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June 15th, 2011 ~ A Special Ceremony in the Forest of Telos ~ Earth Energies ~ Part 1

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We traveled to Telos to meet with Lord Adama and the Team of Light to celebrate the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse energies along with a special ceremony for the Festival of Humanity.  Due to the length of this transmission I have chosen to separate it into three parts:  1) Connecting with Telos and the Earth Energies for the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse; 2) A Special Message from Gaia, Mother Earth; 3) Ceremony for the Festival of Humanity and returning to our home bases.  I hope you enjoy !

Take a deep breath, we’ll do some energy work first, to get things started.

Christine Meleriessee:  I want everyone to tune into what it is you wish to let go of. Remember the five elements we worked with on our Cosmic   Oneness   Meditation   on   June 12, 2011.  These are the five elements that we want to tune into our life or let go of, I want everyone to think of those five elements.  As I do some drumming , I want you to feel this in your Solar Plexus, of your Will and Power.  We want to remove anything that may be blocked within the area as we want to be clear as we walk into Telos.  So they are asking me to do this exercise first. Take a deep breath, and feel your heartbeat.


Breathe into the Heart.  I want you to feel that Deep Pink Flame in the Heart area, active intelligence this is our manifestation right. Now I want you to filter this through your whole body, I want you to start to vibrate with the drum. Go into your solar plexus, and allow this Pink Ray to go down into the whole body. I want you to command to the heavens. Let’s speak to Grandmother Moon right now. Tell her what you need to have removed out of your field to assist you in the process of your awakening. Speak it with conviction. Don’t say I ask, say I command that ___________ (I receive the funds necessary to create my pathway more freely, I command that love inside of me shines outside of me as a mirror to others).


Let that reverberate through your whole being, from your toes all the way up to your crown, through your fingertips and arms, feel it vibrating through your whole being, feel all the elements being released, as we ask now for the frequency of light break apart all that does not serve you.


Okay, now that feels better.  Feel the vibrations opening up the energies, feeling everyone relax, take a deep breath.  In that deep breath I want you to vibrate through your entire light body, as now we are bringing forth that Light Body through your whole being.  Feel the activation of all your light bodies through you now.  Let us spin, in a clockwise manner, and we’re all going to move out of the location that we are situated separately.  Let’s meet together at the entranceway of Mt.Shasta.  On the West Coast side of the United States of America, feel yourself in the Etheric level of Earth, as we are now all going to gather together, blending together as one Merkabah, and were going moving downwards into the mountain, the same way the ships come into Telos.  We find ourselves in the base of Telos.  We are greeted by Lord Adama, all the Ray Chohans, Serapis Bey, Djwal Khul, Master Kuthumi, Master Hilarion, Saint Germain, Lord Sananda, Lady Nada, Lady Portia, Quan Yin, Lady Isis, all the different Ray Chohans, El Morya, and Allah Gobi.

Feel them gathering, as they are acknowledging us, embracing us, and welcoming us.  We are still in the area where we have arrived, and then we are walking through an archway.  We’re going to go into a completely different area this evening. A s we walk through this archway, we walk through a garden, it’s a different garden than we have seen before. The garden is clustered with trees around us, and we’re going to go very deep into the forest.  This is a very sacred space of Telos, I’ve never been in this space before, so this is very interesting. Let’s breathe deeply.

Then we’re going further into the forest, feel the trees, feel the elementals, the fairies, the gnomes, all the beautiful elements in this forest. This is more alive than any other place we’ve been to.  It’s like going back in time, if you will remember times in the Celtic energy, or any of that type of energy, because your deep in the Earth energy. We walk towards a clearing, there’s a body of water over to one side, like a lake, and there is a campfire. We gather around the campfire in this moment, it may change in another moment, but for now we will gather around the campfire.  We see many Telosians, you may see some people who you know, or had travels with them in your sleep state, or in meditation.  There are lots of beings here at this time, everyone is excited to have us join them in their special place of worship.  To the right side of the lake, behind the fire, is an altar, a beautiful altar that is right in the land.  This is a special place of worship, that individuals may come that are really connected to the elementals and all the energies of the Earth.  Within this altar, there are stones, and little figurines of different masters and different deities.  It truly represents the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of White Light.  There is nothing artificial.  Everything is carved wood and stone.  So take a look, take a step up to the Altar, get a sense of what it feels like for you ~ natural artefacts, beautiful energy.  We’ll be leaving some energy here before we leave our ceremony. So let’s now walk back toward the circle at the fire, and we’re going to sit around the fire. Take a deep breath.

(((All singing)))

Greetings! Greetings! Hello! This is Lord Adama.

Thank you .Christine, for that introduction.  It’s a powerful night, a powerful night again, a little bit different  because we have energies from the higher realms unto the Earthplane, and here you are in the Inner Earth as were going to do a special ceremony.  It’s going to be a combination of what we know and what Christine knows, so it’s going to be an interesting night.  It’s even a surprise for her.  So take a moment right now and breathe deeply.

Within that breath I want you to feel your Essence in this very moment.  What does this Essence mean to you? Because it’s about to change. I promise you that, that what you have held dear within you is now going to shift. As that changes your going to be accepting yourself in a new way being than you did when you came into this forest. The old part of you was left outside the doorway of the trees and the forest.  As we sit here, let us reflect into the fire.  Let us reflect the fire energy that each of us needs within our lives.  Or maybe you have too much fire energy, maybe you need to relax a little bit.  Let’s look around the forest.  What animals do you see?  Let’s fully bring in the Raven, bring in the Hawk, let’s ask for the essence of the Deer, the Bear, and many more animals.  Whatever you feel, allow them to come into this moment.  I think there is one special person that is on the call this evening, is very, very attached to his Dragon here. So were going to ask Asen to see that Dragon, and allow that Dragon to meet everybody. This is quite a different experience.

You can see in Telos its a magical place, and you can have anything that you desire within this energy.  Everything is PURE LOVE, so let’s bring in that essence of Continuity of your Soul’s experience.  Let’s bring that into our reality, and I want that to filter within you.  As we open up your entire system, allow your Higher Self to get on that  Antakarana  Bridge and just slide right down inside of you.  If you already have your Higher Self activated within you, then were just going to initialize it even more. So let’s take a deep breath within that Thymus and with the Heart and we allow that frequency to fully be embodied within you. Feel the vibration going through you. Feel him or her more fully than you ever have before.  You may feel some tingling sensations. You may have some feelings you were not sure of before.  Allow them to come through you now. Whatever your experience, it’s supposed to be your experience, and there’s nothing better than to bring forth these experiences right now.  You’re in a safe place.  As you bring in your Higher Self, is there anything that he or she does not align with?  Are there any elements within you that you may have been holding on to in your personality?  Yes, your personality changes as you bring in the higher realms into your Being.  So we are going to bring in those frequencies now.  Let us connect with Grandmother Moon.  We look up above through the trees and we can see the essence, and we see Grandmother Moon shining down upon us.  We’re bringing this forth for you in Telos, although in Telos we usually don’t have the dark sky.  Tonight were going to simulate that for you.  We want you to look up and see all the stars, so what we are doing is we are opening up the entire mountain for you to see up above in the upper hemispheres.

Look at Grandmother Moon; Grandmother Moon is the one you want assistance from at this time.  Breathe deeply, and I want you to feel what it is you need to release.  Not just one thing, but as many things as you can. What is that is holding you back in this moment?  If you haven’t felt a change with some of the activations that were brought forth this week, then we need to do more work this evening.  The more work that you do, the more activations will occur, and you will see great results within that energy.  Great results does not always mean that your going to be in a happy state.  Remember you’ve had all of these things locked away in your cellular memories, into those physical parts of your self that have been forgotten about.  Yes, there are stages of happiness, and when you get to a certain point, you will be able to embody those happy moments as much as possible.  We want each of you to aspire to that 5th dimensional body, so until we can fully do that, you’re going to be going through those fluctuations that your feeling.  So it’s very important.  Let’s embrace Grandmother Moon, see her shining up above us, and see all the stars, we are simulating that, although in California it’s not dark yet. So we assimilate the Sparkling of the Energies coming down upon you.  Breathe in deeply.


I want you to allow yourself to feel that vibration within your Heart.

On the loud drumming, I want you to feel the pouncing of the energy coming out of you.

We will do two light beats, and three light beats, 1,2,3, breathe through that and allow it to come out of you.  1,2,3,out! 1, 2, 3, out! 1, 2, 3, out! 1, 2, 3, out! Feel that:

(((Drumming quickens)))

Let’s all stand up around the fire.  We’re going to stand together, and as we stand together were going to face the East. As we face the East, the way that we came in, we were walking from the East. So allow us now to turn towards the East, if your back is to the East around the circle, please turn around and allow yourself to be in the East. Say these words:

(((Drumming quickly)))

“I command {your name} to occur” say this now, again, and we are going to do this five times.

As we stand in the East, the East is about the Mental level, what is it that you need to release on the Mental level. Are you anxious?  Are you worried?  Do you think too much?  Do you run your life through the Mental level? Let’s clear that right now!


We now ask that all the Frequencies of the Light be fully cleared within everyone’s body with the tap of this drum.


Breathe it outwards, and it’s going to grow in intensity.  Breathe in/out, in/out, in/out.   Allow the clearing within the Mental level to now have occurred.

We now call upon the Eagle.  The Eagle flies high, allow the Eagle to come to you, allow the Eagle to be your guide for the next 30 days through this process that were all going through, feel that clearing in your Mental level.

Now were going to walk towards the right, going to the South with 12 steps.  Now we are facing the Southern direction, this is our Emotional level, let’s connect with the Emotions now.  What is it that you fully need to embrace?  Are there commands that you want to bring forth in your emotional level?  Would you like to have more balance in your emotional level?  Would you like to have more love to feel those emotions?  Do you need to not be so emotional?  Let’s have a balance, let’s do some more work in that withdrawal.


Bring in the vibration, and then were going to drum faster, as the vibration increases allow it into the Emotional body.  As you allow it into the emotional body, allow it to be released.

Now we call upon the Coyote, and the Coyote represents laughter, he’s the Trickster.  So were going to laugh at everything we do, we’re not going to worry about what anyone else says about us, we’re just going to laugh it off.  Everything is a little giggle inside of you.  Now you’re going to command that vibration to be fully within you; of the love that you deserve, of your Emotional balance, and your Inner Child is allowed to play.


Feel that in balance. She/He is totally in balance.

Now we are going to take 12 more steps in the circle toward the West, as we face the westerly direction.  This is our Physical healing.  What is it you need to release in your physical body?  Of course, the other elements in your Mental, Emotional and Spiritual elements can affect your Physical, so allow the Physical body to be in peace, allow this vibration to fully incorporate within you.  Allow the Physical Essence within you to be the conduit to fully accept your Divinity.  As you bring that in, your physical body will adjust; it’s your Mind and Emotions that stop from adjusting.  So allow yourself to feel the balance right now, we want to feel the balancing energy.


Now breathe deeply through all that.  The Bear is in the West, the Bear is outside in the Summer, and the Bear is doing everything that he thought about in the Winter.  So I want you to think about everything that you were processing in the Winter months ~ the thoughts and the manifestations that you were trying to create.  Have they been created?  Have a portion of them been created?  I bet they have, because now the flowers are going to grow, and they are going to be seeded outwards.  This is what this Summer Solstice is about.  So let’s move now into that full aspect of the flowering within you, and feel that within you.  Breathe that in.

Now we are going to move 12 steps into the North.  The North is our Spiritual level, the North is that Higher Self, it’s that frequency, coming down into our Spiritual body, allowing that to fully be within us.  It is also White Buffalo Calf Woman, with the Buffalo, this is our manifestation, this is our abundance, so this is the beauty of this direction ~ to fully be in beauty in ourselves.

So now let’s embrace everything that we’ve done through the other processes. Bring that fully within you.


Now we want to be fully in balance; please speak to White Buffalo Calf Woman right now, of any elements that you would full like to bring forth within you, as you now have done the clearing of the Mental, Emotional, Physical, and you are now ready to do that.

Now we’re going to move around and find our place in the circle where you were originally.

I want you to feel the difference in yourself after doing this ceremony, of what it felt like, what the frequency is for you.  You should start to feel better that you were previously. S o as we connect with Grandmother Moon, of the Full Moon, we’ve fully released all the elements.  Now we are embracing the change and the expansion that is necessary.  So as we look around the fire, we see all kinds of elementals and energies that are unfolding within.  Breathe deeply into that.  We’re going to have Christine do the crystal bowl, because now we want to bring in the higher frequencies.  We have a guest speaker, that even Christine didn’t know about.

Look around you and see the Telosians as all of us embodied right now assisting each other in this process.  We love each other deeply, and we love you very deeply for the work that you are doing.  This is what we want you to think of while the crystal bowl is being played, allow that frequency that is now ready to come into you. We want you to be fully embraced as Sanat Kumara has explained about walking up the mountain.  We want you to feel this essence.  We want you to expand yourselves, and within this expansion, you are going to allow the old elements to fully be released out of you. You have to be able to be Free, you have to be able to LET GO, you have to be able to not hold on to any Emotional or Mental level.  It’s essentially important, especially the Mental level of the thoughts.  So right now we want each of you to be erased of any mental anxiety, any worries, whys, how’s, wherefores, and all of those elements that you think about when you are not in the moment.  We want everyone now to feel that moment.  Feel that vibration coming through you now.  Feel the extension of your Beingness fully within you.  As now there is nothing more important than this moment, and to receive this frequency within you.

As Christine does the bowl, we’ll take a few moments.  Breathe deeply all the way down from the top of your Crown to your feet, allow whatever does not serve you to go into the fire.  We want you to fully release that into the fire and allow it to be purged.

(((Crystal Bowl rings)))

You are now fully a crystalline being of light, allow that frequency to be fully within you. It embraces within your Physical, it embraces within your Mental, your Emotional, your Etheric, and your Spiritual.  Feel that vibration completely around you.  You are now fully activated.  You have released with the Full Moon, and you have expanded with the Eclipse as the expansion of the light of the Moon is represented by the Lunar Eclipse.  It allows you to fully bring in the balance, you can be balanced with the higher frequency, it’s just the Mind that stops you, it’s just the Emotions that get in the way of the old.  Now you’re renewed, allow the renewal to occur.  As that occurs, you bring forth that frequency within you.  Breathe through, breathe through it, just breathe through it.

We now have a special Guest Speaker for a few moments.

Please see Part 2 and 3 to finish the entire meditation.

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