Ascension Mastery Teachings, Golden Etheric City

Lord of Sirius~ Accessing Your Star Glyph Essence

Walking Terra Christa presented a journey for the Ascension Mastery Teachings into the Golden Etheric City of Asterlanschiamm with Lord of Sirius to learn how to access the Divine Light Codes as presented by the Sirian technology.

The Golden Etheric City of Asterlanschiamm is located within the 5th dimensional earth over Columbia, South America. This city represents the ability to vibrate within the Light of Oneness expressed through the I Am Presence.


Let us now gather together as we create our group Merkabah Vehicle of Light. Merkabahs within Merkabahs all coming into the ONE Merkabah of the Violet Gold essences, twisting and turning of energies vertically and horizontally.  It is the most beautiful spaceship that you can imagine. 

Now we’re going to travel into the Vortex of the Violet Gold Light within the Golden Etheric City of Asterlanschiamm over Columbia, South America.  We twist and turn in this Vortex of Light into the 5th-dimensional frequencies.  There’s a little shift of the consciousness as you’re moving from the 3rd and the 4th dimensions into the 5th.  

We now arrive at the Golden Etheric City of AsterlanschiammViolet Gold Light is EVERYWHERE. 

We arrive in the beautiful Garden of Beauty.  This garden is MASSIVE.  It’s bigger than any garden that we have in our Agarthan Cities.  There are flowers upon flowers and beautiful pathways.  It’s like what you would consider a botanical garden.  On the outside of the garden are Cherry Blossom Trees and then into the forest there are larger trees which encircle the entire garden except for the area right in front of us.  There is an opening that will take us to the River of Flowing Light.  

Right now, Lord of Sirius comes forward. He introduces himself to each of you bringing forth his Divine energies.

I, as Lord Adama, will step into the background.  


GREETINGS! My Dearest Friends!  I am Lord of Sirius

As Lady Mahlariessee and I were preparing for the class today, I was SO excited to be able to have us come together in this way.  

Welcome to the Garden of Beauty.  As we walk through the garden, I want you to FULLY ALLOW the FLOWERS that are here, the softness, and the growth to be felt within you. There are Roses, and Orchids, and Bird of Paradise, and many other species that are representative of this South American area.  Even though we’re in the 5th-dimensional Earth, we’ve brought the best with us.  

As you walk around the pathways, there are several of them that go in circles and in different directions. I want you to explore.  Take a moment and walk with the energies and get a sense within yourself through your feeling levels of what this garden is doing for you.

[Divine Language Network Light Encoding]

Breathe that in.  Breathe that in as you walk around and explore all the flowers.  There are many benches in different places.  You may find yourself sitting and breathing in the energies and allowing your mind to relax, to come into a new state of Beingness.

This City includes many beautiful places.  There are mountain ranges, there are coastal waters, and, of course, we have the Amazon Rain Forest.  There is a mixture of energies that are here that represent the duality that you experience, because Columbia, South America has been very much a part of that duality as a culture.

As we bring this City into a higher vibrational level, it allows for those elements to be dissipated.  I also want to share with you that I have the ability to bring everyone’s energies within this City up to the 24th-dimensional frequency, because I am the Lord of Sirius.  That is what I’m here to do is to bring you Divine Light Codes through the vibrational exchanges.

Presently, I want you to EMBRACE a sense of CALMNESS to come into you.  Because in order to receive the higher vibrational Light, you MUST RELAX, you must ALLOW those energies to assist you.  Because if you have too much chatter in your mind or worry in your heart, that is going to interfere with these energies.  Take some deep breaths.

SMELL those Roses.  They are very pungent, and they bring forth a sense of the Divine Mother God Essence.  Allow your heart to be open to receive a blessing that you are desiring to hold within your Heart.  Let it be PART of your existence, let it be PART of your world.

Let us now come together as we continue our walk through the garden feeling the exquisite energies that are here.  Allow the Cherry Blossoms and all the trees on the outside of the garden to BLESS you.  Let us walk closer towards them.  The beautiful Pink White Light of the Cherry Blossoms are opening your energies into another pure existence.  It is now time to feel the connectedness of these energies.

As we walk further through the garden, we now see that we are arriving near the river.  There is an opening from the garden.  We walk the main pathway to the river, and we arrive at a beautiful park with benches all along the river with beautiful flowers and tall grass. The wind is very soft but it’s moving.  Let us find a place on the benches and talk. I can assist you with more of the Light Codes.

In front of us is the River of Flowing Light and it is absolutely beautiful.  It represents the Violet Gold essences with the Blue Green, and the Crystalline.  Crystals are everywhere along the riverbank; they are inside the river.  You can see them sparkling up to the top level of the water.  The sun brings forth the Blessing of Light so that the Violet Gold is everywhere assisting each of you to come into a new sense of yourself.

As we sit here by the river’s edge, breathe deeply.  Allow your cares and your worries and your dysfunction to be put out into this energy so that we can assist you in receiving the blessing of your Star Glyph.  The Star Glyph is in the temple that is right in front of us.  We will be traveling to this temple.

Breathe deeply as the Divine Light Codes, which are energy patterns that you MAY be able to envision for yourself.  But I ask you NOT to do so and just allow them to come into your essence to receive these energies on a much deeper level, as we bring forth the vibrational changes that need to occur for you.

It is imperative to realize that every soul that comes here, every initiate, NEEDS to go through this process of transition to remove the debris, to remove the elements that can no longer exist within the consciousness of an initiate or an Ascended Master.  It is imperative to BLESS yourself deeply to come into a state of BALANCE to receive this pure Essence of Light.  

[Divine Language Network Light Encoding]

Now, breathe deeply. You should have had somewhat of a clearing within your chakra system.  Breathe deeply into your Heart.  Do you get a sense that there’s more openness?  This is allowing yourself to surrender, to surrender to your Higher Light Bodies, surrendering to your I Am Presence.  But, first, we must ALLOW the four-body system of the Physical, Etheric, Emotional, and Mental to work together. When your Mental Mind and your Mental Self are too active, this cannot happen.  You cannot allow the exchange of energies to come into your full-body system.  This means that your I Am Presence, your Higher Self, and the Higher Light Bodies are separated from you. 

I ASK you, “Are you willing to RECEIVE the BLESSING of your Soul’s Essence, your Star Glyph’s essence of what you ARE as this Being of Light?” 

It’s just that your physical body makes you think otherwise.  So, you must relax the physical body, you must allow the physical body to RECEIVE the Higher Light Energies so that you are NOT fighting it.  

I ask each of you NOW to breathe deeper, breathe deeper into your Heart.  Let it COME, let it come within you, let it come within you.  Let that breath take you there.  If you must be verbal with your breath, please do so and ALLOW this Light vibration to come into your body.  Don’t fall asleep.  I want you to be AWARE, AWARE!  Remember the statement that Lord Adama gave you about being AWAKENED.  

Allow your body to be awakened on a deeper level than it was a moment before.  This is how it happens with increments of Light Energy to bring forth this coding to help you.  This is what I will be assisting you with in the temple.


Now, let us arise from our benches.  We are going to step across the beautiful Bridge of Acceleration

Right now, we want you to be CLEAR.  We want you to be OPEN.  We want you to be FLOWING.  We want you to experience these Divine Light Codes that are here within this City.

This bridge takes us across the River of Flowing Light.  It has Violet, Crystal, and Gold energies.  It looks like a drawbridge with a little bit of height.  As we walk across that bridge and we stand in the middle of it, I want you to look down at the flowing waters.  Feel yourself ONE with the elements of the river of that flowing Light energy moving from the previous space into the future space which allows you to be trustful, which allows you to be experienced with the Divine Light energies.  This is your Truth to move forward through this Divinity of Light.  

As now we continue our journey coming onto the other side and stepping right up to the temple.  The temple looks like what you might consider one of your most beautiful cathedrals.  It is a white-based energy with Silver Light infused within it, with Violet and Crystalline energies.  There are steeples that go around outside the main structure with one large steeple in the middle.  This represents the Star Glyph.  The points of the steeples come across the center to create a Star Essence.  

We step into the main reception area of the temple. This is another place for meditative silence.  There are cushioned benches.  I ask each of you to sit for a moment and feel the reflection of this altar of the Violet Gold Light.

As it shines back at you, allow it to assist you to go into a deeper part of your existence than you have before taking you through the Higher Light Bodies.

[Divine Language Network Light Encoding]

Now just RECEIVE and FEEL that vibrational Light of the altar of the Violet Gold allowing this altar to be a mirror for you, mirroring your Higher Light Bodies, your Higher Essence to be part of your experience.

[Divine Language Network Light Encoding]

You can feel the fresh air coming through the temple.  It is now time for us to arise.  I will now take you into our special Star Glyph Room.  It will bring forth the Star Essence to allow each of you to experience a connection on a deeper level with your Star Essence.  

You will see a few hundred feet behind the altar that there is a staircase that goes to the left and to the right.  We will walk up the staircase. The staircase is made of marble and is very exquisite and picturesque.  As we walk up the staircase, we reach the top level.  We can look down upon the altar.  SEE the vibrational energies of the Violet Gold Flame and the Light Codes that are floating through the room with their squiggly little lines and graphic energies.  

Imagine yourself feeling these Divine Energies assisting you in a hieroglyphic type of communication. Take a moment and feel this coming towards you as each one has a message for you.  Allow it to come into your consciousness as you feel these energies SWIRLING around you.

We now turn around and there are triple doors.  We are going to open the doors and walk into the Star Glyph Room.  As we step into this LARGE room, you can see the extension of the steeples around the perimeter of the room.  They are inside and outside.  There are no windows, so the fresh air is coming through the entire temple.  There’s one Star Glyph that is in the center. 

This is the Center Core Essence.  

I’m going to ask each of you to STAND in the center of that Star Glyph.  As you do so, it brings forth a heightened awareness of the Higher Realms of Light that you ARE. 

It does not necessarily mean that you’ll remember a past life.  It represents those Light Bodies that are assisting you beyond the physical four-body system into the Buddhic, the Logoic, the Atomic, the Solar Body of Light, the Monad, and the Higher Self (which is in the Monad).  Allowing those energies of your Higher Mind to come through the dimensions of the 4th, the 5th, the 6th, the 7th, the 8th, the 9th, the 10th of the Solar Body of Light, the Galactic Body of Light, and the Universal Body of Light.

As each of us stands in the Star Glyph in a circle, I stand in the middle.  As Lord of Sirius, I bring forth this energetic exchange into the higher dimensional frequencies and that is MY work within this City, within this Temple.

Take a moment and allow the vibration to come UP from the floor of the Star Glyph that you are standing upon.  It is a Violet Gold Light.  It brings forth the energies of the Amethyst with the beautiful essences of all GOLD gemstones.  It vibrates from the soles of your feet, coming up your legs, allowing it to come all the way up into your knees and your hips, allowing your chakra system to receive these Divine energies.  As it moves from the Root chakra into the Sacral, into the Solar Plexus, there’s an expansion of your Emotional body.  Allow this essence to come into your heart.

[Divine Language Network Light Encoding]

Now it comes higher into your higher chakras.  Allow it to go into your Thymus and your Throat.  Breathe deeply.  Allow the vibration to run through your entire body, coming up into your Third Eye and your Crown encompassing your entire four-body system.  As now your Higher Bodies of Light join you, they come DOWN from the Star Glyph.  They’re going to come down in unison from the Star Glyph

We stand in the center and receive these energies as they come down through your Antahkarana to come into your full-body system.  Let it vibrate through all the existences you are.  FEEL it in your HEART.  Let it go DEEPER and DEEPER into your Root and your feet allowing your Earth Star to SPIN with these vibrational energies as the Soul Bodies of Light become part of your Merkabah.  FEEL this energy swirling within and around you.  

[Divine Language Network Light Encoding]

Now we bring down those dimensional frequencies from the 24th into the 11th, into the 10th, the 9th, the 8th, the 7th, the 6th, and the 5th.  I want you to feel that NOW.  Feel that vibration.  Feel it grounding as your HEART is now opened further than it ever has before. 

In your Solar Plexus you are feeling the Light that you ARE.  This is your Star Essence. Embrace it.  Allow it to become one within YOU.  As the Light Codes are all around us within this Star Glyph, they are going to assist your DNA.  It will come into the consciousness, the cellular structure to be realized within you.  Allow your entire system to receive it.  The Light Codes will go to areas that need it the most and your Higher Self is guiding that energy presently.

I, as Lord of Sirius, bring forth this Divine dispensation for every initiate in this moment to RECEIVE these Divine energies to help you to accept, to transition from the lower-self aspect that you are dealing with upon the earth, and bringing it into the Higher Self Consciousness, the I Am Presence Consciousness, and the Consciousness of the Star Essence that you ARE.

So Mote it Be.  

Breathe deeply into this energy.  Now it is time for us to step away from the Star Glyph.  As we walk up the ramp to the back of the room, everything is now dissipated.  This Star Glyph was for each of you in this moment.  

We walk out of the large doorway onto the balcony.  You may FEEL the energies differently than you did before.  I HOPE SO.  

We step to our right and walk down the staircase onto the main floor.  Take a moment to give a Prayer of Intention or Gratitude to the altar.  This process is to help you transition. 

Utilize it at any time that you desire it to be.  It is very powerful.  You may not know the effects immediately.  It may be something that occurs for you at a later time, which may be a few hours, or a day or two, or a week.  Don’t try and think about it because the realization will come when it’s ready to be revealed unto you.

In the words of Lord Adama, AM, MAM, LAM, FRAM’. You are now awakened.  Say to yourself, “I am now awakened to the next level of awakening that I can handle.”  

It is now time for us to leave the temple.  We walk to the outside and across the Bridge of Acceleration stopping to reflect on the River of Flowing Light.  You are part of that Light, FEEL it.  Feel this movement of your energies, as now we step onto the riverbank.

It is now time for me to say farewell to each of you.  I hope that you will call upon me to assist you within this process, because working through the vibrational energies is truly the pathway of least resistance.  It will truly help you to move through the challenges in your four-body system if you allow it to be so.  

All my blessings to each of you.  So Mote it Be. It is Done.


Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God of Hosts

We are One.


It is I, Lord Adama.  Thank you so much Lord of Sirius.  What a blessing this has been.  I thank you, Lady Mahlariessee.

As we gather together right here by the river and create our group Merkabah, colors upon colors, the Violet Gold, the Crystalline Light, I see so much transition occurring for each of you.  The vibrancy is beyond what I can share.  It’s so powerful.   

Thank you, Lord of Sirius

As now we descend upwards into the Vortex of the Violet Gold Light, twisting and turning, and moving through this Vortex of Light, leaving the Golden Etheric City of Asterlanschiamm.

As the Vortex of Light now takes us into planetary awareness, each of us separates into our own Light bodies returning to our physical location.  

Take a deep breath, coming down into the physical body, grounding yourself.  It may take a while to allow the energies to be grounded.  This is truly a highly accelerated teaching.  Utilize it as much as you can because it will assist you tremendously.

All my Love to each of you. 

Alunnah, Alunnah, Alunnah.  

I am Lord Adama for the Agarthan Council of Light.

©Rev. Christine Mahlariessee, Integrative Channel 15th 2020; New Earth Consciousness-Circle of Light.
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