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Jan 4th, 2012 ~ Discussion ~ Visiting the Golden City of Itarliaan over New Zealand ~ Initiating the Body of Light

The City of Itarliaan in the Etheric level of New Zealand represents the 9th Ray of Attraction to the Body of Light in the colors of Blue Green.  As we travel to the Golden Cities of Light they represent the Rays of God and we are now moving into the 4th and 5th dimensional Rays which will assist every individual to incorporate and ground these rays into our physical bodies.  If you would like to experience these calls live, please check out our website, LifeStationEarth, for details of the calls and also to download any of the recordings.


The last city we visited was Tamarinaqea over British Columbia in Canada which represented Resurrection and Rebirth with Lady Isis.  We spent time in Telos for the Solstice Ceremony and were assisted with the next phase of our journey into 2012.

Current State of Affairs:

We are now working through the higher rays.  We must remember that these cities are not going to be available for quite awhile as visiting these cities in our 5th dimensional body needs the structure and balance of the first seven rays.  This is very important.  You can travel astrally but we will probably be seeing quite a bit of construction in the higher rays.  I believe the temples are the only buildings that we are going to be able to envision.

As we are now fully in 2012, the visitations of the next cities are going to assist us in helping to ground the higher frequencies.  2012 represents our ability to fully walk upon our pathway with what we have learned and incorporated so far in our development of the full body system.

Moving Forward:

This evening we are traveling to New Zealand to experience the City of Itarliaan which represents Attraction to the Body of Light.  Lady Nada and Mother Mary represent this city.

Tonight we will be working with Lady Nada as her aspect is shown with Creation and Dissolution.  Lady Nada is the Twin Ray of Lord Sananda and also the higher self of Mary Magdelene.  She works with the Divine qualities of peace, ministration, and divine love to incorporate into each individual who chooses to work with her.  She will assist in dissolving all issues that are keeping one in bondage from fully receiving the creative forces necessary in one’s life.

Lady Nada came from a large family but was asked to fully step forward in her pathway by rendering service by pouring the love from her heart to those in her family while they slept.  The family members were then nourished and expanded.  She became known as the “selfless one”.  Archangel Charity assisted her with this process as she was asked to enter the retreat in Luxor and would have to several all ties to her family.  It was not easy for her to do so as with the initiations she went through were very difficult and she was living closely with other students.  She understands what it is like to fully invoke the higher energies and have to live in dense situations.

She works with the Pink Flame of Love.  She also works as a messenger for the God and Goddess Meru and their Temple of Illumination, located near Lake Titicaca in Peru, South American.  She first worked at the Temple of Divine Love in New Bedford, Massachusetts.  She was taught how to work with nature, flowers and birds.

Lady Nada represents Creation and Dissolution – she assists individuals in fully removing the negative energies in order to receive Divine Love which in essence is the actualization of the Light Body.  The Light Body cannot be fully integrated until one is ready to let go of the negative aspects of the root area.  Thus this is another journey into the actualization the Body of Light

We will work with Mother Mary next week as she represents the Joy and essence of the completeness when One is in Joy.  Both Lady Nada and Mother Mary work hand-in-hand to bring forth these aspects for the Attraction to the Body of Light.

Both of these Beings assist in the Body of Light Integration and have been chosen specifically to overlight these energies for this amazing City of Light.  Remember this is the City in which the attraction first is initiated to the Body of Light.


  • Joy,
  • Creation with the Self,
  • Acceptance,
  • Moving from Hope into Actualization,
  • Love and Light within,
  •  Potential,
  • Stability,
  • Doorways opening with the Light within the Body, the old being removed and resurrected.

Decree ~ Walking through the Doorway of the Light Within Me

There is a very special Golden City in New Zealand,

I am anxious to experience it firsthand;

As I have been walking through the areas of transition,

I have cleared and rebirthed many times over;

I feel the essence within me changing deeply,

As now I am ready to accept the next phase of my journey.

 I want to attract the Light more fully within my physical vehicle

I call upon Lady Nada for assistance;

She represents the phase of Creation by dissolving all that does not serve me,

Her essence is completely within Divine Love;

Mother Mary also assists by showing me how to incorporate joy within my life,

They come towards me in the essence of the Blue Green;

I breathe deeply and feel walking into the essence of actualization of all that I have created,

I feel through my breath the joy and beauty that I Am;

I Am Divine Love.

 Experiencing these moments of creation has helped me to fully actualize my self worth,

I am now in full acceptance of my Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual bodies,

As now they become One in Wholeness;

I feel it swirling within me of the full expression that I Am,

I am now attracting the Body of Light as I stand within the Temple of Divine Love and Joy;

Thank you, Lady Nada and Mother Mary,

I feel blessed, alive, and joyful about my creation onto this Earth;

I AM that I AM that I AM.

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