God’s Unity of learning how to have Devotion and Surrender to Acquire Peace through the Higher Mind. This included a journey meditation into the Golden Etheric City of Asterlanschiamm located in the 5th Dimensional Earth over Columbia, South America.

The focus was to being able to have Peace and Surrender unto the Higher Mind so that the four-body system (Physical, Etheric, Emotional, Mental) can come into an integrative energy of allowing the Higher Bodies of Light within the I Am Presence to work cohesively together.

The Golden Etheric City of Asterlanschiamm (over Columbia South America), includes a 750 mi radius representing the 20th Ray of the Violet-Gold Flame. This is learning to become the state of Beingness of the Initiate’s Higher Light Bodies and I AM Presence with the Lord of Sirius.

This city represents the journey of an Initiate coming into its environment to purge and regenerate their Etheric Self of the elements lodged within their timelines so that the Soul Essence can fully accept their Divinity of Light, the I Am Presence.

This journey meditation was guided by the Lord of Sirius – learning how to work with the Light Codes to accept the Higher Reality to be grounded. This is the stage in which the Initiate surrenders completely to the process – the state of Devotion which will bring the ability to access Peace within the Mental Self as the Higher Mind becomes the Physical Mind.

The Lord of Sirius is the representative for the Sirian Council of Light emanating from their highly evolved planet which transitioned from the lower existence of their planet which separated and the individuals that chose to work within the higher technologies for the God Force and not for self-induced reasons ascended into a higher planetary structure. The Sirian Council of Light oversees all activities within the evolved Sirian planetary structure (known as Sirius B, leaving the structure of Sirius A) with the Lord of Sirius being the Spokesbeing. He is the Ray Chohan for the 20th Ray of the Violet Gold Flame representing the State of Beingness and oversees the Golden Etheric City of Asterlanschiamm. His role is to extend the Sirian Light Codes through this ray to assist Initiates to allow their physicality to blend with their I Am Presence and Higher Light Bodies. This is representative of what the Sirians of Planet B have done for themselves.


I am learning to access my Higher Bodies of Light,

In which I am guided to travel to the,

Golden Etheric City of Asterlanschiamm,

Which resides over Columbia, South America.

As I arrive within the city,

I am met by the Lord of Sirius,

In the Garden of Beauty;

The colors are magnificent,

With many plants and flowers;

With some that I do not recognize,

I can see Roses, Bird of Paradise, Orchids, and Cherry Blossoms,

Lining the entire garden;

There is also a forest on the outside of the perimeter.

Walking through the garden with the Lord of Sirius,

Gives me a feeling within me that is very empowering;

He is very honorable and heart-centered at the same time;

I definitely feel as if I am walking,

With an old friend who knows me very well.

He asks me to tell him how I am aligning with my I AM Presence,

I tell him it is very challenging,

As I allow the third dimensional energies of Earth,

Push me back into my lower self.

Lord of Sirius is smiling at me,

As he tells me “Welcome to the pathway of Ascension”.

“It is always a challenge, no matter what planet you come from,”

“To rise above the difficulties of society that can be placed upon you.”

I can smell some of the flowers,

Their scents are overpowering at times,

It seems they are giving me a sense of relaxation,

Allowing my Lower Mind to rest,

As I feel more centered and peaceful within.

We come upon a beautiful river,

That is magnificent in size and beauty,

The color of the water is a bluish-green,

With hues of Violet,

As the Sun dances on the water’s edge,

Creating the Violet-Gold essence,

That is representative of this City,

To ignite a powerful surge of light within me.

We sit by the water’s edge on a bench,

There is tall green grass with more flowers,

The river is filled with Amethyst and Clear Quartz crystals,

In which they also lay on the edge of the riverbank.

As we sit, I reflect on why I chose to be here at this time,

I tell, Lord of Sirius, that I am searching in how to learn,

To expand my light energy so that I can experience,

Vibrational light to integrate within my four-body system.

He tells me that it is a matter of relaxing into the energies,

To learn first of all, that I am a Divine Being of Light,

You have Light Bodies that are working within you,

And then Surrendering into the energy that supports,

That statement.

“You must learn to access all parts of your four-body system,”

“Not just the Mental Self, as that part of you will hold you back;”

“Align yourself with your Emotional Self,”

“By feeling the pure essence of love that you are.”

I reflect and realize just being here,

My energy is shifting into a higher frequency of light;

I feel more accepting to receive the higher vibrational essence.

We arise as now it is time to walk across the Bridge of Acceleration,

That will take us to the Temple of the Star Essence of Transition.

The temple is right in front of us,

It is built like a beautiful cathedral,

With crystalline light energies,

There are steeples all around the Temple,

Emitting the Violet Gold essences,

Like they are shooting stars.

I am now ready to accept more of my Star Essence,

To be an integral part of my four-body system.

We walk together towards the magnificent temple of light,

Embracing the light energies,

As I walk unto the bridge,

I look down upon the River of Flowing Light,

Feeling the Peacefulness that it emits.

I feel I Am now ready to receive more of what I am desiring to be.

I Am that I Am that I Am

©Rev. Christine Mahlariessee Hayden, Integrative Channel 15th, 2020; New Earth Consciousness~Circle of Light. 
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