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Sept 28th, 2011 ~ Journey to the Temple of Inner Truth, the Golden City of Valakanah with the Elohim and Archangels

Greetings, Greetings, Greetings, This is Lord Adama speaking.  I speak to you right now from the Command Center of Telos, but I am activating each of your Merkabah vehicles so that you can connect with each other.  You feel the frequency of Mount Shasta, yes; we are not coming into Telos, but let us all just intend to come to the summit ofMount Shasta at the top.  Let’s gather again as we have done previously.  I have a few elements that I want to speak about of what is happening upon the Earth and the frequencies that we are going to be experiencing this evening.  Take a deep breath.

I want everyone to breathe deeply into that Thymus area.  I want you to feel the Activation of your Higher Self, your full essence more fully aware in your Physical body.  Allow the physical to just move into that Essence.  Allow the lower thoughts and the lower emotions to be dissipated as you bring in your Higher Mind, and your Higher Heart.  Feel that frequency happening to you now.

I say to you, we are definitely in a more intensified time.  It’s now or never as we have been saying, and each of us needs to be true to ourselves first of all.  We need to find our own empowerment, and sometimes that is a challenge to do so because the emotions or the mental thoughts can get in the way, not allowing it to be.  It’s very important that you actualize these frequencies within your Thymus area on a daily basis, connect to your Higher Self.  Allow yourself to do it without ego, because ego is the physical body; it is your personality, and not your Higher Essence.  So it’s very important to allow those frequencies to be within you, because then you will have your Higher Ego, and then along with that comes the Compassion and the Love, and the Expression that You Are.  When you allow yourself to have this Expression, you will see how your life changes, how the frequency within you.

So I hear some words right now, and what I am hearing is, “Well how do I get there, how do I get there so I don’t allow the thoughts or the emotions to block me?”  I say to you, “Working with these frequencies each day.”  Call upon Isis to intuit the Seafoam Green within you, and clear the board of all the elements that have previously been stopping you, because I will tell you this, if you do not create some tools, work with some decrees, or do this type of meditations or activations, it will be done for you and the result will not be pleasant.

This is exactly what we are seeing on the earth plane in this moment of the 3rd to 4th dimensional energy.  Yes, we are more in a 4th dimensional energy on the Upper Earth, this is why so many are having a challenging time, but we still have many 3rd dimensional people.  Within those 3rd dimensional essences, your energies can be quickly changed.  So I say to you, “Allow the Expression of your Higher Self to communicate to you on a daily basis.”  It is the only element that is going to assist you through the process.

We’re all helping you along with the Team of Light, and we’re all here through these calls and the many other avenues that are available.  It is only you, the Chosen One that can do the work, and to allow those frequencies to be fully within you.  You are the one that has to work through this.  Believe me the energies are so high right now, I will tell you the Acceleration is fantastic, and just listening to these calls, or even reading the material is a major growth process, but it can’t stop with one call, or three calls.  You have to find an expression of yourself that works for you everyday, because that is what is going to pull you down, back into the debris, back into the circle of light matrix of the 3rd dimension of the corporate world, of the governments.  Turn off your TV’s, turn off your radios, listen only when you have to, because all these elements are going to stop you.

I heard some words this evening, before Christine got on the call, about others had said that her acceleration has been great since she has arrived in Mount Shasta and the energies are much higher.  This is her chosen work, this is her chosen place, and you will see the acceleration to continue, and it will continue through each of you.  So be very cognizant of what you are feeling in each moment, and where you need to be.  If you are in an environment that is very challenging for you, make sure you find a place where you can settle the energies once again.  You have to do it quite often, depending on where you are residing.  So I say to you, please know, that just as One can rise in the Ascension Process, One can fall, and it is not always our personal undoing, but it is what is around us.

So the frequency tonight is going to assist greatly to allow those energies to be more fully focused within each of you.  So with that being said, I want to honor you deeply for the work that you are doing, because you are the Way-Showers, you are the Chosen Ones that have come upon this planet to do this work more fully and more expressly than some others.  So each of us, from the Team of Light, that incorporates many Ascended Masters, many Angels, many Beings that have been upon the earth plane, many Galactic Beings, each of us in the Telosian environment, and all the Hollow Earth cities are deeply honored to have this opportunity to fully connect with you.

I thank the Dearest One here that puts herself forward in doing this work, and she shares the frequency through the words, through her body, and yes, the Acceleration is going to be more and more, and the Magic is going to be deeper and deeper, and the Love is going to expand and expand.  So I say to you, “Allow it to be within you also, because each of you has great opportunities, it is your choosing to just reach out and ask, ‘What is my next step?’ ”.

So let us gather together now, as we stand upon the magical frequency ofMount Shasta, allow it to run up through your feet and into your entire being.  As the dearest one of the magical essence of Mount Shasta expands her energy within you, as we all become one together.  Take a deep breath, as our vehicle now blends into one, and we spin off of the surface of Mount Shasta, moving towards the state of Alaska in theU.S.  Feel us moving across the Pacific, moving towards the Alaskan area, to the central area of the state, feeling that frequency as now we move into the Etheric realm.  We feel the city of Valakanah, allow that to expand.

Take a deep breath.

As now we move into the city, we feel the frequency.  As we discussed previously, last week, the outlying areas are mountainous, there are many different areas of the city, it is large, and it is vast.  It holds the truth within, it is a city to arrive into to assist yourself in knowing more.  As we arrive in the middle of this expansive area,  we are down in the valley of the city, and as we said before, it is still under construction, but there are areas that are constructed.  There is a community, and there are peoples that are connected here.  As we shared last week, Master Hilarion is the overlighting Chohan of this city.  We are met by Master Hilarion.

I will now step aside, this is Lord Adama at your service, and I look forward to being with you during these moments.


Greetings, Greetings, Greetings!

Oh, thank you so much for being here with us once again.  Tonight is going to be a little bit different from the previous visit, and I am really excited about each of you that are arriving in this city.  You are going to be receiving a lot of healing tonight, it may be any of the areas of the Etheric, Emotional, Mental, and Physical bodies.  It’s an area that we need to cleanse and purify in order to find total truth, and also to work through the processes we are all searching to do the manifestation level that are necessary.  It is very powerful for us to do this, but we must be very open-minded, we must be Dedicated to that Manifestation, and we must be Devoted to our own pathway of healing.  It’s all interconnected, find that missing puzzle piece of what it is that you are supposed to be doing.

When you intuit within yourself the ability to fully understand what it is that has been blocking you, and this can come in segments as so many of you understand, those of you that have been on this path for a while, there are different elements within you that you probably have realized previously.  So we’re going to help you with all of these this evening, we’re going to help you move through these processes and to feel the frequency of this City.  It’s an absolutely beautiful City, it represents the Crystalline and the Emerald frequencies, along with the Golden Light.  So please follow me, I am going to take you to the Temple of Inner Truth, this is the Temple of the Elohim, and their Essence, and the Archangels that are awaiting for your arrival.

As we walk through the town, we see the community once again, and their may be some interaction with some individuals.  Allow yourself to feel what it looks like, look up at the top of the mountains and see the Frequency of the Light.  Everything is a Deep Green, with Golden hues, and the deepest, deepest mountainous horizon that you could experience.  What that reflects, is the mountains represent the intensity and the coming down into the inner core, representing your own intensity of your Soul’s Essence.

As we walk around the town, we walk up a gateway of a hill towards the Temple.  The Temple is now toward the right hand side of the building that we entered previously a few weeks ago.  So now we move towards that, and we start to walk through a forest, and the forest is Crystalline Light, all the trees are the Pure Essence of White Light filtering.  I want you to just breathe this in.  I want you to feel that Essence all the way around you, as it comes into your Third Eye.  This is the Ray that is going to activate these energies of finding your Truth, and your Inner Wisdom of finding those knowledges of your past history of all those lifetimes that has been locked away for eons of time.

Now, as we walk through the forest, it is a pathway, we see many Elementals, and Angels, and all kinds of beautiful essences around us.  We see the Templein front of us, and the Temple structure is quite different from others we have visited.  You will see that the Temple structure is very multi-faceted structure, it’s a circular structure, and on the outside there will be cathedral-like points that go upwards, and those top of the cathedral- like points move outward towards a star formation.  We walk inside the entrance and there are 12 of these Crystalline structures on top of the outside, and then we walk across a drawbridge that filters the Crystalline Light.  As we walk towards the inside of the Temple, we are greeted by Elohim Cyclopia and Virginia, and now it is my time to step aside.

Welcome to our City of Valakanah.  Welcome, Welcome, I am Elohim Master Cyclopia with Virginia here.  Please, please just allow us to embrace you in this moment.  Please come in and  as we walk around the frequency here, we see there are many levels of energies and see the Golden, Crystalline, and Emerald structure in the middle that represents our altar.

We are going to walk around this and then we move down a hallway that is on the opposite direction than you came in, and it’s a circular fashion that will take you down a few steps.  As we go down these few steps, we are going to take you down into our Temple Room.  In this Temple Room is where our people come to accelerate themselves and to heal.  We have opened up the Temple for just you individuals this evening.  Please, please do come in.

The room is an Emerald color and the Crystalline color flourishes through the entire Temple, and then your going to see a Golden Flame coming down and filtering through the environment of the whole Temple.  So we want everyone just to sit those pillows around the room, we fully want you to just to fully come in and to kneel within the pillows and just feel that essence.  As you sit down, you can kneel or you can sit, whatever feels most comfortable for your spiritual body in this moment.

Take a deep breath, take a deep breath.

We also have, outlining around the outside, you will notice, there are flowering plants.  The flowering plants all represent the Crystalline light with that Green to fully bring in the frequencies.  We want you to focus on these flowers.  What does it look like to you?  Many of the flowers are white, and all different types.  We want you to intuit that in your Heart, what that feels like for you.

So we are here this evening to take a moment and let you know that this is serious business what we are doing.  It’s very, very serious to bring in these frequencies to allow yourself to fully accept your divinity in a new level than you ever have before.  Each of you are aspiring to these levels of expression within you, and now is the time to fully be the Master and develop it, and this is what we would like for each of you this evening.

Breathe deeply and allow that essence to be within you.  The essence through this ray, and what it may mean for you.  As we feel that frequency of the Crystalline Light coming into your body, coming into your Third Eye, and opening up that Third Eye.  All the processes and the thoughts that you have had in the past, are going to be removed through this element of change.  With these elements of change, you start to understand what it is that you are experiencing, because it is going to be on a new level.

You have just walked into a new frequency, and within that new frequency you are allowing yourself to fully embody the new you, but truly the old you, the embracement of who you have been.  I say to you right now,

“What is it within yourself that you are looking to accomplish in your life?”  “What is it that you fully want to activate within the frequency that is you?”

We need to fully understand what you pattern is so that we can create the plan of manifestation and then follow it through.  So we ask each of you to tune into your Male energy, and ask for that idea, that creation to come fully within you.  Some of you may not know how to create it, and this is where the blockage comes in because you have not allowed the freedom to be within you.  It’s essential that you allow the completeness of your physical, of your Etheric, your Emotional, and your Mental bodies to be cleared.

So we say to you, ”Are there any feelings in the physical body in this moment?”  Let us use the Crystalline light and focus upon those areas that there are.  Some of you are very deeply activated by the Solar Plexus because of the Emotional Center.  It may be in that area.  It may be somewhere in another part of your body that is holding onto any frequencies that are blocking you from full potential.  Breathe deeply into that Crystalline light in the Physical Body, into your DNA, into your Cellular Structure.  We ask for all avenues of the lower frequencies within the cellular structure that are blocking higher forces of the soul essence to be fully removed in this moment.  As we do so, then it moves into our Etheric level; in the Etheric level is the debris that can be held there for centuries and centuries, you carry it with you.

It is not like your Physical body that is being activated, it is with you constantly, so we ask for the Crystalline light to go in there.  Then connect with your Emotional level, What is your emotional level telling you?  Do you fluctuate up and down?  Tears are important, so very, very important.  Some think too many tears are an imbalance of energy.  It is only an imbalance of energy if you do not understand the process from the tears.  So allow yourself to open up to your female side, what is she telling you now?  What does she need deeply?

Use that Crystalline light, and feel the Golden light and the Emerald Green filtering through the room at the same time.  Just feel within yourself as though you are being bathed in this complete Oneness within this frequency.  Then we go into the Mental level, we ask the Mental Level, that Male energy, the male energy has to receive the message.  Allow the message to come to you.

What is the message?  Don’t put in your lower mind, allow the frequency of this Ray within you now.  Filtering through the Mental level it now blends with the emotional level as they come into balance together.  Allow your Heart Chakra to feel that balance, because they are intertwining fingers of each other from within the essence of the Golden Flame within the Heart.  I say to you right now, now that we have blended all of these bodies, “What is that you desire within you?”  What is that you desire to be accomplished?  Allow this frequency to be within you.

Sometimes those that are on a higher plane, do not realize that it is actually coming through the Male and the Female, and that is okay.  As long as you allow the Male to give it to the Female.  She is the recipient, she is the one that must activate it, the male initiates it.

Say these words to your Self:

I accomplish, I accomplish”… then state what you are accomplishing.  Feel that frequency within you, and feel the power, feel your Inner Power, not an aggressive power, but feel that Inner Power, as you accomplish these tasks.

Say to your Self:

“It Is Being Done, So Mote It Be, It Is Done.”

Then think about how, feel that essence of designing it and bringing it into fulfillment.  I use Christine as an example, as we always do, she sees she has an element within her that needs to be worked on, so she travels into a place of nature.  She works with frequencies of the energies of the Earth and the Sky, and bringing that down within her, she states her intentions or her releasements.  She uses tobacco or cornmeal to give to the Earth, because she is sitting upon the earth, and she is thanking Mother Earth for that acceptance.  She’s working with the higher energies to bring in that frequency, and what happens is, the cosmic frequencies that she is calling upon, and you can call upon whomever you choose, comes down through her body and then through the Earth.  Then she feels the change.  When she is finished, she thanks everyone, and she walks away.  When she walks away, there is an element of change.

You can do the same thing with water, cleansing yourself in water.  Allowing yourself to be cleansed by the wind.  The Earth is here to assist us, as we are here to assist her.  Utilize all of her components of the Earth, the Wind, the Fire, and the Water.  Even if you can only look at the water, you will see the fluidness.  Feel that fluidness moving out of you.  Then you fully intuit within you what your next step is, because the clearing has happened, now you have to intuit within you that frequency that is necessary to create your manifestation.  The process that needs to be done with this is to create that manifestation, look at your design and how you are going to do it.  Then allow it to be, allow it to be created.

As you work harmoniously, with all elements, you are blending your Physical, your Mental, your Emotional and your Etheric state of consciousness along with all the Earth energies.  You are creating the Music of the Spheres.  So as the Music of the Spheres comes through you, you feel the Frequency of Light changing.

Let us all arise from our pillows.  Let us stand hand-in-hand.  We have with you, right now, angelic presences, all Frequencies of Light.  As now, all levels, of all that we are together, comes through.  We have been Angels, we have been Masters, we have been Light Beings, we have been Intergalactic Beings, and we have been Lemurian and Atlantatean.  So let us expand that focus within us now of that multi-dimensional reality.  This is what is going to assist you in the manifestation that is needed.

Virginia  now comes forward.  As she comes to you with a Crystalline substance in a goblet.  You are going to drink out of this goblet.  This Crystalline substance is going to wash away your brain, your soul, and your inner bodies, and possibly part of your physical form, from all wrong concepts and untruths that have been accumulated from eons and eons of time of your lifetimes.  Sip this beautiful Crystalline light, and drink it as it filters down through the top of your crown through your whole body.  Feel it go into any elements through your self that need deep healing, through the substances of your lower mind, your lower ego, and your lower heart, to blend and purify all that does not serve you in this highest purpose.  Breathe through that Essence.

She and I are here to assist you with this.  We are here to help you realize that all can be accomplished, that all can be done.  You have the power within you.  You are the power.  You have the knowledge tucked away.  We now ask for an attunement to come fully to each of you, as a doorway is being opened up, the pathway is being created to find the glorious Temple of Light that are Highest Essences has abided in previous times to open up the doorway for you to realize your God Essence.

The Males Of The Gods And The Females Of The Goddesses, To Allow The Divine Plan To Come Fully Within.

Take a deep breath, and I will now step aside.


Greetings, I AM Archangel Raphael and Mother Mary.

We come to you with the Essence of Containment of Harmony, to bring to you right now, the healing that you have already started.  We give to you our Love, and Faith, and Constancy, and Wisdom, and whatever else is required, for the complete essence of Integration of your Physical bodies to be fully activated.  Allow this frequency to come through you now.  Allow the essence in the Purity that you are.

Each of you are Initiates, each of you are Chelas, many have been doctors or nurses, priests, ministers, and rabbis, now you are walking the path of the unknown.  Feel your Individual Consecration of your Life Stream to God.  Visualize the light flowing from the Universe into your Inner Bodies.

Mother Mary is here to fully embrace you, to embrace you with this frequency of the light which will allow you to realize, that your inner power is the most important aspect that is being developed at this time.  When you have your power, your Inner Workings with others increases.  Others start to reflect to you, and if they do not reflect, allow them to deflect.  Allow them to move away from you.  Allow the synchronization of these relationships to be the inner workings of your Being.  This is what is going to create the manifestations for you, to create the Divine Essence within your being.  Allow us now to pray in front of this beautiful altar, as we expand our energies into a new frequency of being.

(((Crystal Bowl rings)))

Let us now leave this room, I AM Cyclopia once again, and Virginia is here with me, and Archangels Raphael and Mary.  As we all walk within one each other, as each of us knows one another deeply.  We walk out of the Temple room, and we walk into the other area that has the amazing altar and frequencies of light.

Master Hilarion is waiting for us to combine our energies all together.

Feel the Devotion and Open-Mindedness and the Truth of your Light.

Allow this to be your guide.

Say the words,

“I AM Truth, I AM Truth, I AM Truth. I AM Love, I AM Love, I AM Love.  I AM Dedicated to sharing Truth and Love to others.”

It has been our pleasure this evening to bring you into our temple, please do return anytime that you so choose.  It will assist you in fully creating the unwavering Patience and Dedication that each of you has on your pathway.  You will see that knowledges will be coming to you, notice dreams that appear to you, you may see all different frequencies of light.  Allow yourself to interpret them, allow the Male energy to look at it and give it to the Female, and work together within yourself, and you will see that the Gods and the Goddesses are now returning onto the Earth.  You are the Ones that are the Gods and Goddesses, as you empower yourself, you will receive your counterpart.  It cannot be any other way.  It is the beauty of the way.

I stand before you now to say, Call upon us, Cyclopia and Crystal or Virginia, Archangel Raphael and Mary and Master Hilarion.

Please come to our City of Valakanah.

Maybe this is the place for you, if you want to find your work.  Opportunities are open in all of the Cities.  Please remember this to be true.

It is my pleasure to be here with you, as the Elohim Masters and the Archangels in the Oneness That We Are.


This is Master Hillarion once again.  I would like to embrace each of you in this moment.  I put my arms around you, and to know that each of us are here on this pathway together.  I say to dearest one, Christine, surely she did not intuit this Ray within her physical body, but she surely has shown to us how to interpret it within her Being, as each of you can do so.

Let us walk out into the garden, and through the forest of these Crystalline trees, and feel the essence and the elementals, and anything else that comes toward you.  Use your intuition to allow yourself to see and to feel the beauty and the essence that is upon these lands.  As we walk through the forest, and outward toward the community once again.  I embrace each of you.  Thank you for being with us on this day, and all future days that you choose to arrive.  I look forward to working with each and every one of you, personally.

I AM Master Hillarion, at your service.

This is Lord Adama, once again.  Let us now walk through the community.  Notice what is around you.  Notice the people.  Notice the singing, the beauty that is here.  It is not a harsh Ray, as some may think it is.  It is not just about Scientific Knowledge, but it is about Harmony of the Spheres.  Hear the angels singing as we walk through the community and down the cobblestone walkway into the valley.  We look up around us and there are birds flying, and essences of sparkles of light with the Crystalline mixed with the Emerald and the Gold.  What a beautiful expression that it truly is.

Let us gather again, once more in our Merkabah vehicles.  Let us spin off and outwards out of this Etheric City of Valakanah.  Let us spin outwards and we will separate.  Go to your perspective locations of where you are sitting right now.

I, Lord Adama, honor each and every one of you for this journey, and for having the Truth within you to be part of this call.  You truly are the way-showers, you truly are the Ones.  Please know more is coming, so much more.  Allow the magic to unfold within you.  Allow the expression that you are to be fully activated in so many ways.

I AM in great honor to be of service to each of you on the New Earth Hierarchy together.

So Mote It Be, In The Light Of The Christ, We Are One.

All Ways One.

(((Angels singing)))

We love each and every one of you, as you love each and every one of us, and together our manifestations are unbeatable.  So allow this frequency to be with you during the days ahead.


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