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Lord Metatron ~ A Ceremony Accessing the Divine Feminine at Cathedral of the Three-Fold Flame


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Walking Terra Christa presented a journey for the Ascension Mastery Teachings into the Golden Etheric City of Holontoneea assisting in learning to communicate Feminine Divine Love through accessing the Solar Angel.

The Golden Etheric City of Holontoneea is located within the 5th dimensional earth over Central France. This city represents the ability to learn how to become the Three-Fold Flame of Will, Love, and Power/Wisdom.


As we gather together in our group Merkabah we are now going to travel from the planetary Earth into the 5th dimensional Earth over Central France.

Take a moment and imagine that Vortex of the Magenta Light.  As our group Merkabah is now traveling through that energy in the 5th dimensional frequency, we are twisting and turning and more of the Magenta is coming into your consciousness.  Breathe it in deeply.  Allow it to become part of your reality.

As now we arrive in the Golden Etheric City of Holontoneea, we walk into the Garden of Divinity.  We are met by Lord Metatron.  I, as Lord Adama, now step aside and join each of you on this miraculous journey as we experience it together.


Greetings My Friends.  I am Lord Metatron.  Welcome! Welcome to the Golden Etheric City of Holontoneea.

I want you to walk through this massive garden.  There are rows and rows of beautiful flowers that make up all the Rays of God.  There is Blue, and Pink, and Golden Yellow, and White with the Crystalline, and Green Golden White, and Ruby Red with Gold.  There are many rows with each Ray vibrating with the essence of each particular flame.

The Violet Purple, Seafoam Green, Blue Green, Pearlescent, they are all here.  Pink Orange, Gold, Violet Pink, Deep Blue Violet, Golden White, Light Violet White, Multi-White Light, Pink Gold and then of course the Magenta is everywhere else. It covers everything.

As we walk down a pathway that is covered with the flower petals, feel them on the soles of your feet.  Let the beauty that is here in the Garden of Divinity become part of your reality.  

I want you to acknowledge within yourself what the Divine Feminine means to you.  Yes, it means the presence of Love, but what is Love?

There are many words to express Love, such as Joy, having Acceptance, having Purity in your heart, an essence of softness and tenderness to bring forth all those Divine qualities that you desire to have continuously that this city represents.

I wanted to take each of you on a special journey because I want each of you to realize your own Solar Angel, your Angelic presence of your beginningness of creation and to realize that part of you is still very much in your foundation.

As we arrive at the Altar of the Angels, you will see each of the Archangels standing by giving forth their essences.  They will not speak but they will bring forth their beauty unto each of you.  They are all standing in a semi-circle around the altar.

Michael and Faith giving forth Protection, Faith and Trust;

Jophiel and Christine giving forth Illumination and Education of Ascension;

Gabriel and Hope giving forth Purification and Hope for a better tomorrow; 

Chamuel and Charity giving forth Love and Adoration, Devotion to yourself;

Raphael and Mother Mary giving forth Healing and Concentrating upon that healing through blessings;

Uriel and Aurora giving forth Peace and Ministration of that Peace and Inner Devotion;

Zadkiel and Amethyst giving forth Invocation and Transmutation.

As each of these Archangels stand around this altar, they extend their Wings of Love, their Wings of Light. Their Wings represent each of these qualities that I have spoken of.

As you stand here, I want you to realize the beautiful essences.  This fountain is extremely tall.  There are different parts of the fountain where there are small fountains and one large fountain of the Magenta Flame in the waters, even though it is flowing with Crystalline waters.  There are many crystals all the way around the base of the fountain.  

As the Archangels stand back away from the altar, I want you to walk around the altar and feel THEIR essences. What are you experiencing in your own heart of any elements that you may need to acknowledge more deeply within yourself?  As you do this, I will continue to speak.  

Feel this Divine energy flowing within you.  I want your Heart to be very open.  I want your Solar Plexus to be open.  I want your Thymus to be open.  I want all parts of your existence to be feeling these Divine energies flowing within and around you.

[Divine Language Network Light Encoding]

Your true beginnings and your Angelic presence, that we call your Solar Angel, are very much a part of your consciousness.  I ask you to really tap into this energy.  Breathe into it.  Allow your Solar Angel to help you open up the avenues that have been forgotten, that have been placed into secret places. You thought they were lost but they are not lost anymore.

You are opening up to each of these energies.  You are bringing forth the Source of Light to come into your pure existence to allow your Angelic Presence to grow and open up those avenues. Because, you see, your Angelic Presence is your Source of Light. It is your ability to become more of your Higher Self Consciousness. 

It is the part of you that is the action that brought you onto this Earth in the very beginning or onto another planet.  It does not matter where you landed.  What does matter is the remembrance of bringing forth these Divine energies into your own consciousness and to realize that calling upon your Solar Angel, not just asking, but FEELING it.  Feel that blessing of the Solar Angel vibrating within your heart allowing it to expand deeper and deeper than you ever have before.

Ahh, the beauty of your Angelic presence is what makes up the beginning of the Metatronic Seals.  I created the Metatronic Seals many eons ago to assist humans in bringing forth their remembrance of their Angelic presence. But one cannot jump from a consciousness on a planetary level and desire to have a higher consciousness without the accessibility of the Solar Angel assisting in that process.  You may already be doing this. 

It may be part of your experiences to realize within yourself that there is an intuitive energy within you that is helping and guiding you in a way that you have never experienced in full human consciousness.  And this is good, because the more you open up unto these energies, the more you will allow yourself to have your Divine Feminine, your Divine Masculine, and to find that power that is part of the connective Source of all these energies becoming ONE within your full consciousness.

As we stand here together, Angels upon Angels, I ask you to breathe deeper and feel the Magenta essence coming into your heart to give you the Purity of Light that you have held as an Angel of the Divine Feminine. That is bringing forth Tenderness, bringing forth Strength and Accessibility, bringing forth the ability to be Rational, to see all things as they should be, to allow yourself to go into a deeper part of your pure existence that you have not been able to access at any other time.

This is your TIME My Dearest Ones ~ Opening up the doorway!

[Divine Language Network Light Encoding]

It at this time that a pair of the Archangels will come to you. 

Do you need Faith? 

Do you need Illumination? 

Do you need Love, Adoration? 

Do you need Purification and Hope? 

Do you need physical Healing?  Do you need Peacefulness? 

Do you need Transmutation?

Take a moment and feel a blessing being given to you by two of the Archangels, the Masculine and the Feminine coming up to you.  Is it Michael and Faith?  Is it Jophiel and Christine?  Is it Chamuel and Charity? Is it Gabriel and Hope?  Is it Raphael and Mother Mary?  Is it Uriel and Aurora?  Is it Zadkiel and Amethyst?

A pair of Archangels will come towards you now and place their wings around you.  Feel the presence of their essence.  These are the two Archangels that you need to acknowledge within your own healing for the Divine Feminine essence.

[Divine Language Network Light Encoding]

Breathing deeply.  It is now time to thank the Archangels that have helped you. Call upon them in your waking state.  Feel the blessing that you have been given.

Now we will walk through the garden, through the beautiful flowers, and all the beautiful colors are igniting beautiful essences.  There is something inside of you that has shifted.  There is more of a foundation that has opened up into your own Angelic Presence.  It is not just a thought that your Solar Angel was with you, but it is more of an acceptance, an intuitive essence flowing right into your Solar Plexus and your Heart.  Feel the blessing that you are being given to remember your Solar Angel more deeply.

As we continue our journey through the garden, we see we have arrived at the Cathedral of the Three-Fold Flame. 

You can see the beautiful river, the flowing of Divine waters behind the Temple.  The Temple does not sit in the water, but the water flows behind the Temple with the Magenta essence with Crystalline light.  The Sun is shining brightly.  It is bringing forth Illumination and the beautiful presences of the Higher Realms of Light to become part of your reality.

Breathe deeply and allow yourself to feel it. 

As we approach the Cathedral, there is a wide staircase. The steps are covered with a Magenta carpet and there are potted flowers on both sides of the staircase.  As we walk up the stairs, feel the presence of the Magenta essence flowing through your feet going ALL the way into your Heart and Thymus vibrating with the Flames of Light, vibrating with your Solar Angel. 

Feel that blessing of your friend, your Angelic friend as you are becoming more in tune with who you are.

As we walk up the many stairs up to the entranceway of the Temple, there are many Columns of Light that represent each of the Rays of God. They vibrate with the colors.  You can feel the purity of these essences.  As we now enter into the Temple, there are no walls.  There are columns with open air flowing through the Temple. 

The Spirit of the Wind is now creating that feeling of change to come over you.

As now we continue on the inner staircase, walking up the steps, feeling the presence, we are going to the upper level of this Temple which houses the Three-Fold Flame bringing forth that Divine energy into one essence.

As now we arrive at the top level, we can see past the balcony which is a beautiful white color of marble.  As we look to the edge, we see the River of Flowing Waters, the Divine water is flowing and is creating a sense of movement within you.  You can feel the beautiful essences.  

There are three shrines: 

There is the shrine on the left represents the Love. 

A shrine on the right represents the Will. 

The shrine in the middle represents the Power or the Wisdom.

As we stand to the left, into the Column of Light representing the Divine Feminine.  I want you to feel this extension of Light beyond what you felt with the Angelic presences.  It is now time for you to feel that Divine Feminine and be so open and vulnerable to allowing your emotional realm, your emotional self to become larger and larger to allow the Divine energies that are represented here by the Divine Love of the Pink.

Feel that deep Pink of Compassion as the Divine Mother’s Essence is spinning so deeply within you.

[Divine Language Network Light Encoding]


I am the Divine Mother bringing forth my blessing unto you to always have your Heart open to allow it to flow.  No matter how deep the pain is, open it up, and allow it to continue through your entire essence bringing forth these Divine qualities of Love to expand Adoration and Acceptance, having the Faith that you are okay.  You are protected with the Purity of this Light.

I, as the Divine Mother, extend unto you my Purity, my Love, and my Blessing for the deepest healing that your emotional self can hold.  In all that we are together and all that we can be together, you are a child of God.  I nurture you; I hold you; I bless you as all these Divine Masters and Angels do the same.  They are representative of the Divine Feminine within your own accessibility of Love.


It is now time for you to step away from the Shrine of Love.

We now step into the Shrine of the Will which is the Blue Flame, representing the Father God, but for this segment, I, as Lord Metatron, want you to acknowledge the Divine Love you have within you to become the Will. Feel all that has been shared within this journey.  Allow it to be part of your reality.  Allow yourself to feel the Purity, the Transmutation, the releasing of anything that does not allow you to have the Will of God.

[Divine Language Network Light Encoding]


I, as the Divine Father, bring forth unto you the blessing to allow the Divine Feminine to be held within you, to expand it through your consciousness, to allow it to go into the mental realm so that you are that Love in your Masculine Self.  It allows a breaking apart of what no longer needs to exist within your mental thoughts. 

Feel the Divinity of Love that you have brought forth into your consciousness for this entire journey.  Allow it to expand.  As I ignite unto you the Blue Flame, I bring forth this essence of Trust of the protective energies.  Bring this unto yourself.  Hold it deeply. Never let it go because that is the Creative Force within you to hold, to be loved, to extend Love.  

I Am All That I Am with All That You Are.  I am the Divine Father.


It is now time to step into the middle shrine which sits in the center of the room.  As you stand in the presence of the Golden Light that makes up all presences of all lights, this is your Wisdom, this is your Power. Extending the Divine Feminine in this shrine will assist you to accept this Wisdom, to not be afraid of it, but to honor it no matter what that Wisdom may be. Whether you think it is a negative response, know that there are only positive responses to negative experiences.  

Allow the Divine Feminine to come into your existence right now within this Shrine of the Power.  It is the Divine Mother, the Divine Father as ONE.  It is all that we are together.  It is all the Metatronic Seals.  It is all that we are in all that we have experienced.  

In this moment in time, feel the presence of this extension of Light within your Heart.  Feel the Magenta blending with the Gold.  Feel the presence of all that you desire to be in the reality of your personality.  Allow your Angelic personality, your Higher Self personality, your Spiritual Self personality to be strong in this moment.  Hold this deeply.

[Divine Language Network Light Encoding]

I, as Lord Metatron, bless you deeply for standing in this space.  You may now step away.

As we come towards the balcony and look at the beautiful flowing of the Divine Waters, feel those waters being part of your pure existence. Feel a flowingness, a movement, a translucence, and an openness.  Allow this creative process to come into your beingness right now.

As you now allow your Solar Angel to become predominant through the feeling stage, open yourself up to whom you have been to what you desire to be, to remove the factors that hold you back from this pure presence of Light in all that we are together in this moment.

The Magenta Flame is now flowing through the entire Temple, feeling the Divine Inner Power you are, the Divine Love that you are.  It is expressed within your chakras of that Magenta essence from the Thymus, into the Heart, and the Solar Plexus.  It is vibrating.  It is a recreative process that allows you to go deeper and deeper into what you truly are within your Soul’s essence.

[Divine Language Network Light Encoding]

Take a moment and give a blessing to yourself.  As we are standing here in the Altar of the Three-Fold Flame feeling that Purity of Light that you are.

It is now time for us to descend down the staircase once again. As we walk down the steps, allow the Divine energies that you have experienced to come more fully into your physical self.  

We arrive at the lower level.  Feel the exquisite qualities that are held within this Temple as it represents the ability to become one with your Love, your Will, and your Power and Wisdom.

We now leave the Temple.  Walk down the steps to the outside garden area. As we gather together, I call upon Lord Adama to escort you back to your physical self.  Know that I am walking with you. 

Know that I, as Lord Metatron, and all my Legions of Angels are watching over each of you.  Call upon us when the need arises.  We look forward to our communication together.


Greetings.  It is I, Lord Adama.

Alunnah, Alunnah, Alunnah.

Lord Metatron, you have just given us an opening beyond anything that we have experienced previously.  I know each of us in the Agarthian Cities are going to utilize this Temple.  Thank you so much.

Let us now gather together in our beautiful Magenta-filled Merkabah Vehicle of Light.  As we descend off of the Golden Etheric City of Holontoneea, we move through the Vortex of the Magenta Flame leaving this beautiful city.  But, never forgetting it, and returning whenever we like.

As we twist and turn through the Vortex of Light, it takes us back into planetary dimensions and each of us separates into our own individual Merkabah vehicle of Light, coming into your physical body.

I, as Lord Adama, am deeply honored to be part of these energies.  

Thank you, Lady Mahlariessee, for allowing your consciousness to bring forth this beautiful Journey of Light.

I thank Lord Metatron again.  Most of all I thank each of you for opening up your hearts to receiving these Light energies.  I look forward to hearing about your progress.

Rev. Christine Mahlariessee, Integrative Channel 28th, 2020; New Earth Consciousness-Circle of Light.

 The New Earth Consciousness-Circle of Light is a weekly class in which we journey to one of the 22 Etheric Cities.  Included is a teaching from Lord Adama and a special Ascended Being that represents the city. Walking Terra Christa provides many options to participate in their weekly teachings with an affordable rate for all individuals.  You can also purchase any of the MP3 downloads separately for the classes to receive the highest vibrational energies available (upon your payment please make a note about the date of the class you are requesting to receive).

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Lord Metatron ~ Integrating Divine Love, Wisdom, and Power within the Golden Etheric City of Holontonnea

1-honlontonnea central france

Walking Terra Christa presented a journey for the Ascension Mastery Teachings into the Golden Etheric City of Holontonnea with Lord Metatron to bring forth the balance of the Feminine and Masculine Selves with the vibrational essence of the Three-Fold Flame.

The Golden Etheric City of Holontonnea resides in the 5th dimensional earth over Central France which represents the Magenta Flame for Divine Inner Power and Divine Love. (for more information, please see our article on the background and decree of the city.)

We  gather with Lord Adama (High Preist of Telos) to the Golden Etheric City of Honlontonnea to meet up with Lord Metatron.

Let’s call upon the energies of the Magenta Flame within the Full-Body System. As your own personal Merkabah’s are now spinning vertically, and horizontally around you.  I want you to concentrate upon that Feminine trait with the Masculine trait that you desire to become. Breathe that into your Heart, your Consciousness. FEEL it!  Imagine what it would feel like to fully BE that trait within yourself at least 75% of your awakening time.

Breathing into that essence, we now gather together in a group Merkabah that is filled with the Magenta essence with beautiful, sparkly Pinks and Reds and Purple colors vibrating as we move from the planetary level going up into the 5th Dimension of the Upper Earth. We see our vehicle is now moving into the Vortex of Light of the Magenta Flame which will take us over central France.

Breathe into that as we gather our composure to feel these Divine Energies as they become more a part of our existence.  As we arrive now in the Golden Etheric City of Holontonnea, we separate into our own Light bodies as now we are met by Lord Metatron.

I, as Lord Adama, walk with you in each moment.

Alunnah! Alunnah! Alunnah!

Lord Metatron

Greetings my Dearest Comrades!  I am Lord Metatron.

Thank you for being here in the glorious City of Holontonea.  See and look around you, the beautiful gardens, the massive number of flowers, and exquisite energies.  We are within the Garden of the Evolved Self.  This Garden represents walking through the doorways of each of the flames that represent the Solar Plexus, the Heart, and the Thymus chakras.

We are doing something a little bit different for this session because I thought it would be appropriate to bring in those attributes that those Rays represent. The garden is HERE. It is filled with these colors. As we walk into the main gateway of the garden, it opens up to an open pathway as we step into this magical Essence of Light.

The Magenta is everywhere throughout the entire land.  Feel it! Feel the blessing of Divine Love and Divine Power.  Thinking of Divine Mother and Divine Father God and what they bring forth of the Feminine and Masculine energies into their ability to work with us, BE with us and CONNECT with us. We are the Children of Their Essence.

We walk to the left into the Garden of Divine Inner Power. This garden represents those flames of the third and fourth dimensional grids that you work with.  The first of the flames is the Ruby Red with the Gold and then the Pink Orange that allows each Initiate to walk into that new reality. NOW the flowers all represent THESE colors.  The Magenta is still flowing through the air. The mist the the sun is shining brightly downwards that brings forth the vibratory energy.

There are pathways within the gardens with BEAUTIFUL benches that are very ornate, and representative of what France brings forth.  There’s an exquisite Essence within this City that brings forth those energies. As we walk through this Garden of the Divine Inner Power, take a moment to feel the Ruby Red and the Gold.  There’s a section where the flowers are just that Ruby Red and Gold.  There stands Lady Nada.  She comes to each of us as a group and individually to give you the presence of Peace and Love.  She will not speak but she is here to ignite, to show her divine energy that is represented by the work that she does within the flame of Inner Devotion. We sit with her in a circle and she shares her beautiful essence.

[Divine Language Network Light Encoding]

Feel the ability to be patient and really take time to surrender to this energy. It will assist you to become MORE of what you DESIRE to be by allowing the Solar Plexus to be the Gateway unto your Emotional Body, to be vulnerable, and bring forth a sense of inner peace. Feel this essence here within the garden as I ignite it unto YOU.

Arise from where you’re sitting and take a moment to look at a flower; pick this flower and give it to yourself. It represents your ability to accept the process of your healing, and your love to come into your pure existence.

We now travel to the section that is more centered upon the Pink Orange flowers.  There are Pink Orange flowers everywhere.  Some fall, some flow. Lady Quan Yin comes forward and she gives her blessing unto each of you with a beautiful wand, a Pink Orange wand with a beautiful crystal on the end.

She is going to touch your Solar Plexus to give you a blessing to be forgiving to yourself, to allow yourself to say unto yourself, “Whatever I have done, whatever I have experienced; it is no longer a part of my reality. I must send it to the God Source. It is no longer part of me.”  She takes her wand and she spins it all around each of you in a figure eight position around you.  A figure eight meaning the Infinity Symbol, the infinity of All That You Are to bring forth this blessing to allow you to move into the next phase of your reality.  FEEL this Divine energy that Lady Quan Yin is giving.  Now Lady Nada and Lady Quan Yin come together. They ignite unto you the blessing of the Ruby RedGold and the Pink Orange.  As they extend this energy, feel the blessing that is coming into your Heart, into your Solar Plexus to open it, to let it flow.

[Divine Language Network Light Encoding]

Feel the blessings from these Divine Lady Masters assisting you. Take a moment. What is your Feminine trait?  Embrace that even more. Embrace that energy. Imagine that your Higher Self is in front of you and he or she is a Spiritual Being, although we know that it is not.  But it is going to display that trait that you desire to be in your Feminine Self in your Solar Plexus. Feel that coming into you now. Feel that power, feel that acceptance.

[Divine Language Network Light Encoding]

We thank both Lady Nada and Lady Quan Yin for joining us within this beautiful Garden of Divine Inner Peace.

Now we walk to the next garden that is right that represents the Compassionate Divine Love.  As you step into this Garden, feel the immense vibratory energy of divine love circling within the air, within the light, allowing yourself to go deeper and deeper into your Heart Center.

Master Serapis Bey is here with us to bring forth the ability to be compassionate and forgiving. Allowing you, as the vehicle (the physical self). to have gratitude for all that you have experienced. A gratitude of this moment to allow your Heart Center to be opened unto you on a deeper level than it ever has before.

The Garden is filled with the deep Pink flowers, along with flowers of all different colors.  FEEL and walk around. FEEL that Divine energy coming into you. Master Serapis Bey has his beautiful wand with the Pink Flame, igniting it into your Heart on a deeper level than it has been before.  Going deeper and deeper and DEEPER into your Heart Essence.  Feeling that ability to be able to see, which is the Mental Illumination.  You’re now illuminating what you THOUGHT was the problem and surely it WASN’T the problem.  Allow yourself to be in the state of Forgiveness, feeling his blessing unto you in this moment.

[Divine Language Network Light Encoding]

Feeling the blessing of the Pink Flame softening, assisting you to fully become what you’re desiring to become.  Remember your traits.  What is occurring within the Masculine trait in this moment?  Allow that energy to be blessed with this Pink love.

As now, Lord Maitreya and Lord Kuthumi come forward and bring forth the pure Christ Consciousness of the Gold Flame.  Look around! The GOLD is everywhere.  Beautiful sparkly lights of gold within the garden.  We walk towards Lord Kuthumi and Lord Maitreya as they give a blessing unto each of you to bring forth a new sense of balance within yourself.  Allow that Masculine aspect that you’re trying to bring forth into your existence to now experience the Christ Consciousness, to receive the blessing of the Office of the Christ, the Elohim Masters and the Elders that surround the Throne of Grace.  HOLD this energy as they reach with their wands around you and walk around each of you individually to CHARGE you up with a new sense of purpose within you.  FEEL that GOLD essence!  BECOME that Gold essence within you.

[Divine Language Network Light Encoding]

Now, feel that energy coming fully within your body, within your four-body system.  You are VIBRATING with that Gold as now it’s going to blend with the Pink.  Feeling that lovely energy that aligns with the Gold essence of the Christ, of a forgiving soul, of a loving soul, of a soul that has perseverance, of a soul that has discipline.  A soul that loves themselves so deeply that nothing else matters, because it’s going to assist them.  Assist YOU and your outside world.  FEEL this embodiment occurring within you NOW as Master Serapis Bey, Lord Maitreya and Lord Kuthumi come together.

We now walk to the next garden which is the Garden of Discernment with Lady Isis and Lord Osiris.  

As we step into this garden, you can feel the Seafoam Green with a blending of many types of colors!  There’s blues, there’s greens.  It’s a mixture of all different energies but there is a sense of power that is quite different than we have probably projected with this FLAME.  It brings in that ability to KNOW.  I want you to fully BREATHE in that now.  Remind yourself of what it felt like before you JOINED this meditation.  What is it you were thinking about?  Was it good or not so good?  I want you to fully feel the CLARITY within THIS energy in THIS garden.  FEEL that clarity.  You are able to discern the good and the bad.  You are able to separate everything, so it gives you the ability to have your divine TRUTH.

[Divine Language Network Light Encoding]

We now see Lady Isis and Lord Osiris come forward with their wands of the Seafoam Green giving you more clarity than you’ve ever had before.  Feeling that perception of what you’ve experienced through the Garden and with all these Beings.  As now, they all come together, and they encircle everyone as I stand as Lord Metatron bringing forth your Solar Angel.

Allow your Solar Angel to come out of hiding.  Allow the Solar Angel that you are as you feel your wings, to feel your Light to be embodied within you.  Because your Solar Angel is the gateway to your Higher Self.  FEEL this Divine Solar Angel within you; blessing you, thanking you for bringing forth this acceptance of what you’ve experienced of the Garden of the Evolved Soul. Take a moment to have gratitude. Take a moment to reflect on what you’re experiencing within ALL of these energies.  I know it can be overpowering, but I wanted to bring forth ALL these Flames to assist you.

The Magenta opens up a doorway.

We now walk DOWN the pathway and we’re right AT the Temple of the Three-Fold Flame.  There are beautiful gardens on both sides, and we step onto the walkway.  We’re going to enter the Temple. You will see there are three Shrines that are on the inside and the outside of the Temple.  The one on the left is the Shrine of Love.  The one on the right is the Shrine of Will.  The middle is the Shrine of Power.

As we step into the Temple, I want each of you to step to the left and STAND within that Shrine of Love.  It is like an open Column of Light. It seems like it has a structure, but it’s VERY transparent and translucent.  You step into that Column of Light, with the Love which brings forth those divine energies we’ve been WORKING with.  The Magenta is very strong.  Feeling that Divine Love within you, the Divine Power that is the love, feeling THAT existence.

We talk about the Divine Power, it’s your own INNER power.  It’s the way you stand up for yourself.  It is the Feminine and Masculine together. AGAIN, bring forth that intention of your Masculine and Feminine trait that you’re desiring to hold within you.  As you STAND within this column,  it TURNS and it brings forth more Divine energy and allows you to feel the pure essence of LOVE that is being projected right FROM the 49th dimensional frequency of Divine Mother and Father God; of the Divine Mother.  FEEL Her blessing unto you.  Feel Her HOLDING you, giving you the ability to CRY on her shoulder.  She’s giving you the support that you need, but is also giving you the STRENGTH to STAND tall and to face your adversaries.  To be able to stand as that WARRIOR of Light within yourself.  Feel the POWER of these energies occurring within you NOW.

[Divine Language Network Light Encoding]

You feel the Magenta going through you, within you.  It’s within your Solar Plexus, it’s within your Heart, it’s within your Thymus as you become that Unified chakra of the LOVE, of the STRENGTH and the POWER, of the pure existence of GRATITUDE, of FORGIVENESS and all the elements we’ve been talking about.  You’re now ready to move to that next step, HOLDING this light frequency.

[Divine Language Network Light Encoding]

FEEL your Solar Angel.  Feel the Solar Angel and the LOVE that is being ignited within you right now, because it’s YOU.  It’s your memories of being in the Angelic Presence that you have been that is now fully embodied.

You step away from the Shrine onto the base floor and go completely to the other side which is a couple of steps up against the wall and THERE is the WISDOM.  You step into the Shrine of Will.  There’s something that occurs when you do so.  You can FEEL that POWER within you.  You can have more of an understanding because the understanding is coming not from your mental mind.  It is coming from your Higher Mind.  You FEEL it.  You FEEL this understanding within you.

You FEEL the changes that you’ve been going through.  You FEEL that acceptance. This is BEING the Master.  This is how you WALK as the Master.  You ALLOW this Wisdom of the Will of God to FULLY assist you.  FEEL His strength and His POWER to assist you, but with feeling the DEEPEST Love that you’ve EVER experienced.  The Divine Father comes and brings forth His Essence unto this Shrine in this moment from the 49th Dimensional Frequency of Light.

[Divine Language Network Light Encoding]

You feel the energy swirling around you and inside you.  It’s almost like a Gold Essence within all of them because it represents all those Flames we’ve been talking about.  It brings forth THAT Christ Consciousness, THAT Strength, and THAT Power to BE whom your supposed to be, even if you DON’T KNOW what that IS!  YOU aspire to it.  You have faith that you will get there.  You allow yourself to MOVE into THAT ESSENCE!

FEEL this Power GROWING DEEPER and DEEPER and DEEPER within you!

[Divine Language Network Light Encoding]

You feel the process of surrendering.  Your three chakras are blending together so you FEEL the pure essence, allowing your Divine Solar Angel to assist you.  FEELING the POWER of that Solar Angel.  This is what’s going to assist you to persevere and to discipline yourself and not CRY with self pity, not BEING the BABY that has to CRY constantly.  CRYING is good but in short terms. Crying is supposed to be releasing, NOT charging up your Emotional Body.  You FEEL that POWER coming in you now as your Emotional Body and your Mental Body are working as One.

You step OUT of the Shrine of Wisdom.  It’s like a HUGE altar and it’s the POWER of the GOLD, but it’s the POWER of the Magenta.  As you walk up the three steps you enter the Shrine of Power, the Column of Light.  You’re enclosed now with your POWER.  FEELING that POWER.  That POWER is the ability to ALLOW the Feminine and the Masculine to work together AGAIN.  Imagine your traits as that Feminine and that Masculine Essence come into you now.  FEEL that.  Feel that become YOU.  This is your truth.  This is what you DESIRE to BE.  This is the POWER within you.  This is what’s going to IGNITE POWER and it’s going to come from LOVE.  It’s going to come from STRENGTH and WILL.  It’s going to come from COMPASSION.  It’s going to come from ACCEPTANCE.  THIS will help you to FIND your inner truth.

[Divine Language Network Light Encoding]

Now all three Shrines at the same time are VIBRATING with the Divine energies that YOU have created through these accelerations, through this Divine Language Network Light Encoding.  Feeling that energy SWIRLING within you, going DEEPER and DEEPER and DEEPER.  It swirls outside of you and within you.  Take a moment.

As you step down from the Shrine of the Power, we take a moment in silence as we kneel on the steps around the altar of the Power.  Feeling the purification that you have gone through.  But, now feel the blessing of the acceptance to be.  At the same time feel those energies swirling within your own Heart Center, within your Thymus, and your Solar Plexus.  Feeling that Divine Love, that Divine Power, and the Divine Will of ALL that you are and all that you CAN be.  Breathing deeply.  Whatever acknowledgement you are feeling, let it become stronger.  Let it become stronger within you.

I, as Lord Metatron, say unto each of you the vibratory communication of these energies is what’s going to assist you to become these traits.  Remind yourself of this.  If you have to write it down and look at it to remind yourself that you are NOT that other person.  Because as you’re transitioning into these traits, it’s like any process you have to go through.  You can fall back, you can fall back into mental accolades, you can fall back into the emotional trauma.  But be STRONG within yourself because what you have received is a Divine Blessing not only from me, as Lord Metatron, but each of these OTHER Masters of Light.

It is now time for us to leave the Temple of the Three-Fold Flame.  Take a moment and give an intention of Gratitude for what you have experienced.  We turn around as it’s time to walk out of the Temple.  We step unto the pathway between all the beautiful gardens.  We gather together one more time.

I, as Lord Metatron, want nothing MORE from you than for you to start to accept yourself of what you CAN be.  To command within your own mindset however you need to do it through these vibrations, through these Divine Light Energies.  But BE it.  This is what’s going to assist you to walk through the changes upon the Earth and to become more of what you desire to be and ALL that you CAN be.  I want you to acknowledge your Solar Angel.  That will help you to acknowledge your Higher Self consciousness and the Higher Light Bodies.  But your Solar Angel is the BRIDGE.  Remember this.  Acknowledge it within your heart and be part of it.

It is my Divine pleasure to be with each of you in these moments.  I look forward to assisting you throughout the month to go deeper and deeper as I hold you up to allow these frequencies of Light to assist you and not create more confliction.  You must remind yourself of these things.

I thank Lord Adama for being with us and all of the Masters.  As we gather together in the group Merkabah, we’re going to travel with each of you.  Because we are here to assist you.  Lord Adama, I leave the rest up to you.

 Lord Adama

Alunnah, my Dearest Friends.

I’m deeply honored to be part of these energies as everyone in the Inner Earth Cities are listening and being part of these frequencies.  It’s a blessing to each of US and it teaches us SO much from what each of YOU are going through.

As we gather together in that Merkabah, the beautiful Magenta is EVERYWHERE within the City.  Take one last LOOK, BREATHE that in!  As now we ignite the beautiful Merkabah and we move upwards through the Flame, the Vortex of Light.  We twist and turn in multi-directions moving through the beautiful Vortex of Light taking us across the world in many directions.  We move down to the planetary level and at that point each of us separates into our own Light Bodies.  Bring yourself down into your own physical location.  Allowing these energies to go deeper within you.  Ground them, become them.

It is my pleasure to walk with each of you.

I, am Lord Adama, High Priest of Telos and speaker for the Agarthan Council of Light.

Alunnah! Alunnah! Alunnah!

©Rev. Christine Mahlariessee Hayden, Integrative Channel 19, 2020; New Earth Consciousness~Circle of Light. 

The New Earth Consciousness-Circle of Light is a weekly class in which we journey to one of the 22 Etheric Cities.  Included is a teaching from Lord Adama and a special Ascended Being that represents the city. Walking Terra Christa provides many options to participate in their weekly teachings with an affordable rate for all individuals.  You can become an Academy Student or participate in our Partner/Membership Program while experiencing the teachings on your own time via the recordings. You can also purchase any of the MP3 downloads separately for the the classes to receive the highest vibrational energies available (upon your payment please make a note about the date of the class you are requesting to receive).

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Decrees ~ Creating Unconditional Self Love and Worth

many lights

In October 2018 Walking Terra Christa presented teachings of Learning how to Feel your Divine Spiritual Self for Ascension Mastery Training within the Golden Etheric Cities of Fronlahamm (over Atlanta, Georgia and North and South Carolina in North America) and the City of Shashwam over Nebraska, Oklahoma, Colorado and Kansas).


The focus for this cycle was to allow Unconditional Self Love to be the defining energy so that a person’s consciousness will create experiences of Spiritual and Psychological Wisdom through the feelings, thoughts, and action in the physical world.

We took the lessons of the past cycles and putting them into full action with Dr. Joshua David Stone’s 21 Day Program for Unconditional Self-Love and Self-Worth. We worked with the Purple Violet Flame of Ceremonial Magic and Structure along with the Crystalline Flame of Harmon and Balance through Conflict. We also concentrated upon the elements that can be held within the Root Chakra that need to be healed to create Self Love and Worth.

For the first visit of this cycle we worked with both the Beings of the Purple-Violet Flame and the Crystalline Flame within the Golden Etheric City of Fronlahamm. This class was held during the time of the storm on the East Coast, Hurricane Michael. We elicited the energies of the Ashtar Command to assist in bringing forth healing to the area.

The Ray of Ceremonial Magic and Structure elicits the flame of Purple with Violet Hues intermixed within it and is guided by the Throne of Grace, Lord Teesian and Lady Teesio, Ray Chohan, Lady Portia, Elohim Masters Arcturus & Victoria,and Archangels Zadkiel & Amethyst. This ray represents the Golden Etheric City of Fronlahamm.

Qualities: Ceremonial Order & Magic, Freedom, Ritual, Transmutation, Divine Structure, Alchemy, Violet flame Invocation, Sacred Living, Ritual Ceremony, Spiritual Tradition & Protocol; Control and Release of the hidden forces of Nature; Receiving Grace, Achieving Dignity, Learning Tact and Discipline; Realization of Unity, Open-Mindedness, Tolerance, Humility, Gentleness and Love the power to create, cooperate, think with balanced mental power and self-reliance.

Aspects that Can Be Healed: A very narrow-minded attitude with tendency to have feelings of superficial judgments, being opinionated, overindulgence in all areas, too much pride, and being too formal in dealings with others.

Virtues That Will Be Acquired:  Exhibiting great gentleness, love, and tolerance which brings forth realization of unity in all creations of this Earth.  Allowing the mind to be completely open to all avenues of thought and perspective will be exhibited within a person.

Decree ~ Allowing the Presence of Self Love to Become a True Reality

As I am learning to accept that my Self Love is directed from my Spiritual Self,

I am working within the Golden Etheric City of Fronlahamm,

Which represents being the Alchemist of my life.

I arrive in the city, I am greeting by many Beings of Light;

Tonight is special as I am working with not only the 7th Flame Team of Light,

But also the Crystalline Flame Beings.

I see before me first Lord Saint Germain with Lady Portia,

Elohim Arcturus and Virginia with Archangels Zakiel and Amythest;

Then, I am met by Master Serapis Bey of the Crystalline Flame,

With Elohim Purity and Astrea with Archangels Gabrielle and Hope.

They gather around me and I can feel their Divine Energies,

Blending within mine;

As we walk into the magnificent garden of Purple Violet Flowers,

I am immediately reminded how this city has assisted me previously

They guide me down the hillside into a large valley of light,

There is a huge altar in the middle made out of stone and earth,

It is emitting not only the purple violet but the crystalline energies.

There is a large stream flowing on the outside of the altar,

Which is two or three hundred feet away from it,

With a beautiful grassy area between the altar and the water,

There is also a bridge to walk across the stream.

It is very inviting,

They ask me to walk across the bridge,

I can feel the flowing waters;

There are flat benches around the altar in a circular fashion.

They motion for me to sit,

As they are standing on the other side all around me,

It is a powerful moment as I am being blessed by each of these Beings,

They are not standing still but walking every so lightly,

Around me and the Flame of the Crystalline – Purple/Violet.

I start to feel the immense energies of the Crystalline,

As Master Serapis Bey with Purity and Astrea, and Gabriel and Hope,

Bring unto me their Rods of Light,

I can feel a sensation of elements leaving me that I was holding onto;

I then feel Lady Portia with Arcturus and Victoria and Zadkiel and Amethyst,

Bringing me the purest light of Purple and Violet,

First I feel the energies shifting from the Crystalline Beings,

Then I feel this intensity of grounding right into my Root Chakra.

I realize that the most Divine Love that I truly Am,

Is now flowing within my Root Chakra.

It seems to being changing the pure essence that I am,

Through all part of my four-body system;

I feel it physical, then mentally, emotionally,

With the last part of my spiritual body

Becoming more within me.

Lord Ashtar comes forward,

He calls upon the purest essence of these divine love energies,

To be sent into Gaia,

The earth is now vibrating with these reflections of

The crystalline and Purple/Violet energies,

It goes to all the areas of Florida, Texas, Louisiana,

Then upwards into Georgia, the Carolinas,

And the Eastern Seaboard;

Calming the storms, the thoughts of fear,

To bring about a sense of calmness to every living being upon the Earth.

I am grateful that I can be part of these energies.

I thank these beautiful beings of light;

I Am that I Am that I Am.

The following week we traveled to the Golden Etheric city of Shashwam with Elohim Masters Purity and Astrea along with Archangels Gabriel an Hope.

Creating Unconditional Self-Love and Self Worth:
Learning to Feel Good about yourself.

ELOHIM PURITY AND ASTREAThe Elohim of Purity will release the Cosmic Blue Lightning of Divine Love, at one’s call, to shatter the accumulated, discordant substance deposited around the electrons of the inner bodies.  It then can be transmuted easier.  The Blue Lightning explodes the center of destructive foci and vortices, resulting in perfection.  Astrea, the Divine complement of Purity’s service consists in purifying the astral realm (about 10,000 feet above earth) where the cores of impurity exist.

ARCHANGELS GABRIEL AND HOPE Archangel Gabriel is considered the Angel of Annunciation; he holds the Immaculate Concept for all of mankind and will give assistance to all that call upon him. Using the words “THE LIGHT OF GOD NEVER FAILS” will immediately aid anyone that is desiring of being One with God. Archangel Hope brings forth the essence that her name implies; better things to come. Her radiation is buoyant, uplifting, joyous, and inspirational.

~ Decree ~ 
Embracing the Crystalline Ray with the Elohim and Archangels of Shashwam

Lord Adama is assisting me to enter the Golden Etheric City of Shashwam,

Which resides in the 5th dimensional frequency of the New Earth,

Over Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Nebraska,

We are met by the Divine Masters of the Crystalline Flame,

Which is the commanding light energy within the city.

We are met by the Elders Lord Esteela & Lady Estello,

Who ignite the Crystalline Flame of Shashwam,

I can feel its beautiful essence of Balance, Harmony, and Peace for Gaia;

Master Paul the Venetian who is now the Ray Chohan of the 4th Ray,

Honors me with a bow, and I reciprocate back to him;

Behind him are the Elohim Masters Purity and Astrea,

Along with the Archangels Gabriel and Hope.

I am learning the gift of Unconditional Self Love and Self Worth,

I can see why I have been guided to arrive at this magnificent city of light,

The essence of Hope and Faith are everywhere I walk;

The trees are crystalline light formations sparkling through the sun,

The land is rich with many colors of flowers, and plant life;

I see animals enjoying the land also,

It just feels so warm and inviting.

Lord Adama walks with me as we are guided through a pathway of light,

We now see a most magnificent sacred space,

It is a place where many meetings occur from all walks of life;

It is a circular area with steps that are built from rock,

They are covered with grass and beautiful essences of the land,

We walk down the steps to the center,

Where there is a flame of the Crystalline Light in the middle,

I feel the exquisite essence of great moments in history will be made here.

There are many souls here today,

As it is a very important moment of connection,

I see many Christed Galactics, with Agarthians sitting in the stands around the circle,

I am honored to be here with so many individuals,

That represent the higher realms of light,

Lord Esteela and Lady Esteelo take their place in the middle,

As they ignite the Crystalline Flame to all of us sitting here;

I feel a sense of joy within me,

My heart is bursting with excitement as I breathe the essence of the Crystalline Flame;

I feel it moving through all my chakras,

But especially my Root Chakra.

I can feel the fears I have held within me are being dissipated,

They are opening up for me to see them,

My heart is beating strongly as I realize I just needed to walk through this doorway,

To allow the expansion of my Divine Love to show me the way.

Then the Elohim Purity and Astrea bring forth their Divine Blue Flame of Light,

It burst through the crystalline and spins a powerful force through all of us sitting here,

I feel it moving the elements within me that I struggle with consistently,

There is a sense of deep transformation occurring within me.

Then, Archangels Gabriel and Hope stand in the circle,

I see Gabriel igniting his power of the Light of God,

Tears are flowing,

Souls are starting to open up their essences to these divine beings of light.

I then realize I have hope,

That I can start to feel good about who I am,

The experiences that I have had are only lessons,

I don’t need to be so hard on myself.

I feel the change within me,

As I breathe deeper I am allowing my Higher Consciousness,

Of my Solar Angel, Gate Keeper, Higher Self, and I Am Presence,

To bring to me the Unconditional Self Love,

It permeates through me and around me.

I am now ready for the next step of my journey,

With the Elohim and Archangels of the Crystalline Ray.

I Am that I Am that I Am.

The last visit was to the Golden Etheric City of Fronlahamm guided by Lady Portia.


LADY MASTER PORTIAAscended Master Lady Portia is now the Chohan of the Seventh Ray.  She is considered the Goddess of Opportunity and Justice and is the Twin Ray of Lord Saint Germain.  Her role within the 7th Ray has always been to help initiate the qualities of tenderness, love, and acceptance especially when an initiate would utilize the Violet Flame of Transmutation.  She is the one to call upon to ignite this essence but also to fill up the space that the debris can leave within an individual’s soul body of light. Lady Portia is also a member on the Karmic Board when it acts on the petitions of students in June and December of every year (Royal Teton Retreat).

Decree ~ Becoming My Own Personal Alchemist with Lady Portia

As I am learning to incorporate the essence of Unconditional Self Love with me,

I am guided to travel to the Golden Etheric City of Fronlahamm,

With Lady Portia as my guide.

This city is located over Atlanta Georgia, North and South Carolina,

In North America,

It is filled with the most glorious light frequencies representing,

The Purple-Violet Flame;

I see it in the trees, in the flowers, and there is a mist of this light everywhere.

I am met by Lady Portia,

She extends to me both of her hands into mine,

Immediately I feel a warmth of her light,

Surrounding me as I fully relax.

We walk down a pathway that is made of Amethyst Stones,

I can feel their energy coming up into the souls of my feet,

She explains to me that the Amethyst energies will assist in,

Bringing forth more of the Purple essence within me.

We walk into this magnificent Garden that she calls,

The Garden of Contemplation;

A place where initiates reflect within themselves,

How they are able to assimilate the definitive changes,

Of their Soul’s Essence becoming more of a predominant energy.

We sit among the flowers,

There is a beautiful stream and fountain in the middle of the garden,

With outlining areas filled with Purple flowers like,

Violets, Lilacs, Purple Sage, Tulips, Hydrangeas, Irises,

And so many others.

Just the smell of the many types of flowers,

Brings me into a space of complete contentment and bliss.

Lady Portia has a sense of great power within her,

Coupled with a strength of divine compassion;

Her essence is helping me to truly become more aligned,

With the Golden City of Fronlahamm.

She tells me it is very important to take moments such as this,

To reflect on what has occurred within the past moments;

She relates that she likes to do this on a daily or weekly basis,

So that the memories of what you experienced are not lost,

In the present consciousness.

Lady Portia continues, “It is important to realize what you have thought about,

Felt and how it correlates to your present consciousness;

As each moment is crucial to allow the Divine Self to become more,

Of what you desire to be.”

I realize there are moments in my life that I have forgotten about,

She also tells me this is very important,

Because if they are not in alignment with my true Self,

Then they will come back to me to create more lessons for my Soul.

With her encouragement I am starting to experience what True Alchemy means,

It is about being precise of the course of One’s actions,

Along with the thoughts and feelings,

As an Initiate I constantly need to address these elements within myself,

I am a Creator of my Walk upon the Earth,

I realize I must do more for myself to make it pleasurable and enriching,

To my Soul, to my Physical Self, and the Initiate I am striving to be.

We arise from the Garden,

I realize that automatically I have been contemplating,

On how to correct the errors of my ways,

And fully accept the special moments of realization within my journey.

We now continue to the Temple of Freedom and Justice for All,

All of the Beings from the 7th Flame are awaiting our arrival,

Elohim Arcturus and Victoria with the Archangels Zadkiel and Amethyst,

Are standing at the entranceway of the temple;

I feel the divine essence of the Elders Lord Teesian and Lady Teesio,

As I walk into this magnificent Temple of Lady Portia.

I am ready and willing in this moment,

To step into the process of becoming my Personal Alchemist.

I Am that I Am that I Am


©Rev. Christine Mahlariessee Hayden, Integrative Channel 10th, 17th, and 31st , 2018; New Earth Consciousness~Circle of Light. 

The New Earth Consciousness-Circle of Light is a weekly class in which we journey to one of the 22 Etheric Cities.  Included is a teaching from Lord Adama and a special Ascended Being that represents the city. Walking Terra Christa provides many options to participate in their weekly teachings with an affordable rate for all individuals.  You can become an Academy Student or participate in our Partner/Membership Program while experiencing the teachings on your own time via the recordings. You can also purchase any of the MP3 downloads separately for the the classes to receive the highest vibrational energies available (upon your payment please make a note about the date of the class you are requesting to receive).

ASCEND EARTH ~ CREATE HEALING LIGHT FOR GAIA – Join Walking Terra Christa in this special project to help bring more healing light to the planet and humanity by creating Ascension Columns around the Earth with the assistance of the Unified Whole Galactic and Agartha Alliance. To learn more please use the link.

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