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June 30th, 2011 ~ City of Wahanee~Discussion of 7th Ray Archangels Zadkiel & Amethyst and Elohim Masters Arcturus & Victoria


Last week we traveled to the City of Wahanee with Lord Adama as our guide meeting up with Saint Germain in the city.  The landscape is absolutely beautiful with mountains imbued with the essence of the Violet Flame. The mountain protects the city as it sits down in the valley.  This is a city of true pathway as it will help us to understand what it is that we need to concentrate on without challenges to create the Beauty within our Lives.

Current State of Affairs:

We are now getting ready for another activation on July 1st of the New Moon and Lunar Eclipse ~the last of the three eclipses that have occurred in the last month.  This activation proves to be very beneficial for our personal fulfillment and desires.  It is important for each of us to aspire to the highest quality of advancement within our ability to create alchemy within our pathways.  What we think, do, and act upon will be part of our destiny more than ever before.

Moving Forward:

Tonight we will once again travel to Wahanee with the Archangels Zadkiel & Amethyst and Elohim Masters Arcturus & Victoria as our guides.  It should be a very beautiful evening filled with love and devotion.

Archangel Zadkiel is in charge of the Violet Fire of Invocation and Transmutation.  This represents the karma that needs to be removed in a painless way instead of having to experience the unnecessary pain and suffering.  The Divine Complement of Zadkiel is Holy Amethyst and when you call to them for the violet Fire to surge through every part of your being and environment, their Angels of the Violet Fire answer that call instantly.  The concept behind their work is “The more you can apply the Violet Fire surging through you, the quicker you will be free.”

During Alantean times there was a “White Order” of unascended lifestreams, who loved and served God along with his holy messengers.  Among this order were the priests and priestesses of the Order of Zadkiel; Ascended Master Saint Germain was one of the priests.

Archangel Zadkiel states:  “It is better to call forth the Violet Flame for shorter periods of time in Rhythymic Activity.  Set aside some uninterrupted time –morning, noon, and night – to invoke this flame, calling for it to blaze up, through and around you and expand out into your world.  Let it go into your brain structure, through your Etheric, Mental, and Emotional bodies, commanding it to transmute the hard and unforgiving feelings.  These “hard feelings” are the causes and cores of most of your distresses.  Let them be replaced by grateful joyous, receptive feelings, which open your world to the goodness of God and make you a mighty magnet to draw to you all the good that God wants you to have.” – Ascended Masters and Their Retreats, W. Schroeder

Holy Amethyst shares:  “Without the Violet Flame, beloved ones, there would have been no Earth today. Without the full power of the Violet Flame there would have been no humanity.  There would have been a void, insofar as the Earth is concerned.  THE MORE YOU CALL ON US FOR THIS VIOLET FLAME, THE MORE YOU MAGNETIZE ITS PRESENCE.  THE MORE OPPORTUNITY WE HAVE TO DRAW ON THE COSMIC STOREHOUSE TO CHANNEL THAT VIOLET FIRE THROUGH YOU.” – Ascended Masters and Their Retreats, W. Schroeder

Elohim Master Arcturus is one of the Elohim who helped build the planet.  He is the Elohim of Invocation, Rhythm, and Freedom.  THE USE OF THE VIOLET FLAME RAISES THE VIBRATORY ACTION OF THE ELECTRONS, which make up the substance of energies.  Victoria (also known as Diana in some schools of thought) consists of the purification of the Violet Flame in the four lower bodies of mankind.  She expands the light within the electrons and removes the discordant energies within these areas.  It helps to restore the Physical, Etheric, Emotional and Mental bodies and brings them back into their natural state of awareness.

Elohim Master Arcturus states: (Ascended Masters and Their Retreats, W. Schroeder)

“I am the Elohim who brings to you, and to all of life infinite FREEDOM through the use of the Violet Fire.  And where shall you find that freedom?  From WITHIN YOU~  In the beginning of your individualization, God created your divine, self-conscious intelligence, your own individualized I AM Presence, with the capacity to draw forth, from life, every God-gift you might ever require, to be able to manifest perfection.  WITHIN THE FLAME IN YOUR HEART IS ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING TO FULFILL YOUR VERY NEED!”

“Wherever there is a lifestream (initiate) who sincerely desires FREEDOM, and in constant RHYTHM, invokes and commands it, there shall I be to give that one assistance, until that FREEDOM is physically manifest.  In your individual application, if you will observe a RHYTHM, AND GIVE YOUR INDIVIDUAL CALLS AT THE SAME HOUR EACH DAY, you will draw a much more concentrated power.”

Infinite Freedom

I have a journey to take,

I feel like I have been walking for a very long time;

Each step that I take I get closer to the truth of my existence,

My soul is yearning deeply for the resolution of the old;

I travel to a beautiful City called Wahanee.


It represents the Violet Transmuting Fire but that is only the beginning,

I heard it is a place of complete understanding and that miracles happen to open up thedoorways to One’s Heart;

As I arrive in this beautiful city, I am met by the Beings of Light,

Archangels Zadkiel and Amethyst are the first to greet me,

They honor me with a beautiful sash that is placed from my left shoulder to my right hip;


I feel the essence of the Violet Flame burning into my Heart Center,

I see the karmic issues being burned away just by wearing this amazing sash of intensity;

I breathe deeply and then I am met by Elohim Masters Arcturus and Victoria,

The beauty of their auras is a sight to behold beyond my wildest dreams;

Their essence embodies within my Being as they impart to me that the Light of the Flame is also within me,

I feel a pulsating moment within my Heart and it expands entirely through my body;

Arcturus states:  “Your electrons are being recharged into the purity and Light that You Are”,

“Just breathe deeply and it will blend into your Physical, Etheric, Emotional and Mental Bodies”;

I do feel more centered and focused than before.


I now walk with Archangels Zadkiel and Amethyst along with Elohim Masters Arcturus and Victoria,

Just being in their presence ignites a freedom within me that I have been searching for;

I take another deep breath,

I see within me the core of my Being,

I am fully charged with the Violet Flame;

I now feel the freedom,

And the ability to create all of my desires,

I stop and feel my Essence within my Heart;

All I have ever wanted is now within my grasp.


It is Me, I am Free, I Am Love, I AM the Violet Fire;

I Transmute and I Create All in the Essence that I AM;

I AM that I AM that I AM.

1 thought on “June 30th, 2011 ~ City of Wahanee~Discussion of 7th Ray Archangels Zadkiel & Amethyst and Elohim Masters Arcturus & Victoria”

  1. Please let me know where you are located…I am very interested in Wahanee,
    St Germain and the Violet flame..Thanks Carol

    Hi Carol,
    I am on the East coast moving to Mt. Shasta, CA in two weeks…Most of my work is done via the phone and internet…
    Glad you enjoyed the city of Wahanee..
    Blessings, Christine

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