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Decrees ~ Cycle 6 – Transfiguration – Part 2-Recreation

Valankanah Alaska

Walking Terra Christa provided the Cycle 5, Transfiguration, Part 2 – Recreation of the Mental Self of Ascension Mastery Training, Cosmic Light Quotient Embodiment with Lord Melchizedek and Lord Sanat Kumara, Hierophant for the fourth Initiation of Ascension Mastery, representing the Mental Body.

Part 2 of Recreation of the Mental Mind is the next phase of the third initiation. Last cycle we worked upon Restructuring the Mental Body. It is at this stage that as the Initiate you start to Recreate the Subconscious Thoughts that are desirable and aligned with your Highest Consciousness.

The Golden Etheric City of Valankanah represents the Great City of Purity and is represented by the 5th Ray of the Science of God.

Ray 5 – Allowing Harmony Within to Guide the Knowledge of the Higher Mind

Definition ~ Science of the Divine Mind

Color:  Green, Gold & White Blended As One Essence

Chakra:  Third Eye

Elders from the Throne of Grace:  Lord Zatheeah and Lady Zatheeia

Chohan:  Master Hilarion

Elohim Masters:  Cyclopea & Virginia

Archangels:  Raphael & Mother Mary

Toning Sound:  “OM, HUE”

Characteristics:  Truthful, unwavering patience, research and pay attention to detail as presented by the Higher Mind, intricate examination to be very thorough and precise through the Intutive Mind, Sacred Pathway of Love, truth and healing accessing the Harmony of the Spheres allows for the greatest healing capacity. It represents the ability to see beyond the physical reality into the metaphysical world by manifesting the Great White Light in any project that is created.

Virtues That Can Be Acquired:  Having the ability to be honorable in all situations with devotion, compassion, and having open mindedness allowing for deep love and reverence in all situations. Flowing with the knowledge that is received through inner truth allows for healing of the self.

Helps to Overcome these Lower Issues: Harsh criticism of the self and others including being very narrow-minded, an unforgiving temper and lack of compassion with a strong tendency to be very arrogant.

The Focus for our first visit was:  Accessing Your Divine Truth with the attribute of Perseverance.

The first visit to the city was guided by Lord Zatheeah and Lady Zatheeia into the City, then with both Masters Hilarion and Godfre’ in the Temple of Revelations.

MASTER HILARION:  is the Chohan for the 5th Ray.  He truly embodies the essence of staying strong within a pathway as his first and foremost essence represents PRESERVERANCE.  He assists each initiate greatly in clearing the old elements that stop from believing in God’s Love within.  Along with these energies are the Elohim and Archangels that bring Consecration and deep healing.  It is a very powerful ray that will allow the Higher Mind to be fully activated.  The beauty of each of these rays is that the Elders That Surround the Throne of Grace embody all of these qualities and send it to us in one stream of the Green mixed with White Light with Golden Hues.

MASTER GODFRE’ RAY KING – was the messenger, Guy W. Ballard, who met Lord Saint Germain in August of 1930 on Mount Shasta is now assisting Master Hilarion on the 5th Ray. He started the I Am Foundation through the advice of Lord Saint Germain and traveled throughout the United States to give his dissertations. Thus, the Green Books were created in the 1950’s revealing the transcripts and work of the I Am Activity. Master Godfre’ ascended in 1939 continuing his work with Lord Saint Germain. In a previous embodiment he was George Washington.

DECREE ~ Understanding the Purity of my Divine Truth

As I continue my journey,

Into the depths of my Subconscious Mind,

I now desire to truly Restructure my Thought Process,

By allowing the Divine of Light that I Am,

To fully encase my full body system.

I arrive at the Golden Etheric City of Valankanah,

Which resides over Central Alaska in North America,

It is called the City of Purity;

I am honored to work with Master Hilarion,

Along with his apprentice Master Godfre’,

To learn the ways of ascension mastery,

Through their eyes.

As I walk unto the Golden Crystalline pathway,

I feel the beautiful flame of the Green-Golden-White,

Embracing me with all of its glory.

I am honored to meet the Elders Lord Zatheeah and Lady Zatheeia;

To wrap around my shoulders a beautiful shawl,

With the colors of the flame,

The background is golden white,

With beautiful embroidery in green that almost looks like swirls of light;

I immediately feel a sense of peace and strength come over me.

I am then met by Master Hilarion with Master Godfre’,

I am deeply honored to walk with both of them;

We arrive in the middle of the city,

It is in a valley with beautiful mountains all around the circumference,

This city is so large that Master Hilarion shares that it exhibits many beautiful qualities.

I can feel the essence of the Alaskan heritage here,

It gives me a sense of strength as I feel harmonious within my own essence.

We arrive at a beautiful fountain which is called the Altar of Purity,

It is surrounded with magnificent flower gardens and many pathways,

I can feel the Harmony of the Spheres very predominantly,

As it almost makes me feel like I am leaning to and fro,

There is a stillness that I have not felt for quite some time.

Master Hilarion with Master Godfre’ guide me to the Altar,

Immediately I feel this surge of intensity run into my body,

I am experiencing tingles of light through all parts of my system.

Master Hilarion asks me to stand at the altar and feel its presence of light,

Breathe deeply, he says,

As the light frequency of the Green Essence enriched with the Golden and White Essence,

Brings to me a sense of knowingness that I have not felt before.

I stand and state my intention for this visit into the City of Valankanah,

I then feel the energy reverberate through me,

And then I realize that I need to move closer to allow the waters,

Of the Green Golden White to purge elements being released.

It is almost if I am standing still,

But receiving the most divine healing that I have ever felt.

Master Hilarion takes my left hand, with Master Godfre’ on my right,

They tell me know is the time to walk into the Temple of Revelations.

I definitely feel different,

As the purging has left me with this feeling of complete transformation.

Master Hilarion says to me now you are truly ready,

To allow your Divine Truth to be revealed unto you.

We walk down the Golden Pathway and see the Temple of Revelations.

It looks very much like a house of mirrors,

Divine Light is reflecting outwards,

It feels like it brings forth a column of Divine White Light,

So pure, so magnifying that I can feel a new sense of understanding with me.

As I walk with these Divine Masters,

I am eternally grateful for their assistance,

Of helping me to see the Truth of my Divine Soul to be revealed to me.

I Am that I AM that I AM

Our second visit to the city was guided by Elohim Masters Cyclopea & Virginia who represent Concentration, Consecration, Healing, and Music. We traveled to Mount Vivanier to experience the climb into the mountain to receive the blessings that this city brings to us, Purity, within the Temple of Consecration.

The Focus for this journey:  Concentrating upon the Balanced Intention within Your Mental Mind; then allow for the Consecration from your Higher Self to bless you. Finally, fully allowing the harmony to flow within you.

ELOHIM CYCLOPEA:  Cyclopea, also known in some texts as Vista, is concerned with healing. He is the All-Seeing of God to the Earth. His essence brings forth the element that harmony and music are wound into the activities of permanently healing every distress, moral, mental, emotional, etheric and physical systems. His strength is the ability to allow every Initiate to Concentrate on their desired outcome and thereby, it is Consecrated through the Eye of God or the Divine Mind.

ELOHIM VIRGINIA: Virginia, also known as Crystal, offers the full, purifying essence to surge through the emotional, mental, etheric, and physical consciousness, in which she can wash away the karma of millions of years. This crystal essence is the white flame invoked within the Green and Gold.


As I arrive within the Golden Etheric City of Valankanah,

To work with the Elohim Master Cyclopea and Virginia,

I am reminded to bring forth my Divine Intention,

Of what I desire to balance within my Mental Self.

I am learning to recreate my thoughts,

So that my foundation represents my Higher Mind,

And not my negative programming.

I am met by these divine masters,

That are cloaked in beautiful colors of the Green, Golden White,

Cyclopea is very powerful but with a sense of a soft energy,

That seems to melt my heart in many ways,

But yet I still feel the intensity of strength that he represents.

Lady Virginia brings to mind a most beautiful crystalline essence,

Like I am holding the most magnificent clear quartz crystal,

Seeing all its facets and rainbow lights shining back at me.

We have been walking through a meadow and I realize,

That we are on a beautiful island,

It is magnificent with mountains in my view but not close enough to walk to,

The island is situated within a waterway of pristine energies.

Everything is very expansive,

The water all around me is like a calm sea,

I hear birds singing, with whales showing their hellos in the distance;

I look towards the shore,

And see that the water flows very swiftly.

We walk through a meadow,

It seems like a huge field with many flowers,

But yet it is taken care of by nature,

In its most pristine qualities.

In the near distance is a beautiful mountain right in the middle of the meadow,

It is called Mount Vivanier and hosts the Temple of Consecration.

As the Elohim guide me towards a Crystal Geyser,

That is spouting out streams of the sea,

With spectrums of light representing the Green-Golden White energies,

It is situated in a park like setting with benches to sit upon.

We take a moment,

As the Elohim ask me to reflect upon my Desired Balanced Thought,

I breathe and call upon my Higher Self,

I feel the words of my intention,

But yet I am having a hard time grasping what it feels like.

I look at the Geyser, called the Pool of Contemplation;

It helps me to reflect on my desired thought,

I then feel it coming into my being through my Solar Plexus.

I am now immersed deeply within this energy,

And realize that there are elements that I need to remove,

In order to fully express it within me.

Elohim Master Cyclopea shares with me to use the essence of the pool,

To truly reflect the energy within me,

Imagine you are that pool of water,

And it is spraying out all around you,

Allow your powers of concentration to assist you.

I do so and I feel Lady Virginia helping me to bring clarity into my thoughts,

She disperses her crystal like energy,

Into my brain waves so the old energy starts to dissipate.

I breathe and then can feel the change occurring within me.

The Elohim ask me to stand up,

As we now are walking up the mountainside of Mount Vivanier.

Cyclopea tells me that each step I take,

Will be a form of allowing the intention to become part of me.

As we travel upwards I realize what he is saying to me,

I am starting to feel the change within me,

As we now arrive at the Temple of Consecration.

I feel the blessing that is coming to me,

Inside of me and around me;

I now understand what both Cyclopea and Virginia have been sharing with me,

I am ready to recreate my Mental Self,

With the Divine Mind I desire to be within me.

I Am that I AM that I AM

©Rev. Christine Meleriessee Hayden, Integrative Channel 13 and 29th, 2018, New Earth Consciousness~Circle of Light. 

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