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Oct 19th, 2011 ~ Discussion ~ City of Saceleas with the Elohim Heros & Amora and Archangels Chamuel & Charity


Last week we traveled to Telos and celebrated a full moon ceremony in the Forest of the Temple of Oneness.  It was an amazing event as we were honored by all creeds and races from around the globe for healing of ourselves and Gaia.  If you anyone is interested in the recording, it is available under my website, Tele-Classes for download, http://lifestationearth.com/tele-seminars_41.html.

Current State of Affairs:

Many changes are occurring with the 11:11::11 coming up in a couple of weeks.  Spirit is pushing me to fully bring forth some teachings and clearing elements to help others to fully be ready for this event.  I am promoting two sessions; one, with Lord Adama to help others get a clear direction of what their role with the New Earth may be and secondly, a session with one of the Ray Chohans for any of the Golden Cities.  There will be a discount offered for receiving these two sessions which will be announced in my newsletter forthcoming this week.  In addition we are promoting a 2-3 hour call to assist individuals ridding themselves in the Fear-Based realities.  This will occur on Saturday, the 29th of October at 10 AM, PDT.  Details will be provided in a few days.

Moving Forward:

Tonight we are returning to the City of Saceleas overlighting Central Ontario with the Elohim Masters Heros & Amora with Archangels Chamuel & Charity.  This City represents the 3rd Ray of Active Intelligence of the Pink Flame.  I am excited as I have been diligently working with this ray in the last couple of weeks and know that it is our key to the Power of our manifestations and Mental Illuminations.

Elohim Master Heros is also known as Orion with his Divine Complete as Amora or Angelica.  They are considered the aspect of Divine Love.  The great service of Heros is the love of impersonal, constructive service to life.

The Retreat of the Elohim of the Third Ray is in the Etheric plane over Lake Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Their Pink Flame radiates God’s Love to the entire Earth, functioning as aSacredLoveCenter— the Heart Chakra of the planet. In every Retreat of the Elohim, there is a Focus of the Sacred Fire that is maintained at all times.  [Note:  when I was bringing forth this information I did not know that their retreat was in Canada.  This gives me confirmation of the information I am bringing forth is correct.  So their personal retreat and the Golden City is overlighted in Canada.  This will make this city even more powerful for individuals to accelerate their Heart Centeredness.]

Both Heros and Amora are interested in bringing peace to the Earth.  Without this divine love that they embody, no lasting peace can manifest.  So for each of us individually, it is very important to bring forth this Divine Love within ourselves.  Its radiation brings forth the warmth of the feeling of GOOD WILL toward all unhappy and imprisoned life.

In Heros words, (Ascended Masters & Their Retreats,W. Schoreder):

“I come into the atmosphere of Earth on wings of divine love, bringing with me the concentrated flame of that love.  This flame has been the magnetic, cohesive power which drew into being the Earth upon which your feet stand, the very physical bodies in which you function, and every other manifestation which appears.  Every form which you enjoy is part of this flame, held together by the Flame of Love, for if divine love (which is cohesion) would cease to be, the universe would return to the unformed and become again part of primal life.”

“Will you now consciously give me your attention, please?  If you know any lifestream in this Earth life, with whom you are not in complete accord, consciously draw the image of that person before your Mind’s Eye NOW and let me give you the pressure of my feeling of unconditional, loving forgiveness toward that one.  If you will ACCEPT this, it will cut you free form the recoil of the energies of those past mistakes, which made the enmity in the beginning.”

Archangels Chamuel represents love, adoration and devotion to God and his goodness as expressed to mankind.  Individuals call to him and his beloved Charity to instill and activate our feelings to joyously accept the God-Presence I AM, ever present in us.  We can call these Beings to able the Flame of Thanksgiving, Gratitude and Adoration through us.

Sometimes when we go about our daily tasks, they become mundane and create a sense of duty rather than in joy of service.  The Third Ray is primarily concerned with charging the feeling worlds with the LOVE OF SERVICE.  Then it is changed from the pressure and energy of the emotional world and there is a sense of accomplishment in each activity.  It is important to feel the joy that comes when you are motivated with your God-desires and your common service for the All.

Archangel Charity embodies the quality of forgiving love.  Her flame, anchored within the heart of an individual, can consume the wrong and hard feelings by forgiving love, rather than be intellectual about the emotion.  She is the embodiment of love for life.

Archangel Chamuel renders the specific service of stirring within an individual’s feelings, a joyous acceptance of the ever-presence of God.  He is a being of transcendent light, who has served for aeons of time at inner levels, teaching the angelic host how they may, through prayer and devotion, accelerate their own blessed flames in praise to the Godhead.  He also served in the elemental temples teaching elemental life how to raise their consciousness in praise to God who made them.

In Archangel Chamuel’s words to the Bridge of Freedom:  (Ascended Masters & Their Retreats, W. Schroeder):

The Adoration Flame is practical.  It is an actual treatment of the feelings, as well as of the mind, and is an actual therapy to the flesh.  True adoration of God has, within it, no self-seeking, but absolute relaxation, basing in the goodness of God and loving him for Himself.  Therefore, within it is none of the tension that sometimes attends prayer and invocation, because of the use of human will.  I change any individual in depression, any individual in pain, any individual in chains of any kind, to use the Flame of Adoration that is the true nature of their being, and if they do not see and feel FREEDOM, then the sun and the planets will no longer move on their appointment courses.

To Review the Attributes of the 3rd Ray of Active Intelligence:

Aspect:  Active Intelligence, Creative Intelligence, Physical Action

Virtues:  Power of Manifestation, Power to Evolve, Mental Illumination, Perseverance, Clear Mindedness, Power to Produce, and Understanding

Vices:  Intellectual Pride, Coldness, Isolation, Inaccuracy of Details, Absent Minded, Obstinacy, Selfishness, Overly Critical of Others, Seeing Too many Details May Paralyze Action

Virtues to be Acquired:  Compassion, Toleration, Devotion, Accuracy, Energy and Common Sense

Higher Expression:  Means of communication or interaction verbally

Lower Expression:  The use and spread of money and gold


Temple of the Sacred Heart Flame

I Am a traveler of the Golden Cities,

Today I am arriving the City of Saceleas,

Representing the 3rd Ray of the Active Intelligence;

Elohim Masters Heros and Amora have invited me to visit The Temple of the Sacred Heart Flame;

The name of it just flows through my Being as a whisp of love and gentleness;

This is the temple I desire to understand within my own Heart,

As it represents my power to evolve and mental clarity with illumination;

I meet Master Heros and his beloved Amora,

Their light shines so brightly through my own inner Being;

Then I am guided to also meet with the Archangels of Chumel and Charity,

I feel their love flowing through me expressing the divine essence of God and All That Is;

I am spinning deeply with their essences as they are here to impart me the qualities I have forgotten,

I feel the compassion, devotion and tolerance I have been searching for,

I did not realize all I had to do was search within and the treasures would be found;

I breathe deeply as I imbue their qualities within me,

I feel completely aligned as never before within my I AM Presence;

I AM joy, I AM Love, I AM Divine Love;

I AM that I AM that I AM.

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