Golden Cities of Light, New Earth

The Temple of the Eternal I Am within the City of Ahtarah-ah over Nepal/Tibet

sun This was the 2nd visit to the city of Ahtarah-ah with Lord Maitreya as our guide.  It represents the 12 Ray of the Golden Flame of the Christ Consciousness.  We hope you enjoy your visit.


It is I, Lord Adama, at your service.

This is going to be a very powerful and life-changing visit this evening.

Each of you is fully connecting to your own Higher Essence, but not fully at most times. We want to help you to accelerate into these phases of change that are necessary within your own being of which you need to accommodate within your physical body. Because each of you listening in this moment are in the right place at the right time, and that is truly what I want to express to you this evening before we go to the City and allow yourself to feel the totality that you are.

Let us all breathe deeply.

I thank Meleriessee for bringing forth all those Rays of God within our Essences so that we can combine these energies and accelerate ourselves in places that need a little bit of a push and to relax in other places that need to fully accept what has been occurring.

I say to you that even if you were not working on yourself but participating as you have been on these meditations, whether it be in person or on your own, that you’re still going to be affected by the Frequencies of Light that are coming onto this planet. So why not open up the doorway to make it easier for yourself.

Some of you may say that it has not been easy and that you are having a very challenging time with the changes that need to be done and created within your own pathway to assist you more fully. My answer to that in this moment would be to fully say unto you, what you are receiving is the necessary faculty within yourself to create your own Divine Purpose.

It does not matter what your Divine Purpose is. It does not matter if you are a leader. It does not matter if you are a teacher. It does not matter if you are a student.

This is your pathway in this moment. It is important for you to understand within yourself that the creation of this pathway will assist you in the creation of your Divine Self in a way that you cannot even understand in your mental faculties.

So I say in these moments, let us relax. Because the best way to really feel what your Higher Self wants you to accept is to accept the energies that are occurring for you. Isn’t that not of being in the moment?

We all take a deep breath ~ breathing deeply within and then breathing outwardly.

You are allowing that Frequency of Light to be in the moment. That is pure Oneness because in that moment, you are in the Breath of the Ocean, the Breath of the Sky, the Breath of the Land. You are in the Breath in the Presence.

There is none other, because then you start to feel that Multidimensional Self that you are as the Mental Mind relaxes, as the Emotional Heart expands unto the Oneness that you are. There is nothing ever more important.

So I ask each of you that when you are doing your breathing process ~ whether it is just one simple breath or several breaths to put you into a relaxed state ~ remember these words, “I Am One With All That I Am.”

And that is truly what the breath means because you allow yourself to let go of the physical faculties and allow yourself to feel the pure essence of that completeness and the Sparkles of Light that we all are together. In that moment, you are within yourself.

You are allowing your physical body to relax so that the Higher Essence can come into you.

When I talk about a breath, it is a deep breath into your diaphragm of allowing that Frequency of Light.

If you intend, as you have received this evening with the Rays of God, with those Frequencies of Colors, it is not a hit or miss. It is a target of that Light. It is a target of that frequency for you to accept the focus that that Light is bringing unto you.

So this evening, let us all just expand that Frequency of Light that we have received through the Essence of Meleriessee, through the Colors of Blue, Golden Yellow. Feel the
Bright Pink, White Light with Speckles of Green, Green Golden White Light, Ruby Red, Deep Purple, Seafoam Green, Blue Green, Pearlescent, Pink
Orange and then the Golden Light.

As all of these colors are reflected within that, and if we allow those energies to spin from our Soul Star ~ above our Crown ~ and our Earth Star ~ below our feet ~ it spins now directly into all the bodies, not just the physical. It spins into the Etheric Body, then outwardly into the Emotional Body, and then outwardly into the Mental Body.

This is the acceptance of the Spiritual Body.

Your Spiritual Body is now being fully activated with these frequencies to come fully within you, within your Heart.

Let us now just take that breath as I spoke before and feel the Oneness that you are.

In this moment, you are completely within Completeness of your Higher Self ~ your Soul Essence ~ in the Physical Body.

Now, we are ready to journey to the City. Now, we are ready to move through this Journey of the Golden Ray physically within our Essence.

I Am Lord Adama at your service.  It is my pleasure to be your guide towards the City.

Let’s all take a deep breath.

As our Merkabah Vehicle ~ the Body of Light ~ is now being activated in a clockwise manner, feel ourselves spinning.  As we spin, we move out of the Physical Earth into the Etheric Earth.  Let us all gather together as we travel to Tibet and Nepal.

What a beautiful essence to bring forth as we center above the city of the Golden City. As we look down upon this City we see Sparkles of Golden Light everywhere as it shines. As you know, there are many mountains in this area. It is a very spiritual place.

The physical cities within Tibet and Nepal will be fully activated into these areas, but they need to accept themselves in a different manner than they do now. It represents many different types of religions. But the Golden City on the Etheric Earth, Ahtarahah, is of the Frequency of the Christ Consciousness, which means all religions which brings into Oneness and the Light that each of us represent.

So within the City there is complete Compassion, complete Love and Acceptance that we are of the Eternal I Am and we bring in that essence unto ourselves.

Think of these aspects as we are experiencing the ceremony this evening, of transmuting and integrating elements within the same frequency ~ accepting our inner focus to create pathways guided by our Higher Self, allowing the Physical to fully embrace the Spiritual and the I Am Presence, and being in balance. Therefore, we start to learn to accept our missing puzzle pieces.

So tonight, we are going to come into the creation of Tibet. As we do that, we are going to feel a frequency to bring in the world of many religions into the Temple of the One of the Eternal Flame of the I Am That We Are.  This Temple is another stepping stone. It is represented by Lord Maitreya.

As we look around us, we see many mountains.  And we see lakes and streams and beautiful Frequencies of Light all around us. We see everything has a Golden Hue and within those Golden Hues are all the Colors we spoke about previously of the Golden Yellows and the Blues and the Deep Reds, the Purples and the Violets and maybe some Oranges.

We also bring forth the Frequency of the Planetary Rays, but they are not as strong as the Higher Frequency.  So just imagine in your mind the beauty of what is occurring through this frequency.  We now find ourselves in a beautiful garden.

Within this beautiful garden there is a pathway. This pathway is going to wind around the outskirts of some beautiful mountains. On the other side of the mountain as we’re walking around there’s a huge valley. And within the valley is the Temple of the Eternal I Am Presence.

Feel ourselves fully bringing forth these frequencies unto ourselves as it represents all of our Timelines coming together. That’s another aspect that we fully have not brought forth previously.

As you come to this City, this may be a city where you may be working. This may be a city where you want to come to visit, to bring forth those essences within yourself of bringing in your Eternal I Am Presence ~ the Omnipresent Frequency of the Oneness that we are together.

As we feel this, we walk around down into the valley. There are outskirts of villages around. As we walk in a circular motion, a pathway goes around several times. We feel ourselves getting to the center.

In the middle of the center is this huge Golden Temple of Light. It radiates for miles around. It is a huge structure, and it has many parts and annexes to it.

Today, we are going to go into the core of the Temple. We see the doorway. As we walk up to the doorway, the structure is pure Gold and Brass. And the sunlight shines upon it.  When the sunlight shines upon it, there is a Spectrum of Rainbows of Colors that radiate on the outside of the Temple.

You will see that there is a stream around the outside of the Temple that radiates the Golden Flame. And there are little bridges every so often that go across because with the pathway you can enter the Temple in many different ways.

We are going to step into the main entrance. We would like to come back to this City several times so that you can understand what the Truth of this Temple is about. Because it depends upon ones initiation process and what they need to work with and be assisted by Lord Maitreya, as each of us being in the Ascended Mastership Pathway need to work on different elements. That is what the 12 Rays of God represent.

It is my pleasure now to walk in with you into this beautiful structure of a building, as we see Lord Maitreya waiting outside the doorway for us.

I , as Lord Adama, will escort you back.

I thank you for allowing me to be here with you, along with many Telosians that are very excited about this City.


Greetings, My Dearest Children,

Greetings, Greetings, My Masters, My Initiates,

All of you walking upon this pathway, please do come into the Temple.  As you see, you are walking and there’s a Stream of Light coming from the top of the Temple. The circumference of the Temple has many steeples, and these steeples represent the 12 Rays of God. In the middle of it is the Omnipresence of the Eternal I Am.

We are going to be taking each of you into the middle part of the Temple to assist you in this process. I do urge you to return and to allow your own intuition to take you on a journey of where you may need to be because each of the steeples of this Temple represent the 12 Rays of God ~ actually 11 Rays of God.

Let me correct my communication in this moment. There are 11 steeples and the highest steeple in the middle is the 12th Ray, which represents the Ray of the Christ Consciousness.  This is where the Office of the Christ resides in this Frequency of Light. As you come into the center of the 12th Ray steeple, all the others are on the outside in their adjoining rooms that you would go into to work through the 11 Rays to assist you.  So I say to you, if you are having a challenging time about any of the aspects of the first 11 Rays, do come and return. Call upon me and I will assist you through this process.

As we come into the Temple of the Eternal Flame of Oneness, you will see there is a Frequency of many Light Colors of all the Colors that have been represented ~ of the Blues and Reds and Oranges and Greens and Light Blues and Lavenders and Darker Blues and Indigos and then the Deep Reds, the Bright Oranges, the Goldens, the Greens, the Crystalline Colors, the White Light, the Golden Yellow ~ as it all is the Frequency of Light.

In the middle of the Temple of the 12th Ray, there is a Beam of Light that comes down from the top of the ceiling that emanates from the Essence of the Sun, which you will be working with Archangel Mazuriel during the next visit.

Right now, let’s just feel this frequency.

There are outlying seats for you to sit upon on the outside of the main Temple of this frequency that will come in. So let us find ourselves a seat. There are benches very adorned with beautiful tapestry in many Colors. We sit in a semicircular fashion around the Temple Essence. I stand in the middle, which presents the Golden Flame of Light.

I will express unto each of you the message that I want to bring forth and to assist you with your own Frequency of Light and how you can best help yourself through the process that you are going through to prepare yourself for the Wesak event ~ but, also, to be in the City, because this is the Eternal Truth. This is the Golden Year, the Golden Era, is it not?

This represents the 12 Rays of God.

What we truly want everyone to aspire to is to initiate the 12 Rays of God fully within their body for the onset of this year so that they can feel the Golden Frequency in them and feel their own Christed Self.

So it is my pleasure in this moment to introduce myself as Lord Maitreya.

Some of you know me more personally than some others, but I promise you I will walk with each of you deeply through the processes that you are going through. You have arrived in a beautiful state of Beingness, so this evening we are making a special dispensation for each of you to come into the center part of the Temple.

So let us just take a deep breath and feel as if you have already traveled through all those 11 Rays of God within your physical existence, because this is the process that each of you are going under.As you accept that 4th Dimensional Grid ~ when you get to the part of receiving this Ray of God within your Heart Center ~ you have arrived. You have arrived.

You may not know what you’re doing. You may not (be) sure where you’re going, but you have accepted it all within yourself ~ that You Are a Master upon this Earth, that You Are a Beam of Golden Light within you, and you are incorporating this within your Physical Body.

Did I say that you always have your Higher Self within your Physical Body?  No.

Do I say that you have the ability to do so?  Yes.

Some have the ability to tap into this frequency at a 90 percent ratio.

Most of you are probably tapping in from 50 to 75 percent in this moment ~ those of you that are accessing these frequencies within you.  So it is important for you to realize that there is always more to receive. That is what the Spiritual Hierarchy is about. Remember, we have 49 Dimensions of Reality. I overlight up to 12 Dimensions representing the 12th Ray of God.

Each of you can accelerate yourself within those Dimensional Frequencies, but you cannot stay in your Physical Body in these moments. Some of you are sustaining a much Higher Level than others due to your Frequency of Light and acceptance to do so, and the location where you are living. This is very imperative of the Frequency of Light that you bring in because there are many areas upon this world that cannot assist you in that frequency. Unless you are living in a Temple 24 hours a day, it is not possible to do so.

But what you can do for yourself is these tools and techniques that are being given to you ~ and not just by Christine and Michael but by others or by your own Frequency of Light within you to aspire to the Essence of Your Totality within these physical bodies.

Tonight, we are not worried about that you are accessing the 12th Dimensional Body of the Universal Body of Light, because you will. That is what the Golden Age is about. You have that ability to access all of this. But, the process, do not push it. If you push it too hard, it will become overwhelming because these are overwhelming elements that you are bringing forth within you. I would say for each of you that you are probably accessing in your Physical Body at this time the 5th Dimensional Level, but not at all times, depending on your accessibility to create these frequencies within you.

Many of you have the ability to access more, and some of you are integrating more within you, depending, again, upon your location and where you are residing or spending most of your time.

So we bring each of these Golden Cities of Light and you look at the landscape and the Nature. That is the imperative point of your own existence upon this Earth ~ to be in Nature, to feel the acceptance of what is there, because these are God-given Frequencies.

That is why the Vortices and the High Frequency areas of the World are very important, because those frequencies come within you and help you to bring forth other elements within you.  So we bring you to the 12th Ray this evening through the Temple of the Eternal I Am.

Let us just take a deep breath and feel these frequencies coming within you ~ if you have not already done so ~ because, as I have been speaking, they are all coming through into the Essence that you are.

As Meleriessee embodies this within her, she extends it through her vibration. It is not just the words that I Am giving to you, but it is the vibrational frequency of the energy that I Am imparting through her.

Allow these frequencies to come to you in this moment.

Feel the Golden Ray and all the other Frequencies of Light that are fully accelerating within your own Beingness.  This is exactly what is occurring for you now and your Higher Self is designating what you should receive and what you should not receive. As we have stated previously, it is all part of your process.

So I extend my hand out unto each of you right now in camaraderie and friendship. Each of you have arrived in this state of Being within this Temple because you have worked through eons of time through Timelines in Form and Formlessness to acquire yourself in this state of Being upon this Earth to walk this pathway as a Master.

We are guiding each of you through a training process in your Inner Plane sleep time and meditations and altered states of reality to be the Masters of the New Earth. It is our Divine pleasure through this One to provide this availability for you to have a consciousness of these beautiful cities.

So I ask each of you right now to just stand within this Temple.

As we stand here hand-in-hand together, no one is any more important than the other. I stand here as an overseer of the 12th Dimension on the 12 Rays, but I fully comprehend what you’re going through. I don’t fully understand because I have not been physical upon the Earth that you are right now. The aspect that I Am talking to you is not the aspect that is known to be embodied.

So I bring forth those frequencies within you now to give you the full realization of where you may be in your own Physical Essence, and bring in those vibrations through your entire physical form.

Feel the Light coming down from the middle of Temple of the steeple and it swirls around in Colors and Colors of the Golden Flame. It is coming down and tunneling around you outside where each of us is standing hand-in-hand.

There is a mist of the Golden Ray.

The mist of the Golden Ray represents the Light of many Frequencies that we have spoken about before. So we are incorporating the Blues and the Greens and the Yellows and the Oranges, the Deep Blues and the Lavenders and the Purples and the Pearlescent and the Translucents and the Crystalline Colors.

We now let go of our hands upon each other, and we raise our palms upwards. As we raise our palms upwards, that Frequency of Light is coming down into our palms through our entire Essence of our bodies.

We feel that Essence coming into our bloodstream, into our circuitry system, into our physical form ~ all the organs, the muscles and the tendons.

Allow everything to relax, because this is a ceremony to receive. You have received. You have come to this space of Beingness, because your Soul has projected you to be here in this moment for you to receive.

I allow myself to be the reflection that you are. As I bring forth this unto you, allow yourself to receive it because I Am merely just a reflection of your Light that you bring forth within your Higher Essence.

Breathe deeply and allow that to come all the way down to your feet, and into your Earth Star.  Let the Earth Star and the Soul Star spin together.  And, we move it through the Etheric Body. We move it through the Emotional and the Mental Bodies.

Let us remove all of the Timelines that have said to us, “We do not deserve this ceremony. We do not deserve this process.”

You have arrived. You have arrived.

Accept it. Accept what is yours.

Allow this acceptance to come fully within you now, and feel that frequency running through you and upon your Heart.

Deeply feel the Golden Ray infiltrating within you. Deeply feel the Essence That You Are, as you accept your own Divinity within the Physical Essence That You Are.

I now ask you to breathe deeply.

As you breathe deeply, I want you to feel the Essence of your Higher Self. There are elements that you need to look at between now and Wesak. That is the other reason that we have Divinely ordered this visitation to this City at this time, as you have a couple more weeks until the Wesak Energies.

Allow this to filter into you and allow yourself to accept the Divinity That You Are and to change whatever your Mind in not accepting.

Remember, it is the Mental Level that will stop you through the process.

So we break through the Mental Frequency right now. We break through the Emotional Barriers, and we bring through the Essence of God within your Heart.

Breathing deeply into that Essence.

Let us take a moment and feel this frequency flowing within.

{{{Crystal bowl is played}}}

Let it flow all the way through your Being as you accept an internalization, because we are giving you a vibrancy that will help you to remember what you need to look at. It may be a thought. It may be a process. It may be a cheer. It may be a moment of frustration, but allow it to come up.

And utilize this Golden Ray in acceptance That You Are.

Let us take a deep breath and feel that acceptance coming fully within you.

{{{Aayye Eye and Aayye Eye OH is chanted repeatedly}}}

Breathing Deeply. Breathing Deeply.

Allow this Frequency of Light to be fully within you as I extend unto you a personal friendship with me. I will walk with you. I will talk with you. I will fully accept you into my extension of Creation to help you through this process.

We are moving through an accelerated time to assist each of you in this Frequency of Light, to assist you into creating the pathways that are fully necessary within your Beingness.

There is a goblet in front of you filled with the Golden Ray. I want you to take a sip of this goblet. I want you to fully feel the Essence of the Golden Flame coming within your Being, for you to accept the totality that you are to assist you in this process, to assist you in the Frequency of Light.

Let us all move forward toward the Essence of the Alter. I stand in the middle, and I bring unto you the mirror that I Am. Unto each of you as you as you expand yourself into the Masters that you are, into what you are creating within your own Frequency of Light into this Planet.

Allow it to be. Feel it deeply within your Earth Star, and ground that deeply through all the Essences that you are, as you are One Body of Light as we extend ourselves unto each other.

Take your hands into the hands next of you and feel the Frequency of the I Am That We Are, as we stand in the Temple of the Eternal I Am in the Frequency of All That We Are together.

Breathing deeply. Breathing deeply through this Essence.

Breathing deeply into all ~ All We Are with the Breath, with the Breath and Ah.

Ah represents “I Accept.”

{{{Chanting Ah repeatedly ~ high and low sounds}}}

Let us now fully embrace as you come towards me ~ each of you in your Circle of Light. Blend within the Temple of the Eternal I Am, coming into the 12th Ray that is in the middle of this Essence as I blend into our Essence.

Let us take a breath.

And as we become One, I Am You And You Are Me.

There is no separation in this moment.

Feel this Frequency of Light coming through your Beingness of Love, of the Christ That We Are together.

It is my Divine pleasure to express this to each of you individually and collectively, as We Are One. And this is why Wesak is so very powerful for this year.

Expect more to come that you are receiving in this moment. This has just been a doorway, and entryway into the new aspects of our Beingness together, individually and separately ~ All In One.

Let us now walk out from the Temple. Follow me as we walk in a clockwise manner.  We find the doorway ~ the passageway ~ that you came in. You will see there is an outer circumference of this Temple that represents all the other rooms of the Rays of God that you can come back and experience.

I will guide you into each of these Rays to assist you in the process. You can just come and sit within the Temple that it represents, and feel the Essence of that Color running through your entire body, as you breathe deeply through that Color of that Ray.

It is now time for me to hand over the energies unto Lord Adama.

It has been my pleasure to be here with you as Lord Maitreya ~ to walk you through this process within this beautiful Temple of the Eternal I Am.

So Mote It Be In The Light of the Christ.

I Am Lord Maitreya at your service within the City of Ahtarah-ah.



This is Lord Adama.

Thank you so very much. That was very beautiful.

There is going to be a lot of Frequency of Light coming through each of you.

So let us walk down the Temple steps, walk across the little bridge.

You will see within the circumference of the Temple here there are many children singing, people gathering. It is a place of beauty and acceptance. You can come back and enjoy these energies.

We walk back up the pathway that will take us around the side of the mountain. We look down and we see the valley and how the Temple emanates this Golden Frequency of Light.

As we walk around the edge of the mountain, we see the garden pathway once again.

Let us gather in this moment.

I cannot tell you exactly what this all means in my Heart, as many of the Telosians have joined us for this journey. We’ve been waiting to come here. We’ve been waiting for Dearest Meleriessee to guide us here. We have not been here on our own previously because this City is about Oneness. This City is about all Frequencies of Light coming together.

It was not projected that we were able to come on our own. So this has been quite a nice visit for each of us also, as it will be shared by many and incorporated into each of our Beings, because this is a journey for each of us as we create the New Earth together.

We have been in our privacy for eons of time, just as you have aspired to make the changes that were necessary.  In essence, we probably chose the easier route than each of you have chosen, and we honor each of you for going through these processes and being the strength and the courage that was needed, even though at times it does not feel as such.

It is my pleasure to be with each of you through these visits as I become closer and closer to each of you, as we accelerate ourselves into the Oneness that we are.

Let us gather now.

Take a deep breath as the Merkabah Vehicle now centers also the City of Ahtarahah. We move out of the Etheric Golden City and we separate.

We bide you farewell but not goodbye. Each of us have our Hearts interconnected within one another. Breathing deeply.

As you now come back into your present location, it is my Divine pleasure to be your guide with the Golden Cities of Light.

I Am Lord Adama at your service.

Join us for this amazing class every Wednesday evening at 5 PM, Pacific,

©2013 Walking Terra Christa Academy of New Earth Mastery,, Rev. Christine Meleriessee & Mike Hayden, 5th Dimensional Mastery ~  All Rights Reserved.

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