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Sept 28th, 2011 ~ Discussion ~ The Golden City of Valakanah ~ Mastery of Concentration & Consecration with the Elohim & Archangels of the 5th Ray


Last week we traveled to the City of Telos to celebrate the Cosmic Convergence, Fall Equinox of 2011.  It was an amazing ceremony in the forest of Telos as we connected with many Beings of Light.

Current State of Affairs:

We are in a great influx of changes with the Equinox now just passed, moving into the Harvest Month where our manifestations are most powerful than any other time of the year.  We are also preparing ourselves in many ways moving forward towards the highest frequencies we have ever experienced upon this planet.  Learning about each of these cities is going to assist each of us tremendously as we realize that our missing puzzle pieces are now being opened up for the New Earth Hierarchy.  Each of the activations that we are receiving is all in Divine Order so our remembrance is now fully opened up into full consciousness.

Moving Forward:

Tonight we are working with the energies of the 5th Ray of Scientific Knowledge which is the City of Valakanah over Central Alaska with Elohim Masters Cyclopia & Virginia and Archangels Mother Mary & Raphael.

In order for us to find our true inner purpose we fully need to heal.  The Elohim and Archangels are very instrumental in this City of Truth for these elements to occur.

To recap what the ray aspects are of Truth and Scientific Knowledge:

The Virtues of this Ray are:

Research, Keen Intellect, Attention to Detail, Truthfulness, Being Analytical, Unwavering Patience and Extreme Thoroughness in repeated examinations, the power to make the voice of silence heard and the manifestation of the Great White Light.

The vices are:  Harsh Criticism, Arrogance, Lack of Compassion, and Unforgiving Temper.

The Virtues to Be Acquired:  Reverence, Devotion, Love, Open-Mindedness, Truth, Dedication, and Healing.

The Higher Expression is the Science of the Soul and Spirit and the Lower would be a modern educational system.

The Ray Chohan of this ray is Master Hilarion.  Call upon him to assist you through the process of your own truth and wisdom.

The Elohim Masters are Cyclopia and his female counterpart, Virginia also known as VISTA and Crystal.  Cyclopia is known as the Elohim of Concentration, Consecration,, Healing and Music.  They both have their home in the Emerald and Crystal Temples.  They represent the Power of Concentration which is necessary to bring into manifestation any worthy objective.  He will assist any and all that come to him.

In Cyclopia’s words: (Ascended Masters & Their Retreats, W. Schroeder)

“If there is not concentration, there is only mediocrity, and only the bare surface is scratched.  Those who determine to rise above the masses, take one facet of living and masterfully develop it – deciding, within themselves, to excel along at least ONE line of expression.  According to their concentration, is their mastery and efficiency.”

“It is the Law – actual scientific Law – that what you begin, CAN BE ACCOMPLISHED, when it is in agreement with God’s plan to bring forth perfection, whether it is healing, precipitation, financial freedom, eternal youth, the restoration of a limb – IT CAN BE DONE – but the ‘stick-to-it-iveness,’ which is an important part of my ray, and the qualification of the energy with my life, is required to produce these.”

“I IMPLORE YOU – decide on some pattern and plan of manifestation and follow it through~  Follow it through ~ Follow it through~ Concentrate upon your design, until you have brought it into fulfillment.”

Elohim Cyclopia will help students in seeing the spiritual path that is in front of them with more clarity.  Together with his Divine Complement, Virginia are here to assist in raising the Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Etheric state of consciousness of all mankind through the power of harmoniously-qualified music.

As Cyclopia’s name as Crystal she pours forth a crystalline substance, which washes the brain, soul, inner bodies and even the physical form.  Free from the wrong concepts and untruths that have been accumulated through the centuries.

Archangels Raphael and Mother Mary are the overlighting energies for the 5th Ray.  We all know that Raphael represents physical healing through the glorious temple of light wherein he abides.  These rays are directed to each of us continuously through God’s essence.  He also provides schoolrooms for his angelic hosts, where the angels are prepared for service, by learning how to draw more healing power from God and holding it within themselves until they reach the subject it is intended.

The Divine plan through these archangels is that the plan for Earth and all her inhabitants live in Harmony.  Archangel Raphael also consecrates the initiates who desire to serve God and man in the physical world.  By use of the projected light rays, which connect with the energies of those who have a true vocation in life, he and his angels pour their love, faith, constancy, wisdom and whatever else is required to assist in the full completion of their essence within the physical realm.

In Archangel Raphael’s words (Ascended Masters & Their Retreats, W. Schroeder):

It is my specific service to the Universe, to stand at the head of a glorious legion of beings, who direct the ray of almighty God into those individuals who consecrate their life energies to a specific humanitarian service to bless the masses.  Every doctor, nurse, priest, nun, minister, and rabbi, and every chela and initiate, who voluntarily dedicates his or her energies to serving life, comes under my particular blessing, radiation and care.  For a moment, FEEL that individual consecration of your lifestream to God. Visualize that light flowing from the heart of the Universe, animating every one of your inner bodies.”

Mother Mary, is the divine complement of Archangel Raphael, and among her many services to life and to mankind, she serves as the head of the healing activity to our Earth and also known as “The Ascended Lady Master Mother Mary”

The Way to Mastery is Concentration & Consecration

 The City of Valakanah is overlighted with great truth,

Within that truth is the expectation of my heart;

I deeply concentrate within myself to find that space of movement,

I call upon Elohim Master Cyclopia and Virgina;

They represent the ability to fully find the deeply healing with me on all levels,

Of my Etheric, Emotional, Mental, and Physical bodies;

The deepness of this healing has ruled my life for eons of time,

I walk with Cyclopia and Virginia and they share their beautiful City of Light,

That represents the Emerald and Crystalline energies;

I feel the music that runs through my veins that settles these bodies into pure harmony.

We are then met by Archangels Raphael and Mary who represent the deep healing within me,

I realize that all these aspects must come into focus for me to fully concentrate,

On the Divine Nature of my Essence,

Accessing these elements assists me in the purest consecration of my Soul;


We become One and then the truth is revealed to me,

All the veils in the lower bodies are fully removed;

The music is spinning in my head,

And I dance in harmony with All of Creation;

I AM that I AM that I AM,

In the truth of who I AM I now Manifest all That Is Mine,

I AM that I AM that I AM.

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