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August 8th, 2011 ~ Background Info ~ Golden Pathway of Illumination


The last time we met we were introduced to the City of Klehma over Colorado, Kansas, and Nebraska which represented the 4th Ray of Balance and Harmony.  Most of you know about my journey across the country from the East to the West to reach my destination ofMt. Shasta,CA.  This was a journey that was not just about relocating from one place to another, but surely to help the areas I was traveling through to raise their vibrations.

Current State of Affairs:

I traveled through 12 states starting with New Jersey and continuing across the country.  Lord Adama has a special evening prepared in which we are going to be connecting to the states that are not overlighted with a Golden City so that the energies can be expanded to meet each of the Golden Cities; in other words, they will be outlining areas as long as we concentrate our efforts.  This is a big job and we will do this in between about learning about the rest of the Golden Cities in the states.  We will concentrate our efforts into the capital cities even if I, Christine, did not go through that area.  It is important that we connect with each of the major cities and include the outlining areas.

Tonight we will start with New Jersey, concentrating on the western area moving into Pennsylvania and Ohio.  The western part of NJ seems to be somewhat of a safe haven in the upper part of the state towards the Delaware Water Gap.  The rest of the state could be in dire need of great healing on an immediate basis.

Moving west, we will then connect with the energies through Pennsylvania directly in the middle of the state passing through Harrisburg on I-76.  We then meet up with Route I-80 West into Ohio with the concentration being in Columbus.

Moving Forward:

These energies will then meet up with the City of Malton which includes Indiana and Illinois.  We will connect with this city next week with Master Kuthumi, who represents the Golden Ray of Love and Wisdom.  Each week as we pass through these cities I traveled we will utilize the Golden Ray of Love and Wisdom in any of the areas that are in need of these aspects.  There are also a few areas in which I did travel through with specific Golden Cities.  They are: Nebraska in the City of Klehma and Idaho in the City of Shalahah.  As we reach these states, we will also connect the frequencies represented by these magnificent cities.

This evening we will be working with Master Kuthumi, Ascended Master Djwhal Kuhl, Master Psychologist, Lord Maitreya, and Lord Buddha instead of just concentrating on the Golden City associated with the Ray of Love and Wisdom.

We are going to ask for the expansion of the energies in all directions, North, South, East and West to include a 3,300 mile radius.  The Golden Ray will reflect the other rays as it represents the Christ Consciousness.

Areas to the North:

Northeastern States up through Maine into Nova Scotia, and Canada

Southern States on the Eastern Coast through Florida including West to West Virginia, Alabama, Tennessee, Louisiana, and all states within this area.

Aspects of this Ray include:  Radiance, Attraction Expansion, Insight, Unity, Compassion, Loyalty, Universal Love, Calm, Patience and Endurance

Virtues:  Calmness, Strength, Patience, Endurance, Love of Truth, Faithfulness, Intuition, Serene Temper, Unselfishness, Earnest Spiritual Study

Other Light Beings to Call Upon for this Ray:  Elohim Masters Apollo & Lumina, and Archangels Jophiel & Christine.

We will be working with the Team of Light led by Lord Adama.  To recap these specific Masters and Light Beings:

Team of Light

Lord Adama – Mikos

All Ray Chohans ~AllahGobi

El Morya

Lord Maitreya

Master Kuthumi, Djwhal Khul

Paul the Venetian

Serapis Bey

Master Hilarion

Lord Sananda

St. Germain

Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Moses, Master Babaji, Master Thoth/Hermes

Lady Masters:  Quan Yin, Blessed Mother, Lady Nada, Lady Portia, Isis, White Buffalo Calf Woman, Pallas Athena, Lady of Liberty, Lady Of The Sun, Lady Of The Light, Lady Of The Night

All Telosians and Inner Earth Inhabitants

Ashtar Command and All Star Nations of the Light

Sanat Kumara ~ Lord Buddha – The Karmic Board, Great Divine Director

Helios &Vesta

Archangels & Lord Metatron

Elohim Councils

24 Elders that Surround the Throne of Grace

The Mahatma

Lord of Great Bear Star Systems

Lord of Sirius – Great White Lodge – Dr. Lorphan

Lord Melchizedek

Inter Galactic Command ~ Lord of Arcturus & Arcturians

Cosmic Great Central Sun – Mother/Father God

Creative Source of Oneness

Each of these Light Beings will be assisting us in expanding the Golden Ray through these areas.  If there is a specific teacher you would like to connect with at this time, please do so.

This is a surprise for me and it will continue to be so.  Thank you for being on this journey with me.


I Am a Lightworker with a specific pathway to assist the New Earth,

I have a Machete that represents the Golden Light;

This Machete will bring forth this Golden Ray everywhere I intend it to go,

It shall travel into the North, the South, the West, and the East for 3,300 miles,

Illuminating the Essence of Love, Joy, Compassion, and Serenity,

To all Sentinent Beings of this Earth

I send it to the land masses within the Earth, going deep into Gaia’s Core,

It goes through the water, the mountains, the fields, the deserts,

All who walk upon these lands will be affected harmoniously with these rays of light;

I call upon Master Kuthumi, Lord Maitreya, and Djwhal Kuhl to help the souls of these areas,

I breathe deeply and feel the Golden Ray running through my veins onto the Heavens above,

It moves down into the Core of Gaia into the Crystalline Structure

All areas that are dis-eased will now be infused with the Love and Wisdom that all desire,

These areas that heal will be outlining posts of the Golden Cities;

Today we connect with New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Ohio as the energies blend m

We concentrate on the capitals of Trenton in New Jersey,

Harrisburg in Pennsylvania,

And Columbus in Ohio;

As these frequencies blend with the City of Malton overlighting Indiana and Illinois,

Thank you, Master Kuthumi, for your assistance onto all of these souls that are unawakened,

I am honored to have this Golden Machete to assist these lands onto the New Earth,

I AM that I AM that I AM.

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