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Becoming Your Visual Mantra ~ The Golden Etheric City of Shashwam

Walking Terra Christa presented a journey for the Ascension Mastery Teachings into the Golden Etheric City of Shashwam with Master Paul the Venetian, the Ray Chohan for the Crystalline Flame. The focus for this class was Spiritual Self Perseverance within the Root Chakra.

The City of Shashwam is located in the Fifth Dimensional Earth over the States of Nebraska, Kansas, Colorado, and Oklahoma. This city represents Balance, Harmony, and Peace for Mother Earth and Humanity.


We will now travel to the Golden Etheric City of Shashwam. I, as Lord Adama, escort each of you into this city to bring forth the most glorious Light energies of the Crystalline Flame. Open up your hearts once again with your breath. Allow that expansion to move through you.

If you can imagine, as you are doing that within the breath, that with your concentration you move up into your Soul Star and allow that Divine energy to assist you to get into a higher state of awareness.

As we gather together, creating our group Merkabah of the most Crystalline Spaceship, we now travel from the planetary level into the 5th dimensional energies. We are going to travel to the middle of the United States of America near the states of Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Nebraska in North America.

As we move into that 5th dimensional energy, you can feel the expansion of the Light energy through the Vortex of the Crystalline Flame. Our vehicle twists and turns within this flame as we move into a higher state of existence. Now we arrive in the center of the Golden Etheric City of Shashwam. The city goes for many miles. There are areas of high mountains, lower mountains, there are valleys, there are hillsides, and flat areas.

We are visiting the city within a valley. There are mountains all around us. Feel the exquisite beauty of these mountains and their majestic qualities. There are many lakes and streams in different areas, and they run into each other. Within this area, we step into a massive garden which is the Garden of Resurrection. There are beautiful birds singing and flowers everywhere. There is a soft breeze blowing ever so slightly. There is a calmness of exquisite joy with all that is living in this space.

We are met by Master Paul the Venetian and the Elders Lord Esteela and Lady Esteelo. I, as Lord Adama, now join each of you on this fabulous journey.


Greetings and Namaste’ My Dearest Friends. I am Master Paul the Venetian Ray Chohan for the Crystalline Flame. I bring within my essence the Divine Love. I bring the Strength and the Courage to move through any adversity. And I am here for you in these moments as I am your Guide, I am your Teacher, I am your Mentor, and I am your Friend.

Take a moment to feel the exquisite beauty that is within this valley. There are beautiful scents of Lavender, Lily of the Valley. There are Roses, Tulips, Hydrangeas with all different colors of light not just pure White Light. In addition there is a mist of the Crystalline Flame flowing through the air. You can feel it all around you as it centers upon your own Beingness. Allow it to come into you through your breath.

Lord Esteela and Lady Esteelo the Elders of the Crystalline Flame now stand on each side of you and they hold the beautiful Crystalline Robe that sparkles. It is a Light Robe and they put it around your shoulders, and it adheres to your Auric field and as it becomes close to your physical body to the point where you feel sparkles of energies going down your spinal column and through each of your chakras. The vibratory energy of the Crystalline Flame will assist you to become more attuned to the essence of Harmonization, to the essence of Calmness, bringing forth a sense of Purity within your Heart.

We now walk through the garden. I want you to imagine within your Mind’s Eye what it is that you want to receive?


What is it within your Root structure that is holding you back from allowing that Root to become more vibratory of the higher levels of the Rays? As you feel this energy coming up into your Root from the ground below, through the soles of your feet, through your lower limbs, from the knees to the hips, allow this frequency of Light to spin your Root chakra.

At first, it may seem uncomfortable because is it not always true that when you have to adhere to something of a higher level of frequency, that it can cause the lower level to come up? So, you may have the opposite feelings of your Visual Mantra.

You may have worries, you may have fear, you may have anger, or you may have sadness; you may have any of those lower elements that you have been dealing with. There may be jealousies or envies that you have had in past timelines that all of a sudden will appear. Allow this Crystalline Flame to assist you on a deeper level.

As we walk through the massive garden, feel that energy of purging going through you. It is very gentle and the greenery that is here is very helpful. Originally this flame was more of a Green than a higher frequency of color, but with the Higher Realms of Light coming into the planet, it has now become more Crystalline. So, if you need some more grounding imagine that Green essence coming in with the Crystalline.

Now we walk towards the Fountain of Hope. This is a monument that is within the Garden of Resurrection. It is absolutely magnificent. The circumference goes around the center of the garden which is very large and extends for hundreds of yards around the entire area.

There is a beautiful crystal in the middle of the fountain. This crystal spins with the vibration of the Crystalline Flame and it emits rainbow sparks of Light to go outward through the entire garden. You may be feeling some pointed frequencies of Light almost like fireworks, but more subdued. Feel this Divine energy coming within you and around you presently.

[Divine Language Network Light Encoding]

Circling Light Emanations, feeling it coming closer and closer as we walk towards the seating area. There are crystal seats around the monument where we will find our place. I want each of you to sit upon this Crystalline seat and feel the Divine energies running from the soles of your feet upwards into your lower limbs, into your Root chakra. It will automatically spin that Root chakra from the bottom, the right, the top, and the left. Feel that spinning, breathing into that energy opening up the Root chakra wider than it has been previously.

We want the Crystalline to blend with the Red within the Root. 

Now we are going to bring forth the Divine Language Network Light Encoding for the chant for the Root chakra. Just sit back and receive these energies. The major portion of allowing the Crystalline Flame to assist you, is to sit back and enjoy. Breathe it in. Be the vibratory receiver. Allow this Light energy to assist you.

[Divine Language Network Light Encoding]


Breathe deeply. Feel the vibration running into your Root chakra opening that energy of the attributes you desire to be. Feel that Divine energy and really attune yourself to become it. This is where your Visual Mantra comes in to visualize that you become this pure essence.

The Crystalline Light moves upward through your Central Canal into your Sacral area and the Solar Plexus opening up your sense of vulnerability to feel these Divine energies to go into a deeper place than you have previously and moving up into the Heart. The Heart is vibrating with the Crystalline Light. The Crystalline Light reflects all the flames, so it allows them to exist at a higher vibratory rate. It moves up through your Thymus and into your Throat and it moves upwards into your Third Eye and your Crown area.

You now become the most powerful being of Crystalline Light. Acknowledge this energy of what you are receiving because this is the mantra that I want you to embrace within yourself.

Say to yourself the intended emotion that you are now becoming through this essence. Say to yourself, “I Am” and then state the attribute. “I Am” and then state it again. “I Am” and then state it again. Allow that consciousness of Light to go deeper into all that you are experiencing so that it EXPANDS within you, that there is nothing else that you can think about. There is nothing else that you can feel. It is a vibratory energy.

As we sit in front of this beautiful Fountain of Hope, this IS your Hope. This IS the existence of bringing forth the Purity of Light to allowing your bodily system to receive the Light vibrations through all of your existences, through your mental, your emotional, your etheric into your physical. Become it and allow it to be held within your breath.

[Divine Language Network Light Encoding]

Breathing deeply. It is now time for each of you to arise. Stand up from your Crystalline seat. Feel the vibration coming all the way up your entire system from your Root to your Crown to your Soul Star to your Earth Star. Allow these vibrations to continue.


Hope is the ability to know that you can get through any adversity that you are dealing with. Having the hope that there is a Tunnel of Light on the other side. So, extend this Light unto yourself. It helps to remove that lower vibration that you have been holding onto. Breathe into this and allow that lower vibration to dissipate even further. You now become the Mantra. You walk with the Mantra.

As we leave the monument, we will now walk through the forest of the Birch Trees. This is the Forest of Internal Cleansing.

Why is it that way?  Because Birch Trees ‘stand tall’, they are strong, they are solid, but they strip their bodily essences like paper. The outside of their existence does not stay still. It is continually in movement.

So, as we now step through the forest which is completely around the circumference of entire garden on the outside, and we walk through the forest. We look above and we see how tall the trees are. They are absolutely amazing. There is a sense of Purification. Feel this purification as now you are outside of YOUR Auric field. Imagine your Auric field is your complete bodily system, and that energy is just being pulled apart because it no longer exists in what you have created for yourself.

As we walk through the forest, feel the Strength and the Courage that the Birch Trees give unto each of us. Take a moment and step by one of the trees. Get a sense of their power. Get a sense of their essence. They are waiting to assist.

[Divine Language Network Light Encoding]

We now step away. Thank the tree that you have chosen for helping you. They are an eternal tree that is constantly restructuring themselves. So, take the advice of this tree, and continually restructure whom you are without being afraid of the outcome.

As we continue through the forest, the trees are lining up in a column opening a pathway. We walk onto this area up a hillside and we see there is a beautiful Crystalline Temple. This is the Temple of Symmetry representing Harmony and Rhythm. The structure of this temple is massive. The Columns of Light represent mirror images for each of us, to walk into the temple and feel the existence of these energies and showing to the physical eye what the eternal eye sees.

As we walk into the temple, we feel like we are in a hall of mirrors and it is just the Columns of Light. It is the vibratory rate of the Crystalline energies. There is a beautiful altar in the middle as we all find a place to sit on the outside of the altar but inside the temple. We are met by the Elohim Masters Purity and Astrea with the Archangels Gabriel and Hope. Feel their Divine energies. We invite all that desire to feel the balance of what they are becoming to be here with us in this moment.

I, as Master Paul the Venetian, want to say that the most important part through the Resurrection and the Transformation is to allow yourself to feel the Divine Love that is being thrown within you. This is your pure essence.

When you have the Divinity of Love flowing within you, you can achieve. You may feel like you are falling back at times, but that is your ego personality. You must remind yourself of these elements.

Remind yourself of the mantra that you have become. Feel this mantra as each of us stands in a circle around the altar feeling the Crystalline Flame coming down from the Higher Realms above. The Elders continually bring forth this Divine energy to bring forth a sense of continual life force. Let this life force come within your Heart. Let it expand through all your chakras. As your Root chakra is now vibrating at a higher level than it was before, feel this vibration within you.

[Divine Language Network Light Encoding]

Take a deep breath. Now feel the grounding through your feet. Allow yourself to go deeper. Feel those roots from the soles of your feet going down into the core of the planet. Feeling it go down further and further and further so now you feel the strength. You feel the courage of what has transpired with you. Bring that unto yourself now. HOLD IT DEEPLY and realize within yourself that you have just created your Visual Mantra to become you.

Hallelujah! Hold your heart! Be present of the Self Love coming through from the Soul essence embracing you through this challenge of opening up your Root chakra.

I, as Master Paul the Venetian, am deeply honored to be here in these moments to bring forth this pure essence unto each of you. I walk with you in Balance and Symmetry.

It is now time for us to leave the temple. As we walk down the steps onto the hillside, we step away from the temple to the side and we see there is a glorious river below. Look at the movement of that water. This is what each of you has achieved. I look forward to the continued relationship with each of you.

I am Master Paul the Venetian.


I am Lord Adama. Let us gather together and create this beautiful Light vehicle. I want to thank Master Paul the Venetian for this glorious visit to the Crystalline City. It is very exciting.

As we gather together, I feel each of you in your MANTRAS. The change is miraculous. As now we move through the Vortex of the Crystalline Light, we leave the Golden Etheric City of Shashwam moving unto the 5th dimensional Inner Earth energies and then into planetary existence.

It is now time for our group Merkabah to separate as each of you moves into your own Light Bodies into your own physical locality.

I, as Lord Adama, am deeply honored to walk with you, to be with you, and to mentor each of you through this process.

Alunnah ~ Alunnah ~ Alunnah!

Rev. Christine Mahlariessee, Integrative Channel 21st, 2021; New Earth Consciousness-Circle of Light.
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