Ascension Mastery Teachings, Golden Etheric Cities

Receiving Clarity of the Wesak Energies within the Golden Etheric City of San Dalphaan-Anea

The Mac Mac Falls

Walking Terra Christa presented a journey for the Walking Terra Christa Teachings of New Earth Mastery into the Golden Etheric City of San Dalphaan-Anea. This city is located in the 5th Dimensional earth over Africa.


As we arrive at this glorious city, we can feel the beautiful Ray of the Deep Blue Violet overtaking our entire vehicle.  We arrive in a completely different place than we have ever been before which is on the top of a mountain called Divinity Cliff.  We now separate into our own Light Bodies.

Let us gather together in our group Merkabah of the Deep Blue Violet Light.  Feel this Merkabah spinning in multi-directions as we move from the physical existence of this earth, out of the 3rd and the 4th dimensions into the 5th-dimensional frequency.  We see the beautiful vortex of the Deep Blue Violet Flame.  Our vehicle is now spinning and twisting within that Vortex of Light, as it takes us to the Golden Etheric City of San Dalphaan-Anea over Africa.

From this cliff you can see far and wide.  It is very flat, and it is very wide.  It has a two-mile radius.  On top of this cliff there are beautiful flowers growing through the rock formations in all different colors and sizes.  It is absolutely magnificent on this level because you are feeling, not only the 5th-dimensional energies, but within that dimensional frequency, a much higher level of dimension, of altitude within this Golden Etheric City.

We see that there is a beautiful circular style of rocks that are actually makeshift seats with a beautiful altar in the middle, with the Deep Blue Violet Flame that goes all the way down to the base of the mountain.  

As we look across the view around the entire City, we can see far and wide across the entire area.  The Goddess of the Sea is very close by, in fact the mountain is right on the edge of the sea.  We are now met by the Divine Arcturians, Lord and Lady of Arcturus.

I, as Lord Adama, join each of you in this Circle of Light.

Alunnah, Alunnah, Alunnah.


Greetings my Dearest Friends!  I am Lord of Arcturus with Lady Arcturus with the Guardians of Arcturus

We gather together within this circle.  We would like each of you to find a place in the middle of the circle around the altar.  We will sit on the outside perimeter of the circle.  As we gather here in this moment, we want you to realize the love that we have for each of you to help you acknowledge your accomplishments.  Part of being able to ground the energies of Wesak that you are already experiencing is being able to know what those energies have done for us individually.  

It is important to realize the little, small moments that you have experienced in your life in the past year that has brought you to this place.  This is how you get to know whom you are as an initiate, as a Soul within a physical body.  

Let us take a moment to recall the Divine energy of this year. 

As you walked into the year 2020 in January, how do you think you felt about this year? 

Did you feel like it would be as troublesome as seems to be happening presently? 

Or were you excited about ‘Being the Master’?  Most or some of you may not have even realized what that means to ‘Be the Master’.

Well, ‘Being the Master’ represents all the attributes of the Rays especially the first Seven.  Acknowledging that energy within yourself to be Spontaneous, to be Loving, to accept your Responsibility to Yourself, to be Courageous and Fearless, to be able to look at each of those Seven Flames and say that you are at least one aspect of each of those Flames.

You are the Love, you have gained Wisdom, you are Compassionate, you are Patient, you Transcend Old Energies easily allowing yourself to become more of what you desire to be.  You open your Third Eye allowing the Divine Mind of your Higher Self to assist you.  You become more Content and Peaceful as you realize the Transformation that you are going through. These are some of the key elements that represent the Seven Rays of God.  

We, of the Galactic Forces, are here to acknowledge that process that you are going through, to bring forth a new sense of purpose for you.  This sense of purpose can change from day-to-day.  It is an ever-new movement of Light to occur within your own consciousness, allowing the energy to assist you to move forward and not to stay stagnant.  When you find yourself stuck, when you find yourself in a lower state of consciousness, and you cannot do what you desire to do, then that means that you are allowing those lower energies to keep you in a place where you have been before.  Allowing the energy to assist you to move forward takes great diligence and courage.

I ask each of you, again, to take a deep breath, go into that breath.  You may use any of the cleansing breaths, that Lady Mahlariessee has been teaching some of you, to really get into your own energy, to release any negative energies, to let go of any angers, to fully become more in tune with the Divine Intelligence of the Creative Source of Oneness.

Now, what does that mean to be more in tune with the Creative Source of Oneness? 

That means that you are allowing the fluidness of what the Creative Source of Oneness represents to come into your own consciousness, to flow within you, to allow it to be part of you, to accept a new way of experiencing life.  You are no longer just a physical person.  You are the combined effort of all your bodies, all of your Bodies of Light.

In this moment, I want you to take more deep breaths, allowing the Physical Body to accept the Etheric Body.  The Etheric Body has great knowledge of all your timelines.  Accept this part of you to become integrated within your heart.  You want the Emotional Body to accept that it is part of this process of the four-body system.  Then the Mental Body allowing the Concrete Mind to accept the Abstract Mind.  Allow the fluidness of energy to run within you. 

It is now time for you to accept your Buddhic Body, allowing this body of the 4th dimension to come fully within your consciousness.  Feel that Divine essence.  

Then the Atomic Body of the 4th dimension to come fully within you. 

Then the Monadic Body of the 5th dimension flowing within you. Now your accessing your Monadic Body as a group consciousness that you want.  

Then the Logoic Body of the 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th dimensions that represent your group Soul Body and your group Monadic Body.

Now comes the 144 Souls of Light swirling within and around you.  Open your Heart Center to receive them.  

Now you accept your Solar Body of Light of the 10th dimension. 

Then the Galactic Body of Light of the 11th dimension of all that you have been as the Galactic Being.

Allow that energy to come into your Heart Center as you move into your Universal Body of Light of the 12th dimension.

This is the 12 Bodies of Light.  Allowing all these Bodies of Light to assist you to bring forth that sense of accomplishment since Wesak.  

Breathe into this essence.

[Divine Language Network Light Encoding]

Feel the magnificence, feel the beauty of you transforming those lower elements within the other bodies.  Allow the cleansing process within your Third Eye of what you thought you were or what you perceived yourself to be.  Allow yourself to know in this moment with these Higher Bodies of Light whom you are becoming in this Divine moment, deeply holding onto that Truth as this is something that is more important than anything else that you fully realize within yourself.  

[Divine Language Network Light Encoding]

We now remove the Etheric toxins that have been lodged in each of your Souls’ essence, removing these elements from your field.  Your full field of Light which can also be in your Higher Light Bodies due to your past occurrences between lifetimes, within a lifetime.  We remove that essence that is a cloud of uncertainty to lift it all the way up and bring in that divine energy of the Deep Blue Violet to swirl within and through us.  

As we sit here with this altar, the wind is coming across our bodies and our faces.  It is taking away the impure essences.  FEEL this Divine energy changing you.

As now we arise from where we are sitting, we all come together.  We allow this essence to fully assist in cleansing and removing the uncertainties, to removing the parts of yourself that you didn’t know were stopping you, to allow the clarity of what Wesak has given to you to be in your heart, to feel that vibration of the Hyos Ha Kadiesh of the Great Central Suns of the vibratory rates of the Light Rays and the Ring of Fire.  Feeling all that occurring now on the top of this cliff as they are so close to our reality in this moment.

Feel this blessing coming into you, relaxing your body, receiving more and more of what you desire to be.  Allow it to come into your full existence.

[Divine Language Network Light Encoding]

We, of the Arcturians, now totally wrap our energies around you bringing forth a clearing process.  The Prana Wind Clearing Device; all the devices that we have to bring forth an exchange of Light that you deserve to experience.

[Divine Language Network Light Encoding]

As we gather together, we are now going to travel downward on the mountain path.  We go to the opening onto the pathway.  Follow us as we walk down. It is going to go completely around the cliff.  It’s very safe and very stable.  As everything is now being de-ascended into you, you bring forth that de-ascension process.

As we continue further down the mountainside, feeling the difference of the Light frequencies, we de-ascend that frequency of Light.  As we ground it deeper, we are now at the bottom of the cliff. 

There is a magnificent waterfall.  We walk through this waterfall.  Let the Deep Blue Violet waters part as we walk from one end to the other.  Feel the blessing of the water coming down and clearing away any debris of uncertainty, of all that you may not know.  Accept what you feel.  The feeling is important.  You do not have to acknowledge what it means but feel this essence.

As we now finish at the other end of the waterfall, there is a purification of a blessing.  As we step out of the waterfall, we see now we are close to the shoreline of the Goddess of the Sea.  The sun is shining brightly.  All our garments are immediately dry. 

We are now introduced to the Cosmic Master BeNaatria who is the Spokesbeing for the Pleiadian Council of Light for Walking Terra Christa.  He is your guide.  Allow him to assist you into the Divinity of Love and Light that the Pleiadians bring forth.  

We, as the Arcturians, will walk with each of you through this process.



Greetings, My Dearest Ones!  I am BeNaatria.

Once again, it is a pleasure to be here with each of you to bring forth the Divine energies of the Pleiadian Council of Light.

Come to the water’s edge and feel the clear Crystalline waters of the Deep Blue Violet essences.  As water comes up across your feet, take your hands and place them into the water, and touch your chakras with the sea water. 


We like to call it Divine Magnetism because that is exactly what it does.  It is like a magnet for each of us.  As now you have grounded these energies, allow that feeling of accomplishment to come down through your entire structure.  

We walk towards the Crystalline bridge.  As you step onto the bridge, feel the vibratory nature that occurs.  There are many different gemstones of Blue and Violet and Clear essences vibrating to assist each of you to hold onto what you have experienced.

Allow it to be in your Root chakra, in your Sacral, your Solar Plexus, your Heart, your Higher chakras as you become all that you are.  Now the Higher Light Bodies that you are become ever more present in your consciousness, in your feeling level.

We walk up this bridge onto this glorious, magnificent Crystalline Temple of Light that floats on the waters on a base of Crystalline energy.  As we enter the Temple, it is completely open.  It is open to the sky; it is open to everything.  There are Pillars of Light, sparkles of Light moving down from the main Temple in the center bringing forth almost what you would imagine as white Christmas lights.  It’s Crystalline light flowing in many different directions.

As we step into the center of this Temple, feel the vibratory energies, allow them to swirl within and through you, allow them to create the magnetism that you need.  Allow it to be the magnet to hold onto these energies of your accomplishments.  Let it be.  Even if you are not sure of what those accomplishments are, breathe it and feel it.  

You are a different person than you were months ago, a year ago.  Allow that to become ever more present in your consciousness.  Feel the beauty of allowing these energies to come into a new space of existence.

[Divine Language Network Light Encoding]

As we all gather here together, all the Arcturians, the Pleiadian Council of Light, I, as the Cosmic Master BeNaatria has ascended into the Higher Realms of Light.  I am speaking for the Pleiadian Council to assist each of you to let you know that we are here to help you.  We are here to help you ground what you have achieved and to remind yourself of this. As all the cloaks of darkness are being removed, this allows you to feel the blessing of your essence as a Soul within this vehicle you have chosen.  

Take a moment to breathe into your vehicle, to breathe into your heart, and to feel the Diamond Essences floating within you, becoming more frequent within your reality than you have ever accepted before.  As your heart receives your accomplishments to be a reality, it must come from your Emotional Body, it must come from your Mental Body.  As all those bodies come together into the Higher Light Bodies, feel that blessing swirling within and around you, feeling the blessing of what is occurring.  The Light frequency is getting deeper and deeper as we become the Strength of Oneness.  

I, as Cosmic Master BeNaatria, bring forth this essence unto each of you to acknowledge the purity of your true essence to be the reality of your physical essence.  

HOLD this now.  HOLD this in your heart.  BECOME it. 

As I invoke this essence unto you, remind yourself of the blessing of your process of what you are experiencing.  Feel the energies of your vibratory rate to be joyful, to be blessed, to be nurturing, to be centered upon the Divine Mother, the Divine Father of the Love and the Will of God as you accept your Inner Power to grow.  It expands within your Heart Center, to your Solar Plexus, to your Thymus, to all your chakras.  At the core of those energies are those three chakras to become the Divinity of Oneness, to become the Divinity of your acceptance. FEEL this magnetism now growing within you.  It’s growing deeper and deeper.  It’s swirling within you in many different directions. 

As we arise together, we are One.  Let us look at the altar that is here and feel those Divine energies as it floats through the entire Temple.  We are fully walking with these energies within the Goddess of the Sea.  You are the Dolphins, you are the Whales, you are all the beautiful qualities of this earth.  You are the growth; you are the acceptance to bring forth more healing upon the earth than has ever been received before.

Let it Be, My Dearest Ones, Let it Be!

[Divine Language Network Light Encoding]

Receive this now.  Ahhhhhh!  Ahhhhhh! Ahhhhhh!  

Allow those Ahhhhhhhh’s to help your physical body to fully receive it and become One in all that you are experiencing. 

You ARE the Divinity of Magnetism.  ALLOW this magnetism to grow through you.  ALLOW it to create more growth, more healing, and more manifestation of your deepest Soul’s desire. Allow them to become your reality upon this earth.

So Mote It Be!  My Dearest Ones!  So Mote It Be!

I am Cosmic Master BeNaatria at your service with the Pleiadian Council of Light.


It is I, Lord Adama.  

It is now time for us to gather together.  As we stand here within this Temple of Light, let us become closer.  The Deep Blue Violet becomes part of our reality.

Thank you Cosmic Master BeNaatria, thank you Lord Arcturus, Lady Arcturus, Guardians of Arcturus, and the Pleiadian Council of Light for bringing forth the blessing of all these Light forms that is deeply needed by everyone of us upon the earth. HOLD this to be true within all that you are experiencing.

As our Merkabah is created, we now exit off the platform, off the magnificent Temple of Light.  As we spin across the Goddess of the Sea, we can see the Whales and the Dolphins.  They are speaking to us in this moment.  Feel the blessing of these animals assisting us as all the animals within this glorious City of San Dalphaan-Anea.

As we gather together in our Merkabah vehicle and move through the Vortex of Light, twisting and turning in multi-directions, we come back down into the 4th and the 3rd-dimensional frequencies.  Each of us separates into our own Light body, traveling to your personal location.  

Take a moment and ground yourself completely.

I thank the Pleiadian Council of Light and the Arcturian Council of Light for giving this Divine blessing at this very important time.

Thank you, Lady Mahlariessee.  Thank you, Master Aranathanara.

I am Lord Adama at your service.

Alunnah!  Alunnah!  Alunnah!

©Rev. Christine Mahlariessee, Integrative Channel 10th 2020; New Earth Consciousness-Circle of Light.
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