5th Dimension, Golden City of Malton, Ray 8 Higher Cleansing

Dec 7th, 2011 ~ Discussion of the City of Tamarinaqea over British Columbia Representing the Higher Cleansing Ray with Archangel Ramiel


Last week we had our first visit to the City of Tamarinaqea over British Columbia.  This city represents Resurrection and Rebirth for the 8th Ray of Seafoam Green.  It represented rebirth and aligning ourselves with our Highest Essence which helps to remove the old issues within the cellular memory that need to be released in order to receive the higher frequencies.

Current State of Affairs:

We are in a state of continued processing as 11-11-11 truly has shifted us greatly.  We need the assistance of the vibrational work in order for us to fully embrace our new Divinity.

Moving Forward:

Tonight we will be traveling back to the City of Tamarinaqea over British Columbia, Canada.  This is known as the City of Resurrection and Recreation.  It is represented by the color of Sea-Foam Green of the 8th Ray of Higher Cleansing of the subconscious mind.  Lady Isis is the overlighting Master with Archangel Ramiel, Representing Hope and Clarity.

We will be working with Archangel Ramiel this evening more fully than Isis although she will be very present in our journey.  Ramiel is the Angel of Hope, and he is credited with two tasks: he is responsible for divine visions, and he guides the souls of the faithful into Heaven.    Considered “Mercy of God”, Lord of Souls awaiting resurrection.

Recap of the Attributes of the 8th Ray of Higher Cleansing

Color:  Seafoam Green

Aspect: This is a higher cleansing ray that full assists the cellular levels.  It helps to raise one to a higher vibrational level and frequency.  It integrates with the 8th chakra representing the Seat of the Soul.  The Seat of the Soul is located between the Heart and Throat chakras, commonly known as the Thymus Chakra.  This chakra allows the integration of the higher self between the Soul Star and Earth Star to occur.  This is where spiritual wisdom will be fully integrated and allows the infusion of the DNA activation on a grander scale which creates higher level consciousness.

Virtues:  The ability to fully access all three minds as the subconscious starts to become very clear thereby, the conscious mind takes clear direction.  Resurrection occurs in this state of cleansing the subconscious as the information is then directly being integrated from the Super Conscious or Higher Self.

Virtues to be Acquired:  The ability to access the Higher Self especially during the resurrection phase; allowing the subconscious to release all the programming and elements that do not fit the full extension

Decree ~ The City of Resurrection and Recreation

As I travel deeply within my own confines of my mind,

I truly ask for assistance to fully purge all areas that do not fit my Highest Good;

I am learning about the Golden Cities of Light;

I am now ready to embark upon the 4th dimensional chakra grid which represents the higher chakras,

I ask my Higher Self for assistance.

I am guided onto the next phase of my journey,

It takes me to the City of Tamarinaqea  over  British Columbia;

It represents restructuring your subconscious onto the Higher Mind.

I am excited and am greeted by Lady Isis and Archangel Ramiel,

They show me the Temple of Recreation with its beautiful reflection of many colors of light,

I see Violet, Green, and Blue all mixed in a luminosity of what is shown to me as Sea-Foam Green;

I feel this essence permeating my thoughts and see in front of me my Higher Self reflecting back onto me;

He or She says to me:  It is now time for each of us to be one,

Let’s enter the Temple of Recreation together as we shall clear, remove and regenerate our physical being.

I AM READY and I walk with my Higher Self onto my new Awakening,

I now see Hope and Clarity within me;

I AM that I AM that I AM.

In Expressions of Oneness,

Christine Meleriessee & Mike Hayden

Vibrational Coaching for the New Earth

 This call takes place weekly at 5 PM Pacific.  For details please visit Conference Calls & Classes.  We hope that you will join us.


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