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As we continue our journey of the New Earth Cities, we once again travel to the Golden Etheric City of Saceleaus working within Step 5 of Intimacy.  We share the Decrees from our visits guided by the Elohim Heros and Amora with Archangels Chamuel and Charity for our Ascension Mastery Training.

Week 3 – Elohim Heros & Amora ~
Learning To Create Divine Love
Through Action of the Heart

Our third visit was hosted by the Elohim Masters Heros and Amora who represent Divine Love. The Elohim understand what we as Initiates are experiencing as they also walked this earth in the very beginning of time. Their compassion is exalted through the energies they assist every Initiate on their pathway of light.

Heros and Amora guided us into the Forest of Inspiration with teachings and acceleration to see within ourselves the ability to be inspired to walk the pathway of Divine Love each and every moment. We then visited the Temple of Divine Love in the forest with its crystalline and rose quartz elements eliciting the beautiful element of love.

The City of Saceleaus represents the 3rd Ray of Creative and Active Intelligence with the Pink Flame centering upon the Heart Chakra. This means that the Higher Mind is the Intelligence of Divine Love to be manifested within our consciousness.

The Elohim assisted us to allow the element of concentration to be the ability to look deeply within your Etheric Self to remove the elements that are stopping you from having Divine Love which includes Compassion, Tolerance and Devotion to hold this energy. They helped each student to reflect upon the reflection of what stops us from holding these essences of LOVE, INTIMACY, SHARING, TRUSTING YOUR HEART. The concentration was to allow them to come up into the Forest of Inspiration so that each person can become the essence of Divine Love within the Temple.


As I continue my journey within the Golden Etheric City of Saceleaus,

I am learning that the process of allowing the Divinity of Love is essential for my healing.

In this moment I am calling upon the Elohim Heros and Amora,

To share with me their essence of Divine Love.

As I arrive within the Golden City,

I am enamored with the Pink Essence being exhibited through the landscape,

I arrived at the Gateway and am escorted by some very special souls,

Who are working within the City of Saceleaus;

They are wearing pink robes as they hand to me a beautiful flower,

I hold it to my heart,

And then I am met by the Elohim Masters of Heros and Amora.

They smile deeply and embrace me,

I feel this essence of Divine Grace running through me.

Greetings, my Dearest Initiate,

Here is a pink robe for you to wear while you are here in the city.

I put on the robe and I feel my heart center flowing with such beauty;

I thank the Elohim Masters as we continue our journey.

We walk to the pathway on our right,

I see below the Temple of the Sacred Heart,

We walk further down an embankment,

There are beautiful flowers everywhere;

We now step into a magnificent Forest of Light,

Master Heros tells me it represents Inspiration,

The trees are glistening with the Pink Flame,

I see what he means as I feel a sense of what I am about to experience,

Is allowing me to see that it is all possible.

We walk through the forest together,

I feel the beautiful essence of Amora,

She is giving me such deep compassion that I am starting to allow the tears to fall.

We, then, leave the forest walking towards a beautiful Labyrinth,

The walls are so high filled with trees flowering with pink buds,

This is the Labryinth of Clear Mindedness allowing my Higher Self to show me how to heal.

As we step into the Labyrinth,

I feel the pain of what I have been holding,

But then Elohim Masters Heros and Amora,

Explain to me that now is the time I must persevere,

While allowing the Pink Flame to help me change.

We walk around the maze,

I see I have allowed the lower element within me to control my Mind and Heart;

As we continue further,

I now am feeling the pain being broken apart,

It is leaving me as we reach the center of the Labyrinth of Clear Mindedness.

“Take a breath, my child,” Heros shares,

This is the Divine Essence of the Heart Flame,

Igniting the Power of Compassion within you.

I start to feel a shift occurring in my Heart Center,

I know what the old energy represented,

But yet I can see the Pink Essence helping me to bring forth,

The Divine Love of my Higher Self.

We turn around, I see a new pathway opening in front of me,

Where did that come from I ask?

Heros shares that I did not see it before because I was not clear within my higher mind,

That is all changed now.

We walk down the corridor with flowers dropping their petals all around me,

We exit out of the Labryinth,

And in front of me is the most exquisite crystalline temple I have ever seen.

Master Heros says, now it is finally time for you to receive the Divine Love that you are.

I feel the excitement of learning how to allow the lower element leave me,

As now I enter the Temple of Divine Love with the Elohim Masters Heros and Amoros,

As they help me remember who I truly am;

I now embrace the Art of Intimacy as I have allowed by past elements to be healed with the Divine Love that I Am.

I AM that I Am that I AM

Week 4 ~ Archangels Chamuel & Charity
Learning To Be Vulnerable Allows for Sharing of the Heart

Our last visit for this program of Intimacy for Step 5 of Learning to Self Parent took each person into a deeper level of themselves as we traveled into the Archangel’s Temple of Adoration.

Each person was asked to try to think about what stops them from sharing from their heart. Is it Fear, the feeling that you may be rejected, Judgments from others, lack of Confidence, needing Approval or Validation, afraid you may be hurt, having Powerlessness, or being overly Sensitive.

Chamuel ignites the Flame of Adoration which is an actual treatment of feelings, as well as the mind, which ignites a therapy to the physical body.  This will then assist in feeling FREEDOM by having gratitude for the challenge and continually be in the prayer of thanksgiving for all that you have endured.  As gratitude ignites the power of love an initiate sees the manifestation to occur within their lives.  We move through the hurt or feelings of despair by embodying the Flame of Adoration.

Archangel Charity embodies the quality of forgiving love.  Her flame, can consume the wrong and hard feelings by allowing the essence forgiving love to consume the wrong and hard feelings.  This is necessary as real forgiveness is a FEELING, not an intellectual element. She is the expression of inner love, of gratitude and thanksgiving and the embodiment of Love.

These amazing qualities were expressed through the teaching to help each person to fully feel their love, and in turn, able to feel their own Divine Love to be expressed within themselves. We traveled through the Meadow of The Heart as we met our Solar Angel. This is the part of ourselves that needs to be acknowledged in order to fully accept Divine Love. We went to the Pool of Reflection and then traveled to the Temple of Adoration to receive a Divine Blessings from Archangels Chamuel and Charity igniting the Pink Flame within our Heart Center.


As I have been working within the Golden Etheric City of Saceleaus,

I continue my journey one more time;

As I am met by the Archangels Chamuel and Charity,

Who represent Divine Love and Adoration.

I arrive into the Meadow of the Heart,

I embrace Archangels Chamuel and Charity,

I feel their deep love and gratitude for us being together;

They put a beautiful ceremonial scarf around my neck,

It is Pink and embossed with Golden Trim,

The material is Satin and very glossy,

It comes down over my shoulders and crosses at my heart,

It hooks at my heart with each side touching the other,

At it extends down my left and right sides,

In the middle is a beautiful Rose Heart with green leaves running down the sides.

It feels so good to put this on,

I am deeply connected to the Archangels in this moment.

We walk through the Meadow of the Heart,

I am enamored by the beautiful essences of Pink,

Which is in the flowers, the land, the bushes, and the trees,

Archangels Chamuel and Charity beckon me to sit by this body of water,

They call it the Pool of Reflection;,

It is bright pink with many crystals sitting around the edge.

I start to feel as if my Heart is totally opening up to this experience.

I then see the Elders Seela & Seeleo walking around infusing the Pink Light everywhere.

Across from us sits Master Paul the Venetian with the Elohim Heros and Amora;

I feel as if it is a wonderful celebration.

Archangel Chamuel shares that he and everyone here is in deep gratitude for my journey,

That I have been able to continue through the many elements to find peace in my heart.

I am totally honored by this moment.

Then to my surprise, Archangel Charity escorts my Solar Angel to me.

We sit together and I tell them exactly the issue I need to address.

I want to be able to speak in love and honesty,

But sometimes I just close up,

And then I am sorry that I have done so.

I feel this part of my essence starts to blend within me,

I arise and walk towards the Pool of Reflection,

I look at the water and see my own self,

I notice it is not totally the way I want to look.

Archangel Chamuel with Charity then ask me to come with them,

They share that the Temple of Adoration will help me to embrace the Love that I Am,

My Solar Angel walks with me as I have communicated exactly what I desire to achieve;

We walk through a pathway filled with beautiful flowering bushes.

We then arrive at the Temple of Adoration,

Both Chamuel and Charity take my hands as we walk into this Earthly Temple of Light,

The Pink Flame is very powerful as it is emitted in the center of the room.

I feel the vibration of love, of admiration, and nurturing of myself.

I realize this is how I need to embrace who I desire to become.

I am ready for this journey,

To embody the Pink Flame,

So I can share my heart with others,

But most of all to embrace who I have become.

I AM that I AM that I AM

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5th Dimension, Golden Cities of New Earth

The Temple of Adoration and Love with Archangels Chamuel and Charity

pink cityThe City of Saceleas in the Temple of Adoration with Archangels Chamuel and Charity was visited in July 2013.  As always, Lord Adama, High Priest of Telos is our guide into and out of the city.  The power of these energies is beyond anything that we can measure in our physical minds and hearts.  Be open to your higher essence as you read the words which create a vibrational exchange within you.


It is I Lord Adama, from the Telosian Council of Light as your guide to the City of Saceleas.

So let’s get started.  Breathe deeply with all those colors that Meleriessee brought through.  Let’s spin your Earth Star and your Soul Star simultaneously with the inner workings of your chakras.  Allow those energies to spin in that manner.  Colors upon colors, think of all those colors of the Blue, the White, Purple, Golden Yellow, Pink Orange, Pearlescent, Seafoam Green, all those colors merging within each other; feeling the Essence of your HeartCenter with your Thymus and your Solar Plexus activating fully within you.  The energy on the outside of your body is now going to spin in a counter-clockwise manner igniting also within the Soul Star and Earth Star.  We are just going to intend to travel outside of our body feeling the igniting energy occurring as you move outside of your body feeling yourself moving towards North America, Central Ontario, into the Etheric level of this beautiful Golden City of Saceleas.  As we move towards that, you feel the Pink Flame igniting within you as it is illuminating and just magnetizing all of us towards the center of this City.

Breathe in deeply.  As we come into the atmosphere of this City, we are going to come in a different area than we have previously.  As you may recall, there are several Temples that represent this City that will assist individuals in different stages of their growth.  As we enter into this beautiful forest, you will find yourself walking through this enchanted forest.  Now this is a very magical forest.  Tonight it is going to be quite different.  I am going to open up the energies to Lord and Lady of the Elders, Seelea and Seeleo and I will take a back seat; I will be with you at the end.

Welcome!  Welcome!  We are Lord Seelea and Lady Seeleo with the Pink Flame.  We want you to look at yourself.  You have a beautiful Pink outfit on and beautiful Pink Essences.  The gentlemen have on a magnificent jacket that is filled with the Pink Ray but have other inflection of colors of silver, and white, and gold and feeling that.  The ladies have on the most beautiful dress that is flowing and exquisite. 

What it is that you are experiencing? 

Feel the fluidness of your energies as you are flowing in this beautiful forest.  It is very magical.  This forest has many things that you may like.  There are unicorns and beautiful Essences within the forest, different animals, and you can hear the chirping of the birds as we are walking through the forest.  You can just allow yourself to go anywhere in this forest that you would like.  If you want to circle around some beautiful trees; and look at the flowers, there are such beautiful flowers; and to the side there is a beautiful pool of water, a Crystalline pool of water.  Let us step over to the Crystalline pool of water and allow ourselves to see our reflection. 

Look!  Look!  Look at who you are at this moment. 

This is going to be quite different than we’ve ever experienced before.  Allow yourself to really embrace this reflection of the Pink Flame That You Are, the Being of Light, and the Essence That You Are.  In fact, we want you to really feel your Angelic Self. 

Chamuel and Charity want everyone to tap into the Angel That You Are and allow these frequencies to come fully within you.  It is a time for you to really experience joy and sometimes we have to go onto these journeys to accept that we have that joy within ourselves.  So as we circle around this beautiful pool of water and see all the crystals and the beautiful Essence, you pick up a crystal for yourself and you put it in your heart.  This is our gift to you.

We, of the Elders, are so very excited to be able to be expressed in this Essence and as we look at the pool of water, it is completely deep Pink.  Each of you is going to step into the pool of water.  Feel the Crystalline fresh Essence of the spring waters going through your feet and igniting all the way through your physical body.  Feel yourself igniting in a different way that you ever had before.  The Pink Flame just comes all the way through your Being.  Feel the Love, deep compassion for your growth process that you are experiencing.  As you step through the pool of water and out the other side, you see that you have ignited parts of yourself that you no longer need in an Essence within this pool of water.  As we now walk to the other side of the pool of water, we see Chamuel and Charity in the near distance walking towards us.

We, of the Elders, just want to say to each of you to fully experience your own Essences through the process of the transformation; understanding how to transmute what you are going through and bringing forth into a completely different Essence because you are becoming new through each day.  You are becoming new and evolved from your Highest Essence and it doesn’t stop at the Higher Self; it goes into the higher frequency, because as you are going to be removing those particles of darkness that have been with you from other lifetimes that you think you need to grow through, but in essence all you do is attract the wrong thing.  So it is important for you to remember that this Pink Flame that we ignite to you at this time is to allow you to experience the Divine Essence of Love within you and it is your Love of Yourself.  Let us breathe into that now as Chamuel and Charity are now your guides.

It is our pleasure to be with you on this journey.  Oh!  The Divine Light of Creation from the Lord and Lady Seelea and Seeleo is a wonderful thing to experience, is it not?

It is I, Chamuel.

I am so very excited to have you here within our beautiful City.  Both of us are very excited to have you experience this Essence. 

Please follow us as we walk down this stone pathway.  You have been ignited and purified by the Pink Flame in a completely different way.  We are taking you to the Temple that will represent individuals in their transformation.  Now this is a place that many individuals can come and go as they please, because it is a place where they have already done some of the basic work of allowing the accelerations to be within them, and then they come into this Temple to really ignite and accept the Love of their Self to fully come into their Being. 

Now as we walk through the forest you will see many different elements occurring; beautiful Essences of Light, even lightning bugs within our feet.  Have you ever experienced such joy in your life? – These little lightning bugs?  We have beautiful humming birds, we have all kinds of little birds, and we have sparkles of Light within all the trees.  Can you see all this?

I want everyone to feel the Essence of their Angelic Self, because the Angelic Self is so much like the human child.  Those of you do not understand that when you have your wings you allow yourself to fly and right now you are going through a tremendous transformation.  Oh!  It’s so very huge and we are so very happy, happy, happy, happy, that you can be upon this Earth at this time.  We honor you deeply.

So as we walk through this open gateway you will see this beautiful Temple.  Now the Temple does not have cement walls, it does not have granite, it does not have marble.  It is all made out of the forest.  It’s a beautiful Temple with branches of trees that come out into the circumference.  There are sixteen of these branches that looks like a column in your concept, but it is really a base of a tree that goes up to the top, and of course, everything is Pink.  We must have Pink everywhere.  So as we walk into the Temple, it is very open as air flows through it, because there are no walls.  There are no Crystalline walls like in some of the other places.  There’s no Crystalline floor.  The floor is the earth.  The floor represents the earth so we have some greenery in here.  We have some beautiful Brown earth but it is sparkling with Crystalline Light.  Envision yourself being in your bare feet so you can feel the earth.  It is very important to feel the earth.

So as we walk to the middle of this Temple, this is really like kind of a standing space to pray and to connect.  There are no extra rooms to the Temple because the whole forest is our Temple.  As we come in, you will see this amazing Flame of the Pink Flame.  It is not like any other altar that you have ever seen before and it doesn’t have a base.  It doesn’t have something that you go and stand up with, but it does have a doorway that you’re going to walk into.  But let us all circle around the outside; you are going to see all beautiful crystal energies everywhere.  There are crystals on the ground, there are gemstones, there are Pink images of Light and you may even see some animals wandering in, because we allow everything to be here that is in Oneness.

Everything is in Oneness within this beautiful city of Saceleas.  So as you come in you feel the Essence of the Pink Flame as you step into the Temple.  There are beautiful benches around the edge that are, of course, made out of natural material.  We are going to take a moment as we sit down and connect to the energy of the Pink Flame.  Charity is here with me and she is going to be speaking at the end after you walk through the Flame of Adoration and this is what we truly want you to feel. 

Right now, let’s just take a deep breath and allow the ignition of the Pink Flame to come into your Heart Center because as we open up the doorway to the Chamber it ignites the beautiful Pink Flame in vapors of Light; vapors of Light so that you start to feel it in all your Essences.  You feel the frequency changing within you.

You have now stepped into a world that is absolutely beautiful and magical and what is so magical about it?

What is it that you desire within your own life to bring magic?

You will see that we also have beautiful white doves flying around – that’s magic.  We also have white ravens and the white raven represents only the Light.  So as these frequencies comes into your Being as you sit in this seat you start to feel the emanation of the Pink Flame run through you.  There are no walls to lean against or a back to a chair, but there is the Essence of the Pink Flame supporting you along your back.  Allow that Essence to fully support your spinal column.  Lean back a little and just feel as if there is something behind you of a structure that would be supporting you but yet it is not.  It is the structure of your own Beingness.

I ask of you to fully reflect within yourself in this moment.

What is it that you desire to change?

Now each of you are changing in different ways through the Essence of these energies of the Lion’s Gate.  But what if you were to come here at another time?  We would ask you to reflect upon the previous week or the previous month.

What is it that bothers you; that stands in your way, and feels like it is impeding your progress?

Your progress of your spiritual desires which actually are the initiatory force of creation in your life, it has to come from your spiritual desires into your physical desires because the blockages are in your physical desires are within your Etheric Body.  So you spiritually must bring in the Essence of the highest element that you can tap into, your Higher Self, or beyond.

We think about that 144th dimensional frequency of the Unified Whole.  Let’s bring that energy in here right now.  You may want to just tap a little bit somewhere to help you raise yourself to that energy and what that feels like.  We want you to feel nothingness.  We want you to feel that Creation, that Source of Light That You Are and we ignite the Pink Flame to assist you in that.

{{{ Vibrational Attunement }}}

Now feel yourself coming from the 144th dimension down through the Angelic Realm; pass the 100th dimension kind of floating.  I want you to feel your Angelic Self.  This is going to help you to fully ignite the desires of your Essence in your physical conditioning.  If you can start to remember what it was to be an angel then, then a little window is open and there’s a reflection of that.  Oh yes!  I remember what it was like that to be free, to feel the joy, to feel the ecstasy, to feel the compassion and Love, and the balance that occurred between the Angelic Realms (as long as we did not get involved in the fighting).  Let us not think of ourselves as warriors in this moment.  We are the Essence of Love embodying this frequency fully within your entire system, and we bring those energies now into your human form.  Let us not think about what happens, but let us pretend that we allow that human form to fully incorporate the Angelic form and it flows within that Essence, within the desire to bring that fully into your physical experience.

  Feel it within your Heart because now You Are One, not only with your Higher Self, but within your Angelic Self.  There is power behind this, because this is allowing you to have God’s Light and Love fully within your creation.  As that creation fully becomes manifest, you will be able to change anything that you do not like.  So when we take this Angelic Self, start to reflect within yourself what it is that does not reflect the Angelic Self.  This is going to help you to acknowledge the Higher Essence occurring within your being as you are becoming multi-dimensional. 

It is now time to stand up and walk into the Flame.  As you walk into the Flame there is an inner portion of the Flame that is like an entrance way.  You could almost go on as a gateway, but it is all constructed out of ivy and greenery and beautiful Essences of the forest.  As you step into the Flame, you look above and you see that the Flame starts at the highest frequency of Light and then it comes down through the doorway.  You walk into almost like a Chamber and you are just going to stand there.  There are handles there for you to hold onto, and we are going to ignite the Pink Flame within you.  You are going to feel Adoration which will burn away all else that does not fit this Essence. 

Breathe deeply and allow this frequency to assist you in burning away all that does not exist in Love, all that does not exist in joy, all that does not exist in the creation of your Essence.

Feel the Flame now swirling at the Base and at your Earth Star.  It’s swirling outside of you but it’s going inside of you into your chakra system at the same time.  It is going to go around your four-body system and it’s going to go on the inside of you as they swirl together.

{{{Vibrational Attunement}}}

Breathe and feel the fire of deep compassion, feel the fire of desire, feel the fire of your Light of the self-imposed Love, feel God’s Light emanating within you because you are that Child of God.  Feel the Essence of your Angelic Being fully incorporated within you.  All that you know is blocking is now being removed through the Pink Flame as you step out of the Chamber.  As you step out of the Chamber, you turn around and you see this emanation of darkness that was within you.  It is now being filtered within the Pink Flame without you being there because it now bursted out of your existence; it just cleared your Essences up and then the rest was taken care of.  You step back to where you were sitting previously.

Greetings,  I Am Archangel Charity.

It is my desire to assist each of you as I stand in front of you.  I not only stand in front of you, but I incorporate my energies through our Heart Essences together.  I ask you now to have deep gratitude for the pathway that you are on for this time of creation so that you can create more.  I ask of you to take what you have removed and thank it profusely for being there, because it has served its purpose.  It has helped you to acknowledge that you are more than you were, so we bring forth a period of Thanksgiving. 

{{{ Vibrational Attunement }}}


I am graceful,

I am honored for who I Am;

I Am All That I Am,

I am now One,

I Am One Being of Light;

I Am All of these, All of these of the Light,

I embrace All that is within me;

I now create my desires,

I Am the desires,

I Am the creation;

I Am the Light,

I Am the Love to never, never, be forgotten, never ever, again;

I feel the blessings; feel the blessings, feel the blessings of the Light of the Pink Flame,

I Am All of these, I Am All of these never to be separated again;

I Am That I Am,

I Am That I Am, I Am, I Am;

I Am All, All That I Am.

Breathe in deeply.  Feel these Essences fully within you.  As I, Archangel Charity, I stand in front of you with a beautiful goblet for you to drink the waters in the internalization of your physical Essence.  As you drink the Pink Flame, feel it softening all that does not feel right.  Feel the Essences blending within you as you become One with All That You Are. 

I Bless each of you deeply, always.  My Heart is yours.

We now stand in front of you as Chamuel and Charity.  Arise.  Feel your Essences now.  Feel the changes.  It is now time for us to exit out of the Temple the way that we came in.  So as we walk down the stone pathway we now see the beautiful Pink Flame of water.  Please go up to it and see your reflection now.  Allow the thoughts that you had had previously to be put into perspective of your feelings.  This is your illumination.  When you start to understand what it is that you are experiencing from the Highest Essence it will filter within your feeling level.

What are your feelings in this moment?

Do you feel peace?

Do you feel serenity?

Do you feel flowing frequencies of Light?

Now take the crystal that was given to you in the beginning from your Heart and put it into the pool of water because this is your transformation.  This transformation is going to help others as they arrive and also for you to come back.  If you return again, you bend down and take another crystal and go through the same process.

It is our divine pleasure as Chamuel and Charity to assist you.  Our energies can be used for anything that you desire to create and change within your world; it may be an emotional feeling, it may be a mental thought, it may be something else that seems to be bothering you and you cannot just find the peace that you are looking for, because my Dearest Children you all deserve this peace.  It is the peace of God’s Light and Love within you to always be in that conditioning process.  It is so very important to allow it to be.

It is now time for us to walk down the pathway of the magical forest.  Feel your Essence as you do, because you have become the Angelic Self, you have become the Higher Self, you have become the I AM Presence Self.  This is a beautiful experience to have.  Hold it within your Heart and express it through the words that you want to share in your physical world.

It is our divine pleasure to be with you as we walk through the gateway.  You will now meet up with Lord Adama, but please do return or call upon us and we shall arise in your consciousness immediately.

All Our Love deeply.  We Are Archangels Chamuel and Charity at your service.

This is Lord Adama.  Let us gather together. 

I ask you to reflect on your feelings presently compared to when you first arrived.  Allow the flow of the Pink Flame to be your guide into your Heart’s desire and it shall become manifest.  Let us gather together in our Merkabah vehicle now as we spin away from the forest of Saceleas.  The Pink Flame of Light is all around us as we arrive into the atmosphere and return back towards the physical Earth.  We separate, but our Hearts are within each other.  Just intend to come back into your physical location.  Breathe in deeply.  Come into your own space.  You may want to tap your fingers on your knees.  Ground the energies into your feet going within the earth and allow your Earth Star to spin down through the earth and through the energies where you are inhabiting.

This experience this evening is one that has been gifted to each of you by Chamuel and Charity to experience the exquisite frequency that each of You Are, that each of us Is as we bring in those elements of our Angelic self.

It is our pleasure to assist you through this process.  Continue with the journey.  Have patience with yourself and know that changes will result and it means you are moving forward.

All my Blessings of Love from the Community of Telos and the Telosian Council of Light.

I Am Lord Adama, your Brother always.

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