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June 15th, 2011 ~ A Special Ceremony in the Forest of Telos ~ GAIA SPEAKS ~ Part 2

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It is my divine blessing to be here in this moment, in this space with each of you.


I am overwhelmed with your love, I am overwhelmed with the Light that you are shining upon the Earth, and now you are assisting tremendously ~ of the grids that are being activated ~ of the frequencies of so many, not just the ones that are all here in this moment or listening, but the ones that are continually, many groups out there, and I want others to know how deeply, how deeply, I Am Honored in this moment.

Our pathway together is challenged, and the Earth is as I expand myself, the frequencies within me are changing, just as they are changing within you. It is my Divine Pleasure to say, so much is being Healed. The Deepness of the Coreness of my Being is fully being activated in a different way. Within those activations, I Am feeling the LOVE, the Love that is so great, that I have not felt for eons of time. This LOVE is continually growing, and growing, and growing as we expand together, and this Expansion Process is an Amazing Journey.  This Amazing Journey is about each of us, coming together in Oneness.

Right now as I express to you, in the frequency of this woman I Am speaking through, it is my honor to expand to each of you a piece of me to assist you in the Process of your Grounding upon this Earth.  As we are all accelerating, we also need to have that Balance.  Within that Balance, I express to you the Green Rays filtering up through your feet from your Earth Star, and allow those roots to come up fully into your whole being.  Feel that Balance that I bring to you from the Core and the Essence that I AM. As I bring forth that Core and that Essence, I also bring forth to you the Crystalline Energy.  Each of you have helped me tremendously in so many ways, and the light energies that are coming to me on a continually basis, is much more that I could ever accept.

So I bring to you this evening my LOVE and I Embrace you with this Light that I Am embodying in these moments.  Allow this to be in the Frequency of your Being, and as you bring forth this Frequency of your Being, we bring forth the Frequency of our Oneness Together. As we of the God and the Goddess are coming into unison, each of you is expanding into that unity within yourselves.  I will be reunited with Father Sky at one time, but it is not our time yet.  I express to you, that each of you are changing in your frequency to allow this expansion to be within each of you, also.

It is time that you find the Gods and the Goddesses of your counterparts to come into your working existence. It is an important component of the pathway to bring these energies forward. Some may choose not to have a partner of this type, but many on this Pathway will aspire to this, because it is part of the Union of the Completeness that is occurring at this time.  So I give to you this message of LOVE,  go deep within your Heart, go deep within your Heart, and feel the Frequency within you.  Expand that Frequency within you outwardly, into the expression that you are.  As the timing is happening in these moments for you to fully receive these Aspects of your Divinity because they have been lost for eons of time.

In this expression of the Lemurian times, when we were all in ceremony, embellishing each other, the expression of my Light was the expression of your light.  Do not be sad that we are changing.  It is part of the process to not get angry at those that do not do what you think they should do, or that they may be hurting the Essence of my Being.  The expression of your Love is beyond the comprehension of your mind.  This is what I feel, this is what heals me, this is what helps me to heal others that are living upon my Planet, my Essence.  As we all expand within each other, that vibrational rate that is happening is beyond the comprehension of our lives. It is a beautiful event that is occurring at this time, and I am honored to be able to be instrumental in the frequency that is happening in this moment ~ To bring to you my heart sense and to your heart sense, to assist you in this process, because we do need you to help as many as we can.  The ones that don’t want to help will fall away, but you must not worry, you must not think of how difficult it may be for them because that will hold them back in all ways.  Let us all aspire together of these changes that are happening within myself, and within each of you. The essence of my being is being adjusted into the frequency and the rate to assist you in this process.  Please know that many are coming together, but they must be the right combination, and right frequency, so it is very important that you mirror out what you are feeling in these moments.

These vibrations are of the Highest, as we bring forth the Inner Earth and the Upper Earth in Higher Frequencies, this is what I love so deeply.  This is the Oneness, this is the Expression of my Heart. This is the Expression of my Love for each of you.  I Am honored to be able to express it to you in this way.

I AM GAIA, Mother Earth.

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