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June 1st, 2011 ~ Discussion of the Golden City of Shahalah & Lord Sananda

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This week we will be working with Lord Sananda and traveling to the Golden City of Shahalah which is in the Etheric level of the Earth over Missoula, Montana and Idaho.  This fifth dimensional city represents Inner Healing, Abundance, and Prosperity.


Last week we traveled to Telos and were honored to meet the King and Queen of Telos in their crystalline temple.  We were honored with a special wand to assist us with our chakra and light quotient integration along with some very special messages of love.  We were also given a special dispensation from Lord Adama that Telos is setting up a special area for those individuals who have achieved the 4th initiation to be in training.  The usual prerequisite is a 7th initiation level so this is a very special occurrence.

Current State of Affairs:

Currently we are experiencing several activations through the New Moon and Partial solar Eclipse.  Our calls this week have been more balancing and fluid in preparation for the upgraded vibrations that we will be receiving.  This energy represents to us about creating our desires and letting go at the same time.  It also will allow each of us to expand and have the stability that is necessary for our present pathways.

There is not a whole lot of information on the Golden Cities and it has not been updated for several years.  The rays that are highlighted by one group of I Am America are a bit different from the teachings I bring forth.  Just to reiterate the fact that my information is derived from Dr. Joshua David Stone and Alice Bailey.  There are other schools of thought that have some of the aspects and the colors are from a different perspective than what I teach.  I wanted to share that fact in case you may feel there may be some differences than what you are used to seeing.

In Dr. Stone teachings the Planetary Ray colors are a bit different.  I taught a Ray Class last year and it was brought to my attention that others were using the Cosmic Rays.  I have taken the concept of the basic planetary rays and intuitively saw how the colors changed as one moved from the frequency of the Planetary through the Solar, Galactic, Universal, Multi-Universal, and Cosmic levels.  When working with individuals I do not always utilize the Cosmic Rays as sometimes their lower chakras may not be able to handle the frequencies.  In my group teachings from this point forward, I am being guided from the Spiritual Hierarchy to utilize the Cosmic Rays.

Moving Forward:

Upcoming in tonight’s class we will be learning about the City of Shalahah in Missoula, Montona and Idaho.  This city is overlighted by the Ray of Devotion with Lord Sananda.  We will cover the aspects of this ray this evening and receive an understanding of what visiting Shalahah may mean for each of us.  Next week we will be honored with the Elohim Councils of God and Archangels overlighted by the Ray of Devotion which represents the Ruby Red color.

The City of Shalahah is overlighted by Lord Sananda and after quite a bit of research and intuitive thinking today, I feel the knowledge I am bringing forth is correct.  It took me quite some time and a deep meditation to make sure I am bringing forth this information correctly for each of us.

Lord Sananda is the Chohan of Ray 6 of Devotion.  On a planetary level this ray has become out of existence for quite some time.  The old aspect of this ray was the religious fervor and everything is seen as perfect and intolerable.  As the Cosmic level it represents peacefulness, mercy, devotional worship, forgiving love and grace.

As most of us understand, Lord Sananda is the Higher Self of Jeshua.  He works on many planes of existence along with the Inter-Galactic Command.  The energetics of Shalahah represents these aspects along with being a Bridge to the New World.  I believe that not only does the city represent the Ruby Red but a mixture of the Pink Orange Ray which corresponds to the Bridge of the New Age.  This city is a mixture of fluidness and stability as the Pink Orange represents the 11th Ray of the 4th dimensional ray within the Solar Plexus.  This city is going to be a place where individuals can come to fully move from the 4th to the 5th level of integration physically.  It will represent the ability to diminish the present and past life trauma we have been holding onto.

Many individuals are already coming to this city in the Etheric Realm.  It is a place of peacefulness and strength on a personal level.  This city represents the ability to prepare oneself for the next level of initiation into the Christ Consciousness which is so represented by Lord Sananda.

In understanding the combination of these rays together, if you take the Ruby Red and blend it with the Pink-Orange, it will lighten up the spectrum of this ray into a deep, bright pink also known as Magenta which is the 5th dimensional ray within the Solar Plexus and the Heart.  On the 5th dimensional level the Monadic level is integrated with the Soul into the physical body.  I believe this city is one of transition into the higher energies.  It will be a safe haven for those individuals who fully have not made the fully transformation to move into the fifth dimensional body.  It does not mean that everyone can just jump here and be saved.  It represents the ability to assist souls through this process along with finding their own Divinity and Purpose in the 5th dimensional realm.

This city will represent deep healing which will in turn allow each individual to find their Prosperity and Abundance consciousness.  It will rid each of us the old issues we have been holding onto with lack in our spiritual path.  I am looking forward to this evening to see what Lord Sananda will bring forth to us.

The Golden City of Shahalah

As I expand my awareness into the higher frequencies,

There are times that I am unsure if I am ready or still need more preparation;

Lord Sananda is the Ascended Master, who overlights the City of Shalahah.

He represents Spiritual Devotion and Peacefulness, not only within this city,

But in the love he shares with myself and others.

I feel his essence as I am unsure of where to turn,

He reaches out his hand to me and assures me that I am ready;

He expresses to me his Love, Joy, Wisdom, Forgiveness, and Grace,

These are the qualities I need to imbue within my own Being.

He told me that there is a special city in the Etheric Level of Earth,

That will help me to understand all I am confused about;

He takes me there and I am in awe of the beauty and grace of this world,

The essence of this land of a city faraway is so pristine in its glory.

Just arriving there helps me to see that the urgency I have been feeling is now gone,

I feel the waves of light flowing through me,

And the activations to create the completeness I desire.

I accept my Divinity as I stand amongst others;

I Am with my Soul Family of Light;

I am releasing and embracing in the same moments,

I accept the power of my words of Love, Abundance, and Prosperity;

I honor all that I Am.

I am unified amongst the many,

And ready to share with others;

I AM that I AM that I AM.

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