REMEMBRANCE ~ Saint Germain ~ April 20th, 2011

Mt. Shasta, CA

This is the channeling of our first call on April 20th, 2011.  Lord Adama spoke first and last which he will do each week.  Our guest speaker was Saint Germain on the subject of Remembering Our Divinity.

Thank you for being on this journey with me as we all walk into ONENESS together.

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In Expressions of Oneness,



This is Lord Adama speaking from the Command Center in Telos.  This is such a wonderful occasion to be here with each of you and any others that are going to be connecting with this energy.  Christine, I want to thank you, thank you for walking this path and doing what you’ve been doing to make this possible. We are coming to you from the Inner Earth.

We are connecting to you on the Upper Earth, and we are connecting to the God Force, to the Star Nations, to the Intergalactics, to all those Beings of Light who are doing the work to assist Gaia in her transition.  It is a tremendous change that everyone is going through.  We, in the Telosian Community, are very excited to have each of you working with us more directly. And I want to thank you, Meleriessee, for being one of those who are bringing this forth.  Of course, there are many others who are channeling our energies, but I don’t think there’s been such a great direct communication as what is going to be happening in this group.  We see it expanding and growing as each of you bring forth the frequencies that are necessary.  There is an opening of a doorway here – and the opening of the doorway is to allow each of you to have your full Divinity as it was in the beginning.  Many of you were in Lemuria, many of you were in Atlantis, and many of you were in both places.  It is a remembrance of those lives that are now coming into the fruition of your being, of the planet, and to assist the planet in different ways than it ever has been before.

Tonight is an overview, as Christine has said previously, her energies in the next classes won’t be as strong as the rest of us, she is our voice.  We will be filtering her with some information, because we want her to be an active participant in this as we also want you to be an active participant. We want to see after a month of meeting to have a another call together, at a different time, an informal call to communicate with each other and to receive from each other what each of you are intuiting. We don’t want this to be a group where one is more important than the other. Yes, Christine is bringing forth this information, she has aspired herself to be able to do this, to be able to communicate with so many different levels of frequencies.  This is her pathway to assist, but it is also her pathway to share with you elements within her and also to receive back.  We need to come together in community. If we don’t come together in community, we won’t be able to assimilate ourselves into Terra Christa as we foresee that it will be.

Each of us in Telos is very excited to see the changes happening finally.  All of you have been here. You have been working with us. Some of you are working more diligently in different ways than others. Christine ‘s ability has been more active in her consciousness so it has been quite a journey for her to bring forth this information . Each of you come to the councils, to the meetings, we’ve all been gathering – you wouldn’t be on this call if this wasn’t true; each of you has something to give . This is not just receiving this is not just bringing forth the information – each of you is aspiring to your highest sense than it ever has been before, and we are honored that you are doing this work as you are doing it.  And we need to honor that deeply within you and within each other, as I know each of you honors each of us.

So, what is happening?  Presently, the Golden Cities are being erected into the 5th dimensional frequency ~ right now, they are in the Etheric area.  Many of you have traveled there; many of you will intend to travel there. We will have meditations; we will have journeys where we’re going to be traveling to the different cities, to the different areas.  This is something Christine doesn’t know.  Much of what is going to be coming forth from us she is not even aware of. We haven’t given her all of the information, as it should be, because at this moment she is also receiving.  The challenges that are happening are going to increase, as each of you know, but we also know that each of you are strong, and each of you are aspiring to be more highly evolved in your physical beings, otherwise you would not be awakened as you are.  There is great knowledge and there are great gifts that are happening to each of you and you are bringing these gifts onto the earth.  And your efforts do not go unnoticed. So we are here to assist you in any way that we can.  And within that assistance we will come together in community.

We will go through each of the cities and we will get a feel for each of the masters that are associated with those cities.  We will get a feel for each of the locations where you are and to prepare yourselves energetically.  There is enough information out there on the physical level of how to prepare yourself if something did happen.  What we truly want to assist you with is bringing forth your totality of your I AM PRESENCE within your being to assist your loved ones, to assist others that are around you.  As the vibration through you, you will be able to help others as vibration travels. One thing we teach here in Telos is to allow the Vibration of Love to be the one that assists other Beings.  And we are all here for the assistance and many of the Telosians are in the Upper Earth, and some of them may be your friends.  You will start to see a change happening in the way that you project.  That’s what this group is about also.  What we also want to bring about is remembrance of your lives in Lemuria ~ to assist in that peacefulness, because this is what’s really going to assist the planet ~ to bring forth that calmness and stability that is necessary in your lives.  Be strong within yourselves, and in that strength you will find the Love of the Acceptance within your Being.

So tonight St. Germain is going to be speaking; he will be speaking for the Ray Chohans. And to give everyone an overview of exactly what this group is about and how we can best assist each other. That’s the true worth of what’s going to be happening .

Right now I would like to integrate within each of you an essence of energy from theCommandCenterin Telos.  I have Mikos with me who is the Director of Galactics in the Hollow Earth.  He oversees a lot of the commerce and the business dealings that we have with the other races to assist with our workings within the planet.  So he is here assisting us.  We want each of you to be comfortable with the multidimensional frequencies as we know each of you are.  Each of you is attuned to bring forth the higher levels of civilization.  We are all here to work together; there is great help coming from different ways and each of you are aware of this fact.  And each of you are looking for that contact.  When you don’t look, is when it will happen.  So be aware in each moment, it’s very important to allow the awareness to be within you, because the acceptance of the love and the continuation of the frequency is fully coming to each of your beings.  It is our time to come together in union.  And not just in union of frequency, but the union of coming together physically.  It is now our time to meet.  We have all been working on ourselves separately in our communities.  And now it’s time for each of you to separate yourself from the ones that don’t align with your purpose and your highest sense of individuality, of the work that you have been doing for eons of time.  We honor you for the pathways that you have been acquiring for these  eons of time that you chose to be in the Upper Earth.  Because each of you had the choice to come back and be with us in Telos, but you had a purpose in mind and the purpose was to enrich as many souls as possible in this journey.  We totally accept your love, and we are here to assist in any way that we can. It’s about remembrance and the remembrance is that each of you chose to be on Upper Earth.  So many are more involved in the frequency of allowing the energies to come through ,and not it’s time for everyone to feel the frequency within that, so let’s take a deep breath.

Visualize yourself walking through a garden, the garden in Telos.  We give you this remembrance.  It’s a beautiful garden, and the weather is gorgeous, I do have to say, it’s very pleasant.  It’s bright, it’s sunny, and there is beauty around you.  I want you just to sit in the middle of this garden, and I want you to feel the nature around you; I want you to see what is there – I don’t want to tell you what it is, I want you to tune into your highest essence in this moment and breathe deeply into that because there is a remembrance for each of you.  There is a deep remembrance.  Birds are singing, elementals are all around you, there is a waterfall.  Hear the sound of the water and just breathe in the air ~ the freshness and the crispness of the frequency of the Nature that is part of your existence.  Bring this forth within you now. This is your Remembrance, this is your Love, this is your Existence.  This is what’s going to assist you in the days to come.




This is St. Germain at your service .  I am honored to be the spokes-being for this evening, to be your guide through this journey that you are all embarking upon and that we have all been embarking on together.  Take a deep breath and allow the Violet Flame to come fully within you.  And as you allow this Violet Flame to encase down your crown an through your entire structure let it go into your physical body, let it go into your cells, let it go into the atoms, let it go into your skin, let it go into the cellular level for a Remembrance . We want a Remembrance to occur for each person in this moment, a remembrance for their divinity and their path way and how they’re going to assist the earth at this time. Allow this remembrance to be fully within you as it goes all the way down into your lower chakras into your feet .  And feel the burning of the Violet Flame.  Feel the essence of the Remembrance that is occurring to you.  We ask each person who is receiving the Violet Flame to also embellish upon them what it is they need right now to receive. What is it truly that you need to embrace in your life circumstance to make it easier for you, make the frequency of what you are experiencing in a different way.  Breathe into that, breathe that Essence, breathe that frequency, breathe the continuation, because you ARE the Violet Flame, you are the Purity of the Light, you are the divinity of the Acceptance, allow that to burn within you.  As you do, there is a Remembrance of your Essence.  It may be just a spark, it may be just a thought, but there is an element that will occur to you in the next few days.  It may be a remembrance when you awake, something that you may need to write, or something that you may need to write to someone else, or something that you just need to intuit within your being.

I speak now for all the Ray Chohans that will be working with each of you.  The Team of Light is huge and it has grown since Christine first traveled toMt.Shasta; we, at first, were very simple and we did not want to increase the energies upon her because it would become stronger for her to handle. That is no longer the case .  As she is actualizing the energies of the Mahatma and the God Force, each of you will be accessing these energies in a different way.  Every individual does it in a different way than another person.  The incorporation of what is happening in this call, in this Circle of Light, is for all of us to come together . We want these Remembrances to be within each of you, that is why we have asked her to do this.  We want each of us to be part of each of you.  And we want each of you to be part of us.  There is no separateness anymore. We are all walking on the path of Mastership in some way or another. Some are just starting, some had been there for a while, some are more advanced, and this is how we can help each other, of having camaraderie within each other, of having acceptance of our souls with each other to bring forth that frequency, and to bring for that Acceptance of our Divinity.  Because this is our path way upon this earth, we all chose to walk this earth, some have been doing it for a lot longer than others in the physical realm but it does not matter that you have not been in the Remembrance stage.  NOW is your Remembrance stage, now it the time for you to be fully awakened to your Essence and your pathway as it never has been before . We are preparing you for these stages in many different ways.

As many are channeling my energies, many are channeling Adama’s energies and others. But this Circle is about us coming together. There is no separateness – yes, I Am Saint Germain and he is Lord Adama and we have all of the Ray Chohans that are part of this Circle, and then we have all of the people, you, we have Christine, and we have all of the participants of this call that are a part of this and it’s going to grow because as you share with others, others will come into this Circle.  It will grow. Each of you are creating a Soul Family right here.  And this soul family here is an interconnective source that is occurring, and this interconnective source will reach out unto others.  And some of you may not be interconnected personally, as Christine is interconnected with each of you, but there is a lineage that is occurring here, and this lineage is being activated as it never has before. It’s been activated on the Inner Plane level but it has never been activated in the physical level so this is what the Circle of Light is about. What we’re coming together to assist in the process of this Earth and we know each of you are assisting in your own way, and each of you are aspiring to different levels of creation, and some of you are having more of a challenging time than others ~ only because it is time for you to fully remove the debris that is necessary to fully feel these activations, to fully feel the Acceptance of Love in the Physical body, the physical has a hard time accepting that, and that is what you are all going through.  Because the Mental level really does take control.  It’s important for us to fully acknowledge the fact that you have chosen to be with us. And that this Circle of Light is Circle a New Earth Consciousness.

So, how do we best assist in this moment? The first thing we need to do is help you individually, and that’s another major focal point on this call.  In actuality Christine’s other calls are assisting you in that way.  And, they’re assisting many around the world, and I know some of you are putting that work around; I want to thank you and the Spiritual Hierarchy for doing so.  Each of you have elements you are sharing with others.  It’s a domino effect, as one moves the energy it moves into another and  moves into the other ~ it’s how we’re best going to assist each other in this process.

Our main focal point is Calm, we need Calmness, we need Purity of the Heart because major changes are going to occur.  We have in the next month major areas that are in deep trouble of earth changes.  TheUnited Statesis very much affected by this.  I know there’s been a lot of talk about the dark energies activating all this and I just want to say one thing – it’s part of the process unfortunately, it is the duality. The only way you’re going to get through that is not to argue with it and figure out where the problem is coming from.  It is to rise above the problem and this is what we want to assist you with. WE want to put those thought process out of your mind, we want to remove the words that are holding onto those essences of the battle.  And that’s what earth has been, it’s been in a battle, it’s been in that battle of creation for a very long time and now it’s time for us, the Way-Showers, the Teachers, the Counselors, the Coaches – intuit this energy within you, allow that frequency to be within you so you can share with others.  This is the important aspect.  Some of it is good to make people aware but it’s on overkill now, it’s getting to the point where it’s becoming a dis-ease and it’s very, very important that we rid ourselves of this dis-ease.

What you do with your body when your body is ill?  You use healing techniques, you are removing the dis-ease, and we need to remove the dis-ease within the consciousness of this earth ~ within the people. This is the most important aspect.  It doesn’t matter who is being controlled by what, by whom, or where.  You are the Light.  That Light needs to infiltrate.  And the light will infiltrate within these areas.  I want you to be very cognizant of the weather patterns ~ and feeling the weather patterns.  Look at the weather patterns and see what is happening around the world.  You have to infiltrate the energies within you first before you send it to anywhere else.  Please do not deplete your frequency, this is very important ~ the frequencies are coming through to you for a reason and the reason these frequencies are coming to you is to assist you to be the Way-Showers and the Divinities ~ the rods of Light. This is why everyone is in overload with the frequencies, it must come into the Earth.

I know Christine is a barometric pressure, and she can feel the energy when a storm is coming. So what do you do with that?  You become tired, you become miserable, you have a headache – tap into that just as if you had a pain in your body and you needed to heal it, tap into that pain, tap into that energy surge, that’s what’s going to assist you to change it.  And yes, you’re only one person, but you’re a powerful Being of Light, and this is what we want to infiltrate within you, this is the frequency we want to bring forth, we want to assist you.

So right now I give you an assignment and the assignment is yours whether you want to do it or not.  But it’s only going to assist you on your pathway, because what we’re trying to do here is to bring forth the consciousness of your I AM PRESENCE fully into your physical body for you to do the work as it’s supposed to be done instead of saying, “I don’t know what I’m doing, I don’t know what I’m supposed to do.”  When you get like that you need to stop, you need to breathe.  Bring in the Violet Flame, bring in the Pink light, bring in the frequency, go to Telos and feel the Garden that you have been in this evening. Feel that frequency come into you and you will start to accept.  Because what happens is – you’re Sensitives, you feel the vibration, you feel the vibration through the weather patterns, you feel the vibration through earth, you feel the vibration through nature.  When you feel the vibration, you start to close up, and because then the Mental comes in, then the worry, then the lower energies, and that’s the lower ego to, not accepting the fact that you have the ability to make changes .  We want to work with you to be the alchemists that you are – you all have the ability to create the magic upon this earth, and that’s what this Circle is about.

So let’s take a deep breath right now and I want you to bring forth this frequency, the frequency of your I AM PRESNECE.  As we connect to the God Force right now, we ask the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God and the Creative Source of Oneness to fully come through into every one of you right now. And we want it to be a settling energy, not a strong energy like you receive in some of the other calls, but just allow it, breathe through that and feel your wisdom and knowledge.  We’ve activated all these rays and chakras within you, we want them to received; as you receive it, there are no Mental thoughts because the Mental is blending into all the rest. All there is ~ is the Higher Mind and the Higher Mind understands.  The Higher Heart feels it.  Bring that Acceptance within you now, and allow that frequency to come into your heart.  Feel that Beauty, feel that Purity as we come into the Oneness together . Breathe that, breathe deep, and allow that to come into your Solar Plexus, your Heart, and your Thymus as it is activated as one major chakra .  Allow that ~ and I’m going to ask each of you to intend ~ we’re going to give you a special dispensation that each of you receive an acknowledgment within the next 72 hours.

I want each of you to take some breaths in the next couple of days in your meditative state and connect with this energy as you have received it here.  Allow that to infiltrate within you because there is a door opening up for each of you to acknowledge your gifts upon this earth more fully as we come into Oneness together.  I AM St. Germain and I speak with the Ray Chohans.  In the following calls each of them will have something else to impart to you ~ to assist you in this process.  We are happy we can do this in this way, and I want to thank Christine Meleriessee for opening up her energies for each of you to receive this.  We are in honor to work with each of you.

If you feel that you need some more clarification, we would assist you on a personal basis through Christine if that’s what you need, but there will need to be some kind of donation that will be forwarded to her in connect to the session, it would be just a small little reading or session in opening up your energies. This is being offered in case you feel you would like to go further with this with any of the teachers which come forward.  We are in honor to be with you in this moment.  Call upon us in your sleep time and meditation time ~ intend to Remember.  It’s now our time to Remember . Intend, say these words before you go to sleep,


Thank you everyone, for opening up your hearts and being here in these moments.  We look forward to many more moments such as this together. I AM St.Germain at your service.

This is Lord Adama, once again.  Let us come together in Unison.  Visualize our hands-within-hands with each other.  Let us visualize the Garden in Telos once again.  And know that we have come together to assist each other, to find the love within each of us, to accept our Divinity, to increase our ability to fully activate all frequencies of reality within these bodies that everyone is inhabiting ~ we do look forward to having you join us in Telos as we are all being prepared together, for the journey into the New Earth.

I AM Lord Adama, High Priest of Telos at your service, in the Command Center in Telos.  We are in honor.

The Team of Light Walk With the Light Workers into the 5th Dimension

Welcome ~ This was our first meeting with Lord Adama & the Team of Light as they extended their hands onto each of us, the Light Workers, of Planet Earth.  It is an exciting and promising time for each of us aspiring to assist so many others on this planet.  As we help ourselves, we help others, and assist Gaia in her transition.

I am, Meleriessee and it is my pleasure to share this connection with you.  I  spoke with my background of meeting Lord Adama in Mt. Shasta and shared her story of working with the Telosians for the last decade which brought us to this moment in time.


This group is enormous and we are being prepared for great challenges.  We will have a specific teacher each week speak about the dynamics of their teachings to assist us.  This is to become aligned with their energies in the physical.  We will be given tools to also helps us through this process.  Energetics will be a main component and this is an extension of the Clarion Light Beings, and Cosmic Oneness.  It is about putting the work into practice.

Lord Adama will oversee the Team of Light and will always give a summation of the energies.  He will speak first and last.

Pyramid Structure of the Overlighting Energies

Creative Source of Oneness

Cosmic Great Central Sun – Mother/Father God

Archangels & Lord Metatron

Elohim Councils

24 Elders that Surround the Throne of Grace

The Mahatma

Lord of Great Bear Star Systems

Lord of Sirius – Great White Lodge – Dr. Lorphan

Lord Melchizedek

Inter Galactic Command ~ Lord of Arcturus & Arcturians

Helios &Vesta

Sanat Kumara ~ Lord Buddha – The Karmic Board, Great Divine Director

Lord Adama – Mikos

Team of Light

All Ray Chohans ~AllahGobi

El Morya

Lord Maitreya

Master Kuthumi, Dhjwhal Khul

Paul the Venetian

Serapis Bey

Master Hilarion

Lord Sananda

St. Germain

Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Moses, Master Babaji, Master Thoth/Hermes

Lady Masters:  Quan Yin, Blessed Mother, Lady Nada, Lady Portia, Isis, White Buffalo Calf Woman, Pallas Athena, Lady of Liberty, Lady Of The Sun, Lady Of The Light, Lady Of The Night

All Telosians and Inner Earth Inhabitants

Ashtar Command and All Star Nations of the Light

Light Workers – Highly Attuned

Light Workers- Working on their Divinity

Unaware Lightworkers

Unawakened Beings

The Good News

Since the Festival of the Christ there have been enormous changes within individuals and upon the planet.  Many will be celebrating the Easter holiday and not reflecting upon their own resurrection that has taken place. We, as the Lightworkers, it is our job to fully hold these energies strong within ourselves during the coming changes.  We are the Way-showers and we are being shown the way.

As I was formulating the energies for this group today, I realized the enormity of what I am been guided to put together.  The Team of Light has been working with me for 10 years since I first met Adama inMt.Shasta for but a brief moment of connection and he touched my throat with his forefingers.  On that day I did not know what happened to me except a huge gift from an amazing master that lived inside the mountain.  I have been changed since that time.

Today I realized that he actually attuned me with the vibratory communication of the 13th Ray and Chakra.  I now know that at that time I was fully integrating my 4th dimensional chakras.  It would take me several years of returning toMt.Shasta first for Wesak with a small group of friends and then yearly every summer for the past 6 years.  Those trips were magical, amazing, and totally changed my life.  My traveling buddy, Judy, was always with me except for two trips when I was asked to travel alone.  The Team of Light always overlighted our journey, assisted us on where we needed to be so we would receive the right lessons in the right moment.  I won’t share with you what happened as I know that is another book but just think of two women running from rock to rock looking for portals to Telos when we were already there in our higher bodies….It is funny now but was not so, then especially when we were not at the doorway of the caves knocking to get into the entrance of the most magical pathway one can ever take.

I was asked on one of our trips to take on the role of Ambassador for the New Earth – to be a liason between the Hierarchy and the Humans.  I was unsure for many years how to go about putting this together, but today is the first meeting.  It is an honor to be chosen for this awakening for each of us.

I do not remember much until it is time so I will be regressing myself through this process.  There will be information I will gather for the beginning stages of the group as I have been guided to do so through my Soul’s Essence.  Each of you also have a role to play within this grand scheme of the New Earth.

We will be overlighted by the Team of Light for the new Earth and we are going to walk with each of them.  There will be a separate Master/Teacher each week that will give a short dispensation on how we can balance ourselves and connect to their energies in order to make this journey more of a reality.

Adama will overlight the Team of Light and also give a short message from the group on the changes, challenges, and how we can best assist each other.

The Bad News

Challenges will be happening fast and furious.  May is going to be a very intense month.  I will save the specifics to each of the teachers that will be coming through.  We may be given tasks to do in our meditation or sleep state to assist in the process.  It is imperative that we keep calm during the roughest times.  Being the Sensitives that we are, is going to be challenging but we are ready.  We have been in training for many years for this time.


There will be 21 Golden Cities across the globe.  They are:

1)      CentralAlaska

2)     British Columbia

3)     Edmonton,Alberta

4)      CentralOntario

5)     Missoula,Montana

6)     Boulder,Colorado

7)     Tucson,Arizona

8)      Decatur/Springfield,Illinois

9)     Atlanta,Georgia

10)  Columbia

11)  Machu Picchu

12)   CentralFrance

13)  Spain

14)  Africa

15)  Romania

16)  Sweden

17)   Nepal/Tibet

18)  Kashmir

19)  New Zealand

20)  Taiwan

21)  Saudi Arabia

Each of these cities will be overlighted by an Ascended Master and will have a council of five people consisting of a seer, visionary, prophet or prophetess; a psychic; an environmentalist; a business professional; and an engineer.  Each council will meet with the other councils in theUSAand internationally.  Each of these communities will center upon these elements of living:  Calmness, Cooperative Action, Communication, Collaboration, Community, Consensus and Compassion.


These cities are being built as we speak and have been in construction mode for several years in the Etheric Level.  Some of you may have read about them or had dreams.  Acknowledge those dreams as they are very true and tap into that knowledge. They are going to be like capitol cities in the areas.  There will be other places to live in the outlining areas but the cities will hold the Councils of Light and will be the overseeing agent for the New Earth Community.

Many are concerned in how we are going to get to the New Earth, “Terra Christa” and that will also be explained by many of the masters.  Right now they want us to concentrate in vibrating our energies so we can be prepared to do the journey together.  Some may go ahead of others; and everyone will be meeting their soul groups.  More explanation will be coming about the soul group formation as I have a feeling it is not the same as we all think.

It is imperative that we prepare ourselves and Gaia for this transition as the more work we do, the more land masses and water we can take with us.  The maps that are shown in the website I mentioned were made in 2005 – which means that we could still change land masses to be strengthened more.  It is up to do so.  There are many groups around the world that are doing the energetic work as we do in the Clarion Light Beings, but I do suggest the Earth Grid Ceremonies like what I taught last week.  Commanding these energies into the earth is really going to assist.

So during this process it is important that each of us be attuned with those 22 chakras that will integrate the 5th dimensional body.  This can be done through the vibrational work, chanting, decrees, and meditations.  I will be providing a decree each week pertaining to the Master that will be speaking.

Watch tall-tale signs of weather patterns in your area:  Utilize this time to create the calmness.  Lets be more cognizant of watching the weather or the news only enough to prepare us…take what you need and leave the rest.  We will be challenged to see if we can take on the information, intuitively work with it, and then do what we need to do without allowing the media to get into our mental levels.  It is important at this time to be fully balanced in all areas.  Any signs of imbalance are going to cause the problems to escalate.

There will be a decree written for each class representing the energies of the Guest Teacher.  They will assist in raising your vibration and please do share with others.  Christine will provide some background information on each of the teachers but most of the call will be geared to connecting with Lord Adama and the Team of Light.

Connecting to the Team of Light

I Am a LightWorker Upon the Planet of Earth

I have been guided to open up my energies and gifts to share with each other

As I sit with my breath

I feel the essence of my being come fully within me

It flows into my Crown circling through my entire chakra column

As it comes into each chakra, it goes into my physical body

Intertwining within every part of my cells, atoms, and molecular structure

It changes every part of me

I breathe deeper as it moves through my Third Eye, Throat, and Heart

My heart is now expanding in all directions

My Solar Plexus feels the power and strength deeply

As it now flows down into my Sacral and Root Chakras

Breathing deeper I know feel my Higher Self

He/she has fully come into my Thymus, the Seat of my Soul

The presence of my essence is so very strong

I stand amongst my fellow Lightworkers and all Light Beings of the Spiritual Hierarchy

I Feel one with each of them

The remembrance of my soul’s wisdom is now deep within me

I feel my love, power, strength and joy within

I acknowledge my purpose in this moment

And allow that reflection to be Within Me as I share it with others.

I Am One with my Brothers and Sisters of the Light

I AM that I AM that I AM

The next blog will contain the full transcription with Lord Adama and Saint Germain.  It was something that should not be missed.  To listen to the recording and download, please click the tab at the top of the page marked, “Audio”.  I will also share some of the meditations that I put forth in the calls depending on the content.

We look forward to having you join us and add to the Circle of Light.  This is a connection for each of us and we all have something to share with one another.  Look for our group in Facebook, “ONENESS~New Earth Circle of Light”.  Hope to see you there.

In Expressions of Oneness,