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Nov 16th, 2011 ~ A Telosian Adventure After 11:11:11

Higher Cleansing Meditation via Lady Meleriessee

{{Crystal Bowl}}

Everyone connects to their Higher Essence with intentions for the meditation.

We are bringing in the frequencies of the Sea-Foam Green of the 8th Ray into the Thymus Chakra.  Let us feel the Sea-Foam Green that comes from Lady Isis into our complete system. Take a deep breath.

Feel Lady Isis standing in front of us and with her breath and Essence, she intuits the Sea-Foam Green within us.  Please breathe into the Thymus area as it spins in a clock-wise manner.  Feel it going deeply into the Thymus and around the full-body structure.  It is going to blow into the Mental body and remove any debris, into the Emotional Body, into the Etheric Body, and the Physical Body.  Feel all four bodies blending together into the Oneness that We Are; feeling our Higher Selves fully within the Thymus.  Then it circulates through our chakra column from the Thymus spinning downwards through the Solar Plexus, the Sacral and the Root; then upwards to the Throat, the Third Eye and the Crown.  Feel it permeating into our physical structure, into the  bone structure, the bloodstream, the muscles, the tendons, all levels of creation within the physical body.  We want to go deeply into the Cellular level; visualize the frequency within our entire system of the inner workings of the organs and the Spinal Column, along with all the fluid levels within the body.  We ask for an internal cleansing with the Sea-Foam Green.  Feel it spinning downwards into our feet and allowing any debris to be released through the feet with the Golden Flame that we already put within the Earth Star that will transmute any lower energies.  If you find any disruption in the higher part of your body, utilize the Golden Flame to also remove any unwanted energies through your Crown Chakra through our Soul Star and Earth Star.  Feel the spinning of those frequencies together.

I now want you to center upon your Thymus as it is spinning very deeply.  We ask for the full integration of our Higher Self.  If he/she does not feel like they are in your physical body, feel them slipping through your Antakarana Bridge into your Soul Star as they are now slowly slipping into the chakra system feeling the center of your Soul within your Thymus area.  Then the rest of their energies move down your lower chakras into the feet.  We now ask the activation of our Higher Self to fully feel the Soul’s Essence completely within the full body system.  Feel that activation occurring now.  Let’s all take a deep breath.

We now activate the Merkabah through the meridians as it is now activated.  It spins in a clock-wise manner.  We are now going to arise out of the space we are in and feel ourselves spinning in a clock-wise manner, breathing deeply through the spinning, fully activating your Soul’s Essence through the Thymus allowing the Mental body and Emotional body to be fully relaxed and merged as a Body of Light.  Let us all meet on the Etheric level on the Earthplane as we move as one group vehicle ontoMt.Shasta.  This evening we are going to gather together as one group down through the mountain as we have before with Adama.  We will travel down through the central space where all the ships arrive.  We find ourselves in this area and we see Adama waiting for us.  We all split apart into our separate lightbodies.  Take a deep breath.  Lord Adama will now facilitate the energies.


Greetings, my fellow travelers.  Thank you so much for joining us this evening.  Please follow me.  In front of you is the elevator as we step into it.  This evening we will travel to the ground floor into a special space where the gardens are located.  Let us all gather together.  I am excited to see everyone as this is going to be a very special night.

I want to thank each of you for participating in your own way for the 11:11:11 frequencies that occurred.  I know that every one of you has been affected greatly and we are here to assist you in this process.  Please follow me.  The doorway of the elevator opens as we walk out into the gardens and we see elementals, angels, and  the frequency of the earth energy so deeply, with the waterfall in the distance, as continue walking.  There are children, animals and intuit whatever the frequency feels like for each of you in this moment.  It is your Telosian Adventure.

We are now going to walk through the forest as we see that the sun is lit through some areas and other areas it is darker.  I want everyone to stop and feel a sense of the trees that are here.  The expansion of the roots of the roots represent the expansion of each of you and what you have been going through for eons of times through lifetimes and lifetimes.  Take a moment and walk up to a tree as you give it a big hug.  Take a deep breath as you do so.  This tree is emanating a special energy for each of you to feel more balance within your bodies.  Let us now continue walking as we continue through the forest there is a silence of purity that runs through the forest.  As we walk we are on a stone pathway that is very grassy in the forest, wildflowers, and all different types of shrubbery and trees.  There are many elements so connect with those energies which will truly assist you with your processing that each of you are going through.  Then as we continue we see we are coming to another area that is more lit as the sun is shining brightly.  It is opening up into a beautiful field of flowers.  In the distance is a beautiful healing temple.  Let us walk towards the temple as it will assist you in actualizing the frequencies that you have been trying to bring forth but you are not quite in the space to accept it physically.

The Temple gleams with Golden Crystalline light which is a mixture of all of the rays but is really represents the Cosmic frequencies.  There are crystals hanging from different points of the temple and there are many different steeples in the temple.  It is round ion the middle and point towards the outside.  There are crystalline structures around the outside of the temple on the ground.  I want you to bend over to pick up a crystal especially for you.  There are many different types of crystals here so visualize the crystal that is waiting for you in this moment.  Please join me as we now walk across a drawbridge.  There is a body of water that runs around the outside of the temple.  As we get to the other side of the drawbridge, we walk into the Healing Temple.  This is an Ascension Healing Temple which houses the Atomic Accelerator (those of you that know about the accelerator which is one of the Ascension Seats).

As we walk into the Temple, you are going to see that many of the Masters are here this evening, with the angels and archangels, Elohim masters but in particular, the Telosian Council is with us this evening.  It is with their distinct pleasure to assist each of You.  Please come into the middle of the Temple.  The main room has a crystalline structure with a waterfall that trickles down with many crystals on it.  It is illuminated with crystalline and golden lights with colors and no-colors. All frequencies are in this area.  Please take a walk around the altar, and share a special prayer for yourself only.  This is about your integration.

{{Crystal Bowl}}

Take a deep breath as there is a special activation occurring within the altar of the crystalline energies, and allow yourself to imbue that quality that you just put forth.  Please follow me as we walk in a clock-wise manner around the altar to the other side.  There is a special room we will be entering.  It is lit with crystalline panes, there is a skylight above so the sun is beaming down into the room, and there is a special lounge chair for each of you.  I will stand in the middle along with some others that will join me.  I will talk for a few moments and then we will work through these elements that you have been having a challenging time with since the activations of the 11:11:11.  Please settle yourself down and notice what your chair looks like ~ colors, the pillows, material of the lounge, whatever it is ~ it is especially made for you.  I ask each of you to sit back and breathe deeply by allowing the essence of this room to completely come within you.  The sun represents the crystalline energies which are an aspect of 11:11:11; it also represents the Golden Flame.  You will see on the outside behind the lounge chairs many Golden Flames burning in different point in the room along with ascension columns that will incorporate more frequency for each of you.  I ask each of you to take a deep breath and embrace these elements that are occurring in this moment, in this space which will fully assist you in the processes that you are experiencing.

We have come to very pivotal point in time and that is so representative of what each of you are experiencing.  First of all, I want to say thank you for being here for stepping onto this path for allowing these frequencies to be within your Being.  We know it is very challenging for each of you and us.  We never experienced anything like this before and within that we have no precedence to follow ~ how it should be done, how you should be feeling, how to process it ~ except the fact that we are all here together.  Here, in Telos, we are feeling it also.  We may be living in a 5th dimensional level of frequency and we may have been here for hundreds of years along with our age value being much younger, but within that energy we have never experienced the frequency that is now coming onto the Earth.  We do feel it on the Inner Earth and more so since the experiences of 11:11:11 and each of you intuiting it.  As you bring it forth onto Gaia, it cannot help be part of our frequencies.  Each of us did our own ceremonies also.

I say to you now, “Please know that you are not alone on this pathway.”  Please know that you are bringing forth the energies within yourself more deeply than you ever have and it is a time of acceleration to completion of a stage, of a level, that is allowing you to experience life in a different way than you ever have before.”  I say onto you that You are Brave and You Are Courageous for stepping onto the unknown, for allowing your Higher Selves to be your guide for these elements to be fully accumulated and actualized within your Physical existence.  And the physical bodies have been going through many trials to prepare for these elements.  You must understand that the acceleration that is occurring is very swift and it can be very challenging to the Physical, the Emotional and the Mental bodies.  The Etheric body is being cleared by much debris through all levels of experience that you have endured from lifetime to lifetime.  So it is within these aspects that are very challenging to one’s frequency because as you receive this frequency, you are unsure how to handle it ~ Is it too much ~ Is it too little ~ What do you do with the body ~ How do you assist yourself in all areas of accessibility?

As you shared your aspects this evening in which you may be having a hard time, there is one main theme in each individual’s thoughts.  That is within the emotional level and having trust issues along with the uncertainty of how to get to the next phase.  You want to believe in everything but the body is so conditioned that it is very challenging not to be able to bring forth those elements within the physical.  I say to you as we have said before, “The lower mind, the lower heart gets in the way.”  The only way we can assist you through these processes is for you to surrender onto yourself, and I know you have heard those words through Christine before.  Please know that she also is being affected as she is incorporating the Feminine Divine through each of the Lady Masters.  This is a new pathway for her and is very huge to have each separate essence to come through your body to assist you in your pathway.  She is being effected physically, somewhat emotionally but not as much due to the balance within her emotional level.  I want to give some information to each of the men and women to what they may be experiencing in different ways.

When you are in your Mental thoughts, it is very important to work through those elements to let go of your lower mind.  For many of you this is exactly what you are going through.  With the acceleration that is happening, it can be very challenging because it is quick and it is fast.  It is actually light-speed that you are feeling.  Then all of a sudden the body is on the 3rd dimensional Earthplane level and then it is like a rocket ship that has crashed.  So when the crashing occurs your body is being affected, along with your mental thoughts; if you don’t allow yourself to utilize your tools deeply, then those mental aspects are going to accumulate and being more stimulated by the energies that are happening to you.

The Emotional level needs to clear and within the clearing process it is very important for you to realize what exactly is occurring.  At times, we do not realize what is happening within these different aspects if you are not fully integrated.  We have used these words before.  Acceleration is light-speed of frequency and if the vehicle that is receiving that acceleration, is not ready to accept it, then there will be a crash.  So what happens then ~ lack of sleep, too much sleep, appetite changes, energies changes, shifting within the body and not knowing the specific elements of this acceleration, it can be very difficult for one to assimilate everything that is occurring.

This is what you are all experiencing.  Each of you are on different levels of your initiation process but it does not mean that one is worse or greater than the other.  You are all accepting the Divinity that is necessary.  Each of you are bringing forth gifts and tools in your life that are here to assist others especially ones that have been locked away for eons of time and it is like “Pandora’s Box” is now going to be awakened.  As this is occurring, it can be very debilitating to the body as you are not used to it.  I used Christine as an example before and again, because on this path as long as she has, her body is much more accustomed to receiving these accelerations due to the ascension work she has done in the last 15 years.   The work that she has brought forth through Dr. Joshua David Stone is probably the most powerful tool onto this planet, but now there is MORE because of these acceleration movements as well as what 11:11:11 means to each of us.  So for her, I say that she has prepared her body because of what she has done.  Not everyone has had this ability to tap into this knowledge.  Some of you have done so with her or maybe on your own, or in different avenues.  But the fact remains that the body needs to repair.  What happens when the crash occurs the body can really break down. This is what we want to assist you with so there is no de-acceleration that everything is initialized as it should be and you stay on the course because any elements that are debilitating can through you off.  So the other aspect I want to share with you is “Awareness.”  It is very important to be aware within yourself what is occurring in each moment ~ to allow those frequencies that you are feeling or those thoughts or emotions to come to the surface.  I would like you to meditate on what you are feeling because the only way you are going to get through this is to bring in your Soul’s Essence, your Higher Self.  You cannot do it on the physical basis.  It is absolutely impossible to do so.  So when these elements occur, the frequencies are not going to be as strong as you would like them to be.  Again, I reiterate “Surrender”.  You need to surrender.  It is like being in a car accident.  The body is moving at a certain state in the vehicle and all of a sudden there is a crash.,  What happens?  The body reacts to that crash and sometimes it reacts in a very bad way but other times if you can surrender onto that frequency of light, and just say “Wow, I am moving into it,” then the body is not as affected and the damage is less.  My next words are to the men.

I say to each of you, this is a very powerful time of the Feminine Divine.  We have been moving into this phase for a long time.  I say to the gentlemen that are on the call that you have been working through these elements for some time and are prepared.  There are others that are not.  So I will address the frequencies to what I feel from both of you and what you are bringing forth into your lives.  CONGRATULATIONS!  Congratulations for the beauty, the love, the acceptance that you have within yourselves.  This is an important component for men to have upon this walk.  It is very important to bring forth your gifts and your intuitive knowledeges from all these lifetimes fully within you.  You are the electrical energy ~ you are bringing forth that force that the women of the world need to know that is there for them but it must be in those elements of the Feminine Divine.  I share these words to you as not to tell you what you need but I don’t think either of you NEED these elements but what you NEED TO SHARE with other men.  This is an imperative stage.  Need to come fully more into their feminine essence to allow them to relax and not be on that level of mental analyzation that can get in the way.  Congratulations and share this with others as I hope others will learn from your experiences.

Now to the Woman, I say to you, “Your challenges are greater than the men even though everyone says that the men need to bring in the Feminine Divine to relax a little bit.”  This is very true.  But the women ~ and I will speak to the women that have had to nurture themselves, nurture children, be on their own and independent ~ it is now time for you to receive.  Many women have a hard time in allowing that receiving energy to come fully within them.  This is an important aspect that fully needs to be created in order to have a balance between the men and the women of this world.  It does not matter if you are with a partner or without a partner.  You fully need to know when it is the right time to activate and when is the right time to initiate.  As the female aspect, initiation is important.  The male aspect is to activate.  The female holds the magnetics.  You are the healers of the earth.  Native Americans have spoken about this for eons of time that the women held the emotions to help everyone else heal and help Gaia heal.  To the ladies, do not be afraid of the tears.  Allow them to flow because as you allow the tears to flow, compassion comes towards others.  They will feel the compassion.  It is not looking at you and saying “she is crying, she is an emotional mess.”  No, we say onto you, that each of you, your emotions need to be released.  This is the essence of the Feminine Divine.  Men do not feel it like you do.  Women, you need to nurture this aspect of yourself and allow yourself to be in embraced with tears of gladness and tears of sadness.  As each of us cries in different ways, the Divine Mother sends you her nurturing love.  You are the ones that holds the magnetic frequency.  So what happens when the male and the female combine their energy within the work?  They are bringing all of this into balance.

If we take those elements and act upon it on within a personal nature of our male and female within, the electrical is the male and the magnetics is the female.  We must blend them into balance because when the male is too strong, there is power, control, and “I” issues.  If the female is to strong, she has a tendency to be a caretaker not allowing herself her own nurturing aspects.  If you look at these aspects within yourself to bring them into balance into the Heart Center, you can fully understand what you are going through.

Now let’s get back to 11:11:11 has created for you.  The aspects that you need to remove are the ones that are going to be affected adversely right now.  I say to you, again, let us look at these aspects.  Christine and Michael are being hit with physical ailments from their past because they are bringing in new gifts that they have locked away for eons of time.  So the physical aspects are being hit on the cellular level.  The cellular level is the last one ~ it is the deepness of your Soul’s participation and all your past lives and your inner-planetary travels.  So it is important that this aspect be healed very deeply.  Within that frequency there is an element of moving forth the magnetics and the electrical frequencies.  If you are feeling an intensity of light frequencies, it probably means you have too much electrical energy which is the key to knowing that you need to bring in more magnetics.

This is so representative of what has occurred with the 11:11:11.  If you are feeling elements within your Emotional body that represent fear and anxiety you fully need to activate the essence of your male energy more fully in the Emotional body to balance it out.  You are probably receiving so much divine feminine within you that it is causing those parts of yourself from past lives that has caused anxiety before to arise once again.  If you have trust issues, this is a partial element that comes from your mental level not wanting to be released.  So you need more magnetics within you.  If you are bringing forth the elements of frustration and not sure how to go about your essence, you are not surrendering.  Surrendering is the feminine aspect so you need to bring in the magnetics, once again.  This is where the balance needs to come in because wherever the issue is resulting, that is the one that needs it the most.  To allow yourself that faith and trust that you are walking into a new paradigm of existence.  You are walking into the 5th dimensional level.  There are no worries, frustrations, imbalances within the emotional and there is just each moment within each moment.  This is what we call the magic ofMt.Shasta.  We live in the moment and this is what we want to embody to each of you.  To allow yourself to understand that you’re pilot is your Higher Self, not the lower self, not the physical body and you need to surrender onto that element.  I hope this helps you to understand what you may be going through.

The most important aspect when you get through the Emotional and Mental levels, is clearing the Etheric level.  Your Etheric level holds the debris and all the thought forms.  Everything that you have ever done as a soul is within the Etheric level.  It has a tendency to focus into the physical.  So the last aspect that needs to be cleared is the cellular memory.  Please know that this is a journey.  It is a continual journey and right now the frequencies are assisting in allowing this journey to continue.  So deeply, let’s breathe as we bring forth the activation to assist in this process.

{{Crystal Bowl Ringing}}

Breathing deeply feel the frequency of this room as the crystalline lights now flicker which will bring in the sparkles of crystals, Pink flame, Blue flame, Green, Yellow, Ruby Red, Indigo, Violet, and Gold as they all mix together to bring in the full focus of the frequencies necessary.

I Lord Adama am going to step aside as the Unified Whole Command will assist you in restructuring your frequencies.  I will return in a few moments.


Greetings, My Fellow Comrades:

We are honored to be here with you in this moment to bring forth the assistance of these frequencies.  We want everyone to look in the room and look up the skylight which is now opening up.  We want you to see the sky.  We are going to bring forth a bluish sky that is darker as the sun closes and bring in the frequencies.  We want to share with you what is coming through in this moment.  We come to you from all star systems and all levels of the Earthplane of the history that has occurred with Egypt, Greece, Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, and beyond and beyond of all those levels of lifetimes that you have experienced.  We come to you in this Group Consciousness and we ask you to fully be imbued upon you in this moment.

We first want to work within your Emotional body.  We totally want to remove all aspects that have been stuck between lifetimes within your frequencies, in your Emotional body so it is clear and blends with the rest of your body.  We now call upon anxiety; we ask for it to be fully removed through the frequencies of 000-144-000, we now ask all anxieties to be removed out of your Emotional body. We now ask for all frustrations, 000-144-000; all those frustrations will be removed.  We ask for the complete emotional balance to be within your Emotional body.  ~ 000-144-000 ~ feel these frequencies up through the 144th dimension as it travels to all those levels of frequencies from the 0 all the way up to the 144 and back down again.  We feel a clearing ~ now the Emotional Body is totally cleared.  So Mote It Be ~ It is Done.

We now move into the Mental level and ask the mental thoughts of anxieties and not understanding of what you are going through to allow yourself to be in the space in the moment while not worrying what the next moment brings you.  We, of the Unified Whole Command, say 000-144-000, we move dimension 0 all the way up to 144.  Feel those frequencies all being opened and now they are going to be closed up.  We ask for the frequencies to be clear and we ask for the essence to be moved through each of your bodies ~ 000-144-000.  We now see that the Mental Body is now blending with the Emotional Body.  Feel it as one whole body.

We now move into the Etheric Body.  We ask for all debris, all dross, all excess that is not of the light to be fully removed through the Unified Whole Command ~ 000-144-000 ~ 000-144-000.  Let this frequency ~ Let it be cleared ~ Let it be cleared.

{{Crystal Bowl Rings}}

Feel your Etheric Body now being cleared like it never has been before.  Feel the purity.  Ask we look above at the skylight we see that the sky has turned into the sun.  And feel that sun beaming down upon you.  Feel the crystalline light as we bring forth the frequencies of the Cosmos beyond and beyond this Universe as we allow all Universes to come into existence in this one moment.  We bring forth these frequencies of the Etheric, Emotional, and Mental as they blend into one large body of Light.  Feel that frequency coming down into you, Now, Now, Now.  Let’s feel the physical body.

What is the physical body feeling like right now?  Allow the physical body to surrender.  See fluids of light and water.  You are floating and moving.  You are floating within the frequency allowing it to be fully within your full body.  Let’s now go into the Core of the Physical Essence that You Are.  Allow the cellular level and the memories to be removed of all pain, all frustrations, all debris, and all areas of unacceptance.  Allow your body to surrender onto the process.  We ask the body to fully be limp.  Allow that Essence of the Cosmos of the 000-144-000 to be fully activated.  So now you feel the fluidness of One Body of Light.  Feel the Mental, the Emotional, the Etheric, and the Physical as one essence.  Feel that one essence and now feel the frequencies running through you.

Now, now we activate the element of BELIEVE.   There is nothing else but to BELIEVE in this moment.  To Believe in the next moment.  To Believe that you are the magician because you have the power within you with all the gifts that you have ever had in your Soul’s travels now being fully activated ~ 000-144-000 ~ Allow that frequency to be fully within you.

Now we bring forth TRUST.  Let us trust every walkway, every element that is happening.  Even when you think it is not going the way that you want it to you.  You have Trust in your Soul’s Essence.  Breathe deeply into your higher self.  Feel him/her fully within your body as the acceptance of your Divinity that You Are.  Now you bring in your I AM Presence.  Your I AM Presence, the Presence of God, the Presence that We Are All Together because we are here in the Wholeness and the Oneness That We Are.  000-144-000.

Now feel the frequencies racing within you.  Feel the essence fully coming within you.  Feel the power you are.  Feel the acceptance.  Now ~ Now ~ Now~ you are fully ready to embrace the Feminine Divine within you because it is part of your experience, it is part of your frequency, and you accept the Divine Masculine of the Divine Father God and Mother God and you feel the completeness coming within you.  Feel the essence of the completeness that We Are as we come to you from all star systems, all frequencies, of light.

000-144-00 Unified Command Offline.


This is Lord Adama speaking.  Take a deep breath and allow yourself to know that this is probably the best activation you have ever had in your entire remembrance in this physical body.  Just allow yourself to breathe and accept of what has just happened to you.  It is very important to keep in mind open, to keep emotions flowing and to allow yourself to Believe.  To believe – to believe – to believe.

There is a message from the Telosian Council:

Greetings, we come to you from the Telosian Council which also is represented by Adama’s frequencies and many others from Telos as we overlight the energies that happen here in Telos.  We are honored that each of you are walking upon this path, and we look forward to having you visit in Telos in a very future date that is not too far away.  These classes are not just about the Golden Cities, about the New Earth, but they are about each of us coming together in Oneness as we assist you in the frequencies.  We say onto you, Meleriessee, in this moment that we thank her for being the One that is allowing these frequencies to come to each of you and we look forward to the time that you will enter Telos with Christine and to know that these elements will occur for you if you so choose it to be ~ to be part of this pilgrimage and to bring forth the Telosian frequency within your hearts and allow your Lemurian essences to be fully vibrated in a new level and a new experience.  We are honored that you are doing this work and sharing it along with allowing these frequencies to help you accept yourself more fully than you ever have in any other time frame.  It is our divine pleasure to personally thank you for the love, acceptance, and the truth of the Lemurian heritage in each of your hearts.  It is a beautiful time of remembrance ~ it is a beautiful time of connection in this special healing temple that will bring forth these frequencies.

So Mote It Be…We are honored to have you join us in our beautiful city.

This is Lord Adama again.  That, my friends, was a formal invitation that has been stated previously through Christine and brought forth but there will be visitations.  We are honored that Christine will probably be one of the first to bring any individuals into the city.  It is my honor to stand in front of you physically soon to look in your eyes to see the beauty that is shining through these energies in this moment.  It is my blessing and my divine pleasure to walk with you as a comrade, as a friend, and to see the transformation occurring within each of you.  I know it will be sent out to many others through the assistance of your-selves.

Let us all take a deep breath and let us rise from the lounges.  As you stand, I want you to feel the frequency that is running through you this time.  It is going to be quite different than you received previously.  If you find a need to utilize this recording, please do so again and again.  Something so great as this achievement cannot be acquired immediately as each of you well know that the time is coming for it to occur.

Take one last moment up to the altar giving your gratitude and leaving your essence.  Return the stone that you picked up previously and leave it on the altar.  It is going to assist the Unified Whole Command in accessing your energies from this point forward.

{{Crystal Bowl Rings}}

Please follow me out of the room.  As we now we walk into the inner altar, walk around and feel the frequencies.  There are many beings here and the Telosian Council is quite large so you may feel some individuals wanting to acknowledge you.  We now leave the Temple across the drawbridge, through the field of flowers, and towards the forest.  As we walk through the forest, I want each of you to hug a different tree.  This time you are going to share your energy with the tree.  Take a moment to do that.  Let us continue down the pathway.  The tree spirit thanks you.  We walk through the garden towards the elevator as we gather together.  We now travel to the top floor where you will exit out of the Telosian City.  Let us gather together with a deep breath.

I want to give you my gratitude and honor for being here and walking this path.  Please do not hesitate to contact Christine if you would like to directly speak with me on any of these elements that are arising for you to assist you in this process you are going through.

Love and Blessings, I send you on your way.  I Am Lord Adama at your service.

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  1. I just finished reading this today Jan 17, 2012 and I feel as If I I attended the ceremony. Thank you very much for posting this.

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