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June 8th, 2011 ~ A Journey to the Temple of Remembrance in the City of Shalahah

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On June 8th, 2011 we were guided by Elohim Masters Peace & Aloha and Archangels Uriel & Aurora, of the 6th Ray of Devotion,  to the City of Shalahah once again.  We first were met by Lord Adama as he guided us to Telos for a short introduction.  It was a very beautiful Temple of Light.  I hope you enjoy the transcription.


This is Lord Adama speaking. Let us just take a deep breath and within that deep breath, let’s visualize ourselves traveling across the hemisphere towards Mount Shasta.  We’re going to be doing this more quickly than we have before; you’re being more fully activated.  Feel your Merkabah vehicles spinning across to the West Coast of the  United States of America, at the top, near Oregon.  See the beautiful mountain.  We’re going to spin downwards into the mountain.  Allow yourself to feel the spinning, acceleration, and moving downwards.

We now are on the surface in our special place.  We now gather together.  Allow yourself to really feel the vision of being here in Telos, you’re becoming an active visitor now, not just for the calls but for the times that you’re visiting in your sleep time, and your activation time and your meditation time – getting more accustomed to being here with us.  We are very, very grateful to be here together.

Let us come over to our special gathering place. I want you to personally get a sense of what you’re feeling here for yourselves.  Are there animals around you?  Observe the flowers, the people, Angels, Fairies, and all the elements around the environment.  We have the ability here in Telos to activate all levels of creation, so it’s quite an experience; I want you to feel this. As we walk across this beautiful grassy area, we all center ourselves.

We’re in the Garden area, but there’s a very special altar here that represents all the Angels and all the Elohim energies.  Feel all of them coming now.  Feel the Angelic presence.  Tonight is a special night because we’re going to be accelerating ourselves of our remembrance of our beginning stages, as each of us were in the frequency of sparks of light in Angelic form way, way, way back, in the time of our creation.  We want each of you to feel this essence.  This is the Purity, this is the Innocence, this is the Acceptability that there was nothing like joyfulness in our lives and this is what we try to create here in Telos.

As we sit here together around this beautiful altar – there are many candles, a Crystalline altar. We have special crystals that we have here from Telos. They’re special candles in which special energetics are emitted from the candles.  This is a special place for you to come to when you need to balance yourself. It’s not just about the Golden Cities, but it’s about being here in Telos.

I’m so happy that we’re able to communicate these elements to you and for you to feel them, physically. It’s an acceptance of your Beingness.

There is a special Angel that is coming towards you right now.  This Angel may be someone who you’ve known, you feel an affinity with.  Try not to use your mental mind as you connect with the Angelic forms, in this lifetime. We want you to connect to the Essence of your Purity from the Source of our Beingness, when it all occurred.  This is going to assist you in the City of Shalahah this evening, as we bring forth this remembrance of your heart’s desire.  Feel the gentleness that you had in your heart. This is what we want to embody within each of you right now.

I will now step aside as our guest Speakers this evening are going to come forward and guide you to the city.  We are all traveling with you, so it’s going to be a magnificent adventure. Namaste.



This is Uriel, with Aurora and we have standing here with us, Peace and Aloha. Thank you for stepping forward at this time.  This is a very special group of individuals and each of you that we are speaking to that are not actively on the calls, we speak to you also – we speak to all of you, in all the aspects of your Beingness.  It is a beautiful night this evening. We’re going to share with you some energies and experiences that will be a major focal point of the City of Shalahah.  Our gift to each of you is to allow you to feel the devotion that is within you, your Inner Worship.  What does that mean?  Your Inner Worship of the accessibility of your Light Source to be fully activated within your physical Being of a Remembrance.  So we’re going to be going through an area that will allow you to have this remembrance – we’re very excited to share with you these energies this evening. Thank you.



I am Peace and I have with me, Aloha.  We speak in the Oneness because of the combination of our Male and Female aspects, that each of you will experience, on the Higher Frequencies, when you arrive ~ not within the fifth dimensional level, because it’s still a physical level.  But in the Higher Realms, which you already do, with someone you are attuned with of your Twin Ray.  Twin Flames are just the beginning.  What we bring to you this evening is our hand, in Trust.  Trust with us, that we shall show you what it is that you will experience.  As the Elohim Masters, we totally understand the ones that have been in body, eons ago during Lemuria.  We accept the challenges that you bring forth and that is why our work with you is very important.  We truly want to bring peace into your hearts and, just like everything else that you’re working with, to help you with your frequencies in your bodies.  It is important to have that peacefulness because if you cannot have it within you, you cannot have it around you. It is absolutely essential.

So, we’re now going to guide you.  As Uriel and Aurora and myself and Aloha come forth to you, come to us now.  Center around us as we create now our Space vehicle, you can call it a Merkabah vehicle but it really is an Activation vehicle.  We’re not going to visualize ourselves coming out of the mountain; we’re just going to turn into light!  So, let us take a deep breath.  I ask Melereissee to use the (Crystal) Bowl while we are traveling.  When she is done with the Bowl, we will be in Shalahah.  Let us take a deep breath. [Sound of the Crystal bowl resonating for a minute or so]

Spinning ~ spinning ~ spinning – you have arrived.  You have arrived in the City of Shalahah, let us all take a deep breath.  I want you to look around you.  This is our special gathering place.  It is different from where you went last week; this is the Crystalline Temple of Remembrance.  There is an archway that you are walking through.  This archway is a Crystalline structure; it is the outside of the Temple and as we go under the archway, you will go into a new phase of your Being.  But first let’s look at the Crystalline structure around you. There are pointed cathedral points in many different directions.  It is a very, very, very high frequency.  It is very similar to what you would envision in Shamballa but it is more of a higher consistency.  The Light of God is very deeply ingrained in each of the crystal formations.  It is almost like looking at an icicle coming down, but the other way.  The base of the Temple is broad and wide and then there are many points in many different directions and they point upwards unto the heavens; they point straight up, diagonally, not crosswise, it’s a vertical pointed movement and these crystalline structures are imbued with White Crystalline, with Ruby Red, with the Pink Orange and the Magenta and they’re all mixed together.  So you’re going to see all these frequencies of colors, like rainbow colors of the high frequencies glistening through the crystals.

In the top of the building you see the Temple, a Steeple, but the steeple is quite different then you’ve ever seen before.  If you look at the steeple, it is like wings of an Angel.  The wings of the frequency – it’s wide at the bottom and goes pointed at the top. And these wings filter in each direction. There’s a base at the south, there’s a base at the east and a base at the west and a base at the north.  Then in the middle of these is one large crystalline structure climbing up into the heavens. The height of the City is over 200 miles!  It goes to that extension.  This is how high these crystallized formations are; we have been working hard on building this city.  These crystalline formations have been created from the frequency; this is the Temple that those that are fully being activated in their fifth dimensional body will come to be re-energized and reformulated.

Feel yourself now walking under the archway. The archway is the frequency of the third dimensional Cosmic Energy. At first it’s the lower energy of that Indigo Ray, of that Planetary Ray.  Then, we walk farther and you look above you in the archway, then it changes more into a Lavender color, then it gets into a deeper color – almost like a Purple-ish color.  Then you get farther and you’re moving from the Planetary to the Solar to the Galactic and then you get deeper, deeper into the Universal.  Now the color starts to change into that deep Ruby, Cherry Red and then it goes deeper, deeper until you’re in the archway.  Feel the archway now.  Now it’s going to get lighter – the Cosmic Color within your Solar Plexus, within your whole bodily structure.  You’ve moved from the Planetary and you’ve gone into the Cosmic. Now within that Cosmic, we need to activate within your body, the fourth dimensional chakra grid.  In that fourth dimensional Chakra Grid, it becomes even more lighter, so we walk farther.  Are there any fluctuations within your Solar Plexus?  What are you feeling?  If you’re feeling a little unsteady with the energy, allow yourself to just go to the side of the archway and stand with your back to the archway and feel the vibration coming through the back of your chakra.  As you do that, then anything that needs to be removed will go right outside to the other side of the archway and be transmuted into the crystallized formations.

Now we walk farther.  Breathe.  Now, we’re going to walk even farther in through the archway. The archway from the Ruby Red is going to get lighter again and it’s changing into the Pink-Orange color.  So we move from the deep Cherry into a lighter frequency.  It doesn’t happen at once.  Because with steps that you take, you see the archways, the crystallized formations and as you look above, now the Ruby Red is turned to a Deep Pink.  It goes into the lighter Pink, then it brings fluctuations of Orange, it’s like a Peachy color of a very high vibration.  This is the Devotional level, the fourth dimension.  Now I want each of you to lean against the archway once again.  As you lean one side, looking at the other side of the archway – allow those Rays of that Pink Orange to flow through you. Allow yourself to feel the acceptability. Let it flow through your whole body.

Now we’re going to walk a little bit farther. You look up over the archway at these crystallized formations. Just to give you a definition the crystallized formations look like it would be pipes across, but they’re actually crystal frequencies – that’s the diameter of them. Then, we’re walking farther.  Now the Pink Orange is turning into a lighter Pink, a lighter Pink, a bright Pink, then they blend.  Then all of a sudden the Orange is disappearing and it goes into a Magenta color, which is a bright Pink.

Oh, now we feel that as a fifth dimensional frequency, you may feel some heat, you may feel some vibrations.  Run through it, but most of all feel the Peacefulness and the Bliss right now. This is your fifth dimensional body and allows it to go through, as you’re walking through the archways and we’re almost at the end, almost ready to go into the core unit of the Temple where we’re all going to meet and accelerate ourselves even more.  Feel the remembrance, feel your essence.  As you look, you see your wings!  You’re filing in one by one because you can’t walk next to each other, because your wings are so large and the diameter of this archway is about fifty feet!  So just feel your wings.  Notice what colors they are.  Are the frequencies of the Ruby?  Are the frequencies of the Pink Orange?  Are the frequencies of the Magenta?  Or are there other colors within there?  Allow yourself to filter through that and feel that peacefulness going through your whole body.  Feel the acceptance that you are now as you come into an opening area.  There is no ceiling.  We look up above and there is the sky and the stars.  You can see the structure of the steeple of the Temple and it starts at the base.  With these crystallized formations and the wings, the wings of the essence.  Just feel yourself walking around the middle part of this altar.  Feel the vibrancy of the crystal formations, pointing in all different directions. On the outlying area, the circumference of the structure, there’s just Fluidness, Openness, Strength, Purity, and Bliss.  Allow yourself to feel that within you as you walk around the altar.  As you walk around the altar, you’re walking around each of the directions.  So let’s walk towards the South which represent the Emotions; then walk around to the West, of your Physical Healing. Walk around to the North, your Spirituality and then to the East of New Beginnings.

Let us stand in the East.  Allow us to see a place where you can position yourself.  There are many different types of seats.  What kind of seat are you sitting in?  What kind of chair do you have?  Maybe you don’t have a chair, maybe you’re just putting yourself easily down.  The floor is filled with the Magenta, the Pink Orange, and the Ruby and it’s flowing through you.  It’s just energizing completely around you and you feel those essences completely going within you and around you as you feel that fluidness occurring for you.

As we sit in the East, the east is new beginnings of Uriel. We’re going to ask him to come forward to you in this moment.



I am Uriel. I stand in front of you. My back is to the altar as I stand facing each of you. Aurora is standing here right with me, to give you the grace that is needed.

First of all, I am in honor that you are here. We have been waiting this time for individuals to be more actualized of our Temple, of our City, but it’s not just our City – it’s all the Cities, it’s all the frequencies and the ability to have the remembrance of your beginning stages. I am in honor to be here as your Guardian of Remembrance.  Allow us now to take a deep breathe.  Within that deep breath, allow us just to feel the crystalline energies coming through each of us in this moment.

I want you to feel the purity and the bliss that you are in this moment.  Coming through that archway was an activation of removing the old, removing the veil of forgetfulness more and more as each meditation as each activation that you do it is being created.  As it is being removed, there is nothing else but the Core of your Being at this moment.  I want you to feel that in your Solar Plexus.  I want you to feel the vibration that is running through you.  We hand to each of you a goblet of the Magenta Ray. We want you to take sips of this goblet to assist you in your Remembrance.  Breathe deeply as you allow the Ray to go through your entire Being.  Put the goblet down, next to where you are sitting.  Allow it to go into your heart.  Aurora hands each of you a crystal from our Temple here.  Now this crystal is not a usual crystal that you’re used to looking at – it almost looks like a wand, but it’s a pointed crystal.  This crystal has influctuations in each of these Rays. This crystal is for you to assist yourself in your Remembrance.  So, as she hands you your crystal, you take it in your right hand.  Feel that vibration.  Then take it in your left hand, feel the vibration in your left.  Now I want you to take it in both hands and point it to your Third Eye.  The crystal is an accelerator for you to have a vision of your Remembrance.  I ask Christine to use the Bowl once again, as we have a moment of silence for the Remembrance.

[Crystal bowl is struck and played, it resonates for a minute]

Feel the frequencies of Remembrance coming through to you.  Allow yourself to feel it and sense it, not perceive it just allow it to flow into you because this your beginning.  This is going to help you to piece what it is you are here to do.  All the other lifetimes were just stepping stones for the full actualization and for the Earth to remember.

I am Uriel and we’re at your service.  We will now step aside as Peace and Aloha will continue this exercise.  Please take the crystal and put it into your Solar Plexus.  Just feel it turning into pure light and slowly goes inside of you.  You will be able to pull it out anytime that you choose. Blessings


This is Peace and Aloha.  Ohh, this is a beautiful evening, it’s a beautiful moment in time.  We want to bring another aspect to you right now of your Lemurian lifetime.  This is the lifetime that you had the ability to fully incorporate all these gifts but other elements got in the way.  It is not something to look down upon; it is just what it is.  Now you are ready to fully embrace it.  There were too many other conflicting influences at that time.  The strength needed to be great and, depending on the frequency within your body, it became lost.  So now we are finding it once again and this is exactly what this evening is about.  Finding the peace within you to realize the potential that you truly have, this is the greatest gift that we want to impart to you this evening.  So I take to you a moment of reflection, and within this moment of reflection, we fully want to feel the purity and the bliss that you fully actualized in your physical bodies in Lemuria.  It’s going to assist you now fully.

Let us see ourselves walking on the  land  of  Lemuria.  Look at your garment.  What are you wearing?  Are you a Goddess, a God, a King or a Queen?  Do you speak for many?  Do you work with children?  Are you an educator?

We walk into an area and within this area, it is a special accelerator.  As we go into this accelerator it’s going to help you to actualize the parts of yourself that need to be activated to assist you in the process of your pathway presently.

Let’s take a moment to bring forth this frequency.  As we do the bowl, feel the vibration of this accelerator. It is a chamber that you walk into and there is a seat there for you.  You sit down in the chair, you put your feet up, the vibration will come through your feet – you put your hands on pads on the sides of the chair and your head is on a pad.  This is all crystalline energies.  Take a deep breathe and just allow this accelerator to come through you.

[Crystal bowl is struck loudly several times and played, resonating powerfully for a minute or so]

Breathe deeply. Arise from the chair and you will leave the chamber.  Now as you walk around the land of Lemuria; you see a waterfall.  Within that waterfall you’re going to completely immerse yourself.  The colors of the waterfall are many different rainbows of colors; you just stand in the waterfall and allow that to flow through you.  Feel the debris being removed.  Feel the forgetfulness being removed, feel the activation of your memory of your Highest Souls purpose within you now.  You will not remember any negative lower energies of why you didn’t acquire the elements to assist you previously.  You will remember all the aspects that are necessary for your pathway presently to assist you in these activations that are occurring during this month.  You may not remember immediately, allow yourself to record anything that you remember during your dream state, in your meditative state, or maybe even flashes of energy. Some of you may see yourself with each other as this has become a true Soul Family. Allow yourself to just incorporate those energies within you now.  You leave the waterfall and you feel the Purity and the Bliss at the Remembrance of this beautiful life that you left because you needed to assist the Earth, you are all Way-Showers, you are all Pioneers, to assist the many.  The many, many, many.  Right now, what we want for you, to accelerate these energies is to allow them to be fully within your Being so that you can assist yourself more deeply then you ever thought possible.  Breathing through those energies allow it to go into your feet. Let us all embrace each other because we knew one another.  Each of us was there.  We may not have been intimate friends but we had love for each other.  I give you Peace. Aloha gives you the Purity as we expand within you the ability to feel this peacefulness within you and around you.

Let’s now all bring ourselves back into the Crystalline Temple.  Aloha hands you a goblet. This goblet is going to be multi-colored and as you touch the goblet, it will turn into the colors that you need for yourself right now.  Let’s take a deep breathe. Let’s acknowledge one another of our experiences together.  Blessings and take a drink.  Allow that to filter through all parts of your Being, as it will filter into your Physical Body, into your Cellular Memory but then go outwards into your Emotional and your Mental to balance whatever needs to be adjusted to assist you in this process.

I am Peace and Aloha. Please do call on us; we are in honor in these moments.


Hello. This is all of us together. Peace and Aloha, Uriel and Aurora- we are in honor to be in this space and this moment.  Your wings are not clipped any longer, you have them.  They’re transparent; allow them to take you where you need to be.  Allow yourself to return when you need to feel this essence. Many will be coming here.  It is your feeling in this moment.  Those of you that are learning about these Cities could be the Teachers, the Way Showers, or the Counselors that assist people.  This city is a transitional city – individuals will come through here to vibrate their energy to the higher frequency.  Are you a Warrior of Light?  Are you one that assists those in trouble?  Then this may be the City for you to be.  This is your decision. In any case – each of you are here for training, to learn and how to show others how to do these ways of healing.  Each of you has been healed intensely this evening.  You may not realize it, but there will be a shift.  We have brought these energies to you this evening, before the onset of the Full Moon to assist you to help yourself assimilate what is occurring for you.  Not from your Mind, not from your Heart but from the balance of your Heart and your Mind together.  We are in honor that you are here with us.

Lets take a deep breathe.  Allow us now to gather, as each of us is in the middle, and we create that Light Energy to go back to Telos.

Take a breath.  Feel the vibrancy and within one minute we will have returned.

[Crystal bowl is struck and resonates for a minute]


We are now back in the Garden, this is Adama speaking.  This has been a beautiful journey, this is just the beginning my friends, of what you can experience.  It’s going to get deeper and deeper and deeper.  I know many of you are thinking “How much more can we get?” I know Christine is thinking this right now, since it’s coming through her, but, it’s going to get better, even better. Because as we assist you in bringing forth these remembrances and the sparks of light that you are, the experiences are going to be getting even more powerful, magical.  This gathering is assisting you in creating your Divinity, your manifestations, and the abilities to create your desires.  So Let us gather together – we have the children here, we have many Telosians.

Let’s just take a deep breathe.  We drink a goblet of the crystal water of Mt. Shasta of Telos.  Feel the crispness, the coolness and the frequency going through your entire body – allowing yourself to just ground all these energies that have been incorporated within you. It is our honor, our pleasure to be here with each of you together.

Let’s take a moment.  Take a deep breathe.  Feel your Merkabah vehicle.  We’re going to go out separately tonight.  Feel yourself spinning upwards, upwards, upwards – out of the core of the mountain, up to the top, feeling ourselves going upwards and then project yourself back to your present location, wherever that may be.

Breathe deeply as now you arrive.  Allow yourself to be grounded.  There’s been a lot of high frequency energy this evening – it’s going to truly assist you.  It is a process of seeing the higher frequencies with the balancing energies and that it can be, because now we are in the preparatory stages of your higher existence.

It is my pleasure and honor to be here with you, along with the Team of Light.  I do reach out our hands and our new destiny and creating the Golden Hour.  Go forward my Comrades – you will accelerate so many.

In love and blessings, in the Name of the Holy God of Hosts that We Are, I am Lord Adama at your service.