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Feb 22nd, 2012 ~ Discussion of the Golden City over Taiwan ~ Hakropliah ~ The Bridge Between Two Worlds


Last week we conducted our monthly class, “Learning to Embrace the Golden Energies of 11:11:11~Blending the Heart Center with the Rays of God”.  We were assisted in blending the Solar Plexus, Heart Chakra, and Thymus area into one Unified Chakra within the 5th dimensional chakra grid.  Thank you for those who attended the class.  It was extremely helpful and powerful.

Previously we visited the City of Aslaanetair over Sweden which represents the Temple of One Complete Union of the 10th Ray of Anchoring the Body of Light.

Current State of Affairs:

We are presently this week experiencing the New Moon.  Many are being challenged physically with elements that need to arise in order for the new to fully come into our existence.  Last week we were honored with beautiful meditations for the Heart energies including the class of the Heart Center.  So many individuals may be feeling adjustments in those areas.

Moving Forward:

Tonight we are traveling to the City of Hakropliah which centers over Tawain.  It should be a beautiful visit with Quan Yin as our guide representing walking fully into the Golden Age of the Christ Consciousness, “The City of Divine Love and Wisdom Within”.  Quan Yin is the Goddess of Divine Love and Wisdom in which she imparts to each of us to fully reflect those essences within us and is accompanied by Roshel, the Angel of the Divine Self.  This evening we will work with Lady Quan Yin and next week returning as Angel Roshel as our guide.

Taiwan is represented by many cultures of Aborigines, and Buddhist teachings.  It is a very densely populated area of the world but holds within it beautiful mountain ranges, while being in the midst of the South Pacific with the Goddess of the Sea surrounding its land masses.  This evening should be a very powerful and interesting journey.

The City of Hakropoliah is represented by:

RAY 11 – The Bridge to the New Age

Color – Pink-Orange

Overlighted By:  Quan Yin, Angel Roshel


Pink Orange is the ray color; it is a combination of the red, blue, and orange rays mixed with the white light.  It will give off a feeling of being on a wave and will move through the body and out again without attaching itself to an area of misperception.


  • Getting in touch with Divine Love;
  • Removing all present and past life trauma stored in the 3rd chakra;
  • Assists an individual to move up into the higher levels-thus being the Bridge
  • Accessing Higher Frequencies,
  • A deep and euphoric feeling within
  • Accessing Divine Love from our Highest Essence within the Physical

Lady Quan Yin

Quan Yin represents the Golden Age as she and her twelve ladies of her court traveled, once a year to the larger cities in China giving audiences in one of the local temples.  They assisted everyone in manifesting their Divine Plan.  People would come from around the world to be revitalized and to bathe and absorb the radiation of mercy and compassion of the Temple of Mercy.  They also assisted the less privileged individuals who could not make a visit to theTemple.  This helped all people who chose to receive the physical spark of the Mercy Flame and was kept alive through the breath of a chosen member of her court.  This is how it was transferred from individual-to-individual.

Quan Yin was previously the Ray Chohan of the Seventh Ray before Saint Germain took over this post representing the Violet Fire; so along with the Flame of Mercy she also assists individuals transmute energies via the Violet Flame.  She is also a member of the Karmic Board to help initiates mercifully fully remove their karmic debts in order to restore the balance to the soul, mind, body, and/or affairs.

To this day she continues servicing humanity from the higher levels of consciousness.  She always has been very interested in helping children and parents redeem their respective and collective destructive karmas so they fully integrate the essence of their I Am Presence in all matters and life circumstances.

To understand her essence Mercy is her guidepost in all matters.  She directs the Flame of Mercy and Compassion which essential means that more assistance is given through love than received merit.  Mercy and healing walk within Quan Yin and she teaches this to each of us.  She also assists souls that have passed through the death experience to help wash away many of the scars upon the Etheric body such as disappointment, feelings of failure, remorse, and many distressing feelings that can hold a soul’s frequency in a lower energy.  It helps individuals to stand before the Karmic Board while assisting their journey in between embodiments.

Decree ~ The Bridge of Freedom onto My Divinity

I travel through the journey of my Inner Self,

I reflect deeply on my past and present experiences,

I would like to mold my future on a higher level;

I know there is still much for me to learn,

But deep inside there a sense of accepting my destiny within the present

I feel the essence of my inner power but yet there is something that is missing,

I call upon Goddess Quan Yin as I know she represents the 11th Ray of Bridging both worlds,

She comes to me in the essence of compassion, love and an expression I deeply desire;

She flows with her breath of the Flame of Mercy is bestowed upon me;

She says, “It is time for you to fully understand all you have not seen”;

She takes my hand and she shows me a beautiful city of the Pink Orange Ray,

I feel the expression of Divine Love fully coming into my Being,

She shares with me that this is the City ofDivine Loveand Wisdom;

Visiting this city will assist in removing the old that is ready to leave;

And embrace the New,

She calls it the Bridge of Freedom onto My Divinity.

Here you will fully face your fears, walk through the darkness;

Thereby, allowing the Divine Love to be fully embraced.

Accepting the ability to embrace All that I AM;

I feel the balance, the love, and deep compassion;

I express to my higher self waves of gratitude.

We have arrived together to fully understand the process of our pathway.

It is beautiful, I am fully inspired;

The wisdom that I AM is flowing within my veins, in all expressions of Me;

I embrace Quan Yin deeply as she has shown me the way,

With the breath of the Flame of Mercy;

It is now fully within me.

I AM that I AM that I AM.

Christine Meleriessee & Mike Hayden

Provide teachings on the New Earth Golden Cities each Wednesday evening at 5 PM Pacific.

http://walkingterrachrista.com ~ http://lifestationearth.com

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