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Decrees ~ Golden Etheric City of Malancheniah – Initiating Hope & Faith


Walking Terra Christa continued the journey of Step 2: Found Hope in the belief that recovery is possible through Faith and Acceptance of the fact that we are never really alone by working within the Golden Etheric City of Malancheiah while being assisted by Lord Metatron to help Ground the Solar Angel.

The Golden Etheric City of Malancheiah is represented by the 2nd Ray of Love and Wisdom igniting the Golden Yellow Flame. The Masters that work within this ray are Master Djwhal Khul with Master Joshua Stone (in training), Elohim Masters Apollo and Lumina along with Archangels Jophiel and Christine. The Elders that Surround the Throne of Grace are Elders Lord Ralya and Lady Ralyio who ignited the flame throughout the city. It is also overlighted by the Office of the Christ, Lord Maitreya, Lord Kuthumi, and Lord Buddha (Planetary Logos).

The Ray of Love and Wisdom helps an Initiate to expand what the mind cannot understand. In other words the Christ Consciousness assists in bringing a radiance of light within the physical self by activating the Higher Mind through insight and intuition. It brings forth Illumination into the Physical Mind to see what it could not see before.

The City of Malancheiah helps to create Love to be acquired in all situations.


Allowing My Inner Truth to be Blessed with Love ~ Decree

As I continue my journey with Initiating Hope and Faith,

I am guided to travel to the Golden Etheric City of Malancheiah,

Which resides over Indiana and Illinois.

This city represents the Christ Consciousness in all its glory.

As I arrive I am met by Lord Kuthumi with Lord Maitreya,

They represent the Office of the Christ.

We walk together,

I feel the essence that the Elders, Lord Ralya & Lady Ralyio represent,

It is the Golden Yellow Flame being expressed through the land;

I feel it everywhere I walk,

As it is almost a mist of light encasing my Crown Chakra,

And then travels down my entire central canal as all chakras become aligned,

With the Christ Consciousness.

I start to feel lighter, with a sense of clarity within my Lower Mind,

Lord Kuthumi shares that this is what is called Radiance of the Self.

As we walk together, I feel the essence of Lord Maitreya,

He speaks few words, but I feel is ability to understand what I am experiencing.

There are hillsides of shrubbery with low laying plants,

Everything glistens with the Golden Yellow essence of Light.

I see the structure of the pyramids with the largest structure,

Called The Ashram of the Christ.

It represents all 144 dimensions of Oneness,

I see panels of light on the outside.

The magnificence of this temple is beyond what I can share,

I feel the beauty and magnificence of what it feels like to stand in the presence of this light.

As we walk together we are met by Masters Djwhal Khul and Joshua Stone,

They embrace me with open arms;

I feel their Love so deeply within me,

It brings forth an essence of my own acceptance of who I Am.

The presence of Lord Buddha is very strong,

The temple is very large,

The base of altar is also in the shape of a pyramid,

The igniting flame flows upwards and then down the walls of the inside of the pyramid.

I stand and just breathe deeply as I take in the energies,

Through my eyes and my breath,

I become One within myself.

I realize that I am starting to feel the Divine Essence of Love,

That each of these masters show to me,

I stand in front of the altar,

And fully extend my intentions of allow my Inner Truth,

To be filled with the Love that is expanding within the temple in this moment.

As I become One with all that I am experiencing,

I am realizing that I can trust who I am become,

What I am feeling,

And what thoughts come from those feelings.

I am excited to expand my physical self into the Divine Self I Am,

A journey I have not taken before,

As I feel my Solar Angel showing me the way,

I have faith that I am in the right place, at the right time.

I AM that I AM that I AM.



Learning the Power of Concentration into Affirming My Desires ~ Decree

As I continue my journey in the Golden Etheric City of Malancheiah,

I desire to understand how to fully accept what I have learned previously;

This means I am ready to work with the Elohim Apollo and Lumina,

Representing this city and the 2nd Ray of Love and Wisdom.

I arrive into the magnificent city,

I see the pyramids all around me,

Many temples of healing;

As I am met by Apollo and Lumina,

They share with me their excitement to work with me.

As I enter the city,

I feel the amazing qualities of the Golden Yellow hues of light,

It helps me to feel the beauty of Love within all parts of my Being.

I feel my consciousness to now take a different direction,

I have learned from my previous journeys of how to full allow myself to trust each moment I am experiencing;

Apollo shares that in order to bring the attention of what I desire within myself,

I must allow my physical mind to walk through an open doorway;

This will bring me into a state of surrender,

As the other elements within me that I think I need to be worried about,

Are truly stepping into a new world of understanding.

We walk through this magnificent garden,

Many lights all around me, with beautiful flowers growing everywhere,

I can feel the elementals dancing with joy;

With each step,

I feel my Solar Angel,

As I become more of my Higher Self than I thought I could be.

We come into an area where the pathway becomes an escalator,

It takes us further down into a valley;

It is a magnificent environment.

Animals are grazing everywhere as they enjoy the essence of this Love,

Angels are dancing, with elementals flying from the tree tops, to the flowers.

I feel my heart changing.

As we walk into the garden of Love,

Apollo and Lumina tell me it is time to fully step through the new doorway of my mind:

“As you are being blessed with the Golden Yellow Flame,

Your Higher Mind now becomes your Lower Mind,

Bring your attention and focus to affirming within yourself your divine right to feel this way,

Hold it in your heart, become the energy that you are experiencing,

Feel the unconditional l love you are,

As you fully trust all you are thinking in this moment,

Your spiritual intuition is now becoming stronger,

As you feel it is your Divine Right to Be One within your Higher Mind.

You have achieved Illumination.”

I realize this is just the beginning of my journey,

I embrace this moment as it truly is what I desire to feel.

I am Love in all ways of my creation.

I AM that I AM that I AM.

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5th Dimension, Golden Cities of Light

Updates on the Golden Etheric Cities


We have been working within all of the Golden Etheric Cities since 2011.  In the past year we have been overloaded with classes and sessions that it is sometimes difficult to post the information.  Lord Adama, High Priest of Telos, is our guide for these cities is urging us to continue posting the transcriptions as they become available.

The order of the transcriptions will no longer be by chronological order.  We are presently re-visiting many of the cities but some of the latter ones were not posted on this site.  So you will see the transcripts as they become available to post and in not the usual order of the dates we traveled to the cities.

Presently, there are more vibrational attunements that are provided through Meleriessee within the journeys. We do suggest that you consider ordering some of the meditations for you to listen although there is a vibrational energy that is provided within the text of the material.

We thank you for your loving support of this work as we feel it is very important.  These cities represent the “capital” cities for the New Earth.  They represent the ability to walk through the Rays of God with each of the magnificent beings that are part of the rays and within the cities to help individuals heal deeply.  When the New Earth is fully available, there will be a need for individuals to work within the city(s) to help others in their transition upon the 5th dimensional world.  There will be other smaller cities called “crystalline” that will inhabit the New Earth also but these cities are represented by the Brotherhood of White Light that is overlighting the transition from the Old Earth into the New.

Please let us know about the journeys of these cities and how you feel when reading the material.  We are all changing together to create Terra Christa.

PLEASE NOTE:  In the earlier transcriptions it was stated that recordings were available on our site.  That is no longer available except by ordering the meditations either separately or by joining our Membership Program which has all the recordings in our list for you to enjoy.  You may learn more about the program on our website, Walking Terra Christa, Membership Program.

In Expressions of Oneness,

Rev. Christine Meleriessee and Rev. Michael Ara Hayden

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