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Lord Adama, High Priest of Telos shares his wisdom and knowledge for Ascension Mastery Training. The Telosians and Agartha Councils of Light realize the importance of bringing forth teachings and wisdom to assist humanity. Rev. Christine Meleriessee Hayden is an Integrative Channel who works exclusively with Lord Adama of Telos and the Agartha Council of Light.

Golden Etheric City of Shalancheiee – Lord Adama

April 18, 2018

Alunah, Alunah, Alunah

Greetings My Friends,

I am Lord Adama with the Agartha Council of Light. We are very happy to be with each of you in this moment. Let us connect within our Heart Centers.

I would like to discuss about the upcoming energies of Wesak. Sometimes there can be an upsurge of anticipation within Initiates as they hear those words as we talk about the three festivals an excitement starts to occur, an anticipation of what is to be and what can be for every initiate. We know that Wesak is a time to increase our potential to move to a higher level within our consciousness and that the Festival of the Christ helps create that energy because it is the state resurrection, the dying of the old self.

I have to say that the work we are doing presently through this month in complete alignment with the Wesak energies of working with the Emotional Body. The point I wanted to make about Wesak is that many times the excitement can be in the lower mind; it can be in the physical self.

It is important to realize that the potential that is occurring within these energies is enormous and the more that each of you are able to access your Higher Consciousness in the reflection of what Wesak may mean for you personally within your own pathway, the more advantage you will have to accelerate.

Experiencing the energies physically is momentous as we all know and those of you that have participated consciously in previous years are privy to this information because you have a past experience.

You have to remember that your previous experiences are with a different part of yourself than you are presently as you have changed. You have gone through transformations so that the consciousness that is within you presently is what you are accessing, allowing yourself to bring into your physical self all parts that have gone through a great transformative process. Many times, Initiates such as yourself do not realize what the actualization of these events represent. When I say ‘events’, I referring to events in your own life.

I am talking about epiphanies and realizations from a spiritual nature that have occurred for your internally. I am not talking about outside experiences, unless they directly reflect the transformation that has happened for you.

Let’s look at it within the four-body system. Each of the four bodies have to go through a healing process. We all know this, it is absolutely imperative. And within the lower initiations they do it in their own time until you have experiences such as what we are bringing forth through the teachings and the attunements that one part of your bodily system is getting pushed into another. As we are working with the Emotional Body through this month, it is an important facet of spirituality of ascension of mastery.

Because the Emotional Body is the cornerstone to allow those realizations to come to the forefront of truly what you are as a soul, what that experience represents to you in your consciousness, because every day you are awakening into a new facet of yourself and it continues in your mastery pathway. It does not matter what level that you are at, I myself experience new elements come to the surface that I did not realize before, because my consciousness was not at that level.

So each of you are going to be experiencing Wesak in a completely different way than you did last year or the year before. Or like Meleriessee, she has participated in the Wesak energies for 19 years so that is a big difference. Of course, she is going to be experiencing them differently than any of you are because you are new to this energy. Wesak is the greatest opportunity than an Initiate can have and the intention of that ceremony of what you desire to be within yourself is very, very important. Now that desired outcome is not representative of getting a new job, having a new car, or experiencing a relationship that you desire to come to fruition. All of those are direct results of what you are acquiring on the Inner-Self Level.

Mastery represents the Soul’s Essence and then what occurs through that process is that the physical personality changes and is reflective of those energies that are coming to the forefront. So the bodily system changes, the emotional system changes, the mental system changes, in order to accommodate the spiritual essence, the Spiritual Self, the Higher Self, the higher beingness of light that all of you have in that higher dimensional frequency, but in the physical self, you are still that person that you were born into – the physical body and you hold those thoughts, those emotions, you hold all those elements of your Etheric Self that has traveled with for eons of time.

The beauty of what Wesak can represent to each of us as Masters or Initiates is that we have the potential to completely move into a new and different direction but if you as that physical person in that lower consciousness does not totally bring forth any intentions, then you are just going to experience it as best as you can through your Higher Self without having the physical consciousness to bring forth that acceptance.

It is a new process every year and that is why it is the most important festival of every year.

It is a time when each of us, in the spiritual and physical realms that are walking the Mastery Pathway arise to a whole new level. Sometimes those levels can be tremendous depending upon what you are able to accept, and it does represent Sacrifice of the old personality.

Every Wesak you will rip away particles within that old personality that you have held in your convictions, in your emotions, and in your thoughts to move into a new direction. Of course, this is all guided by your Higher Self, but the most important element is your physical self, your lower consciousness, your physical consciousness that holds the Belief Systems.

So, what I suggest to each of you is to allow yourself to surrender within the next week and until the Wesak Festival you intend every day, every night of what you desire to become more of. What are the emotions that you are dealing with? What issues have been coming up for me. It is not your job as an Initiate to do everything on your own.

It is quite ironic because many Initiates think they are so lonely, because no one else is on this pathway with them, but in truth, you have a whole entourage of support through the Spiritual Hierarchy that you did not have before you awakened. This is the realization that each of you must come to in your physical self. You have to pretend or act as if each of us is walking with you side-by-side. You have to allow yourself to realize the support system you have through the angelic presences through Lord Metatron, through Lord Sanat Kumara, through Lord Buddha and each of us in the Spiritual Hierarchy. When you do this, you allow yourself to have faith. You open up the energies to bring forth the new sense of yourself. When you let go of your lower ego, it creates a completely different way to do things when intuiting through your Higher Self which is necessary. That is when the battle begins.

So my plea to each of you for this Wesak is to allow your Lower Ego to strip away another layer. Don’t worry it is not a problem, because your higher ego will take the place of your lower ego as the merging of your Higher Self with your physical consciousness will occur. This  is what your Three Minds represent, the Super Conscious of the Higher Self with the Sub-Conscious and the Consciousness of the Physical Self blending together. In truth it is the only way that your Subconscious Mind is going to be cleared of its lower elements, of the debris, and the experiences you have had as that Etheric Self in many other lifetimes.

This year more than any other year, the year of Mastery is the most powerful year of Wesak with the Rainbow Arcs of Light of all Great Central Suns, which believe me, has never occurred before, to come in unison with the Spiritual Hierarchy, the God Source, the Creative Source of Oneness of the 144th Dimension as you know of the Unified Whole Command.

Everything is coming into the Source of the One, and I would not want any one of you to miss an opportunity to be able to step into this energetic exchange. But I ask you to leave your egos at the door; I ask you to have faith; I ask you surrender to the old aspects of yourself. I ask you to fully realize the potential that you have because you are all very beautiful, you are all very gifted, but the only way those gifts are going to unfold is to allow yourself to surrender to all of the old elements. Allow this Death Cycle of this week until Wesak when you are reborn. It does not mean all old things are leaving, just the parts of yourself that are ready to be removed.

It is a very powerful time and we are all excited about this Wesak, the year of Mastery.

To bring forth the Divine Consciousness in a new and more grounded manner than it has ever occurred at any other time and that is a long time coming. I walk with each of you, call upon me through the next week. Use all the tools we have given you; come to the Light Ray Center so that all of us can assist each of you to step into the next doorway of your power, of your love and your will to bring forth the wisdom of your soul’s essence into your present consciousness.

I am deeply honored to be able to walk with you. I give you all my blessings from all of us of the Agarthian Council of Light, the Telosian Community,

Alunah, Alunah, Alunah!

I Am Lord Adama, High Priest of Telos at your service.

Rev. Christine Meleriessee Hayden, Integrative Channel

Wesak is the Highest Frequency of Light brought forth in the Festivals of Light during the year. Walking Terra Christa carries the torch of Dr. Joshua David Stone’s Wesak Celebrations by holding a 3 hour Ceremony of the Ascended Master Energies. Click here to join the Global Online event (or access the ceremony via download to participate in your time zone) to be held April 29, 2018 at 9 am Pacific Time.

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