4th Initiation, decrees

Decrees ~ Initiation of Renunciation with the Elohim and Archangels of the Crystalline Flame

shashwam colorado

Walking Terra Christa continued the journey of Cycle 7 – Stepping into the Process of Renunciation of the Fourth Initiation providing Ascension Mastery Training within the Golden Etheric City of Shashwam (residing over Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Nebraska of the USA) which represents Harmony, Balance, and Peace for the Earth and all of her inhabitants.

Our journey continued with the Elohim Masters Purity and Astrea along with the Archangels Gabriel and Hope.

The focus for this class was LIBERATION FROM THE LOWER SELF.

Elohim Purity works with the Cosmic Blue Lightning of Divine Love to shatter accumulate, discordant substance deposited around the electrons of our inner bodies.  The Blue Lightning explodes the center of destructive foci resulting in perfection.  The vibration of the substance of purity quickens the vibratory action of the electrons, helping them to expand their light, throw off discordant substance imposed upon them and restore them to the rhythm and harmony of the I AM Presence.  The Mental Body must be purified so that it can receive the perfect design from the Godhead or the Ascended Master.  It cannot manifest the strength to hold the design against the disintegrating forces of doubt, fear, and ridicule and many other negative qualities in the atmosphere of Earth without working within the higher realms to disintegrate these essences.  Elohim Purity works with these energies.

 Astrea assists in purifying the Astral realm (10,000 feet above earth) where impurity and evil exist.  She is instrumental in removing the psychic debris within the earth and each initiate.  She utilizes her Sword of the Light Blue flame holding the impurity leased until it can be dissolved and transmuted into perfection.


I arrive in the Golden Etheric City of Shashwam,

Which resides in North America over the states of,

Nebraska, Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado.

I am met by the Elohim Masters Purity and Astrea,

Their divine light is beaming right into my entire field,

I feel the electric blue streams literally pulling out debris,

In the first few moments of our connection.

The guide me down a hillside on the opposite end of the city,

Which I am not familiar with,

There is a beautiful lake that looks so very serene.

We stop at the water’s edge and put our feet into the crystalline water,

I take a breath and can feel the pulsating light energies,

Circling within me and around me.

I realize that tears are streaming down my face,

As I am finally feeling the purging of emotions I have been holding unto,

Master Purity brings forth his divine love,

To assist me to realize that this is a huge part of the process.

He says, “You are now healing deeply,

Don’t allow the tears to be pain but to feel joy,

Of what you are accomplishing.”

Lady Astrea walks around me with her hands of light,

I feel pulsating energies moving through me,

As now I truly am embodying the peace of this moment,

I take a deep breath as I allow the movement of the water,

To remind me of my own inner flowing light.

We step out of the water and walk around to the right of the lake,

We walk into a crystalline forest of light,

I am then again being filled with immense, beautiful energies,

That allow me to start to realize the way I was feeling before,

Was just an illusion.

As we go deeper into the forest,

I stop and see this most beautiful crystalline temple,

There are shooting waves of energy moving in and around the walls of the structure,

Purity and Astrea share with me that we have arrived,

At their temple representing the Blue Essence of Divine Love.

This is now where you shall truly allow yourself to be liberated from all things,

That have kept you separated,

To allow your full body system,

Become the Integrated Self you desire.

I Am Now Ready,

I walk into the entranceway with

Purity and Astrea.

I thank them for guiding me to their beautiful Temple of Light.

I Am that I Am that I Am.

Our next journey was with Archangels Gabriel and Hope.

Archangel Gabriel is called the Angel of Annunciation, which means that he declares to all initiates the ability to become ALIVE to what may have seemed dead and gone through the cycle of Resurrection; he is representative of the fourth Ray of Balance and Harmony.  He holds the original concept of perfection and will give assistance to all you call upon him.   He brings forth the Light of God through the purification of the 4th Ray.  He brings forth the immaculate concept to accept it, use it, and to help the Earth.

Archangel Hope is the Divine complement of Gabriel; her service is to give Hope to all you ask for it. She brings forth the ability to feel the hope with joyous celebration of the God and Goddess self.  Her radiation is buoyant, uplifting joyous, and inspirational.

The focus for this class was embracing Hope by having the Belief, Confidence, and Faith that you as the Initiate can achieve the balanced state you have chosen to become grounded as your Foundation.


I am now working with Archangels Gabriel and Hope,

Within the Golden Etheric City of Shashwam,

Which resides in the 5th dimensional earth over the states of,

Nebraska, Colorado, Oklahoma and Kansas within North America.

This city is represented by the energies of the 4th Ray

Of Harmony and Balance through Conflict,

And Archangels Gabriel and Hope are assisting me to,

Fully embrace the depth of allowing my Old Self to be Reborn.

We walk through this amazing meadow,

It looks like there are many meadows into each other,

As the growth of flowers and beautiful plants are everywhere.

We travel along a pathway that allows me to take time to reflect,

I know why I have come here,

I am just unsure how it is all going to be recreated within my consciousness.

We walk together,

Archangel Gabriel gives me a sense of deep love and recognition about my soul’s essence,

It is very interesting but I feel a part of me is truly being reborn,

Just by being in his and Hope’s presence.

We see many animals grazing around us,

We turn a corner and are met by Wild Horses,

They are absolutely beautiful.

Archangel Gabriel tells me that truly ask one of the horses,

To say hello;

I do so and I am met by this beautiful specimen of strength, and courage,

But a love that is such a blessing.

She arrives and nuzzles my neck,

Her coat is brown with stripes of beige,

I am overwhelmed with the love this animal has for me,

But yet the power I feel.

Archangel Hope is urging me to allow the horse to carry me,

With that the horse bends her back legs in order for me to sit upon her.

She literally moved closer to the ground,

To allow me to sit upon her back.

At the same time, Gabriel and Hope had their own horses,

The horses were then carrying us down the pathway;

Archangel Gabriel asks me to take a moment,

To feel what it is like to be supported in this manner,

“Feel the power of your horse and what she brings to you”

I then realized that the support system I have needed,

As just arrived.

I feel the pressure of my issues being released,

As we are now traveling to this magnificent pool of crystalline light,

The meadow is so vibrant with the forests around us,

I am now feeling the creation of Hope to be within my consciousness,

As I have been assisted greatly.

Behind the water is a magnificent mountain of light,

We have arrived at the Temple of the Light of God.

I can feel the power of these energies,

The horse, the water, the beautiful mountain;

At the middle of the peak, I can see a crystalline flame,

Glowing in the sky.

The horses continue the journey through the water,

I feel the wind on my face as it blows my hair,

It is preparing me to remove the insecurities of my experience,

As the person I am.

In the middle of the pool is a vortex of energies,

The water is swirling around it,

We continue across the water, and I realize the transition I have just experienced.

I jump down unto the ground,

As Archangels Gabriel and Hope join me.

I thank my new friend that brought me here,

As now I must travel with the Archangels into the Temple of the Light of God.

I am deeply grateful to have this experience of growth to occur for me,

And am now ready to fully become the Light of God’s essence to become one for me.

I Am that I Am that I Am

©Rev. Christine Mahlariessee Hayden, Integrative Channel
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