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Ashtar Command & Mikos of the Hollow Earth Share the Library of Porthologos in the City of Catharia

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“New Earth Circle of Light Audio”, May 11th, 2011.


This is Lord Adama speaking from the Telosian Command Center.  It’s great to be here; thank you so much for being part of this Circle and the expansion that is happening on this Earth Plane, as each of you are connecting in the way that you are doing.  Your work on the Inner Plane is pretty powerful at this time.  Each of you are coming to Telos, you’re working with the City of Gobean, you’re accessing yourself in ways you’ve never thought possible, and you’re accelerating yourself.  I know each of you are being challenged in many different ways.  It’s part of the process, and it’s going to become more involved for you because of the frequency of the energies that are happening and your Mastership pathway.

There’s so much happening with this Wesak.  Everyone is totally excited and bringing forth these energies, and we’re so happy that Christine is doing a ceremony at the beach, which is a special places for us and a very good connection for the Starfleet Command.

Tonight is going to be a very memorable night for each of you as we bring forth these energies of Mikos and the Ashtar Command.  They’re very excited to connect with you in this way, more of a personal connection, to bring forth the changes that are happening, to incorporate and integrate the changes within your being.  As you are doing that, it is assisting those around you, as you communicate on many different levels, on your internet, as you’re speaking your words, your communication in the realms of psychic feelings, not just feelings of but communicating on that 5th dimensional level, is becoming stronger.  Some of you are communicating with each other and feeling each other on the Inner Plane level.  All of you are going to be able to do this.  As Jesus had said, “All that I have, you will have more.”  This is truly what is occurring.

We are very happy to open our doorways in this way and assist you on a weekly basis.  It is a powerful group that we have going here, and it does not stop when we’re finished, as most of you know.  You’re accelerations are continuing, they’re going to continue even more so, your communication with us is increasing ~ your communication with each other, and branching out those energies to others, you’re learning many lessons and learning that discernment is a very important part of Mastership.

Each of you are realizing this in many different ways.  I know some of you are aware of what Christine experienced this week, of what we experienced, and this is exactly the Divinity that occurs, because not all are in the same soul family, and there’s nothing wrong with that, there’s no judgment of any kind, it’s just the way it is.  This is what’s going to occur, and if there are any upset or hurt feelings with anything that has occurred this week concerning me, I totally want to put my energies to transmute that to any individuals that may be listening.  It’s not a personal event that happened at all, it’s just the process of coming together in groups that are more interconnected.  And with that interconnectedness, and I think each of you are feeling this between the call and connecting with each other, your Soul relationships are expanding, and within these relationships they are growing in leaps and bounds; I’m glad that Christine can be here as that connection for each of you, because I know there are people on the call that are not connected on Facebook, and are here on Skype that are not connected to the people on the call, this is why we like Christine to mention everybody and bring forth these energies within each other because it is a great assistance that is happening between each of you.

So I’m going to just ask each of you to intuit what you’re feeling, being on this call in this moment.  Take a deep breath and feel that connection to each other.  You may not know each other’s names but you can begin to sense their Essence as Christine calls it, it’s like their personality.  Each of us has our own spiritual personality.  When you’re bringing forth my Essence in the channeling, you’re bringing forth the personality of my Spirit, as each of you are bringing that forth.  So this is how you fully allow yourself to bring those frequencies into your Being.  So let’s take a  deep breath and connect in the Circle that you are, and allow us to be in that energy within each other, no matter where we are around the world, we will always be interconnected with each other.  Take a deep breath into that and feel the essence of the Circle expanding.  It’s not just about each of you here, it’s about the Team of Light, and that Team of Light is growing in leaps and bounds.  Christine doesn’t even realize this, because more and more Light Beings are going to be in your space.  Some of you may have Light Beings who are working with you and want to be in this beautiful connection Circle between the Hierarchy of the God Force and the Hierarchy of the Earth Plane which is us and you.  I consider us to be part of the Hierarchy of the Earth Plane, we are in the Inner Earth, but the concept of what’s happening here is the Inner Earth is connecting with the Upper Earth and then with the Upper Heavens, so we’re coming together in that full totality of Oneness that each of us has been desiring to be for many years.

So let’s take a deep breath and connect with that frequency and connect with the elements and center each other, and feel yourself in Telos.  We’re in the Garden again, we’re walking in the Garden, and you are seeing people who you know.  People are getting used to you, your energies, and I want you to sense your experience on the Inner Plane.  If you’re not quite remembering what you’re experiencing on the Inner Plane just allow yourself to sense it, and I’m sure there is a sense for everyone because right now we’re opening everyone’s energies up to fully receive these activations.  Allow that to come within you as we all gather around the waterfall and we want you to put your feet into the water, and we want you to feel a cleansing.  If you want to go fully into the water please do, the temperature here is about 80 degrees, and it’s dry, it’s not humid, it’s beautiful, the sun is beaming down.  The frequency is actually essential for your being right now, so I want everybody to take a deep breath and allow those vitamins of the sun into your Being, and I want you to take it into your core and into all of those areas that are part of you.  This is going to assist you and the frequency in coming together.    So let’s just feel that right now, let’s feel those essences of being in that space, and as you come into that space, breathe very deeply and feel the nurturing, feel the relaxation, sit yourself down into the grass and just feel the essence, and the children are playing around you.  There are angels, you may see different kinds of animals, you may even see different loved ones in Spirit, because many come here into Telos.  (Christine has some stories she could tell you on that one, but that’s another day).  Just allow this frequency to permeate within you as we sit in a semi-circle, I’m sitting with you, and let’s just ask Mikos and Commander Ashtar to come to us in this moment.


It is my Divine pleasure, it is Ashtar, Commander of the Starfleet of the 144,000 Beings of Light who are working with each of you.  It is my pleasure, I am in extreme glee in this moment to be fully introduced to each of you to allow yourself to feel the effects so that we can work together more fully than we ever have before. We want to share a little bit of information on how we are assisting each of you on the Earthplane and the tragedies that have been happening.

I know there have been many ships sighted in different areas, especially in the areas that have had tragedies happen in the weather patterns.  We’re continually on watch, continually patrolling.  Some of you we’re working with more fully than others.  Christine and I have been working very diligently together for many years and it is a pleasure to be here with her as a colleague, and to present myself as a colleague with each of you.   As the Starfleet, we are here, as you know, not to be your savior, but to fully assist you in the process of the continuation of your lives as we move into that 5th dimensional frequency.  Many of you are already aspiring to work with us.  Some of you are Star Seeds.  You have that remembrance that you come from other planetary forms into these bodies and that can be very difficult to handle because of the frequency of energy that you are incorporating within your vehicle.

We are here as an assistance ~ we work with the Hollow Earth continually.  We are in Mt. Shasta, if you’ve ever visited Mt. Shasta and looked at the sky at night, you’ll see that we’re all very active here.  We’re active in Sedona.  We’re active in major places where the energy is clear, but we’re also active in places where it’s not clear to assist in the frequencies, with the work that you are doing on the Earthplane. We are just adding to the continuancy of the frequency, to allow those vibrations to come through to assist the Earthplane, or to communicate with others, whatever your life path is.  Maybe it’s very multidimensional, many different levels of how you’re doing the work, which is the way things are happening now, many more elements are coming forward so that you are activating those processes within you, of that wisdom and knowledge that’s necessary in a multidimensional framework.

Allowing yourself to understand what is occurring is very important, and within this occurrence you will be seeing a very great change because there’s going to be more activity occurring within the skies.  Yes, we are everywhere, and I know people are saying, “Why haven’t you come?” but we are here.  We are here, and we are not fully active to be like one of your Hollywood movies, to land in the space, and everyone would come looking and see what we were like, that’s not how it’s going to happen, and I know each of you understand this.  We are assisting with the grid-lines of the earth.  As we bring forth the frequencies from the Galactic level, through the Solar and to the Planetary, we are assisting these grids to be formed, so the whole framework of assisting the earth’s frequency into the essence of the Star that she will become, will be an easy transition.  If we allowed that to happen at this time, the transition would not be easy for any of you.  Many of you are not prepared for those 5th dimensional bodies so this is how we are preparing you.  We are honored to be able to work with each of you in this way and to assist you in these processes.

I ask of you to make a list of things you need help with – are there any physical concerns, are you having difficulty in any of your chakras that you’re trying to clear on your own and it’s just not happening?  We have many levels of Galactic beings who are very talented . We have Dr. Lorphan with us, and Christine is a component of delivering Dr. Lorphan’s talents to each of you, he is a great healer, a Sirian, we have so many different levels of Planetary, Inter-planetary, Inter-galactic beings from so many different star systems, that are coming together in assisting the focal point of bringing the balance that is needed.  Just as each of you is coming together in this group to create a nucleus of that power, to bring forth within each of you the acceptance of the challenges and responsibility that are necessary.  We work with that also. What we’re looking for is to combine those energies together so that we can bring the Galactic levels into the Planetary.  And then Mikos from the Hollow Earth brings forth that format from the Inner Earth.  So not only are we working with Light Beings and Ascended Masters but we’re working on the Galactic levels, we’re a separate part of that, but we’re looking to bring that focus in together.  As we bring that focus on together, you start to understand the continual way of life form that is available for you.

Many are asking so many questions, and wondering, when and why and how and to be, and what we ask of you is, to be in the present moment.   It’s just like anything else that you’ve learned to do through the power of your mind and letting go of those lower mental thoughts.  When you allow yourself to be in the totality of the Essence of God that you are, you’re in that moment, and in that moment it flows.  When you start asking too many questions, and why things are happening, this is when the human condition takes over the essence of the God Self.  So what we are trying to do in correlation with humankind to assist in this Great Event of Oneness, is to bring the vibration through you to allow that assistance to be fully within your Being.   None of this can do this alone, not any one of us.  We, of the Star Command, cannot do it alone, the Ascended Masters cannot do it alone, the Telosians cannot do it alone, and Humanity cannot do it alone.  So we are a combined effort and that’s what this group is about.  This is what we are doing, we are bringing forth this information to assimilate and tantalize your Higher Mind to allow that to be the activity, allow that to be the frequency, to fully come within your Being.  So let’s all take a deep breath in this moment, and I want to assist you in the vibrational Galactic energies, to bring forth from the higher realms into you physical body, and to allow yourself to activate your DNA, to activate the vibrational frequencies that are trying to come through to you, but at times you have a difficult time in accepting it and embracing that frequency.  So let’s take a deep breath and within that deep breath we’re going to ask for all frequencies to be open to the totality of your being, to allow all parts of your essence to be totally open to come into the complete wholeness that you are.  And as we center into the Throat, Thymus, and the Heart, into the Solar Plexus, those activations there are very necessary right now to bring that vibratory essence into your being.  Allow that to come within you, to create that vibration within your being, and breathe deeply and allow the vibrational of the Galactic energies to fully be focused and accept it.  And as you accept that vibration allow it to go down into your feet and your Earth Star, to ground it into the Earth.  Because the more of this frequency that we ground, the more Gaia will bring forth her frequency so that the Galactic frequencies will meet with the Earth frequencies.

We are not any different from any of you. We have questions, we have thoughts, but we have learned that as the Beings that are part of the Galactic Command and the Starfleet, are highly evolved inter-planetary and inter-Galactic Beings, just as the Spiritual Hierarchy are part of the Ascended Masters and the Light Beings of acceleration; and just as each of you are the pioneers stepping out to assist in this frequency, so we have the Planetary Hierarchy, the Galactic Hierarchy and the Spiritual Hierarchy along with the Inner Earth Hierarchy, and these four different groups are coming together.  This vibrancy is coming forth, coming from a higher aspect of what your concept can be and assist, as we have assisted the Inner Earth, the Lemurians, to the Telosians, the Hollow Earth, we are bringing forth those elements of frequency to come into completeness and allowing our brothers and sisters to be all types of people.  Just as your world has many different types of religions, of races, that is what makes us unique, because each of us brings something different to each other.  You have something that I cannot acquire, and your knowledge is important to me just as my knowledge is important to you.  And this is what each of you must remember ~ we are part of the greater whole, and within this greater whole, your responsibility is great also, and I totally impress upon those words, of Responsibility.  This is totally what is happening, you are the forerunners, you are the ones that area ready to take hold of your own healing, to bring forth these frequencies within your full physical body to assist others.  This is a huge responsibility that you have undertaken.  Embrace yourself in these moments to know that you are ready to take this, you are ready to allow this to be within your being.  You’re being honored this evening in so many ways, of coming into the Starfleet.  So thank you for being here. I’m now going to step aside to allow Mikos to give his little talk and bring forth that frequencies.  I know these calls are getting long, we could speak for 3 hours to bring forth these frequencies because we are just as excited as you are.  And we are honored to come to you in this way, in this personal manner, and be your friend, as we accept each other in the totality that we are.  I am honored, I am Ashtar Command at your service.


Good evening, this is Mikos, I am very excited, Ashtar can’t even express how excited I am to bring forth a group of individuals in this way, to be here with you.  Let’s all just expand ourselves right now, we’re in the energy of Telos, we’re in the garden, we’re by the waterfall, let’s just take a little walk around and ground our energies, allow that frequency to come through our entire Being and connect with each other.  We have many with us, many different types of species, some you may already know through your inner plane levels or dream states;  the are going to become more active, we’re really excited to be part of your frequency in this manner.  I have to thank Meleriessee as everyone else is thanking her for allowing these frequencies to come through her, because we are making history here.  I know she doesn’t realize it but this is exactly what is happening.  So everyone that is here tonight, everyone who is listening but doesn’t make the calls, know that we are grateful to extend our hands out to you.

I would like you all to gather together now, we’re just going to take a deep breath and we’re going to take a little trip tot he Hollow Earth, where I live.  We are going to give a little tour of the Library, so that you can get a sense of coming there on your own and connecting, and you may even be able to get a feel for what’s happening with the Earth ~ Some of you may be lecturing others on balance and fearlessness, but also to know exactly what’s happening.  What we are assisting with the Golden Cities, is to bring forth these frequencies and help with the building of the frequencies on the higher levels of energies.  We’re also doing tie-lines between all of the cities so that there is a communicative force that occurs not just in frequency of thought but just in physical communication, air travel, vehicles that will travel between each city, to assist in the process of being a community of the whole, of the entire globe, not just the cities in the Americas.  I know there is not much information of this information out there, and Christine is our Guide to bring forth this information.  Some of you may also have some information and I know, I’m going to repeat what others are saying weeks before, that connection group, it’s time to set up that date so you can all share what you’re experiencing and each of you have a part in this.

So let’s take a deep breath and travel in our MerKaBa together to the Aegean Sea.  There is a tunnel that we’re going to travel through, and we spin deep down into the core of the sea, burrowing ourselves way down below the surface, beyond 800 miles, going deep into that essence of the sea.  And we’re going to go into the City ofCatharia~ we are now entering the City. And we are being greeted by many different species.  I want each of you to take a deep breath and feel this City and what it feels like to you, and I would like you to share later, bring forth your vision of what you are foreseeing, because I know a lot of you are very gifted in this manner, and you are able to really feel the frequency.  As we walk around, it’s a beautiful Crystalline city, it’s going to be very much like what the Golden Cities are going to be like for you.  There are many different types of buildings, there is high-speed vehicle, almost like a Tram, as you would say, we get into this, and we are taken into the building that houses the Library of Porthologos.

I want to show you my space.  It’s one huge building all by itself, it’s a Crystalline building, you can see through the Crystal structures, through the vibrancy, it almost looks like a cathedral.  As we go inside the building there are many different hallways and spaces.  I want to take you to the center space.  There is an amphitheater in the middle, but there are many rooms all the way around, different types of Libraries for different areas.  And as we go into the amphitheater, this is a space where we gather together for council meetings.  There is a large screen in the amphitheater.  I want you to find your place.  There are many Beings waiting here for you, everybody’s waving at you, they’re very excited to see you.  We’re coming together, this is a coming together party, and it’s a beautiful space.  There are seats for you right down in the middle, upon the stage, and there’s a beautiful screen that is now being brought down from the ceiling, and I want you to take a deep breath.  We dim the lights, and on this screen is going to be shown to you Terra Christa, the plans for Terra Christa.  I am not going to give you any information, I want you now to take a deep breath, and I may give you some different adjectives.  I want you to see what life is going to be like for you on Terra Christa.  Feel the frequency.  When you’re seeing this movie happening, it’s a movie about each of you.  And this movie is the beauty of the land ~I want you to see what the lands look like.  I want you to see the different parts and the inner workings between all the cities.  And I want you to center upon the location where you live now.  Is that part of Terra Christa?  What is it you see, what is it you envision upon this screen as this screen is moving?  Let’s just take a couple of minutes of silence.  Do you see yourself there?  What do you look like?  Do you see anyone with you that you recognize now? Or maybe someone who you don’t recognize, or many masses of people?  There is going to be one centralized location that will be connections to all the Golden Cities, that occur.  I want you to feel that Communication Center, ~ where people can go in and out of to commune with others.  There is great love, there is great compassion, there is great joy, and there is great bliss.  Animals graze ~ Angels are with you ~ And with all of us ~ All species of cosmic levels are here in this space.  The beauty of the land is amazing.  All the good parts that are part of Earth are there.  Now I want you to think about some areas to increase the vibrancy upon the Earth so that this is not set in stone, in this moment what you perceive Terra Christa is, and all the people and all the inhabitants.  Let us now center ourselves upon areas that need to have the vibration increased so that it is part of Terra Christa also.

Feel the vibrancy, the screen is now going to end and the screen is pulled up above and the middle of the stage where the screen was all of a sudden light forms of crystals are everywhere.  I want you to arise and walk around these large crystal structuralized items.  They’re part of the room here, but they were in a cloaking view.  Now you stand and you walk around these beautiful formulations of crystals.  It is absolutely amazing.  Allow yourself to be vibrated with them.  Touch them.  There are points, they are very small, very large, very high, very short, just allow yourself to touch these elements of crystalline structures.  These are formulations of Terra Christa and what you’re going to be experiencing in the 5th dimensional frequency.  Put your hands around one, notice the shape, feel the vibrancy the crystal is speaking to you.  The crystal is giving you the vibrancy necessary to assist yourself to assist Earth and to assist others.  What way you do that is for you to envision.  Feel that vibrancy through you now.  Allow it to go all the way down to your feet.  Feel the communication coming through the crystal formulations.  The power of this frequency is what you will experience every moment of your life.  Allow that to be within you now.  Each of you have a piece of crystal in your hand.  A very small piece that has fallen away from the larger pieces, and this is for you to have.  I want you to feel this crystalline structure.  It may be all different frequencies…it’s nothing like the crystals that you see on Earth, it’s very different.   They’re all pointed little edges, and if you look inside one of your own quartz crystalline without the outer form there, that’s what it’s going to be for you. Let’s all embrace in a circular fashion with all of the Inter-Galactic beings with you, and let’s just feel us hugging each other in one large hug, circles within circles of beings, within each other.  Feel that connection, feel each of us loving you so deeply, and so very happy that we can connect with you in this way.  This crystal that you have is for you to work with, and if you find a crystal in your Earthplane like this, it has been given to you by us.  It is our gift to you.

Let’s now take a deep breath, and we gather together which creates our MerKaBa vehicle and we just breathe.  We’re going to walk out of the amphitheater; we now moving out of the building and transform yourself with our Mind’s Eye, not worrying about traveling the way we came in, and with our mental thoughts now, we’re back in Telos, in the Garden.  Allow the ground, the grass, and the Garden give you the balance that you need right now after we have just given you the Inter-Galactic energies.

I, Mikos, want to thank you and I want you to come back to the Library so that there can be more for you to experience . I know there are several of you here now who are very interested in returning.  So, let us all gather together there and experience the beauty of the Library of Porthologos.  I, AM Mikos, at your service. Thank you, Lord Adama, thank you Meleriessee, thank you Ashtar Command and thank you the Team of Light, so that we could all connect with each other in this way.  I am honored.  May God Speed your journey.

We, of Ashtar Command and Mikos, want to THANK you extensively, for allowing your minds and your hearts to be totally open to receive these frequencies this evening.  This is just the beginning, this is just the beginning for each of us to commune together and come together in this way.  It is our honor and our blessing to be with you in these moments and in all moments.  We are One, always.


This is Lord Adama speaking once again.  What a journey that was.  Extend that within yourselves. Allow yourself to continue this journey.  Talk to each other about the journey which you’ve been taking, which you’ve been receiving.  Are you writing your experiences, are you allowing yourselves to bring it out into your physical mind because this is exactly what is happening for each of you.   The Higher Minds are being more activated into the Physical body.  As the Higher Minds are being activated, the remembrances are occurring.  Allow yourself to know what you are remembering is the Divinity that you are and that you are supposed to be remembering these elements of change.  The knowledge, the teaching, the technology, all of this is being embraced within you.  As you embrace that within you, you allow the frequency that you are to be fully activated in a different way than you ever have before.

Let us now all dive into the pool of water within the waterfall.  Feel yourself just moving into the water and cleansing and purifying yourself for your journey back to your location.  You go to the waterfall and take a drink of the Telosian waters, and feel the purity and the essence fully coming within your body, not just outside of your body, feel it within your Throat, and feel it going down into the structure of your Physical being, and feel the vibrancy that occurs for you. We now move out of the water and there are several of our children with robes for each of you.  There’s a robe of a different color for each of you, notice what the robe is, this is what you need to intuit within your being right now.  It may be multicolored, whatever it is, you need to embrace it, as it becomes part of your auric field.  It is our gift to you.

Let us now gather together, and in your Minds Eye, each of you will travel out ofMt.Shasta, out of the top of the mountain and go back to the location where you started.  Breathe deeply and allow yourself to come fully within your body once again.  Breathe into that deeply, deeply.  Ground yourselves.  We ask for the element of grounding to occur into your Earth Star and allow those frequencies to go all the way down into your feet, and spin the Earth Star so there’s a beam of light that goes down into the core of Gaia, into her crystalline structure so that she receives these energies that you have incorporated from the Galactic levels assisting from Terra Christa into the Earth.  You have taken a great journey tonight, and this is just the beginning of the magic within our lives, the magic within our hearts, and the magic within our beings as we are One. This is the remembrance, the beauty of each of us coming together in these ways.

I AM Lord Adama at your service.  I look forward to working with you every moment and experiencing our Light together.  It is a blessing, as the Inner Earth works with the Upper Earth and Upper Heavens as we become One with the Inter-Galactics.  What a beautiful group of Beings we have in the aware state.

In The Light That We All Are, We Are One!

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