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Sept 14th, 2011 ~ The Golden City of Truth ~ Valakanah, Over Central Alaska ~ Discussion


The last few weeks we have been working with the 2nd Ray of Love within the City of Malton over Illinois and Indiana along with traveling to the Ashram of the Elohim Masters Apollo and Lumina.  The Yellow Golden Ray has been infused within us so that we are now walking as Golden Yellow Warriors of Light.

Current State of Affairs:

Presently we have traveled through five of the seven first golden cities which represent the Violet Flame of Transmutation in Wahanee over Atlanta, Georgia; Ruby Red of the Devotion in Shalahah over Montana and Idaho; Gobean of the 1st Ray of Will and Power in Blue over Arizona and New Mexico; Klehma over Colorado, Kansas and Nebraska with the Ray of Balance and Harmony for Mother Earth in Crystalline Light; and Malton over Illinois and Indiana representing the Golden Yellow Ray of Love and Wisdom.  When we fully finish with the first seven cities we will go over the energetics of each city represented by the Rays so we can get an idea of where we might need work or if we are ready to move into the 4th dimensional Rays of God.

We have learned that each of us now has a Golden Machete for healing the Earth and ourselves which represents the Golden Yellow Ray shared by Mahatma Gandhi.  Master Kuthumi share knowledges along with the Elohim and Archangels of this Ray to assist us in helping to clear out our mental levels.  We took a journey across the United States to help alleviate challenges in environmental conditions with Master Kuthumi’s assistance.  Quite a bit has happened in the past few weeks.

I ask you to continue these processes it is very important.  Each of these cities represents these rays for us to visit and help to accelerate our Light Bodies into existence.  It will be an important factor that each of us understands our capacity to heal as it is a necessary component for us to help others.

In the words of Lord Adama today:

Each of the 21 cities is a progression.  Some individuals that are attuned to a specific ray are going to be aligned in that frequency.  They will work in these areas, but all individuals must visit each of the cities that represent each of the rays to work on those aspects within themselves.  Christine, we have asked you to do this because we feel that this information is important.  Others have written about the cities, the rays, but never in this context and what it is going to mean.

Each of the cities is within the Etheric realm at this time.  As the earth shifts and changes and the alignment of certain areas becomes fully within the purpose of the God Source, then those cities will be able to be visited fully.

As we are going through the material and visiting the cities, please take stock of what it feels like for you.  If there are elements that you intuit are important for you to work with, please utilize the recordings to go back again.  I don’t feel as if we should learn about these cities and then completely forget.  Sometimes we need to do a little repetition so that we can utilize our highest knowledge.

The other element I want to mention is that we are trying to assist as many land masses as possible through this process.  These cities will become available to us and not until then, when critical consciousness moves into the 5th dimensional arena.  These areas that are being saved and others that need healing are not set in stone with the information.  The information is given as a guide and each of us has a responsibility to take our part in accelerating the land masses.

Moving Forward:

Tonight we are working with the energies of the 5th Ray of Scientific Knowledge which is the City of Valekanah over Central Alaska.  Master Hilarion will be overlighting the energies.  It is representative of the White Light mixed with Gold and Green.  This city represents Truth and Healing while fully embodying it.  One cannot heal with knowing their inner truth.

This city will allow individuals to fully acknowledge themselves to assist humanity.  Each of these cities is being built to assist humanity.  We do not want the fall of any specific group of individuals as what happened during Atlantis and Lemuria along with other civilizations.  This will be a city in which individuals will come to fully find their true purpose.

Master Hilarion is the Chohan of the 5th Ray.  He was a priest in the Temple of Truth, on Posidonis, the last remnant of the Atlantean Continent.  When he and his colleagues were alerted that Atlantis was falls, he volunteered to bring the Flame of Truth Crete which at that time was part of Greece.

In Biblical times he was known as Saul of Tarsus, and then as the Apostle Paul.  He also had an embodiment as the Phiilospher Lambilichus.  He presently functions at the Temple of Truth, in the Etheric realm, over Crete.  The Brotherhood of Truth assists all researchers who have consecrated their lives in an effort to bless the human race.  Hilarion likes to assist skeptics, atheists, and the disillusioned.  He is successful in instilling within them a faith in God.  Hilarion feels that REMORSE is one of the greatest ills of experience.  To spare mankind remorse he goes to the ones that need it the most, Skeptics, agnostics and those who have no believe system.

In his words:  “Persevere, persevere beloved ones as one who knows.  I can say to you ~ persevere in love, and you shall wear the crown of victory and the white garment.

The aspect of this ray is Concrete Science and Knowledge.  This can be one’s inner knowledge or also the ability to grasp higher knowledge.

The Virtues of this Ray are:  Research, Keen Intellect, Attention to Detail, Truthfulness, Being Analytical, Unwavering Patience and Extreme Thoroughness in repeated examinations, the power to make the voice of silence heard and the manifestation of the Great White Light.

The vices are:  Harsh Criticism, Arrogance, Lack of Compassion, and Unforgiving Temper.

The Virtues to Be Acquired:  Reverence, Devotion, Love, Open-Mindedness, Truth, Dedication, and Healing.

The Higher Expression is the Science of the Soul and Spirit and the Lower would be a modern educational system.

This ray is also overlighted by the Elohim Masters Cyclopia & Virginia along with Archangels Mother Mary and Raphael.

The overall energy of the City of Valekanah is finding One’s own Inner Truth, Knowledge, and Wisdom.  In other words this is a place you want to visit to fully assist you in finding your Missing Puzzle Piece.  I know we spoke about this in the City of Wahanee but it is a deeper entrance into the Core of your Being with your own Inner Truth.  If you cannot find your wisdom that your Soul needs to impart, you will be floundering from place to place like many of us have been for eons of time.

This is truly a City to Find Your Own Inner Wisdom that needs to be imparted.   Without your truth you cannot express fully your Divinity.

The City of Truth, Valakanah

I have traveled far and wide across the globe searching within myself,

I went to the Cities of Gobean, Shalahah, Wahanee, Klehma and Malton;

I still have more to see but I am really excited about the City of Valakanah.

Master Hilarion is the overlighting frequency of this city,

He has such knowledge but expresses it in beauty and love,

I am excited to learn to follow his example;

He says to me, “This is the City ofTruth~ all will be revealed when you walk through the doorway”;

I step inside and feel the expansion,

Of the Golden and Green Hues within the White Light,

It flows through me and centers into my Third Eye.

I feel a moment of ecstasy and then a flash of knowingness whirls through me,

I am unsure of the entire picture,

But I see the pieces all coming together;

He says to me “Sit here my child; let it flow through you”;

Let me guide you into a place of magic and expression within your Being like you never thought would be revealed;

I call it the City of Revelations,

I hope you will see why it is called thus-so….

I sit, reflect, and feel the fluidness of the frequencies running through me,

“Yes,” I say, I have come to the right place,

My travels before have assisted me greatly and deeply,

Now I am ready to see the full arena of my Soul’s Purpose flowing through me.

I AM that I AM that I AM

I AM Ready to Understand and Receive the Knowledge that I AM.

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