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March 14th, 2012 ~ Discussion of the Golden City of Hakropoliah over Taiwan with Angel Roshel


Last week we traveled to the City of Telos for a Full Moon Ceremony in the Forest.  It was very powerful with many tribes around the world joining in on the festivities along with NO EYES, Shamanic Teacher, and White Buffalo Calf Woman.  It was preparation to raise our frequencies for the onset of Mercury Retrograde which is happening on a planetary level at this time.

 Current State of Affairs:

Energies are shifting within and around the planet as it is our time to be fully diligent with our self healing and protection tools.  We provided a Protection Class last Thursday which will be available shortly on the site to access the meditations and material.  This is also open to other individuals and we will provide the means to access this information very shortly.

Moving Forward:

Tonight we are returning to the City of Hakropoliah which centers over Taiwan.  Our first visit was accompanied by Quan Yin, the Goddess of Compassion as she is the overseeing energies of this amazing city.  We are being guided by Angel Roshel this evening who represents holding the Light Ladder unto the Angelic Stargate.  In other words she is the key to helping each of us to find our Divine Self, or Angelic Self, our beginning-ness.  She works with Lord Metatron and Shekinah (Guardians of Metatronic Light Vibrations) who empower the Light Ladder.  Working with Angel Roshel will help an individual to deepen their Divine Connection.  Thus, she is a perfect partner with Quan Yin for this beautiful city bridging the old timelines into the new by accessing our Higher Self into the Physical vehicle.

To recap the frequencies of Hakropoliah:

RAY 11 – The Bridge to the New Age

Represented within the Solar Plexus, 4th dimensional Chakra Grid

Color – Pink-Orange

Overlighted By:  Quan Yin, Angel Roshel


Pink Orange is the ray color; it is a combination of the red, blue, and orange rays mixed with the white light.  It will give off a feeling of being on a wave and will move through the body and out again without attaching itself to an area of misperception.


  • Getting in touch with Divine Love;
  • Removing all present and past life trauma stored in the 3rd chakra;
  • Assists an individual to move up into the higher levels-thus being the Bridge
  • Accessing Higher Frequencies,
  • A deep and euphoric feeling within
  • Accessing Divine Love from our Highest Essence within the Physical

Decree:  City of Divine Love and Freedom

I am fully ready to allow my Physical Essence to embrace my Spiritual Being,

I have traveled with Quan Yin to the City of Hakropoliah;

It represents the Pink Orange Ray as I move from the Old into the New.

Quan Yin introduces me to Roshel, the Guardian Angel of Hakropoliah;

I feel her essence intertwining with mine;

She seems to know exactly what I need to fully release and surrender onto my Higher Self;

I feel the hues of the Pink Orange flow through my Solar Plexus;

It takes the Old and purges it;

Allowing the New to fully be embraced.


I walk in the garden with Angel Roshel,

We come across a Rainbow Bridge;

We walk over it and then I feel the ecstasy she has been describing to me.

The Ladder onto My Angelic Self is now being revealed to me,

I feel myself swirling with the Light she is embodying within me,

It spins from the top of my Soul Star into my Earth Star,

Placing a new-found feeling of existence fully within me;


I feel the freedom now occurring,

The Divine Love that I AM;

Is fully embraced by all aspects of my Being.


I AM that I AM that I AM;

I AM Love That I Always Have Been And Will Always Be.

Join us on Wednesday evenings at 5 pm Pacific as Lord Adama, the High Priest of Telos, is our host of the New Earth Golden Cities of Light.  Details provided, http://walkingterrachrista.com/tele-calls/.  You will receive high vibrational attunements and information on the Golden Cities of Light.  We hope you will join us!

Rev. Christine Meleriessee & Mike Hayden

Masters & Mentors for the New Earth, Terra Christa

http://walkingterrachrista.com ~ http://lifestationearth.com

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