Decree, Golden Etheric Cities

Decree ~ Becoming the Reality of your Spiritual Accomplishments

Walking Terra Christa presented the Ascension Mastery Teachings of Spiritual Service of God’s Truth Within which included a journey meditation into the Golden Etheric City of San Dalphaan-Aneea located in the 5th Dimensional Earth over the continent of Africa.

The Focus was to exhibit the ability to have Unwavering Patience in order to Master your Soul’s Divine Plan.

The Golden Etheric City of San Dalphaan-Aneea represents the 14th Ray of Deep Blue Violet and is overlighted by the Pleiadian Council of Light, Lord and Lady of Arcturus along with the Guardians of Arcturus.

This visit included working with the Cosmic Master BeNaatria, Pleiadian Council of Light; and Lord Arcturus representing the Arcturian Council of Light. Our ceremony took place in the Light Temple of Divine Magnetism.

The PLEIADIANS work with us by assisting the initiate to surrender the mind by allowing the full acceptance of our unlimited potential.  They are known for their sense of humanity, heart-centeredness, and helping us to realize that in order for us to move past the lower egos, we must access the Higher Mind but with love and peacefulness within our hearts. 

The ARCTURIANS work with our Auric Body to clear our past frequencies that are not allowing us to create the Divine Plan.  The Arcturians are considered the highest frequency of Christed Extra-terrestrials that are working with humans and the earth’s energies.  They are well known for their high technologies for clearing the auric fields of dis-ease and dysfunction.

Ray 14 ~ Deep Blue Violet Flame – Third Eye (4th Dimensional Grid)

Overlighting Masters: Pleiadian Council of Light; Lord & Lady Arcturus, Guardians of Arcturus

Characteristics of the Deep Blue Violet Flame: Clearing past elements that can be lodged within the duality of the self, learning to surrender human qualities in order to achieve higher wisdom of the Christed Galactic Self, opens up 3rd eye into other realms of light, This will assist in removing toxins out of the Auric Field and create the flow of expression within the mental faculties.   As the clearing occurs, the initiate learns to surrender to the elements that have stopped the soul in previous timelines; seeing the Illumination of your Higher Mind; learning to access your full potential through the Divine Plan of your I Am Presence.


I am looking forward to my travels,

With the Lord of Arcturus,

And Cosmic Master BeNaatria representing the Pleiadan Council of Light,

In the Golden Etheric City of San Dalphan-annea,

Residing in the 5th dimensional earth over Africa.

I arrive on the top of a huge mountain,

Called Divinity Cliff,

It has a 2 mile radius and is very flat,

I feel the elevation is beyond what I have experienced previously.

There are beautiful wildflowers growing within the stones,

That are many different colors and variety of plants,

There is a mist of the Deep Blue Violet,

All around me.

I am met by Lord of Arcturus,

He is joined by the Arcturian Guardians and Lady of Arcturus,

As they surround me in a circle;

I feel their presence is so loving,

As I am urged to sit upon a rock in the center,

They are gathered around me finding places to sit themselves.

The power of their energies is beyond what I could imagine,

As Lord of Arcturus tells me it is time to fully accept what I have created,

“Remind yourself, of your very small achievements,

That have occurred during this year leading up to Wesak.”

I have to take my time, as I breathe deeper,

I realize I have changed but very slightly,

That it does not feel like an achievement.

He tells me that this rock represents my plateau of energies,

I have arrived to fully accept that I am ready,

To allow what I have achieved in my ascension pathway,

To be a guide for me to continue my journey.

They come closer to me and I feel their love,

They are chanting “OHMS”;

I feel the vibration,

And Yes, I am recalling my moments of acceptance,

Allowing my Spiritual Self to guide me into this moment.

They ask me to chant “AAAH’s”,

Allowing my physical self to accept,

What my spiritual self has given me.

You are now ready, my Dearest Initiate,

Let us take the pathway down the mountain;

As we now start the descent, I feel a change,

Within my entire self,

I can actually imagine the energies are helping me to acknowledge my Truth.

We now arrive at the bottom, near the shoreline,

Of the Goddess of the Sea.

I see the Light Temple of Magnetism,

Floating on a crystal base in the ocean.

I now see Cosmic Master BeNaatria,

Representing the Pleiadan Council of Light,

He bows to me and thanks me for arriving.

Our journey is to embrace all that you have become,

Come with me,

As we enter the Light Temple of Magnetism,

Feel the vibratory energy surrounding you.

I look behind me and I see that the Arcturians,

Walk with me as we are creating a parade of love,

I feel excited of what I am about to experience,

As I learn to become more of my Galactic Soul Essence,

Within the Physical Body.

I Am that I Am that I Am

©Rev. Christine Mahlariessee Hayden, Integrative Channel 10th, 2020; New Earth Consciousness~Circle of Light. 

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