Golden Cities of Light, New Earth

Visiting the Golden Etheric City of Ahtarh-ah with Lord Maitreya


Accepting My Mastery Within

I take this moment to fully reflect within myself my journey thus-far,

The City of Ahtarah-ah is an awakening onto my Christ Self,

I have accelerated greatly with the teachings of Goddess Pallas Athena,

I am now ready to work with Lord Maitreya.

 Part of me is unsure what to expect in these moments,

But yet, I know it is time that I fully accept my full state of Being,

As it has been guided by my Higher Self,

He/She is now fully integrated within my Thymus as it starts to blend within the Heart and Solar Plexus areas,

I understand that there may still be some elements I need to clear for this to occur.

Lord Maitreya stands before me with his essence of pure golden purity,

I look into his eyes and it flows into my Being,

I feel the vibration within me changing with each breath that I take,

It flows into my Heart and I feel the Yin and Yang within me starting to blend with each other,

I feel the acceptance within me as the energy flows within me.

Lord Maitreya looks deeper into my eyes and states these words unto me:

I am merely a reflection of what I see in you,

I express to you in this moment the sparkles of rays that you impart within your essence,

It is now flowing within your body,

What you are feeling is the physical acceptance of your I AM Presence.

It can be a new feeling or very familiar;

Whatever the case may be within you, it is in Divine Order.

Just accept your sparkles of Light that I see within you,

You are ready to make your pathway more accepting within your life.

It is now time to restore your Essence unto the Being that You Are,

I Am happy to walk with you,

Hand-in-hand through the process of your mastery.

I see all that You ARE being embodied within Now

Receive My Dearest One, Receive

 I now feel the acceptance that I am walking this pathway,

Not in the unconscious but within my present state of awareness.

I feel, I accept, I embrace

All that I AM and ever have been.

I AM that I AM that I AM

Background Information on the City of Ahtarhah, residing over Nepal/Tibet

Last visit we were located in the area of Mount Everest in the midst of the beautiful forests to the Temple of Truth and Wisdom overlighted by Goddess Pallas Athena.  During this journey we traveled to a different area in which it will be rich with the peoples of the land incorporating all teachings brought forth of the Christ Consciousness representing the Golden City of the Eternal Flame of the I AM.


Lord Maitreya was the guide for this weeks visit.  Lord Maitreya represents the entire Spiritual Hierarchy of Ascended Masters & Beings that have lived upon this earth.  He oversees the 12 Rays of God and incorporates the Christ Consciousness representing the Office Overseer.  There are some individuals that believe that he is incarnated in England which may be true.  The energies that we work with representing Lord Maitreya are the highest aspect of his creation.  He also overlighted Jesus’ body in the last three years of his incarnation during that lifetime.  The Office of the Christ incorporates the 12 dimensional frequencies which is in the Universal Body of Light.  He also represents the Wesak Festivals as he assists each of us on the pathway of Mastership as our Teacher of the Christ Within.

The following is an overview of the 12 Ray which is the theme of Ahtarahah:

  • RAY 12 – Integration the Christ Consciousness

Color – Gold

Overlighted By:  Goddess Pallas Athena, Lord Maitreya, Office of the Christ, and Archangel Mazuriel, Guardian of the Great Central Sun of the Universe

 The twelfth ray is the Golden ray of the New Age.  This is the ray of anchoring the Christ Consciousness on Earth.  The 12th ray also facilitates inner realizations.  If there is confusion about a situation, an individual can call this ray into consciousness and into the entire situation, and it will facilitate proper understanding of it.

The 12th ray brings in the highest invocation of the New Age.  It was the highest type of energy made available to the Earth in 2000 except for the energy of the Mahatma, the Avatar of Synthesis, which is even higher.  We are now able to access the Cosmic Rays up through the 22nd.

 COLOR:  12th Ray is the color of Gold and anchors the New Age and Christ Consciousness fully within the physical.  It is a combination of the first 11 rays, with different proportions with a sprinkling of White Light and Christ Consciousness. Even though it contains all the rays, the proportions are not all exactly the same.


  • Bringing forth Source energies to fully accept our Divinity;
  • Transmuting & Integrating Elements within the same frequency,
  • Accepting Inner Focus to Create Pathways guided by our Higher Self;
  • Allowing the physical to fully embrace the Spiritual and I AM Presence;
  • Being in balance; therefore able to fully accept Missing Puzzle Pieces lost through past timelines;
  • The Creation of Oneness Within.

These calls take place on Wednesday evenings at 5 PM Pacific.  If you would be interested in being part of the fabulous energies with attunements, please see our informational page on the Golden cities,

©2013 Walking Terra Christa Academy of New Earth Mastery,, Rev. Christine Meleriessee & Mike Hayden, 5th Dimensional Mastery ~  All Rights Reserved.

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