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June 8th, 2011 ~ Elohim Peace & Aloha and Archangels Uriel & Aurora Guided us to their Crystalline Temple in the City of Shalahah

This week it was a very high frequency with energies of the crystal bowl being played as we walked through a Crystalline Archway that aligned us with the energies of the Rays of Devotion in Ruby Red, Orange-Pink, and Magenta.  The transcription is being prepared and will be available in a couple of days.


We were honored last week to have Lord Sananda as our guide to the City of Shalahah.  It was an amazing journey of love, bliss, and joy.  We learned that there is a Temple of Healing in which the Rays of the 3rd, 4th and 5th dimensional frequencies expand within the temple in the three different levels.  Lord Sananda shared with us that this is the city of transition from moving up through the 5th dimensional Light Body.  With the onset of the New Moon energies it was very balancing and flowing for individuals participating.

Current State of Affairs:

We are presently in preparation for more activations through the month which will occur next week.  Right now we are still transitioning from the old elements which are being accelerated to be fully out of your four-body system in preparation for the next stages.  We truly are at a time when all can occur in a moment so we fully must be cognizant of what we are experiencing in each of these moments.  We are being challenged but only so deeply when the core of our being needs to be infiltrated with the highest frequencies of Light.  We are not only balancing all the energies but fully accelerating ourselves into the next level of frequency that our bodies can hold.  This is going to be different for each separate individual.  We must remember that we are not all walking hand-in-hand within the same frequency.  Our goal is to move into the 5th dimensional frequency physically and we need to be patient with ourselves..

Moving Forward:

Tonight we are connecting with the Elohim Masters, Peace and Aloha, and Archangels Uriel & Aurora ,who reside over the 6th Ray of Devotion.  This ray represents strength, truth, tolerance, serenity, balance and common sense along with forgiving love and grace.  We will be connecting with the Cosmic Ray of Ruby Red or otherwise known as Cherry Red.

The Elohim of Peace, also known as Tranquility in other schools of thought, helped build the planet Earth.  Aloha is the great embodiment of ver great peace.  As said, they both serve on the sixth ray.  They are here to assist individuals in feeling and expressing peace within them and around them.

As said, “Peace is the essential quality that each one must some day draw into his own world and hold so that nothing within or without, can ever disturb it.  That is Mastery.” “Ascended Masters and Their Retreats”

Peace and Aloha can assist one in purifying their chakras form the negative vibrations, accumulated during many embodiments and restoring them back to their original form of perfection

Archangels Uriel and Aurora serve to all of mankind consisting of 10 billion individuals.  Uriel administers the many angels who are considered “ministering or guardian angels”.  Uriel wears the beautiful ruby robes and is surrounded by myriad bands of angels.  Great legions of his court are present in institutions of incarceration, hospitals, prisons, homes for the aged, and souls in distress.

The very nature of Uriel and Aurora brings peace in their ministration to others.  PEACE IS A CONDUCTOR OF HEALING RAYS, FOR WHEN AN INDIVIDUALS IN A STATE OF TURMOIL, HIS AURA REPELS THE HEALING HE DESIRES, BUT WHEN HE IS AT PEACE, HIS AURA ACCEPTS THE HEALING RAY “Ascended Masters & Their Retreats”.

Whenever the name of God is invoked, either silently or out loud, Uriel will be there in an instant with fullness of the love, blessings, healing, faith and the capacity to receive.  Uriel is no farther from you than a call of the Thought of God.  “I am your friend, I am your servant, I am your companion in the Light ~ Uriel, the Messenger of the Most High. Auroraembodies the virtue of grace, which is a feeling, and representative of grace in the angelic kingdom, just as Mother Mary represents grace to mankind.  “Ascended Masters & Their Retreats”


Allowing Bliss & Peace To Be Within Me

I am a lightworker ready to activate my higher energies,

I have many tools that I work with,

But yet at times I am at a crossroads,

How can I teach others when I am unsure of the pathway that I am on presently?

I stop and breathe deeply,

I feel as if I am in turmoil in this minute;

I feel a sense of peace coming over me, when and how did this occur?

I hear a voice “We are Peace and Aloha ~ we bring you tranquility as we stand before you,

Let us help you my Dearest One;

There is a breath of fresh air coming through me,

I feel myself relaxing and I am in awe of the beauty that is me;

They say onto me, “We are not alone.  We work with Archangels Uriel and Aurora”;

I see this beautiful angel in front of me adorned with a Ruby Red robe,

I am Uriel and this is Aurora,

Let us embrace you in this moment,

I feel this beautiful essence of their Light totally allowing me to be in a tranquil state,

I breathe deeply and see now that it was just a moment in time,

I asked and I received.

I thank you both, Peace and Aloha ~ and Uriel and Aurora,

You have restored within me the ability to totally express myself with the Love that I AM,

I feel so blissful, peaceful, joyful and full balanced within my body,

I AM that I AM that I AM.

I Am so grateful in this moment for the blessings I have received.


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