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Jan 25th, 2012 ~ Discussion of Golden City over Sweden, Aslaanetair, “One Complete Union”


Last week we conducted our monthly class, “Learning to Embrace the Golden Energies of 11:11:11~Journey through the Solar Plexus with the Rays of God”.  It was a very powerful class which is continuing monthly through each of the chakras.

Previously we visited the City of Itarliaan as we connected with Lady Nada and Mother Mary.  This city is located in the Etheric Earth over New Zealand.  It is the City of Creation & Joy as we fully attract our Light Body into our physical existence.

Current State of Affairs:

We have just celebrated the Chinese New Year of the Water Dragon and the New Moon.  It is a very opportune time to fully take stock of what we want to create and allow the effects of the water essence to move us into our next phases of growth.  As we are learning about each of the Golden Cities of Light around the globe, they are truly assisting us in this new wave of transformation that we have never experienced.  Accessing the Rays of God is a very important part of our mastership pathway and learning about these cities are assisting us greatly in the process.  Additionally, each of the 22 Rays of God become our higher chakras after journeying through the 1st seven chakras and rays.  So not only are we learning to command the energies for our wellbeing and acceleration, we are fully activating the higher chakras.  Please take some time and re-listen to the previous recordings as we are moving into the cellular level to fully clear all of our timelines within those areas.

Moving Forward:

Tonight we will be visiting the Etheric Level of Sweden as we access the Golden City of Aslaanetair which represents One Complete Union as the Male & Female Divine come into full balance within the physical existence.  It is overlighted with the color of Pearlescent which is representative of the 10th Ray Inviting the Soul Merge within the Sacral Chakra.  As we know the Sacral represents our creativity and sexuality within our physical essence.  The City is a place where we truly walk into the availability to fully feel the merger of the Male and Female Within.

Master Voltar and his female counterpart,Valencia are the overlighting Beings of this amazing city along with Archangel Ariel (female counterpart of Uriel).  We will work with Master Voltar and Lady Master Valencia for this week and connect with Archangel Ariel next week.

10th Ray ~ 4th Dimension Ray is activated with the Polarity/Sacral Chakra Representing the Anchoring of the Body of Light, Inviting the Soul Merge along with the Male & Female Divine Energies to be fully intertwined within each other.

COLOR:  Pearlescent which is a mixture of the Red, Blue, and Yellow rays mixed with White Light.


  • Acceptance of the Divine Union Within ~ Being in the Moment ~ Expressing Balance Within the Body by accessing the Male & Female as One Complete Union ~ Blending the frequencies of the Higher Self into the Physical Existence
  • Balance
  • Calmness
  • Comfort
  • Equilibrium
  • Guidance
  • Inner Wisdom
  • Insight
  • Reflection
  • Safety
  • Uplifting

Master Voltar and Lady Master Valencia are from Andromeda.  Andromeda is a planet that represents love and resonates at a frequency that is aligned with the Creation Codes of the Universe.  It is also a Divine Portal for the Feminine Divine allowing an individual to fully access the higher frequencies.  It makes sense that Voltar and Valencia are our guides for this city and the 10th Ray of the Soul Merge as we are moving from a 3rd dimensional being into a 4th dimensional existence.  It is so representative of the Feminine Divine that we are now fully accessing and activating in this year of 2012.  There are 12 Cosmic Masters that are from Andromeda and some of them we know well, as Vywamus and Melchoir are both within this Council of Light.  They have evolved through all of the levels from the Planetary-Solar-Galactic-Universal-to the Multi-Universal.  It is the planet of love but of the higher frequency which will allow each of us to move into the new paradigm that each of the Masters have been sharing with us.  Working with these energies will also give us ability to love deeper as the reflection of ourselves will change with the activation of our Higher Self and I Am Presence energies along with understanding our role in our spiritual pathway, and connecting to the Divine more deeply.

Master Voltar

He assists in cutting through illusions, deception, and elements that are nonsensical.  He brings Truth, illumination and enlightenment.  He has been in creation since the beginning of time and brings forth a very powerful and masculine energy which will assist in removing the most stubborn places of dis-ease and dis-cord.

Lady Master Valencia

She represents the Goddess energy and the Divine Feminine.  Her energy is vast and immense which radiates like the sun shining on an individual.  She is very powerful but yet gentle, loving and soft.

Decree ~ Temple of One Complete Union


I Am a Lightworker on the Path of Transformation;

I have traveled many roads to arrive at my present destination;

My Higher Self is guiding me to fully embrace my Divine Union of the Male & Female Within;

I am learning to activate the 4th dimensional chakras in this Union Divine;

I am being called to receive assistance of the great Golden City over Sweden;

It is called the City of Aslaanetair;

I feel it’s essence permeating every part of my Being;

In the Color of Pearlescent representing mixtures of red, blue, and yellow mixed with White Light;

I see in the midst before me two beautiful Beings of Light;

They are Master Voltar and Lady Master Valencia from Andromeda;

As they reach their hands out to me in a greeting, I feel their intensity running through my body;

Surges of Light are all around me as each of them represents the male and female within me;

I feel an intertwining energy within my Sacral Chakra spinning in complete balance;

A deep calmness comes over me as the Divine Feminine and Masculine is fully united;

I express a deepness of love I have never felt before,

I now embrace it fully with the breath that I AM;

I AM that I AM that I AM.

This call takes place on Wednesday evenings at 5 PM Pacific.  We are traveling to all the Golden Cities in the Etheric Realm.  For more information, check out LifeStationEarth, http://lifestationearth.com/newearthcircle_139.html.

Christine Meleriessee & Mike Hayden

Vibratory Masters & Mentors for the New Earth

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