Ascension Mastery Training, Walking Terra Christa

Decree ~ Visiting the Sanctuary of the Light of God in the Golden Etheric City of Shalancheiee

Forest Light Shalancheiee

Walking Terra Christa continued the journey of Cycle 4 – Dedication to the Self, through the Emotional Body providing Ascension Mastery Training within the Golden Etheric City of Shalancheiee (residing over Montana and Idaho of the USA) which represents Personal Healing, Abundance and Prosperity.


 Our journey into the Golden Etheric City of Shalancheiee was guided by the Elders Lord Astia and Lady Fratia along with the Archangels Uriel and Aurora. The Elders  assisted us to feel the Ray of Devotion through energetic exchanges within the city. Archangel Uriel and Aurora representing the statement, “The Light of God Never Fails” shared what this invocation actually means on the physical level while bringing forth Divine Language Network Encoding to break down the barriers within the Astral Self.

Concentration of the Energies:  Bringing forth Tolerance of the old self in order to embrace Forgiving Love and Grace, Learning to Be Devoted to your Spiritual Self, Allowing Tenderness to become a strong element within the Solar Plexus Chakra.  All of these elements bring forth Peace, Serenity, Balance, Acceptance of things you cannot change and seeing your Divine Truth that are represented within the 6th Flame of Inner Devotion and Spiritual Idealism within the Golden Etheric City of Shalancheiee.

ELDERS LORD ASTIA AND LADY FRATIA  ~  The Elders that surround the Throne of Grace bring forth the igniting energy of the Ray of Devotion from the 49th Dimensional Frequency, the Office of the Christ. They are the beings that initiate the ray energy to be focused upon the Ray Chohan, Elohim, Archangels and the Golden Etheric City of Shalancheiee.

ARCHANGELS URIEL AND AURORA ~ Uriel represents Peace as he brings it to all of humanity continually.  Whenever the word of God is spoken his essence is called to that soul to assist in their acceptance of peace within them.  His pathway represents Ministration to bring forth this peace.  He wears the colors of the Ruby Red and brings with him an entourage of healing angels to assist.  Uriel brings forth healing, love, blessings, the benediction, faith, and power of the Divine Mother and Father God within each of us.  Aurora (also known as Donna Grace) embodies the virtue of grace which is a feeling essence.  She is a representative of ‘grace’ to the angelic kingdom just as Mother Mary represents this essence to humankind.


As I continue my journey into the Golden Etheric City of Shalancheiee,

Which resides over the states of Idaho and Montanna in North America;

I am learning how to allow the Ruby Red-Gold Flame,

To ignite within me,

So I may find more peace and fulfillment in my life.

As I walk into the city,

I am met by the Elders Astia and Fratia,

Who are the initiating energies of the Ruby Red-Golden Flame,

They are magnificent Beings of Light,

Wearing beautiful Ruby Red Robes

Trimmed in Gold;

I feel their essence as it is permeating within me,

I instantly come to a space of calmness,

Allowing my Higher Self to be more present in my consciousness.

As we walk together,

We are met by Archangels Uriel and Aurora,

They welcome me with open arms;

I can feel the love that they share with me,

It becomes very overwhelming,

As I start to relax into a space of contentment.

We have been walking on the outskirts of the city,

The path takes us through gardens and then a forest of light,

It is almost like I am feeling I walked into a light display,

I see the Ruby Red with the Gold,

Then the Pink Orange,

Along with the Magenta.

It seems this city is not just about the Ruby Red Gold Flame,

But brings forth the higher rays from the 4th and 5th dimensional levels.

I feel this most magical sense of excitement,

But yet a strong foundation of being grounded,

I feel the light waves all around me.

Archangel Uriel tells me that I am feel the Light of God,

It is our entryway into the Sanctuary of this light,

I see there is a structure,

Filled with the most magnificent crystalline frequencies,

That are sparkling all around me.

We stop before we enter the Sanctuary,

I breathe and realize that there are emotional issues being removed;

I turn around in multi directions,

As Archangel Uriel shares that this is the Power of this light;

It moves through me but around me,

As I sense my Astral Body is being re-energized;

As I am allowing the emotional triggers I have been holding within me,

To totally be healed and removed from my Auric Field.

I am now ready to walk into the Sanctuary,

I feel the blessing of Forgiveness from my Soul’s Essence,

Into my Physical reality.

Change is about to occur for me,

I am excited,

As I am embracing this moment of my transformation.

I AM that I AM that I AM

©Rev. Christine Meleriessee Hayden, Integrative Channel 25th, 2018, New Earth Consciousness~Circle of Light. 

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