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Oct 5th, 2011 ~ Discussion ~ Golden City of Saceleas over Central Ontario


Last week we traveled once again to the City of Valakanah over Central Alaska with Master Hilarion of the 5th Ray of Science and Knowledge along with Elohim Masters Cyclopia & Virginia and Archangels Mother Mary & Raphael. This is the City of Truth where individuals fully can find the hidden parts of themselves to be fully revealed invoking truth within.  This city truly was very magnificent with the Crystalline energies and the light frequencies completely surrounded everywhere you walked.  If you need to fully access the 5th Ray, please do take some time and visit this city in your meditations.

Current State of Affairs:

Changes are happening very quickly and each of us are being pushed in many directions.  Visiting these cities is going to assist each of us to understand where our part is in the Divine Plan of the New Earth Hierarchy.  In order for each of us to fully aspire to the greatness that we are and embodying it is imperative that we be able to command the Seven Rays of God as that is walking upon the Ascension Pathway as an Ascended Masters.  We must tap into our knowledge’s that are so ready to be accessed.  These calls are provided to assist in that process but also for each of us to connect as equals walking into this new frequency.

Moving Forward:

Tonight we are working with the energies of the City of Saceleas  over Central Ontario with Paul the Venetian of the 3rd Ray of Active Intelligence.  Previously I thought this city was over Central France but after deep connection with Lord Adama it is in the North American continent.  It seems that this area is very instrumental in creating the frequencies of Ascension and is a focal point for the first seven Rays of God.  We will continue into the higher realms of the Rays through all 21 cities after we fully have an overview of each of these areas we have previously covered.

In Lord Adama’s words:  North America has always been the centralized frequency with these activations within the cities.  Number one, the Western culture is in deep need of extreme healing and these cities have been aligned in these areas for eons of time.  It is just presently that they are being brought to the consciousness of the many.  In addition the outlining areas of each of the cities are in deep need of healing.  North America is the basis of the Rays of God and the cities in the Etheric level coming down into the Earth when it is time will reflect the continuation of life very deeply.  This is a very new continent compared to the rest of the world but reflects the pilgrimage of Spiritual Enlightenment.  So it is only reflective of the beginning stages of these areas to be fully accessed in the 1st level of the Rays of God.”

The City of Saceleas represents the Sacred Heart of the Deep Pink colors.  Paul the Venetian has been known to assist individuals in fully in their beauty through the 3rd Ray of Active Intelligence.  This is so represented in this City of Pure Creativity and Love assisting in the perfection of the Christ Self, and being manifest within and around one’s experiences of life.

Paul the Venetian lived on Atlantis and left before it sank to Southern  France where his ashram is located in the Etheric Realm.  This is where the Flame of Liberty was established and sustained.  It is magnetized by the Brotherhood of Liberty in its intensity and power to act in the physical world.  The resulting factor is that the love lives in the Hearts of Men for generations to come.  The Liberty of the Flame is sustained by the brothers and sisters of his retreat along with the Goddess of Liberty.  Everyone dresses in pink within the retreat.

Paul the Venetain embodies as the artist Paulo Verones, 1528-1588.  He is referred to the Master of Tact, Diplomacy and Beauty and works directly under the Maha Chohan which was Allah Gobi and is now Saint Germain.

The use of the Pink Flame of Gratitude is truly one of the most practical ways to bring results into an individual’s world, especially when there seems to be an obstruction between individuals.  Paul’s demeanor so represents GRATITUDE FOR LIFE.  It is a stream of energy going forth from you with a BLESSING.

In Paul’s word (Ascended Masters and Their Retreats, W. Schroeder):  “I have, within my own casual body, those healing melodies which Serapis secured, and which could heal cancer and those terrific maladies that take the bodies and minds of the people and destroy them, but it is difficult, in the tumultuous living of the Western world, to hand an aura undisturbed, long enough, or free enough from the pressure of the moving screen of maya, to blend, within that consciousness, enough of that harmony, that it might be externalized.”

Attributes of the 3rd Ray of Active Intelligence:

Aspect:  Active Intelligence, Creative Intelligence, Physical Action

Virtues:  Power of Manifestation, Power to Evolve, Mental Illumination, Perseverance, Clear Mindedness, Power to Produce, and Understanding

Vices:  Intellectual Pride, Coldness, Isolation, Inaccuracy of Details, Absent Minded, Obstinacy, Selfishness, Overly Critical of Others, Seeing Too many Details May Paralyze Action

Virtues to be Acquired:  Compassion, Toleration, Devotion, Accuracy, Energy and Common Sense

Higher Expression:  Means of communication or interaction verbally

Lower Expression:  The use and spread of money and gold

On a Planetary Level this Ray is Yellow and settles into our Throat Center but on a Cosmic Level is the Deep Pink into our Heart.  Personally, I have been working with Paul the Venetian for many years and see this ray moving from the Throat helping us to access our communication skills and then fully into the Heart as our gratitude and Divine Essence being activated.

Activating the Sacred Heart

I AM on a pathway of illumination,

I ask for Paul the Venetian to help me understand,

He told me there is a wonderful City called Saceleas which will give me all the tools I desire;

I walk into the city and see the pure essence of the Pink Flame embodied everywhere,

I feel my heart center shifting into pure acceptance and understanding;

I sit upon a hill and look ito the horizon with the pink hues shining brightly,

It permeates through my entire being,

I feel clear headed, full of love, and ready to share to others;

The power of this activation is allowing me to walk my path with clear determination,

I have Love, I have Compassion, I have Devotion,

I am in Deep Gratitude of this moment of reflection.

I now feel the blessings of the Pink Ray flowing through me;

I AM a Manifestor and Creator Upon this Earth;

I share with others the deep love I have within;

I am now ready for the Divine to fully guide me in my pathway to share, grow, and be with others;

I flow completely in the Essence that I AM;

The Physical Action I was searching is deeply embed within me;

I AM that I AM that I AM.

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