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July 13th, 2011 ~ City of Klehma over Colorado, Kansas & Nebraska ~ Discussion of Balance & Harmony


We currently are moving into the energies of the Full Moon on the 15th of July.  Last week we traveled to Telos in which we were honored by a special ceremony by the Team of Light in the beautiful Temple of Oneness.  This is a special journey and if you have not listened to the recording, please do so.

Current State of Affairs:

This week the energies that have been coming through the calls represent balance for each of us.  We are coming more into alignment than we ever thought possible.  The activations of June prepared us to be in a new state-of-being.  As we come into the full moon it is essentially important for each of us to remove the old elements completely for the higher frequencies that each of us is experiencing.  Tonight we give us this balance that each of us is striving to create within our lives.

Moving Forward:

This evening we will be traveling to the City of Klehma which is in the Etheric Level of Colorado, Kansas, and Nebraska.  The overlighting energies of this city represent Balance, Harmony, and Peace for Mother Earth and humanity.  Serapis Bey is the overseeing ascended master representing the Ray of Balance and Harmony through Conflict.  We can see that the higher frequency of this ray is being shown in this beautiful 5th dimensional city as it no longer represents the conflict but Peace for each of us and within the New Earth.

The aspects that are emphasized within the city are Purity, Equilibrium, the Harmony of the Spheres, compassion, Physical Courage, Generosity, Artistic Development, Unselfishness, Mental and Moral Balance, along with Confidence and Serenity.

The Cosmic Ray of this City is reflected in the Pure Crystalline frequencies and will reflect through the entire city.  Resurrection along with Hope of a better tomorrow is reflected within all elements.  This will be the city for artists and musicians along with cooperation within cultures.  It is a city of many races even more so than the others because it is perfect place to arrive when one needs to interact with many levels of Beings, many cultures of inter-planetary lives.  It truly is a City of Courage.

Serapis Bey will guide us through the City and express how we can fully incorporate all of these qualities within ourselves.  I believe it will be very flowing, artistic, and a city of expansion for each of us.  We will experience a special Full Moon Ceremony in the City with Serapis Bey.  I have never done such a ceremony with Master Serapis before so this is a special evening for all of us.  Included will be some drumming and chanting to “OH” for the Root Chakra.

Archangels Gabriel and Hope along with Elohim Masters Purity and Astrea will share with us next week their essences with the City of Klehma.

Decree ~ City of  Klehma with Serapis Bey for Balance & Harmony

As I expand within myself,

I see that there is more to fully create;

I am a Lightworker upon this Earth to help others understand awakening;

I know that I need to fully activate all that I am to be an example of this Light.


I call upon Serapis Bey to assist me, the Ray Chohan of the 4th Ray of Balance and Harmony,

He shares with me that there is a special city being built in the Golden Etheric Levels over Colorado, Kansas, and Nebraska,

This is a city of beauty and artistic abilities;

I told him that I am unsure if I am artistic,

He says that all fully integrated souls all have some type of creativity within them;

The problem is that the blockages of the past keep hold of the beautiful essence of Purity and Hope;

Each of us has the ability to express their Divinity Within in the manner that is appropriate for their Soul;

He says, “Come with me”,

You will see many that are uncomfortable within themselves,

We have many races and cultures and we come together in Harmony to share with one another,

We love Mother Earth and she expresses to each of us through her beauty and balance.


I am discouraged but wanted to be encouraged;

As I step into this amazing city of Crystalline Light I now feel the difference;

I have the courage to move through an adversity that comes into my pathway;

I embrace the confidence, serenity, as I feel my Mental and Moral Balance within;

This truly is a city of great change;

I have arrived in a place where I am accepted and shown the way to create the balance I need;

I breathe deeply the Crystalline Ray within me;

It flows through my being and feel the harmony of humanity around me;

I send it to Gaia and the reflection of our Light together is amazing;

I have found my artistic creativity right here in the City of Klehma.


I share with many souls here as they share with me;

Humanity is healing deeply because of our work in Klehma;

I thank you Serapis Bey for your Divine Guidance;

I now walk with the courage that I desired previously;

I have Peace, Love, Purity, and Hope for a better tomorrow;

I AM that I AM that I AM.

As an added note, when I traveled through Nebraska on my way to Mt. Shasta, this is exactly what it felt like; no highs or lows, just continual energy.  At first, I thought it was boring and then I realized it represented the City of Klehma.  Unending energies that were just continuing in a balanced level.  ~ Christine Meleriessee


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