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June 22nd, 2011 ~ The Golden City of Freedom & Justice of Humanity, Wahanee ~ Background & Discussion

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We were honored to travel with Lord Adama to the City of Wahanee which is in the Etheric Level of Earth over Atlanta, Gerogia and South Carolina.  As I was preparing the discussion part of the call, I realized how very important this city is going to be for so many people.  The City exhibits an aura of the pure Violet Flame in all its environmental aspects.  It is very mountainous with a valley in the middle that houses the City.  I hope you enjoy the background information.  The channeling part of the call will be available in a few days.


We have been going through the transition of fully acknowledging our pathways as it stands in the present circumstances with the Eclipses, Full Moon, and Summer Solstice.  Preparations are being made for each of us through our Highest Essence to open up our pathways more fully.  Last week we traveled to the Telosian Forest in which we participated in a ceremony of the Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse, and The Festival of Humanity.  It definitely was representative of Heaven and Earth within each of us.

Current State of Affairs:

Presently with the onset of the Summer Solstice we are fully acquiring a new sense of accomplishment within us.  It does not matter how far you have come, where you may be on your initiation process, or the growth that has been acquired.  It is in the position of where we are Right Now.  We have climbed the mountain and are now standing at the top.  Ahead of us are many mountains we will continue to climb and some of them may be very challenging.  But in this moment, we are fully accepting our Divinity and what we need to share with others.  Utilizing what we have learned and putting it into practice is the most important pathway that we can take presently.  Taking a breath of fresh air and say “I have arrived.”  Embrace these moments of change that you have acquired within you.  You will thank yourself for taking a moment in silence and feeling the beauty that You Are.

Moving Forward:

Tonight we are working with Saint Germain, as he is the Master overlighting the energies of Wahanee, the Golden City over Atlanta, Georgia and South Carolina.  This city represents Freedom and Justice of Humanity.

This city will embody the qualities that Saint Germain so represents as he has been the Ray Chohan for the Ray of Ceremonial Magic and Order.  He also is the Mahachohan representing Rays 1 through 7 as the overlighting energies working with each of those Chohans associated with each specific Ray.  The overlighting qualities within this city is representative of these qualities of the practice of disciplining and ordering every aspect of his life in service and harmony with God exemplifying the power to create, cooperate, and to think with high mental powers but bringing forth grace, dignity, tact, and diplomacy.  In addition other qualities include the ability to be courteous, self reliant along with having great skills and precision.  Each of these aspects will create the Freedom needed within Humanity which will be overlighted within the City of Wahanee.  These qualities are all very important to create the internalization within this city of unity, open-mindedness, tolerance, humility, gentleness, and love.

In other words this is a city of great minds but also the ability to have the balance of the humanness of one’s I AM Presence.  I believe this city is a great mixture of the Alantean Minds and the Lemurian Hearts.

The color for this City and the 7th Ray is Violet and on the higher frequency will be more of a Violet Purple.

Leaders will be nurtured in this city and will be honored for their past deeds.  There is a great need for individuals to be in Wahanee that will assist others.  One that has moved through the initiations and putting them to practice will be utilized in the environment of the City.  The history of One’s soul development will be looked upon very heavily as individuals choosing to reside in Wahanee will become Leaders in other Golden Cities.  It is a place where leaders are nurtured and are shown the way of Freedom in our Humanity.  It is the best of both worlds, “Saint Germain”.

The Archangels are Zadkiel and Amethyst; and the Elohim Masters, Arcturus and Victoria.  We will work with each of these groups on the June 29th call.

Our Decree for Visiting this Golden City of Light

The City of Wahanee

There are preparations being made to assist in the Golden Cities;

I am unsure where I will be but know that my skills are needed by many;

Sometimes I am not sure if I am ready to be the Master I have trained to be;

I know that this pathway is not just this embodiment.


But all the lifetimes and work on the Inner Plane that my Soul’s Essence has been accomplishing is assisting me in this process,

I know the decision is not needed in this moment,

But I would like to have more facts in front of me.


I ask for Saint Germain to assist me,

He is the Mahachohan of all of the Rays and I feel he can help me,

He stands before me with a wonderful grin upon his face;

He says to me “All initiates are having the same dilemma, my Dearest One”,

You have great abilities and more will be coming,

Decisions are not to be made in this moment,

Let me share with you the City of Wahanee;

I am the overlighting Master of this beautiful Golden City;

It is a place where I assist chelas to understand their purpose,

We train many and allow the initiate themselves to fully make their own decision,

Come with me, I will show you the way;

It is a beautiful city filled with the Violet Flame to transmute and transform initiates into their chosen path;

It does not matter if you do not know in this moment,

Soon you will understand.


I take a deep breath and feel his presence within me,

The anxiousness is now gone,

I am in my present state of Awareness,

I am still learning and not all has been revealed at this time,

I accept this moment of transformation as I learn to discern my higher mind from my lower mind;

I feel renewed and rejuvenated,

I am excited about the training I will be undergoing,

Just another step along the Pathway of Mastership;

I Am Ready to understand.


I take a deep breath and feel the Violet Flame flow through me,

As it now turns into a deep Purple Hue,

I am in the present moment;

I am pure, I am love, I am skilled in many areas of my expertise,

And so much more will be revealed in future moments of my expression,

I am now ready to accept and understand;

I Am free in this moment forward.


I AM that I AM that I AM.



2 thoughts on “June 22nd, 2011 ~ The Golden City of Freedom & Justice of Humanity, Wahanee ~ Background & Discussion”

  1. Hello Christine, I see we are on similar paths as teachers and education about vibrational frequencies and ascension. I look forward to your future posts.
    On my own path as teacher I inspire, motivate and educate others on how to raise their personal frequency themselves, kindly visit our website http://www.raiseyourvibration.ca
    Love & Light

    1. Hi Deenah, I checked your site and I am impressed of how you are fully into the mainstream of the 3D reality of this Earth teaching and sharing your Light. Congratulations on your journey. Thank you for stopping by and join us for one of the calls if you so desire. Lots of love, Christine

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