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Decree ~Integration of the Feminine Divine ~ Etheric City of Aslaanetair


Walking Terra Christa continued the journey within the Golden Etheric City of Aslaanetair (residing over Sweden) in the 5th Dimension.

We worked with Lady Valencia of Andromeda accessing the energies of the Feminine Divine representing the 10th Ray of Pearlescent, activating the Body of Light of the Masculine and Feminine Divine Soul Merge. Both Lord Voltar and Lady Valencia are the overlighting beings of the 10th Flame along with Archangel Ariel. Their essences assist individuals within the Golden Etheric City of Aslaanetair.

Lady Master Valencia

Lady Valencia represents the Goddess energy and the Divine Feminine while being the counterpart of Lord Voltar of Andromeda.  Her energy is vast and immense which radiates like the sun shining on an individual.  She is very powerful but yet gentle, loving and soft.

Becoming One in The Labyrinth of the Yin

As I am learning to integrate more of my Feminine Divine,

I want to truly accept the Law of Gender in my life;

I am guided to journey to the Golden Etheric City of Aslaanetair,

Which resides in the 5th Dimensional Earth over Sweden.

I arrive within the vortex of light,

Representing the Pearlescent Ray with its hues of Red, Blue,and Yellow mixed with White Light,

It helps me to realize the potential I have within me to hold the positive aspects,

Of the Yin energies within me.

I am met by Lady Valencia from Andromeda,

Lord Voltar is also awaiting my arrival, with Archangel Ariel.

I feel all of their energies,

As I start to feel calmness and a sense of acceptance of who I am.

Lady Valencia guides me down the hillside of the city,

Not too far away I can see the Temple of the Eternal One,

Where we will connect further with the beautiful Beings of this Ray.

I sense the presence of Lord Helleiasa & Lady Helleiaso

Who are the Elders from the Throne of Grace representing the 10th Flame of Pearlescent;

Their immense light is overpowering my present energies,

I realize they are helping me to acknowledge parts within my Emotional Body that need healing.

Lady Valencia takes my hand,

As we walk into the Labyrinth of the Yin,

There are large bushes on each side with roses and azalea bushes,

I can sense the smell of their essence,

The pathway is very large,

With the sides of the walls of the labyrinth are very inclusive,

As they make me feel safe within the essence of the beautiful flowers.

I feel as if I have walked into a beautiful sacred garden,

That elicits the qualities of inner love giving me a moment of reflection;

I feel my heart opening to all that is dear to me;

I feel myself loving more deeply than ever before,

As it allows me to fully develop a sense of compassion and forgiveness,

That it has taken me so long to arrive in this moment.

As we walk through the labyrinth,

The pathway twists to the right and then to the left,

I realize it is representative to how I have been in my physical walk.

There is a beautiful archway of flowers above our head,

The petals fall to the ground as we walk;

We come to a spot that has a beautiful crystalline pond of water,

With a little fountain in the water,

I see many different crystals with flowers planted all around its edge.

Lady Valencia asks me to reflect about my own core essence,

“Please allow the pond to represent what you have on the edges around your heart.”

I reflect and think that it probably is not as beautiful.

As what I see here in this moment.

She asks me to step into the waters,

Touch the waters of the fountain,

They represent your renewal,

I start to realize that I am not as forgiving as I would like,

I am feeling very harmonious within myself,

I feel gentleness and acceptance to what I need to change within me.

This body of water with the fountain is who I desire to be,

I bring forth the flow of life within me,

To always be regenerated to my physical self.

As I do so,

I now feel my Mental Body completely relaxed,

I am starting to understand what Lady Valencia is trying to tell me.

Just sit in the stillness of this moment,

And all that you have forgotten shall be with you once again.

Be at peace as you full allow the ability of loving yourself,

To be the roadmap to your success.

The feminine divine always assists the masculine,

In realizing the potential they have within themselves separately,

And together.

I am ready now to embark upon this new journey of the Self,

As I accept my Self Worth as my guide to my happiness.

I AM that I AM that I AM

The New Earth Consciousness-Circle of Light is a weekly class in which we journey to one of the 22 Etheric Cities.  Included is a teaching from Lord Adama and a special Ascended Being that represents the city. Walking Terra Christa provides many options to participate in their weekly teachings with an affordable rate for all individuals.  You can participate in our Partner/Membership Program while experiencing the teachings on your own time via the recordings. You can also purchase the MP3 download on any of the classes.

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