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Jan 11th, 2011 ~ Discussion ~ Visiting the Golden City of Itarliaan over New Zealand with Mother Mary


Last week we visited the City of Itarliaan as we connected with Lady Nada.  She assisted us with removing any negative energy in order to receive the Divine Love to actualize the Body of Light.  It was a very powerful call to assist us on the next phase of our journey.

Current State of Affairs:

As we are now moving through the higher rays, we are going to be experiencing elements that we previously thought we had taken care of.  It is the process of removing elements from the cellular level that is very important.  This is why sometimes we feel that we are releasing over and over again.  In essence we are ~ through all phases of the four body system and now through the cellular level.  The energies presently are assisting with the transformation.

We are still feeling the effects of the full moon of Cancer so this call may include more of the same elements from this week.  The most important part is for each of us to acknowledge what we are experiencing as the process can go much easier for each of us through the different stages.

Moving Forward:

Tonight we are returning to the City of Itarliaan over New Zealand which represents Attraction to the Body of Light in the 9th Ray of Blue-Green Essence.  Last week we worked with Lady Nada and tonight we will be meeting up with Ascended Master Lady Mother Mary.

Aspects of this Golden City:

Joy, Creation with the Self, Acceptance, Moving from Hope into Actualization, Love and Light within, Potential, Stability, Doorways opening with the Light within the Body, old being removed and resurrected

Lady Master Mother Mary is also an archangel and the Twin Ray of Archangel Raphael.  In this city she comes to us as the Lady Master bringing forth the personality and divine qualities as Mother Mary.  Most of her embodiments were in a feminine body.  Previous to Mary’s incarnation she had been trained in the power of concentration.  She had a strong connection to the angels in this incarnation since that was her origin although she specifically asked not to know of her mission with Jesus.  She had a direct connection with God and every task that she performed as Mary was thanking God for his presence in her life.

Mary’s presence in the Temple of the Sacred Heart is very predominant as she assists souls before embodiment to create the best elemental substance the individual can offer, the Etheric pattern for the future heart.  She also petitioned the Karmic Board in 1952 for babies to be born in perfect condition.

As many of us connect with Mother Mary to assist us in nurturing of our hearts and souls, this evening will not be any different.  It is with pleasure that we connect with her as we move through the process of Attracting Our Body of Light which truly represents opening ourselves up to Divine Love and our own Sacred Heart.

Decree ~ Walking through the Doorway of the Light Within Me

There is a very special Golden City in New Zealand,

I am anxious to experience it firsthand;

As I have been walking through the areas of transition,

I have cleared and rebirthed many times over;

I feel the essence within me changing deeply,

As now I am ready to accept the next phase of my journey.

I want to attract the Light more fully within my physical vehicle,

I call upon Lady Nada for assistance;

She represents the phase of Creation by dissolving all that does not serve me,

Her essence is completely within Divine Love;

Mother Mary also assists by showing me how to incorporate joy within my life,

They come towards me in the essence of the Blue Green;

I breathe deeply and feel walking into the essence of actualization of all that I have created,

I feel through my breath the joy and beauty that I Am,

I Am Divine Love.

Experiencing these moments of creation has helped me to fully actualize my self worth,

I am now in full acceptance of my Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual bodies,

As now they become One in Wholeness;

I feel it swirling within me of the full expression that I Am,

I am now attracting the Body of Light as I stand within the Temple of Divine Love and Joy.

Thank you, Lady Nada and Mother Mary,

I feel blessed, alive, and joyful about my creation onto this Earth;

I AM that I AM that I AM.

If you would like to learn more about our weekly vibrational calls, please see LifeStationEarth for details including availability of downloads.

Christine Meleriessee & Mike Hayden

Vibrational Masters & Mentors for the New Earth Consciousness

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